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BLACK SUMMER Shares New Song & Music Video OUT TODAY!!!!

Dark, lavish and impossibly hypnotic, Australian EDM maverick Black Summer, aka Rhys Toms, unveils an exciting new artistic chapter today via his latest single Cernunnos. A dazzling new track, entirely written, performed and produced by Black Summer, Cernunnos also paves the way for the young artist’s impending new album Channel Horror, with the deliciously macabre-inspired full-length due out TODAY!!!.

Innovative, entrancing and a gnarly take on the hip hop realm, Cernunnos oozes with glossy beats, woozy synths and the sharp vocals of Rhys himself, calling to mind the smooth stylings of JPEGMafia, Denzel Curry, Iglooghost and SpaceGhostPurrp. And while the track confidently flows with effortless ease, Cernunnos ultimately marks a significant turning point in the Black Summer creative journey; and also the first time the world has witnessed Rhys’ vocals in full swing, as Rhys reveals, I felt like it was time to step to a new level, I always wanted to do vocals but never had the confidence, I’ve been working on my voice for a long time because I always saw myself as an all-around artist and not just a producer. The ideas I had were so specific for this album that I felt the only way I could get the vision I had was to step out of my comfort zone and be the vocalist too. This single represents almost a rebirth of myself as an artist, it’s about dealing with problems in my personal life – like toxic relationships, trust issues, and becoming numb to the way I got treated by people. I took all of that and channelled it into something creative. The song itself is named after an ancient Celtic deity called Cernunnos, a god of fertility, life, and resurrection. To me It represents a neutrality and being in harmony with what’s around you, I felt like it was symbolic of the stage I’m in with my music at the moment with how connected I feel to this new stage of my sound.”

Ryhs shared his Top 10 Songs of 2022.

  • 1. Kendrick Lamar – Father Time
“I genuinely love his whole new album but this song has to be my favorite, it feels so raw and emotional and I love the story telling in it. “
  • 2. SWV – Use Your Heart
“I’ve always loved this song and always will, something I will never skip if it comes on!”
  •  3. Dominique Guiot – Les Deux Poissons
“Something that grows on you everytime you listen to it. I have a whole playlist full of music like this but this has to be my favorite one.”
  • 4. JPEGMAFIA – Baby I’m Bleeding
“This has gotta be one of the most trippy songs I’ve ever heard, I love the way he plays with stereo and I’ve had this on repeat this year.”
  • 5. Piero Piccioni – It’s Possible
“This is my go to when I just wanna chill and have something in the background, it’s a beautiful track and very underrated  “
  • 6. Disclosure – White Noise
“Its a vibe, super nostalgic but I love it, still gonna be listening to this when I’m 70 “
  • 7. Don Toliver – Company
  • 8. Mason Lindtoth – Them’s Fightin’ Words
“A song from one of the trippiest games I’ve ever played. I love video games and this one is like walking through a psychedelic art gallery. The music is unmatched. “
  • 9. Denzel Curry – Ricky
“This is a song I’ve had in all my playlists since it came out. He’s one of my favorite artists and this song is the first song I show anybody when they ask me about his music.  “
  • 10. Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck
“A classic and one of my top songs of all time, these guys are legendary and their music speaks for itself. Love this song “



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Enter into the lush and mysterious realm of Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Emily Victoria, with her brand new track Humming Heart making its way into the world today. Also accompanied by an immersive and intriguing music video, Humming Heart murmurs with rich instrumentals and effortless charm like a hazy twilight spell.

Inspired by the likes of Hatchie, Kate Bush, Caroline Polachek and The Sundays, Humming Heart is a layered, bold and dreamlike affair, equally warm and beguiling with a retro undertone amidst Emily’s textured vocals. Recorded to tape at Soundpark Studios with producer Nao Anzai, who has previously worked with Mildlife and The Teskey Brothers, Humming Heart hums along with synthesisers and production by Lewis Moody, additional vocal production provided by Hamish Patrick, guitars by Anthony Farrugia, Jacob Long on drums and Sam Clarke on bass, while also contemplating the unknown and existence in general, as Emily explains, “The lyrics for Humming Heart are quite abstract, like the video. It’s ultimately about having curiosity and intrigue, exploring the unknown and encountering the supernatural. It’s also about considering the cause of our existence and trying to make sense of one’s experience”.

The accompanying music video for Humming Heart seamlessly adheres itself to the absorbing and curious nature of the overall track, with Emily teaming up with Jeff Andersen Jnr on directing and editing duties to bring the luminous yet moody clip to life. Featuring Emily and contemporary dancer and artist Nikki Tarling, the clip ultimately evolved from an eccentric idea revolving around limbs into a full-blown narrative, and painstakingly timed lights, as Emily reveals, “Jeff thought of the idea for this video. In its early stages the concept was close up shots of limbs doing peculiar things at different angles, e.g. a pair of hands tidying with a dustpan and shovel. Then Jeff suggested that I act as a cautious hotel manager who sees unusual limbs in rooms with eerie lighting. We both liked there being unity at the end point of the video. The video was so much fun to make! We were a team of six filming the video at St George’s Inn in Thornbury over two nights. It was all very thoughtfully planned, however there were some last-minute changes with the crew, which gave it a very spontaneous feeling! The lighting setup was extensive, thanks to Mike Ridley. We were able to sync the lighting with the rhythm of the song”.

A lover of busy cities, the creative process, Gustav Klimt and the colour red, Emily’s enchanting flair as an artist ultimately stems from her love for life and a constant pursuit to challenge herself, and Humming Heart is a sublime and elegant addition to her ever-evolving journey.

  1. Charli XCX: I heard Charli XCX’s CRASH and it sounded like an album you felt like you already knew even when listening for the first time! There is a three dimensional-ness to Charli’s production and visuals which feels so engaging and present. Her melodies and lyrics are so unique to her. I am yet to see the film about her connecting and collaborating with her fans throughout Covid. It sounds really interesting!! 
  2. Sofia Portanet: A newer discovery . . however Sofiat has charmed me with her pop melodies and strong female vocals. She has released a selection of material now which shows strong songwriting talent. She is a German based artist who sings in multiple languages including French and English. Her visuals and stage presence is striking. With her music featured in Times Square and touring extensively throughout Europe . . there are exciting things are to come for Sofia!!
  3. Kate Bush: Kate Bush has this capacity to create a world around what she does like no other. Her songwriting, multidimensional arts approach, visions for arranging and visual presentation is incredibly inspiring . . My favourite lyric of hers is the opening verse of Full House from the album Lionheart which describes her seeing herself outside from the interior of a car. I also admire Kate’s determination to work with Lindsey Kemp, a mime artist also renowned for his work with Bowie. 
  4. Caroline Polachek: Caroline first appeared on one of my Instagram stories. I was intrigued and explored her music video for Billions and loved the layers of thought that had gone into the video which to this day, I don’t think I understand!! I am blown away by Caroline’s presence when she performs on stage and the production of her work. She has an impressive soprano voice, studies opera and knows a lot about Greek literature. The breadth of her exploration and curiosity, evident in her art, is what inspires me most about her!
  5. Hatchie: Hatchie is a Brisbane based artist who I fell in love with when I heard her song ‘This Enchanted’ and also noticed that she had collaborated with some of the Cocteau Twins members. She is extraordinarily talented at writing catchy hooks and playing engaging sets that are very dancy!! She released an album, Stop Giving the World Away this year and the response has been very positive! I look forward to hearing her ideas continue to evolve .



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JORDAN WILSON Shares His Top 10 Songs of 2022 & New Music Video

The sonic equivalent of entering a dream world, the new single Terminals, the latest outing from Sydney singer-songwriter Jordan Wilson, murmurs and charms with otherworldly delights. Inspired by a cultural reset, Leonard Cohen and some well-timed real life absurdity, Terminals is also accompanied by the a captivating and potent music video (Above).

Jordan shared his Top 10 Songs of 2022.

  • 1. Lee Sullivan – Changes In Gravity
“Sounds like a young Ben Lee, cosmic grunge with empathy to boot.”
  • 2. Brightness – Stillness
“Don’t know what trip he’s on, but I like it. I’d love to see him play in a Church in Rome wearing a robe.”
  •  3. Motion Sickness – This Body
“Stark but fun, Motion sickness are such a great live band. When a three piece gets it right, it’s just so right.”
  • 4. Big Thief – Dried Roses
“I listen to this song every Saturday Morning, it makes me think of my Nan, it’s sacred and light.”
  • 5. Laura Jean – Rock’n’Roll Holiday
“She’s a songwriter’s songwriter. There’s a bit of piss take, but it’s deadly serious which makes it all the more devastating. “
  • 6. Kendrick Lamar – Rich Spirit 
“It just makes me feel good, I put it on after work when I’m driving. Especially Friday night. “
  • 7. Angel Olsen – All The Flowers 
“She’s a special artist, this record is so raw and vulnerable. It’s cool to see a master still letting her guard down.”
  • 8. Dope Lemon – Shadows In The Moonlight
“What a tripper man, this song makes me laugh and have a nervous break down at the same time.”
  • 9. Maia Marsh – To See You Through 
“Piercing, haunting with such an incredible release and payoff. Maia Marsh will creep up on ya that’s for sure ;)”
  • 10. Julia Jacklin – End Of A Friendship
“‘Oh my love is spinning round the room, if only it would land, plant and bloom’ boom!”



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PHIL JAMIESON Announces First-Ever Solo Album ‘SOMEBODY ELSE ‘ – OUT JULY 29

Phil Jamieson – frontman/singer/songwriter/guitarist for Grinspoon – has today announced the July 29 release of his first-ever solo album Somebody Else and released a single of the same name.

The announcement comes as Phil prepares for rare performances with his old mates at Splendour in The Grass and Springloaded.

“Phil Jamieson had a choice. Come back as the cryogenically frozen rockstar from Grinspoon’s halcyon days or level up with swinging widescreen pop that shows off his acting chops and matured pipes. ‘Somebody Else’ opts for the latter, a bait ‘n’ switch belter that goes from collective introspection to busting out of the cocoon a beautiful butterfly. Sounds like a hit.” – Mikey Cahill


The single “Somebody Else” has already been described by one insider as bearing connections to an early Grinspoon favourite. ‘“My friend Ben Rosen – who happened to record the first demo version of “Somebody Else” – described it as the sequel to “More Than You Are”, explains Phil. ”I hadn’t seen/heard it like that but I kind of get it.”

Whether or not that connection is there, “Somebody Else” – which was co-produced by Phil and Oscar Dawson of Holy Holy – is an immediate and arresting number that shows that Phil has lost none of his songwriting flair and bodes well for the upcoming debut solo album.

Phil has been working on his solo career for some years. Indeed, some of his ‘new’ material pre-dates his role in the Australian stage production of American Idiot. He has, however, up until now been nervous to christen it with an album. The long gestation of the album’s first single shows something of the struggle:

“It was born at Blueys Beach a few moons ago. It started life as a slinky Rolling Stones-type jam – with a bit more strut. Then Oscar Dawson of Holy Holy got his hands on it and changed it around, then I redid it as a dream pop major seventh sort of thing. That didn’t work so I went back to Oscar, and we redid it in July/August last year, in an industrial area of Dandenong situated at the end of a cul de sac surrounded by Boats/Solar/Brothels.”

“The collective fear and loathing which has gone into releasing this has sometimes seemed insurmountable. But it’s a bit like an election, innit? If not now, when? If not me, who? Thanks for listening regardless, I hope you get a kick out of it…”

With Somebody Else the album due out July 29, Phil has not got too much longer to feel the fear. And all who have heard the record say that he’s got nothing to worry about anyway.

As that doyen of the arts, Tim Rogers says of it: “Phil’s puckish performance style is underscored by a voice that can turn choirboy or demon’s spawn in a blinding grin. This has at times overshadowed his humour and empathy but no more. Teasing open his lapels to show heart and scars, but also hope and the lessons learnt from throwing yourself into this art that compels and damns us. Pop music with fire and finesse.”

The release of “Somebody Else” is accompanied by a video directed by Arlo Cook. Filmed in Melbourne, Phil enlisted cast and crew members from his time on American Idiot to lend a hand and the video sees Phil playing many roles from a cinema attendant, lasagne delivery driver & motorbike mechanic. “It was really fun working with Phil, he turned on all the charm and gave us plenty of fun moments to use,” says Arlo.

To celebrate the release, Phil will be hitting the road with bandmates Sam Raines on drums and Rob Muiños on bass. Phil’s tour will begin July 27 in Eltham in Northern NSW. Supporting Phil on tour will be The Pictures – who are back in their original form after 18 years. Led by Davey Lane, they are currently working on a new LP with a single out soon.

Somebody Else the album will be released July 29 on vinyl, CD and digitally through Cheersquad Records & Tapes, the Melbourne-based label run by Wally Kempton from The Meanies and Even.



Phil Jamieson has spent the last quarter-century fronting one of Australia’s popular and successful bands. An accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist, Jamieson’s generation-defining lyrics and vocal melodies first became etched into rock fans’ DNA in 1995, when the Lismore-born quartet he helped form as an 18-year-old rode a new wave of alternative music to become the first act Unearthed by national youth radio station triple j with its debut single “Sickfest”.

So began a love affair that maintained its heat and passion for over one thousand live shows, six consecutive Top 10 debuts and multi-platinum album sales. That initial romance with triple j’s listeners blossomed into full-bloom infatuation: an incredible 17 Grinspoon songs have polled in Hottest 100 countdowns over the years, led by the much-loved ‘Chemical Heart’ (#2 in 2002; #63 in 2013’s Hottest 100 of All-Time).

Jamieson’s live performance talents have continued to diversify and develop as he has explored new stages and formats. Embracing a solo career, Jamieson also made the transition from live music venues to the boards of theatres around the country in 2017, being cast as St. Jimmy in the Australian stage production of American Idiot. The Broadway musical made an impactful debut with its initial Australian premiere in Brisbane, leading to a national tour in 2018 – a performance that earned Jamieson acclaim: “Phil Jamieson carried the role in Perth, and absolutely nailed it. Jamieson has more of a swagger than an in-your-face psychopathic Jimmy, which I enjoyed more than I expected…whenever Jimmy is on stage, it’s difficult to focus on anything else.” – SYN MEDIA

As well as working on his solo career in recent years, Jamieson has also been involved in several philanthropic and industry-specific initiatives.

In 2013, he co-founded the Rock N Ride tour for the National Youth and Mental Health Foundation, headspace. Bringing awareness to mental health issues faced by young people, the initiative saw a group of media figures, musicians and friends of Jamieson’s engage with local communities across a five-day motorcycle road trip, taking in over 5000km on the road. Additionally, profits from Jamieson’s solo touring have been donated to the national initiative Support Act, who continues to assist and uplift those in the music industry who are in need.

Since 2015, Jamieson has also been an industry judge for the Australian Music Prize, arguably the most prestigious award in Australian music.

From fronting a generation-defining band, enjoying success as a solo artist and in the musical theatre world, as well as using his skills behind the scenes across numerous projects; Jamieson remains a multi-faceted creative, 27 years on from his debut.



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New Kids on the Block, featuring Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley, En Vogue), try to “Bring Back the Time”

Nostalgia is a hell of a drug, as this video can potently attest. In support of their 2022 tour, New Kids on the Block, have released a new music video featuring appearances by Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley, and En Vogue.

The song, called “Bring Back the Time,” is a love letter to the 1980s. The video spoofs Twisted Sister, DEVO, Billy Idol, Flock of Seagulls, Talking Heads, and other MTV icons of the age.

The video features NKOTB and guests recreating iconic music videos from the late ’80s and early ’90s, including Journey’s “Separate Ways”, Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love”, and A Flock Of Seagull’s “I Ran”.

Of course, it’s very complicated to coordinate so many artists of this magnitude, who all have careers and lives and families, including just in my own band. But it’s easy to overcome those complications when you’re so inspired,” Donnie Wahlberg told Billboard about getting the song and video together.

Every single artist was so excited to jump in and be a part of this song. It’s an anthem. It’s uplifting. It’s fun and it’s exactly what we could all use right now. And that excitement from everyone motivated me to figure this out,” he said. “Same for the music video. I wasn’t going to stop at a few scheduling roadblocks, especially when everyone was so willing. It makes me incredibly excited for the tour, too.

Talking about plans for an upcoming EP or album, Wahlberg added, “We definitely have new music coming. At this point we have five songs recorded, all just really fun extensions of ‘Bring Back The Time’ – but much more moody, very ‘80s.”

Asked if there were any classic music videos they wanted to send up, but didn’t make the cut, he revealed, “We talked about doing ‘Walk This Way’, the Run-D.M.C. [version]. We were thinking it might be Salt-N-Pepa on one side in a split room and we would be Aerosmith on the other side. Of course, we shot in different locations, so we would have to split the two scenes in half and create a fake wall. I don’t know if Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith did that or not? But I think Salt-N- Pepa were more into the glam vibe, which honestly I think worked better.”

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Bullet For My Valentine Release New Single & Video ‘Rainbow Veins’

Bullet For My Valentine have released new single Rainbow Veins from their forthcoming self-titled album Bullet For My Valentine.

Rainbow Veins is out now and we couldn’t be happier for you guys to finally hear it. It is one of our favourite tracks from the upcoming album and we’re sure it’ll be one of yours too. Turn it up!” – Bullet For My Valentine

Meanwhile, Bullet For My Valentine (the album) will now be released on November 5, 2021 via Spinefarm /Search & Destroy. The 2-week delay is due to covid related manufacturing issues.

Matt Tuck began writing the album in September 2019 before the Coronavirus pandemic brought things screeching to a halt in early 2020. But in June 2020, Tuck and long-time producer, Carl Bown, who co-produced the band’s 2015 album, Venom, and produced and mixed Gravity, picked up the pace again. Together, they hunkered down at Treehouse Studio in Chesterfield, where the remainder of the album was written.

Pre-orders for Bullet For My Valentine‘s seventh studio album are now live, with an instant download of singles, Knives, & Parasite and special bundle options, including a unique clipping from the backdrop used on the bands Venom world tour from 2015 – 2017, t-shirts, hoodies, gold & silver cassettes, and limited vinyl.




Since their formation in 1998, Bullet For My Valentine have become one of the biggest bands in metal, surpassing 1 BILLION streams in the US alone, selling over 3 million albums worldwide and scoring three gold albums, as well as defining British metalcore with their now classic debut, The Poison.

BFMV have been crowned Best British Band at the Kerrang! Awards three years in a row–where they’ve also been awarded for Best Single, Best Live Band and Best British Newcomer. It’s not just the press and fans that have afforded them such faith –even the heroes that inspired them in the first place, bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica, have personally selected BFMV to hit the road and share the stage with them.

Matt Tuck – Vocals and rhythm guitar
Michael “Padge” Paget – Lead guitar
Jamie Mathias – Bass
Jason Bowld – Drums

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MINISTRY Releases Bold New Music Video For ‘Disinformation’

MINISTRY Releases Bold New Music Video For ‘Disinformation’ To Celebrate The Release Of New Record MORAL HYGIENE Out Now Via Nuclear Blast

15th Studio Album From Industrial Juggernauts Is Overwhelmingly Praised And Features Al Jourgensen’s Perspective On Societal Ills

In celebration of the release of brand-new album Moral Hygieneout now via Nuclear BlastMINISTRY releases the explosive new music video for the latest single, ‘Disinformation’ about the slippery slope we find ourselves in when consuming mass media without critical thinking.

Moral Hygiene is MINISTRY’s 15th studio album and features some of the project’s strongest and most inspired material to date. It features the creative masterwork of founder and creator Al Jourgensen who spent the pandemic pause in 2020 ruminating on the new world we as a society have found ourselves in – while pondering just what we are going to do about it.

Stream Moral Hygiene here: http://nblast.de/MinistryMoralHygiene

The 10 tracks are a follow-up to 2018’s lauded AmeriKKKant and put forth Jourgensen’s societal manifesto and plea for civilization to get back to a set of standards that lives up to and embraces our humanity.

Previous singles have included ‘Alert Level’ (sounding the alarm on the state society is in), ‘Good Trouble’ (a rallying cry to fight for human rights in homage to Civil Rights leader John Lewis) and ‘Search And Destroy’ (the unique take on The Stooges classic), the latter of which features guitar virtuoso Billy Morrison (Billy Idol/Royal Machines). Morrison is also heavily featured on a number of songs on the album. The record also includes a collaboration with Jello Biafra (Jourgensen’s cohort in side project LARD) on ‘Sabotage Is Sex’.

Moral Hygiene was recorded with engineer Michael Rozon (also behind the boards on AmeriKKKant) at Scheisse Dog Studio, Jourgensen’s self-built home studio and creative lab. As with all MINISTRY albums, all songs are written and performed by Al Jourgensen. Additional contributions come from Billy Morrison (Billy Idol, Royal Machines), Cesar Soto (Man The Mute), John Bechdel (Killing Joke, Fear Factory), Roy Mayorga (Stonesour, Soulfly, Nausea), Paul D’Amour (Tool, Feersum Ennjin), Arabian Prince (N.W.A.), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) and sitar player Flash.

Here is what media has had to say aboutMoral Hygiene:

MINISTRY’s new LP ‘Moral Hygiene’ is one of their best … ‘Moral Hygiene’ has quickly become one of my favorite records of 2021 … MINISTRY mastermind Al Jourgensen has come back to embrace some of the soundscapes found in the band’s earlier releases.”Metal Insider

“’Moral Hygiene’ is truly an album for its time. … It is fresh, relevant, and stacked with incisive socio-political commentary from one of extreme music’s veterans of discontented rage. … Exciting, angry, and unapologetic: exactly how we like our MINISTRY.”Hysteria Magazine

“Having bands like MINISTRY around is still pretty critical when it feels like the social contract is hanging together by a thread. … What Jourgensen has been able to do … is make each MINISTRY album a statement about the world we live in now and what we should do to make it better. The music is as abrasive and confrontational as ever.”Wall Of Sound

Moral Hygieneis available now in CD, vinyl and digital download formats at the following links:

Record label store: www.nuclearblast.com/ministry-moralhygiene

Australian Physical: HERE

Band store: https://store.ministryband.com/collections/moral-hygiene

Moral Hygiene track listing:
1. Alert Level
2. Good Trouble
3. Sabotage Is Sex
4. Disinformation
5. Search and Destroy
6. Believe Me
7. Broken System
8. We Shall Resist
9. Death Toll
10. TV Song #6 (Right Around The Corner Mix)


Born in 1981 in Chicago, MINISTRY has been the lifetime passion project of founder Al Jourgensen, considered to be the pioneer of industrial music. In its early days, MINISTRY was identifiable by its heavy synth-pop material in line with the new sounds and technology that were being developed in the ‘80s. MINISTRY’s output began with four 12” singles on Wax Trax! Records in 1981 before the first LP With Sympathyin 1983 via Arista Records. As time progressed however, so did MINISTRY, quickly developing a harsher, and more stylized sound that the band soon became infamous for on seminal albums Twitch (1986), “The Land of Rape and Honey”(1988), and The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste (1989). With the release of Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and The Way to Suck Eggs(1992), MINISTRY hit an all-time high in the mainstream musical realm and received its first Grammy nomination. In total, Ministry has been nominated for a Grammy award six times. Eight more albums would follow before an indefinite break in 2013, only to be unearthed again in 2018 with AmeriKKKant, continuing to reflect Jourgensen’s views on the frightening state of society and politics. Today, MINISTRY continues touring and recording with the brand-new 15th studio album Moral Hygieneto be released October 1st.

Find MINISTRY Online
Website: www.ministryband.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/WeAreMinistry
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/WeAreMinistry
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/WeAreMinistry

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Country artist, Tania Murray, releases single & music video for debut track, Follow Me Down to the River

Follow Me Down to the River is the debut single from Australian country singer/songwriter, Tania Murray, out now and distributed through Social Family Records.

Written by Murray and produced, engineered and mixed by multi-award-winning producer, Matt Fell (LoveHZ studios), Follow Me Down to the River is a dark country/outlaw sound that takes you down to the muddy waterside, through a tale of seduction and devilish ways. Bursting out the gate with mean guitars and a stomping beat, Murray’s voice calls out to be answered by twanging banjos and ukuleles that bring cheer to the track.

The song features Murray on acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals, Matt Fell on bass, guitars, banjo, ukulele, papoose, keyboards, and percussion, Miles Thomas on drums, Nardia Drayton on the bridge bv’s and was mastered by William Bowden at King Willy Sound.

The official music video, also out now, was shot and produced by Jesse Anderson of Klik Productions (and this season of The Block), and filmed at Myuna Bay and Toronto (Lake Macquarie), in early August, just prior to the region going into lockdown.  

From recording the song at Love Hz through to filming the video clip, timing has been the charm for this outstanding debut single. 

Stream/buy Follow Me Down to the River by Tania Murray here:


Facebook | Insta


Growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Tania Murray was raised in an open and artistic environment by her mother Eva, a Polish refugee turned Author, and father Les Murray AM, the late SBS Sports Broadcaster, also a refugee from Hungary. 

At 15 years of age Tania, who was born deaf in her right ear, won Channel 10’s New Faces (pretending she was older than she was in order to qualify for the contest). In year 11 aged 17, the singer who is often likened to the voice of Karen Carpenter, traded her high school bag for a suitcase, becoming a full time musician performing throughout the world on European and local cruise ships.

Upon return to Sydney, Tania started to gain a following for her performances in tribute shows, in particular her portrayal of American rock soul blues artist Janis Joplin, in venues like The Basement, The Vanguard, Camelot Lounge as well as the Twilight at Taronga series. Simultaneously, Tania travelled throughout NSW performing as a soloist armed with acoustic guitar and relocated to Lake Macquarie near Newcastle.

Tania’s initial song writing success came from her indie rock duo Little Pleasures who earned number one ranking spot on Triple J’s Unearthed weekly countdown with ballsy track, Everytime I Hear Rammstein.

When Tania lost her father in 2017, her desire to perform and write music went down in flames. Like many, the covid lockdown stirred the pot of creative juices and country songs were written to then be recorded at Love Hz Studios in Sydney with prolific country music producer Matt Fell, who really brought out Tania’s husky vocals. Growing up on a strict diet of Cat Stevens and Simon & Garfunkel, it’s not surprising to hear a lot of folk in Tania’s songs, her tracks always full of harmonies and heavy backing vocals.

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Superlove – Unveil New Single ‘Save Yourselves’ And Accompanying Music Video

Bristol’s Superlove has released another brand new single, ‘Save Yourselves’. Born at a time when the country was in turmoil with UK politics and social media proved itself once more to be an intense platform to be consumed within, singer Jacob felt he was being bombarded with too much information, too many opinions, not enough fact and it became a sea of confusion. 

“This song was just trying to express some frustration in feeling so overwhelmed by everything we watch, read online and see on TV”, says Jacob. “Writing ‘Save Yourselves’ also had us thinking, what would we do if everything absolutely went to shit? I like to think we would both just go and sit in a forest, out the way of everything with a fire going and just laugh at what a state we got ourselves into. We’re honestly so excited this song is actually coming out as I remember listening to the demo over and over again thinking oh my god this song is so addictive to listen to haha, we hope people feel the same!”

Previous singles have seen support from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Rock Sound (UK), AAA Backstage, HEAVY Mag, Music Feeds, Something You Said, Milky and Australian community radio.

Save Yourselves’ is available worldwide now, via Rude Records



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