Dark, lavish and impossibly hypnotic, Australian EDM maverick Black Summer, aka Rhys Toms, unveils an exciting new artistic chapter today via his latest single Cernunnos. A dazzling new track, entirely written, performed and produced by Black Summer, Cernunnos also paves the way for the young artist’s impending new album Channel Horror, with the deliciously macabre-inspired full-length due out TODAY!!!.

Innovative, entrancing and a gnarly take on the hip hop realm, Cernunnos oozes with glossy beats, woozy synths and the sharp vocals of Rhys himself, calling to mind the smooth stylings of JPEGMafia, Denzel Curry, Iglooghost and SpaceGhostPurrp. And while the track confidently flows with effortless ease, Cernunnos ultimately marks a significant turning point in the Black Summer creative journey; and also the first time the world has witnessed Rhys’ vocals in full swing, as Rhys reveals, I felt like it was time to step to a new level, I always wanted to do vocals but never had the confidence, I’ve been working on my voice for a long time because I always saw myself as an all-around artist and not just a producer. The ideas I had were so specific for this album that I felt the only way I could get the vision I had was to step out of my comfort zone and be the vocalist too. This single represents almost a rebirth of myself as an artist, it’s about dealing with problems in my personal life – like toxic relationships, trust issues, and becoming numb to the way I got treated by people. I took all of that and channelled it into something creative. The song itself is named after an ancient Celtic deity called Cernunnos, a god of fertility, life, and resurrection. To me It represents a neutrality and being in harmony with what’s around you, I felt like it was symbolic of the stage I’m in with my music at the moment with how connected I feel to this new stage of my sound.”

Ryhs shared his Top 10 Songs of 2022.

  • 1. Kendrick Lamar – Father Time
“I genuinely love his whole new album but this song has to be my favorite, it feels so raw and emotional and I love the story telling in it. “
  • 2. SWV – Use Your Heart
“I’ve always loved this song and always will, something I will never skip if it comes on!”
  •  3. Dominique Guiot – Les Deux Poissons
“Something that grows on you everytime you listen to it. I have a whole playlist full of music like this but this has to be my favorite one.”
  • 4. JPEGMAFIA – Baby I’m Bleeding
“This has gotta be one of the most trippy songs I’ve ever heard, I love the way he plays with stereo and I’ve had this on repeat this year.”
  • 5. Piero Piccioni – It’s Possible
“This is my go to when I just wanna chill and have something in the background, it’s a beautiful track and very underrated  “
  • 6. Disclosure – White Noise
“Its a vibe, super nostalgic but I love it, still gonna be listening to this when I’m 70 “
  • 7. Don Toliver – Company
  • 8. Mason Lindtoth – Them’s Fightin’ Words
“A song from one of the trippiest games I’ve ever played. I love video games and this one is like walking through a psychedelic art gallery. The music is unmatched. “
  • 9. Denzel Curry – Ricky
“This is a song I’ve had in all my playlists since it came out. He’s one of my favorite artists and this song is the first song I show anybody when they ask me about his music.  “
  • 10. Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck
“A classic and one of my top songs of all time, these guys are legendary and their music speaks for itself. Love this song “