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[Review] The Smith Street Band @ Macedon Railway Hotel, Macedon – 23/04/2022

They were literally hanging from the rafters at the Macedon Railway Hotel as The Smith Street Band powered through a set loaded with classics and new songs.

Like every other band that suffered through Covid, Smith Street had to postpone last year’s tour after lockdowns pulled the plug on them hitting stages around the country.

And the 'spicy cough' took another swing at the weekend’s gig with support act the Money Boys succumbing to the Rona and replaced by Joe Guiton, who warmed up the audience.

The Smith Street Band didn’t waste any time setting the tone as they launched into the anthemic and unmistakeable guitar intro of I Still Dream About You for the first of many crowd favourites.

Will Wagner, possibly Australia’s most underrated hard-rocking storyteller, captivates with emotive lyrics delivered in equal amounts of singing and shouting that has the band on par with other great Aussie pub rock acts of the ‘80s, such as Hunters and Collectors.

It’s a fine act that can have you one minute absorbing a sad tale (Young Drunk) before belting out a killer chorus that has an overjoyed audience arm in arm all singing “tonight I’m getting young drunk!”, of which many of us did.

It didn’t take long for sweaty young blokes to burst into a mosh and see bodies swinging off the pub’s rafters and sliding on spilled beers.

The Railway Hotel is fast-gaining a reputation for attracting great live music in a venue perfect for an intimate acoustic session or roof-raising rock show, or chin-ups, which there was plenty of this night.

The energy in the room turned up as fast as beers went down with Wagner bellowing out hit after hit as the band move seamlessly from song to song.

Wagner’s physical presence on stage is as big as his voice, wielding his guitar around like a chainsaw and dripping sweat that invites punters to get up close and party.

They delivered over a decade of hits, including Death To The Lads, Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams, Passiona, and a taste of what’s to come on their soon to be released new album, that left us wanting more after so many false starts to seeing them on stage again.

The Smith Street Band is touring regional Victoria and you would be mad to miss an opportunity to see these powerful pub rockers in action.

Friday April 29 – Torquay Hotel, Torquay * 

Saturday April 30 – Volta, Ballarat *

Friday May 6 – Kay Street, Traralgon ^

Saturday May 7 – Pier Bandroom, Frankston ^ 

Friday May 13 – Westernport Hotel, San Remo ^

with special guests

*Money Boys ^Cheap-Skate

Tickets on sale now

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[Review] Full Tilt Festival @ Eatons Hill, Brisbane – 23/4/2022

After four false starts, Full Tilt Brisbane's leg beat the pandemic, finally hitting the ground at Eatons Hill Hotel last Saturday.

Still the current trend, with festivals of any form, come last-minute changes. With a sad blow for fans of The Bennies, the events Facebook page announced the band had pulled out last minute. Event openers, Closure moving up into their place.

The dual-stage event had an ‘Outdoor’ and indoor ‘Ballroom’ stage set up ready for the bands to entertain the eager masses. A light rain played tag with the sunshine throughout the morning with sunshine winning round one as Sydneysiders Reliqa, opened up the outdoor space.

The band took over the stage, bursting with energy from the get-go. The dynamic frontwoman Monique Pym led the eagerly awaiting music fans into the festival vibe. Their versatile frontwoman worked the crowd from the front of the stage and from behind the keys. They played through popular tracks including Hangman, Déjà vu, and the new single Bearer of Bad News.

Dominant bass combined with Pyms keyboard skills creates a metal soundscape opening up a whole new experience leaving the gathered crowd enthralled. Add in massive riffs, and belting drums from new addition Ben Knox, Reliqa saw that the festival was off to an impressive start.

Inside Brisbane locals, Stepson opened up the Ballroom stage with ferocity to a near-packed room. The intensity pushed out across the crowd injecting their high-octane brand of hardcore into the packed space. Playing through tracks old and new the band kept fans on their toes. The crowd clutching the barrier hanging off every guttural lyric. Dual vocals from Brock Alan Conry and bassist Nick Bennett created the perfect balance for their sound. Singing along, it was obviously a large portion of their home crowd were there to see Stepson.  They wrapped up the set with the track Deeper Sleep. The Ballroom stage was in fact, now wide awake. 

Back outdoors, one of the country's most admired punk/alt rock acts Luca Brasi do what they do best hitting the stage to an eager fanbase. The punk favourites played through as many of their popular tracks as they had time for, from Never The Right Time to Tangled: Content. Possibly one of the most underrated rock bands in the country, their fans connects fully with the magic and passion the band obviously channels through their music. No strangers to the festival circuit their live show creates the perfect vibe for fans to carry throughout the day. How this band has never risen higher into the mainstream is beyond me.

As Luca Brasi had fans joyfully jumping just meters away, Justice For The Damned called for chaos hyping up the crowd on the Ballroom stage. The popular deathcore outfit opened up at a rapid pace, Vocalist Bobak Raffiee demanded the crowd “open this pit up” as bodies unleash a frenzied force of pent-up energy. The crowd was ready for the pandemonium. Days of the pandemic induced sitting down at shows a distant memory with the sweaty chaos of the pit a welcomed return for hardcore music fans. This release was needed for both band and fans.

It’s evident the focus is a metalcore crowd with punters outside already lining up ready for the next Ballroom act Void of Vision.

As a light rain settled in, Sydney pop-punk/emo band Slowly Slowly took over the outdoor stage.

The crowd engulfed the outdoor space, gathering in mass for this popular alt-rock/punk outfit. The vibe is at a peak with girls on shoulders, crowd jumping along to the music as the band opens with Blueprint. The festival spirit is in force.

Slowly Slowly define the modern music sound with so many aspects to their sound, indie/punk/alt/rock all in there. They have created their own genre-diverse brand, and it’s a crowd-pleaser. Vocalist Ben Stewart strikes a certain emotive chord in the crowd with his ability to inject a wavering force of emotion into his melodic vocal.

They play through as many songs as possible including Creature of Habit Pt 2 and popular track 19 bringing out the pipes in the crowd. Only at an Aussie outdoor festival will you see all the colours of the Power Rangers crowd surfing. This defines the atmosphere at the outdoor stage.

An intensely penetrating bass opens Void Of Visions set to a capacity crowd in the Ballroom. Vocalist Jack Bergin makes a rock star entrance. The intensity of what is about to unfold is not lost on one single person in the room. Void of Vision capture a level of intensity many bands aims for. They open with Into The Dark and play through popular tracks including massive hit Ghost In The Machine sending the already hyped-up room into a frenzy. The crowd is swept away in the moment. The Lonely People took the set out. The crowd left wanting more.

The clouds had set in and light rain continued to fall across the outdoor stage. Mother nature was setting the scene as a silence set in across the crowd. The mic stand was donned with an ethereal-looking mascot watching over the crowd like a demonic guardian as Sydney deathcore legends Thy Art Is Murder took to the stage. An ominous mood filled the space around them. Guttural vocals from CJ McMahon invoked an ‘other worldly’ feel with the crowd channeling energy unique to a deathcore show. The band performed with a theatrical display. The crowd was fully invested in the whole experience. The music was the connecting force bringing the band and the fans together as one mammoth beast.

The band played through their set announcing bassist Brad replacing Kevvie B (Kevin Butler), off in Melbourne for a strongman competition. The Aussie music community has a strong camaraderie especially evident since the pandemic’s onset. Band members fill in for each other when someone is out (commonly) with the 'spicy cough'. They belted out tracks including Make America Hate Again and Holy War. A ‘Wall of Death’ stopped the entire venue, with the mass collision of bodies, a highlight of the day for everyone within sight of the chaos. Reign of Darkness completing their intense set.

Sydney pop-punk/emo band Closure took over the Ballroom taking some chaos out of the pace of the day. The band was meant to open the event but moved into The Bennies' place later in the day. For a newer band, their stage presence was felt across the room. The band played hits including Bedroom, Sink, and Laundry Day and brought a breath of fresh air to a day of music intensity.

Festivals in Australia never feel complete if Frenzal Rhomb isn’t on the list. As Starship classic We Built This City blasted out through the speakers, the very much adored Aussie punks appeared in their orange safety vests ready to do what they do best. The punk rock stalwarts drew a crowd of all ages playing through their short, sharp, loud, and fast set with precision and stamina. They dedicate Mummy Doesn’t Know You’re a Nazi to Peter Dutton. Flew straight into Bird Attack, progressing through a plethora of classic punk tracks. Frenzal have been hitting the tour circuit since the early ‘90s and the band (and their fans) have aged in body but not in musical spirit. The band gave the crowd classics like Uncle Ben, 5000 Cigarettes, School Reunion, Never Had So Much Fun and Punch In The Face. The last track had Luca Brasi frontman Tyler Richardson joining in before jumping in for a crowd surf. The perfect Aussie festival vibe.

Meanwhile back in Ballroom Alpha Wolf attracted a furious pack, with the band working on crowd control moving the hectic pit back from the crushing barrier. The band spoke about being on tour but were glad to be home as they played through tracks like Black Mamba, No Name, and Bleed For You. The room transformed into a massive circle pit. The dual vocals from frontman Lochie Keogh and bassist John Arnold brought a standout element to their brand of metalcore. Akudama finished off the set, the crowd was pumped ready for the next performance.

And what a performance. In Hearts Wake walked on stage masked up ready to electrify the crowd in the best possible way. You know you’re at a metalcore show when security and paramedics are on standby in the pit. The crowd was intense. The mass gathering proving the Australian metal scene is not just alive but thriving post-pandemic. The popular metal outfit from Byron Bay has built a strong following over their 15+ years on the circuit and the crowd reaction to vocalist Jake Taylor joining the band on stage said it all. After congratulations went out to guitarist Kyle Erich on the birth of his baby boy earlier in the week the band took the hungry fans into opener Crisis. The crowd surfing started from the first number putting the security to work and the paramedics on watch. New track Dogma hyped up the crowd, hands up, feet pounding the ground beneath, moving as one. The band blends metalcore, hardcore, and nu-metal genres into an explosive force giving them an edge in what can sometimes become a generic metalcore sound. Thy Art Is Murder’s ‘wall of death’ seemed a practice run as the band called for a wall of death. The crowd knew what to do and opened up ready. Security safely extracted crowd surfers; punters leaving the inner barrier with smiles a mile wide.

They work through their set giving the crowd what they came for with popular tracks Refuge and Earthwalker, then ending their set with the latest releases Son of A Witch and Hellbringer. In Hearts Wake takes melodic hardcore and gives it an ethereal infusion, producing something unique within the metalcore genre.

Moving back into the Ballroom stage is like stepping into a parallel universe. High energy is still the core element, but the contrast is stark. Melbourne pop-punks Between You And Me is full of catchy riffs and upbeat melodic punk taking charge of the Ballroom crowd. Their brand of music may be completely different, but the energy of the band is like watching a power surge take over the stage. Frontman Jake Wilson runs like a hyperactive child on Red Bull bouncing around the stage. Old fans were charging up to Supervillain, with new fans wondering why they’d never seen this band before. They had taken the intensity out of the day and transformed it into a massive party energy. With a four-year gap in-between album releases Between You and Me have just dropped their sophomore album Armageddon, the band playing a big serving of their new music. The aggression of previous bands is transformed into the same level of passion through their set. This passion flowed out across the room as the crowd grew and started jumping along with the band. They were humbled to be playing amongst such epic bands but well and truly earned their late-in-the-day billing. They saved their biggest tracks until last with Dakota having Wilson taking a massive flip off the stage into the crowd. Finishing off with Jake and bassist James “Bassy” Karagiozis, joining in the pit.

Headliners, popular Sydney metalcore powerhouse Northlane, brought the pyrotechnics to the stage taking the night to the level a closing act should. The show started with intensity before the band even took to the stage. The heat from flames bursting from cannons on stage was felt across the massive crowd. The fans seemed almost spent but as soon as the band opened the crowd drew on their final energy stores to take the night out. Crowd surfing, hands in the air, ponding the grass beneath their feet, it was their final burst from a day of intensity. The band released their latest album Obsidian just the day before taking the opportunity to introduce the crowd to their new music. They opened the night with smash single Clockworks the crowd showing their approval. Some newer tracks included the latest singles Carbonised and Plenty and were more than embraced by the crowd. Vocalist Marcus Bridge shows versatility, easily flowing from melodic to hardcore vocals.

They kept long-time fans happy with more popular tracks like Jinn, Echo Chamber and Quantum Flux finishing off the night with fan favourite Bloodline. After an intense and massive day, you would think fans would be ready to hightail it home but the demand for one more song was too great. Northlane returned to the stage with one final track, Talking Heads.

Full Tilt may have been off to a few false starts but if there was anything plainly evident from the day it was that Australian metalcore and punk fans are patient and dedicated. The turnout at Eatons Hill Hotel was in the thousands and the crowd, although at its peak at the end was still at an impressive number from the opening act.

No one went home disappointed. 


*Sydney + Brisbane only

Head to www.destroyalllines.com for more information.

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DON BROCO Release Brand New Single ‘Fingernails’

UK chart-toppers DON BROCO have released their brand-new single ‘Fingernails’ via Sharptone Records. The incendiary new track takes aim at the violent nature of the world with gargantuan riffs, punchy beatdowns and a huge anthemic chorus. It’s accompanied by the kind of epic animated sci-fi / dinosaur / disaster-movie style video that DON BROCO excel at!

With the release of ‘Fingernails’, DON BROCO have also announced a huge arena tour for March 2023 with support from Papa Roach and Dance Gavin Dance. The four-date run will start at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena (March 21st), followed by Leeds First Direct Arena (March 23rd), Birmingham Utilita Arena (March 24th) and finish at London’s Alexandra Palace (March 25th).

Regarding the tour DON BROCO frontman Rob Damiani says, “Beyond pumped to announce the Amazing Things arena tour featuring a line up only the sweetest dreams are made of. There’s no two ways about it, we wouldn’t be the band we are today if it wasn’t for the legends that are Papa Roach so as you can imagine we’re super excited to have the guys out with us as well as our ridiculously talented friends Dance Gavin Dance. See you next year!

DON BROCO will be featuring their brand-new single, ‘Fingernails’, alongside fan favourites and tracks from their No.1 album Amazing Things, which topped the UK Official Album Chart in February this year. The album became the band’s third consecutive UK Top 10 album release and features hit singles including the Radio 1 playlisted ‘One True Prince’.

Amazing Thingssaw DON BROCO expand their sound further than ever before, creating a masterpiece melding electro, rock, pop, metal and more all wrapped up in their own unique blend.

‘Fingernails’ sees the band continue to expand their sonic horizons into uncharted territories once again to astonishing effect as they continue to prove just why they are one of the most important UK rock bands today.

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BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Releases Brand New Music Video for Singl e ‘You Made Me Want To Live’

Black Label Society shares the official music video for their single, ‘You Made Me Want to Live’ from their latest album, Doom Crew Inc., out now via Spinefarm.

“Black Label Society’s New Video for ‘YOU MADE ME WANT TO LIVE’ is so good it gave me Temporary Relief from my Excruciating Jock Itch,” said frontman, Zakk Wylde.

Black Label Society’s current album Doom Crew Inc., is now available via Spinefarm, here: https://BlackLabelSociety.lnk.to/DoomCrewIncPR

The 12-tracks are odes to celebration and mourning, the soundtracks to jubilant evenings and bewildering days recorded in Zakk’s home studio, the Black Vatican. The stomping, heavy, bluesy, recklessly unhinged hard-rock-metal quartet are part invading horde, and part traveling carnival – summoning caffeine-fuelled cacophony on records and the stage. On this album, Zakk trades solos and twin-guitar parts with Dario Lorina, backed by the rumble of long-time bassist John “J.D.” DeServio and powerhouse drummer Jeff Fabb.

Connect with Black Label Society


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Multi-platinum selling Calum Scott (UK) returns to AU & NZ in November 2022

Frontier Touring are delighted to announce British singer-songwriter Calum Scott will return to Australia and New Zealand for the first time since 2018, playing shows in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland this November.

The Yorkshire-born artist will kick off his tour with his first-ever west coast performance at Metropolis Fremantle (Perth) on Saturday 5 November. He will then take to the east coast playing Corner Hotel (Melbourne) on Tuesday 8 November, Enmore Theatre (Sydney) on Friday 11 November, The Tivoli (Brisbane) on Saturday 12 November, and closing the tour at Powerstation (Auckland) on Tuesday 15 November.

Frontier Members get exclusive access to pre-sale tickets on Tuesday 26 April at 12pm AEST before the general public on-sale begins Friday 29 April at 12pm AEST. Tickets are available at frontiertouring.com/calumscott.

Calum Scott's latest single ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind’ is about the pain of heartbreak and lost love, with undertones of hopefulness throughout that make it a beautiful and touching ballad. Taken from his yet to be announced sophomore album due for release later this year, he gave fans a taste of what to expect with earlier releases ‘Biblical’ and ‘Rise’, which both debuted in 2021, three years after the release of his first full-length record Only Human.

While best known for his slow tempo tracks and breathtaking vocal range, Calum’s musical catalogue has expanded since his last AU and NZ visit. With two huge house music collaborations added to his repertoire in the past year, he put his melodic vocals to superb use on the ARIA Platinum-certified ‘Where Are You Now’ – the #1 Australian Radio Chart smash by Belgian DJ Lost Frequencies that hit #5 on the ARIA Singles Chart – and ‘Rain In Ibiza’, the three-way anthemic collaboration between German DJ Felix Jaehn, The Stickmen Project, and Calum. In 2019, Scott teamed up with Felix Jaehn on the summer dance hit ‘Love On Myself’.

Calum Scott became a household name after competing on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 where he auditioned with a perfectly stripped-back cover of Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’. The performance earned him an emotional standing ovation from the audience and judging panel, including a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell. His ‘golden-boy’ status continued when he independently released his cover of ‘Dancing On My Own’ which peaked at #2 on both the ARIA and UK Singles Charts. The now ARIA 11x Platinum-certified single also reached #1 in six countries, became Britain's best-selling single of the summer of 2016, and earned him a coveted nomination for British Single of the Year at 2017 Brit Awards.

The track was later added to his debut album, Only Human, which was released in 2018 following his signing to Capitol Records. The debut record hit No.1 on the iTunes album chart in 21 countries across the globe and housed 15 soulful tracks packed with deeply reflective and personal lyrics, as well as both the original cover and a remix of ‘Dancing On My Own’ by Dutch DJ and producer Tiësto.

Some of the most beloved singles from this album include ‘Rhythm Inside’, ‘You Are The Reason’, ‘What I Miss Most’, and ‘If Our Love Is Wrong’, which explore the feelings of liberation and self-acceptance that Calum says accompanied his coming out journey, along with past experiences of love and heartbreak.

Calum Scott is an artist that brings his life experiences to the stage in the same way he does his song writing, with fans encouraged to come prepared to sing and cry alongside him simultaneously.



via frontiertouring.com/calumscott
Runs 24 hours from: Tuesday 26 April (12pm AEST)
or until pre-sale allocation exhausted


Begins: Friday 29 April (12pm AEST)

Saturday 5 November
Metropolis Fremantle | Perth, WA
On sale: Friday 29 April (12pm AEST)
oztix.com.au | Ph: 1300 762 545


Tuesday 8 November
Corner Hotel | Melbourne, VIC
On sale: Friday 29 April (12pm AEST)
oztix.com.au | Ph: 1300 762 545


Friday 11 November
Enmore Theatre | Sydney, NSW
Licenced All Ages
On sale: Friday 29 April (12pm AEST)
ticketek.com.au | Ph: 132 849


Saturday 12 November
The Tivoli | Brisbane, QLD
On sale: Friday 29 April (12pm AEST)
ticketmaster.com.au | Ph: 136 100


Tuesday 15 November
Powerstation | Auckland, NZ
On sale: Friday 29 April (12pm AEST)
| Ph: 0800 111 999

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NORTHLANE Drop New Track ‘ABOMINATION’ – Venue Upgrade in Sydney

Australia’s heavy trailblazers Northlane have released their acclaimed new album, Obsidian, out now via Believe.

The band have also debuted their latest track, “Abomination”. The apex of classic and future Northlane, “Abomination” detonates with Marcus Bridge growling over a bed of heavy drum & bass. As Bridge grapples with the facade of happiness, grinding guitars, wild synths and pulverizing electronics synchronize, making you feel like your head is spinning out of control.

“This song is about my inability to keep pretending everything is okay in my life,” offers frontman Marcus Bridge. “I want to be able to spread a positive message with the lyrics I write but as personal and external problems continue to pile up, I feel numb and unable to pretend that I’m happy. I feel like an abomination of what I should be, what I want to be.”

Self-recorded, self-produced (with the help of their longtime collaborator Chris Blancato) and self-released, the sound Northlane have been working towards over the span of their career has been fully realised on Obsidian. Album number six is a behemoth effort that sonically spans the gamut of their entire discography, with Northane’s trademark heavy groove sitting in perfect harmony with techno, drum & bass, intriguing synths, perplexing time signatures and widescreen choruses. The creative freedom heard throughout songs like “Abomination”, “Clarity”, “Is This a Test” and “Nova” demonstrate a fearless evolution that has not only shifted the tectonic plates of heavy music, but also ensures Northlane remain lightyears ahead of the genre.

Northlane gave us a preview of the album via singles “Clockwork”, “Echo Chamber”, “Plenty” and “Carbonized”. Streamed over 11.5 million times and climbing, the tracks laid the foundation of Obsidian, with vocalist Marcus Bridge expressing his despair at the state of the world whilst also trying to pick up the pieces and move forward with his own life after sharing his harrowing life story on Alien. It’s bleak and full of anxiety, but that’s the point.

Northlane will debut Obsidian live in June. Their first Australian headline tour in close to three years will take in metro cities around the country with special guests Plini, Sleep Token and ALT. With sold out signs slapped up immediately in Sydney and Melbourne, new shows have been added in both cities to meet demand and come with a warning that tickets for all other shows are selling fast.

This weekend Northlane will headline Full Tilt Festival in Brisbane. Expect plenty of pyro.NORTHLANE


With Special Guests Plini, Sleep Token and ALT.


Thursday June 16
Metropolis, Fremantle

Friday June 17th
Bridgeway Hotel, Adelaide

Saturday June 18
The Forum, Melbourne – SOLD OUT

Sunday June 19
The Forum, Melbourne – NEW SHOW

Friday June 24

2 shows to replace June 23 and 24th (all tickets remain valid)
Enmore Theatre, Sydney – NEW VENUE

Saturday June 25
The Tivoli, Brisbane


Out Now via Believe

1. Clarity
2. Clockwork
3. Echo Chamber
4. Carbonized
5. Abomination
6. Plenty
7. Is this a Test?
8. Xen
9. Cypher
10. Nova
11. Inamorata
12. Obsidian
13. Dark Solitaire

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Jimmy Barnes announces ‘Soul Deep 30’ album & ‘Soul Deep 30 Tour’ June/July 2022

Classic Australian albums don’t come any bigger or better than Jimmy BarnesSoul Deep. The trailblazing collection of sixties R&B was certified 10 times platinum in Australia, won the 1992 ARIA Awards for Best Male Artist and Highest Selling Album and remains the highest-selling album ever for both Jimmy Barnes and Mushroom Records. This iconic collection has now been re-imagined and extended for its anniversary suitably titled Soul Deep 30 (released Friday 3 June via Bloodlines).

Alongside the 12 original Soul Deep recordings, which have been remastered by Bob Ludwig and with additional production from Don Gehman, Soul Deep 30 includes 3 brand-new recordings: ‘Soothe Me’ (a blistering version of the 1967 Sam & Dave classic, featuring the legendary Sam Moore himself), ‘Do You Love Me’ (with the soulful vocals of The Teskey Brothers’ Josh Teskey), ‘Reflections’ (with the unmistakable vocals and guitar stylings of Ian Moss), plus a brand-new rock version of ‘I Gotcha’. The album is available for pre-order here now.

Frontier Touring are excited to announce Jimmy Barnes with his 12-piece band will tour in support of the forthcoming album, in a mix of arenas and theatres across Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane this June and July. The Soul Deep 30 Tour will include special guests, one of Australia’s finest, The Teskey Brothers* (exc. Adelaide), David Campbell (Adelaide only) plus Mahalia Barnes + The Soul Mates opening on all dates.

The original Soul Deep tour is widely regarded as one of Australia’s most legendary live events and this 30th anniversary reprise will feature a 12-piece soul band performing all the hits off this album plus lots of other R&B classics. Appropriately, the deluxe package of Soul Deep 30 will include an exclusive live bonus DVD filmed at the Palais in Melbourne on that famous first tour in 1991.

The Soul Deep 30 tour kicks off on Thursday 16 June at Adelaide Entertainment Centre Arena before heading to Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena on Saturday 18 June, Sydney’s Aware Super Theatre on Friday 24 June, and winding up at Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Saturday 2 July.

“I’ve always been particularly proud of Soul Deep. It was made for all the right reasons and there was something magical about the way it struck a chord with so many people. There’s a reason that all those great sixties songs are called “timeless” – the raw stories they tell make sense to every generation. I’m really looking forward to revisiting this music again live after all these years too. Hopefully we can remind people why they enjoyed this album so much first time around while also introducing it to a whole new audience.” – Jimmy Barnes

Pre-sale tickets are available to jimmybarnes.com subscribers or via frontiertouring.com/jimmybarnes from Tuesday 26 April, 11am local time. General Public on sale is from Thursday 28 April 10am local time.  

Soul Deep 30 Tour special guests
Fresh from Josh Teskey performing live on stage with Jimmy at Bluesfest last weekend, The Teskey Brothers will special guest on the Soul Deep 30 shows (unfortunately excluding Adelaide as the band are not available). The Teskey Brothers are a rare musical gem honouring that old school Motown sound and working it into something of their very own. A commanding combination of soul and blues, it’s only perfect that the smoked whiskey voice of Josh Teskey and raw power of band The Teskey Brothers join the Soul Deep 30 tour.

The powerhouse soul and blues vocalist has been in and around music her entire life, having been exposed to everything from Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Ike + Tina Turner and Ray Charles, so it’s fitting that acclaimed singer-songwriter Mahalia Barnes + The Soul Mates open proceedings at all shows on the tour.

Special guest on the opening night of the tour in Adelaide is none other than Barnes’ family royalty and one of Australia’s leading musical theatre and soul singing entertainers, David Campbell. A proven television and radio host, Campbell headlines theatre, cabaret and concert performances, as well as being an ARIA winning, multi-platinum recording artist. In 2021, David proudly hosted ‘Music From The Home Front’, the Michael Gudinski/Mushroom Group ANZAC Day Special along with him releasing his 11th studio album ‘The Saturday Sessions’.

More about the Soul Deep 30 album
The album features three brand new recordings: ‘Soothe Me’ (featuring the legendary Sam Moore from Sam & Dave who created the original version), a reworking of ‘Do You Love Me’ (with guest Josh Teskey) and a previously unreleased collaboration called ‘Reflections’ with Cold Chisel bandmate, Ian Moss. Sam, Josh and Ian join John Farnham (‘When Something Is Wrong With My Baby’) and Diesel (‘Bring It On Home To Me’) who both guested on the original album.

All songs have been remastered for this deluxe reissue plus Kevin “Caveman” Shirley has created a new mix of the album’s lead single ‘I Gotcha’ as an additional bonus track.

Rolling Stone recently named Soul Deep one of the top 50 Australian albums of all time, calling it ‘a revelatory addition to one of the country’s most vital discographies.’

Jimmy Barnes made the original version of Soul Deep at his home studio in Bowral with producer Don Gehman who helmed six albums for Jimmy including classics like Two Fires, Heat and Flesh & Wood.

“Don loved my family and wanted to spend Christmas with us,” Jimmy explained in his best-selling book Working Class Man. “We would make an album for fun. It didn’t matter if we never released it. We decided to record all the songs I’d liked as a young singer; songs I’d heard on the radio, songs I sang at parties or at soundchecks.”

“We had a great time,” Gehman said of making Soul Deep. “It took literally about two weeks to make the whole record and most of the time was spent trying to figure out which songs to do because there were so many greats. The biggest joy is watching him sing. Because when he goes out and turns on, he’s just amazing. First takes are very common with him.”

“One of the things I learned from doing those classic songs was to concentrate on my performance and not to gloss them over with a lot of production,” Jimmy explains. “The important thing about soul music is to touch the emotions.”

Soul Deep was Jimmy Barnes’ sixth consecutive chart topper as a solo artist. Since that time, he has enjoyed seven more for a total of 13 (not counting his five with Cold Chisel!) which is more number one albums than any other artist in ARIA Chart history.

According to Jimmy, it’s been a labour of love to reimagine Soul Deep after all this time.

‘Soothe Me (featuring Sam Moore)’ single and video is out now – Listen here. Soul Deep 30 album is released on Friday 3 June through Bloodlines and can be pre-ordered here.



via frontiertouring.com/jimmybarnes
Runs 24 hours from: Tuesday 26 April 11am local time
or until pre-sale allocation exhausted


Begins: Thursday 28 April 10am local time



Thursday 16 June
Adelaide Entertainment Centre Arena | Adelaide, SA
All Ages
(General public on sale Thursday 28 April 10am local time)
ticketek.com.au | Ph: 132 849


Saturday 18 June
Rod Laver Arena | Melbourne, VIC
All Ages
(General public on sale Thursday 28 April 10am local time)
ticketek.com.au | Ph: 132 849


Friday 24 June
Aware Super Theatre | Sydney, NSW
All Ages
(General public on sale Thursday 28 April 10am local time)
ticketek.com.au | Ph: 132 849


Saturday 2 July
Brisbane Entertainment Centre | Brisbane, QLD
All Ages
(General public on sale Thursday 28 April 10am local time)
ticketek.com.au | Ph: 132 849


* The Teskey Brothers not appearing at the Adelaide show
** David Campbell special guest Adelaide show only
*** U18s must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian

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