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[Review] Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Consiprators @ John Cain Arena, Melbourne 27/02/2024

Every once and a while, I have the opportunity to tap back into my rock and metal roots, reliving the nostalgia of listening to Guns N’ Roses, Slash, Myles Kennedy, and even Alter Bridge. At John Cain Arena, all of them combined into one, finally after so many years getting to catch Slash, with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, with the star’s special bonus of The Struts and Aussie legends Rose Tattoo.

It seemed only more than fitting to have Angry Anderson and his high-spirited charm open up the Melbourne show, as Rose Tattoo has never fallen short of putting on a solid, classic Aussie rock gig, and boy does Angry come alive with his charisma and never wavering vocals. As if this opening act couldn’t get better, Angry decided to unveil a surprise for us “early people”, and brought out none other than Slash for a few tracks, and you could tell that the frontman and the boys were thrilled to perform alongside such an iconic rock n’ roll figure. The night only got better from there as The Struts arrived to warm us up further, and I was nothing short of blown away. The stage presence of the UK hailing rockers was phenomenal, that at points reminded me of The Who. Whilst the entire ensemble shined in their energy and enthusiasm, Luke Spiller is a one in a thousand frontman. One you can’t take your eyes off of the way he dances and interacts with the crowd, engaging in call and responses and hyping everybody up flawlessly.   If this is an energy The Struts can bring as a warm up act, I can only imagine how incredible a headline show would be.

If I can say anything about a show headed by Slash and Myles backed by the usual incredible ensemble, it’s that it’s exactly what you are expecting walking into it: nothing short of electric. It was a non-stop, 2 hour long stellar delivery that kept everyone moving in their seats and on their feet respectively. Slash never disappoints, for there’s a reason he’s a rock god. With the sheer presence of him and his signature Les Paul and top hat, his moves, and the fingers that never rest, flying across the fretboard like lightning. Myself, and seemingly everyone around me, never broke our gaze upon the inhuman guitarist during his many 10+ minute solos, leaving us with chills. Myles Kennedy shined as always, with an easily recognisable house that is still strong to this day and will be for the foreseeable future. His energy radiates this ‘cool’ that’s always great to watch, whilst also showing his wholesome side performing Fill My World inspired by his dog, encouraging the audience to hold up photos of their furry friends. 

Todd Kerns, an incredible yet criminally underrated performer, was another highlight. His energy on stage is unmatched, and his foul language is as musical to my ears as Slash’s guitar craft, even also surprisingly jumping on the mic for a few covers and making that thing his bitch with his powerful vocals. 

After a thunderous encore with a beautiful cover of Rocketman featuring Slash on the lap steel guitar, followed by the coolest riffs of Anastasia, the night came to a close, and I couldn’t even rest nor sleep even hours after the show, for Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators gave me a buzz unlike any other. My teenage rock n’ roll heart was pumping with excitement.  

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ELECTRIC SIX Announce August / September 2024 Greatest Hits Australian Tour

ELECTRIC SIX Announce Greatest Hits Australian Tour

The disco-punk band at the end of the world, ELECTRIC SIX return after a completely Sold-Out tour in 2023.

An ELECTRIC SIX show is a concert, a theatrical experience and an art exhibit.

It will be the ultimate audio-visual extravaganza as they power through their Greatest Hits including such tunes as ‘Danger! High Voltage’, ‘Gay Bar’, ‘Dance Commander’, Synthesizer’, ‘Down at McDonaldz’, ‘I Buy the Drugs’ and more.

Renowned for their dynamic live shows and eclectic musical style, ELECTRIC SIX seem to have something for everyone: the funky popping rhythms and falsetto vocals of disco combined with dirty rock guitar, catchy melodic hooks and a maverick attitude channeled through provocative lyrics about the seedier side of life. It’s not that serious or deeply meaningful, but it sure is a lot of fun! With a discography spanning almost three decades, the band continues to captivate audiences with their genre-defying music and infectious passion.

Trashy, disco fun is what ELECTRIC SIX are made of. Join them as they dazzle you with their Greatest Hits for a night that you won’t forget anytime soon!

“Gay Bar starts and the packed crowd at the front explodes into a mosh pit. I haven’t been in a pit in ages, but the riff and nostalgia of the song takes over. What a song. What a bar”

“A raucous and eclectic crowd were in the mood to party… and there wasn’t a soul in the place who left without a huge smile, such is the effect of Electric Six” (The Razors Edge)

“One of the best shows I have seen” (HiFi Way)

ELECTRIC SIX August / September 2024 Australian Tour Dates

Thursday 22nd August – BRISBANE, The Triffid

Friday 23rd August – SYDNEY, Metro Theatre

Saturday 24th August – MELBOURNE, Croxton Bandroom

Friday 30th August – ADELAIDE, The Gov

Saturday 31st August – PERTH, Rosemount Hotel

Sunday 1st September – PERTH, Freo.Social


Presale: Friday 1st March, 9am Local Time

General Public: Monday 4th March, 9am Local Time
From: https://metropolistouring.com/tours/electric-six-2024/

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Interview with Emma Yue (Q & A)

A glistening yet gritty journey into self-reflection, the brand new single Lonely Lover (out today) is the ultimate indie rock ode to independence and the pursuit of connection from Melbourne singer-songwriter Emma Yue, who will be celebrating the track’s release with a gig at The Gaso Upstairs on March 28.

(STM) First up, can you please give us a quick intro?
Picture this: Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo and Gracie Abrams all got stuck in an elevator together and one of them conveniently has a guitar handy. If those vibes and songs were smooshed together and channelled into the body of someone else, it would be me. My name’s Emma Yue, I’m based in Naarm (Melbourne) and I have too many emotions that I know what to do with (except write songs that double as slightly cheaper therapy).

Tell us about your new single Lonely Lover?
Have you ever gotten so familiar with a certain feeling you just feel annoyed that you’re still feeling it? That’s me with loneliness. Lonely Lover was born out of frustration with letting my loneliness have a negative influence on my life and was attempt at defiance against that feeling. I really wanted to turn loneliness into something positive and uplifting, and a song that would give me a bit of optimism when it felt overwhelming.

What’s the creative process like for you?
I’m a heavily emotional person (I literally don’t know what to do with all my emotions) so most of my songs come from an emotional place. Almost all of my songs are lyric and story driven, and lyrics are the first part of the song that usually comes to me. When I sit down to write, I usually start with a line or two that I might’ve just come up with or that I’ve written down in my Hook Book notes page of my phone. My Hook Book is for anything I think of when I’m not in a place that I can build on it (often when I’m driving or in the shower which is incredibly inconvenient and not at all conducive to using a phone). From there I just roll with it until I feel like my heart has said what it needed to say in the song.

If you could change something about the music industry what would change?
This is always such a hard question to answer. My instinct is to say that I would love to demolish the capitalist system so we aren’t all squabbling for any sort of revenue we can find and can instead truly enjoy the magic of creating something, although I think that might open up a vaguely nihilistic rabbithole. Capitalism and creativity are a finicky pair.

What do you think life would be like for you if you didn’t have music/visual art as an outlet?
Honestly, it would be a massive struggle, and my bank account would see far more therapy related transactions. I’ve always been a sporty person, so maybe I would be doing something with that, but I honestly can’t imagine a life without creativity being smack bang in the centre of it.

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?
The absolute dream collaboration would have to be Taylor Swift (let me dream big okay). I grew up on her music and have been hugely influenced by her in my songs. People say they can hear her sound in mine all the time, so it would be the coolest thing ever to actually get to work with her.

What’s your advice to young people who want to make a career for themselves in the industry ?
Sometimes it can be really hard to feel like you deserve to be here and deserve to take up space, especially when you get imposter syndrome in the mix. I think it’s important to remember why you want to do it, and the personal connection and motivation you have behind wanting to be there. I always remind myself that what matters to me is that I get to create something that feels true to me and what my heart wants to say, and it doesn’t have to resonate with everyone (or anyone really) for it to be special.

What’s your favourite song to perform?
I have been getting super into my on stage antics lately, it’s been chaotic (but in a fun way). For most of my set I play rhythm guitar while singing, but my favourite songs are ones where I had all guitar duties to my guitarist and can properly have a dance on stage without needing to worry about playing chords. One of these songs is called “The Tropics”, another one I love is called “I Kinda Hope You Go Blind” (someone really pissed me off that day). Neither of them are released yet, but who knows, they might be one day.

Got any secret hobbies that we might be surprised by?
Oh, where to begin. My ADHD self has many (many) a hobby. I play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, and it’s the best thing ever. It’s truly a once-a-week escape from the real world, and I can just think about my character demolishing some dudes (my character is a warlock named Bartholemew, Barty for short, and he’s a Flat Earther currently in the process of recruiting the whole party into the Flat Earth Society. Shock horror gasp, it’s been an uphill battle so far). I also run a monthly bookclub through TikTok which has been so the most wholesome time and I’ve made some really amazing friends through it.

Soundcloud: LONELY LOVER


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[Review] Of Mice & Men, Metro Theatre, Sydney 24/02/2024

Two nights ago I was in Sydney for another gig and it was hotter than Satan’s armpit. Last night by comparison, I was wearing a hoodie, beanie, scarf and was still shivering! I also decided to brave the public transport system, since the train would be (and was) filled with a slew of Swifties, and also a smattering of Blink 182, Slash and Of Mice & Men fans, I figured it was safe to travel late at night.

Upon arrival at the venue, there was a growing line of black band tee shirts. Security staff came out to gather up those who had booked in for the Meet & Greet while the rest of us waited patiently to be let in.  The clock struck 8pm and doors opened. The floor area filled up quickly and I headed upstairs to find a seat with a view.

Bang on 8.30pm post hardcore 5-piece Sydney-siders, Sienna Skies take to the stage.  The bass guitarist did the harsh vocals, the drummer sang the clean vocals and the lead singer switched between both. Considering the limited amount of space they had on the stage, they played a very high energy 30 minute set which included singles, Even Stronger, brand spankin’ new release, Mess, Divided and finished the set with Let It Burn. They informed us that they are about to drop a new EP later next month and will be back doing their own headline tour in May.

After a timely gear changeover, we welcome alt.rock / metalcore 4-piece Melbourne band, Dream On Dreamer. With over 50 million streams and ARIA nominations, it’s easy to see why these guys were chosen as support band. They performed another high energy set which got the crowd moving and moshing with songs such as, Stay, Don’t Lose Your Heart and the new release, G.O.D. in the set list.  After an invitation to meet them at the merch stand, they leave the stage for the crew to prepare for the main act.

Hailing from So-Cal USA, RIAA gold record certified metalcore band, Of Mice & Men entered the stage to loud cheers and applause and opened their set with two 2014 bangers from their album Restoring Force, Bones Exposed, followed by Would You Still Be There, and then new song,  Castaway by this time the audience were singing along loudly, heads nodding furiously in time with the music. Then they played my personal fave, from their 2021 release, Echo, the single, Obsolete. Vocalist Aaron Pauley stopped to thank the audience for choosing to come to the Of Mice & Men concert stating that he was aware of all the choices available in Sydney that night, so the band are beyond flattered that the audience had chosen them. He then announced that it was time to play something heavy and that the next song was from their latest album, the mosh pit opened up and a circle pit ensued as they played Warpaint. Next up was another new track from Tether, current single, Indigo, then Pauley introduced the next song as a favourite of his from their latest album as they played, Into The Sun and then 2019’s Earth and Sky. Pauley asked if there were people in the crowd who had seen Of Mice play before to loud cheers in response and then he announced that it was time for OG and the audience shuffled back and a space was cleared in the centre of the floor, several people did back flips to cheers and applause, and as the band started playing OG Loko the circle pit began growing into a juggernaut of bodies. They played Instincts from 2018’s Defy album and then Pauley addressed the audience once again dedicating “the next song for anyone who is feeling grief”.  He explains that grief is that pain that’s right between the heart and the lungs, it’s the pain you feel when love has nowhere to go and leads into 2021 single, Bloom.  The set was rounded out by 2012 classic, The Depths.  Pauley thanked the Sydney audience again and the band left the stage for a minute or two, then returned to loud cheers and applause from the crowd as they played fan fave from 2010, Second & Sebring. Setlists, picks and sticks were tossed into the crowd as we all shuffled our way out to George Street.

It’s probably a strange thing to say but I noticed that the Of Mice stage set is so neat and tidy. After the support bands, everything except the OM&M drum kit was cleared off the stage. The drummer is positioned centre at the back and there are three risers placed at the front of the stage. The guitarists tend to stay on their own sides while vocalist Pauley moves around but mostly remains front and centre. In-between songs there is an ambient synth hum track played while guitars are changed and adjustments are made before commencing the next song. It’s like watching a well-oiled machine working. Of Mice & Men put on a well practised, professional performance, no doubt about it.

I mention these things as I’m coming off the back of just seeing another band two nights before in the same music genre but their performance was so different by contrast. Still professional and practised but the approach was far more relaxed and interactive with the audience.

What I did miss from OM&M was the presence of a human bass guitarist rather than a track, but so many bands appear to be taking this approach now. Overall though, Of Mice & Men perform their songs with such intensity and passion, taking the listeners along for the journey with them. Their songs inspire some of the most intense and somewhat aggressive looking mosh pits I’ve seen in ages, yet lyrically their vibe is dare I say, emotional and heartfelt. This dichotomy is fascinating to experience in a live setting – from a safe vantage point. I loved this concert for almost totally opposite reasons that I loved the concert from the other band two nights earlier.  If you get the opportunity, go check out Of Mice & Men.

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New Bloom Fest 2024 Reveals Set Times & AWOL Joins Melbourne Lineup

The new era of alternative rock and punk in Australia is fast approaching, with NEW BLOOM FEST, a brand-new touring festival, set to launch next month.

Prepare to witness some of the freshest up-and-coming artists in the scene, with three full days and multiple headline sideshows lined up for NEW BLOOM FEST in 2024. But don’t say we didn’t warn you, limited tickets are left for Melbourne, with the Brisbane and Sydney events selling fast.

NEW BLOOM FEST’s inaugural events are set to be packed full of unforgettable moments, with American rockers CITIZEN, post-hardcore heroes MOVEMENTS, L.A. emotive hard-hitters TOUCHE AMORE and pop punk powerhouse NO PRESSURE all lined up to rattle the collective roofs in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, alongside alternative rockers FLESHWATER and grunge shoegaze duo SOFTCULT both performing as part of their debut Australian appearances. Also joining the sweltering international line-up will be an army of stellar local acts in each city to showcase the incredible might of the modern alternative scene at home and beyond.

And today, NEW BLOOM FEST is also announcing that hardcore punks AWOL will join the Melbourne edition as a replacement for Born Free. AWOL made their footprint in the Melbourne hardcore scene with their debut self-titled EP in 2021, which has led them to support the likes of The Story So Far, Speed and No Pressure, and most recently signed to Last Ride Records and Flag Spot Records for their debut full length Tear ‘Em To Bits.

Add in some of the amazing sideshows on offer from NEW BLOOM FEST‘s international acts, and it’s set to be a month-long celebration of all things alternative rock and punk this March!

And you can now start planning your NEW BLOOM FEST day – festival set times are officially here!




Destroy All Lines & triple j Short.Fast.Loud Presents 




Tickets on sale now from daltours.cc/NewBloomFestival

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InterviewsTour Interview

Interview with Ben Ward (Orange Goblin)

Click above to see Mitch chat with Ben Ward ahead of Orange Goblin Australian Tour!

Cut from the same beer-stained cloth as the greats, UK stoner rock metal act ORANGE GOBLIN are still riding high and leading the pack in 'balls to the wall' heavy metal thunder. Emerging amid the exhilarating melee of the mid-‘90s stoner rock and doom explosion, ORANGE GOBLIN immediately endeared themselves to a generation of metal fans by simply going for it at full, beer-swilling pelt and some twenty five plus years later, nothing has changed! Moving towards 2024 it’s all hell for leather with the release of their tenth studio album, the first one since 2018's 'The Wolf Bites Back' and the first for new label Peaceville Records.

Being 11 years since their last trek to Australia, ORANGE GOBLIN are way well overdue for a bone jarring jaunt and have promised to pull out all the stompers for an intense and intoxicating atmosphere that will truly show the power and might these British heavyweights are armed with.
Earning a unique place in Australia’s heavy scene is Simpsons themed doom-rock band DR COLOSSUS. Brandishing low tuned guitar riffs and melodically driven songs that then manage to turn the genre on its head by presenting lyrics and an aesthetic based entirely on episodes of The Simpsons. A gimmick as it may be, DR COLOSSUS have earned a reputation as one of the one of the country’s most dynamic heavy acts who wield a dynamic palette of doom infused rock stomping grooves within well crafted, fun and riotously catchy material.
Leading the charge of mountainous riffage is Sydney’s two piece feed ASTRODEATH. Possessing a furious and intimidating sound, at a titanic reverberation that far exceeds the sum of its twin parts, ASTRODEATH belt out sludge ridden slices of heaviness that pack a devastating punch.

April 9th – Adelaide, Lion Arts Factory

April 10th – Canberra, The Basement

April 11th – Brisbane, The Zoo

April 12th – Sydney, Crowbar

April 13th – Melbourne, The Croxton



ADELAIDE – www.moshtix.com.au



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[Review] Atreyu @ Manning Bar, Sydney 22/02/2024

Atreyu are a metalcore band from California, USA, taking their name from a character in the movie, The Never Ending Story. 

Back in 2007 I bought a copy of Metal Hammer magazine and it had a bonus cd on the cover with “new” music. One of those tracks was Becoming The Bull by Atreyu. I was instantly sold on their sound and have loved that track ever since.

Fast forward to February 2024 and I finally got to see this band play live.

It was a steamy Thursday evening in late February and I was among those gathered at the University of Sydney’s Manning Bar. I entered the venue, perused the merch stand, grabbed a bottle of water from the bar and staked out a spot near the sound desk and with a good view.

First up was Sydney female-fronted metalcore band, Bridge Left To Burn.

When they walked on stage there was about a dozen people waiting on the rail but by half-way through the first song the floor was half filled.

They played a cracking 20 minute set, lead vocalist Ava Sukkar switching between harsh and clean vocals one moment angelic, the next demonic. The Sydney-siders were stoked to be on the bill and put 110 percent into their performance by warming up the audience for the following bands.

Strangely, as soon as the band finished, the floor cleared, people choosing to gather near the bar or outside on this hot Summer night.

After a gear changeover next up were Melbourne metalcore band, Bad/Love. Before they even introduced themselves, I could hear the distinct Melbourne ‘core sound. A bit Void Of Vision, a touch Thornhill with a dash of Windwaker. There’s a certain polish to the sound that comes out of Melbs. The Melbournites gave a strong 30 minute performance which included Social Suicide and their latest single, Ungød. There was a screeching lead guitar solo in the last song as they ended their set.  Again, the audience vacated the floor during the gear changeover, which was quite disconcerting. The Manning Bar isn’t a large venue, yet it felt empty and I was left wondering “where were Sydney’s Metal fans tonight?”.

The intro music started playing as Atreyu finally entered the stage, people started moving onto the floor as they began to play Drowning, all of a sudden they were at the chorus, I looked around and the floor was filled, and there’s a crowd gathered on the 2 levels and outside on the balcony. I teared up, grateful and happy that Sydney had indeed turned out for this fantastic band. Everyone was singing along loudly, and I mean LOUDLY! The song ended to loud cheers and my beloved song, the previously mentioned, Becoming the Bull was played next and I joined the crowd, yelling out the lyrics loudly. Vocalist Brandon Saller announced it was time for a circle pit and the audience complied as Right Side Of The Bed played. Next we were told it was time to help sing a part, “it’s only two words” Saller says, we practised it and then Save Me played with the audience screaming out “Save Me” loudly during the chorus. Next was When Two Become One and mid-song Saller takes someone’s phone and video records part of the song from the stage, then at the end he shared with the audience that the couple in the front row had used that song as their ‘first dance’ song at their wedding. Saller then mentions how twenty years ago on their first Australian tour, they heard this unique sound that they had always wanted to use in a song. The beeping noise from our pedestrian crossings. Almost twenty years later they finally used it in the song (i).  *side note: Billie Eilish and her brother Phinaeas had said and done a similar thing with their song Bad Guy.  Suddenly there’s movement on stage and they change instruments, the drummer is now playing bass, the singer is now playing drums and the bass guitarist is now singing lead vocals, and they proceeded to play Bleeding Mascara.

Everyone then returned to their regular positions and played The Time is Now, during which, Saller walked throughout the entire room through the crowd and out onto the balcony, singing. Ex’s and Oh’s and Gone are next we were asked to sing along but the audience just can’t get the timing right, which is hilarious and results in some good-humoured “shit talk”. Someone in the audience yelled out “Where’s Travis?” To which Saller responded, “right there”, pointing, “he’s been there all night”. Saller then said to guitarist Travis Miguel “they don’t recognise you with your shirt on, take your shirt off” the crowd cheered but Miguel politely declined and Saller quipped back, “c’mon, your body, their choice”. Then it was time for Battle Drums and the crowd were singing loudly again. Time for the “lucky dip” song. An audience member was chosen and asked to pick a song from the selection that the band puts written down into a clear pencil case. Watch Me Burn was chosen which was then followed by Falling Down and everyone was moshing again.  Saller then talked about how we all go through ‘dark times’ but it’s how we pick ourselves up and move forward that is important which is the segway to Warrior, during the bridge it took a short detour to Wonderwall, before returning to Warrior, then the set is finished with two middle fingers in the air and a rowdy rendition of the song Blow.

The band thanked the crowd and exited the stage. After a brief break, guitarist Dan Jacobs returns to the stage with a saxophone and plays short bursts of a few songs, including the standard, Tequila, the rest of the band rejoined him and they played the Whitney Houston hit, I Wanna Dance With Somebody as their encore. The band tossed out drum sticks, setlists, and guitar picks and bid Sydney farewell. Next stop …. BrisVegas!!!

Atreyu played an energetic and entertaining 75 minute set filled to the brim with bangers. They put on an amazing show, which included loads of banter with the audience. You get the distinct impression that these guys love what they’re doing, and it’s infectious. I walked in with an appreciation for this band and walked away drenched in sweat and completely hyped for them. They’ve now played their last show of this tour in Brisbane to a sold out audience, so sadly, if you missed this tour you will have to wait until next time.

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