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[Review] I, Prevail @ Big Top Luna Park, Sydney – 28/06/2022

Every time you visit Luna Park, it is a memorable occasion. The massive Sydney Harbour Bridge stands tall above you, the harbour stretching over the horizon, studded with distinctive ferries, and in the distance, the lights of the CBD glimmer. 

In my opinion, approaching Luna Park’s iconic visage never becomes old. Sadly, there is where the walking comes to an end. Around the merry-go-round and to the foot of the mouth, a line of music lovers forms. We are not given an explanation for why the line is so lengthy and remains so long after the show has begun. 

Due to the delay entering the venue, I miss the only Australian band on the bill, Windwaker. Yet from the volume of their shirts in the crowd, all signs point to them winning over many. I made sure to turn on alerts for their next Sydney show to make up for tonight. 

Scanning the crowd this evening there is a real melting pot of hardcore, goths, cyber girls, metalheads and very normal-looking music fans who more than likely came directly from work due to it being a Tuesday night and Sydney’s battle with train strikes. As this show was originally scheduled for 2020, not a single ticket holder was missing out on tonight finally receiving the green light. 

The first of 2 international artists are Pennsylvanian metal titans Motionless in White. Their blood-splattered backdrop hangs prominently as the floor fills with anticipation, and it is packing tight.

The lights descend as the very ominous intro to Disguise emits through the room.  Lead singer Chris Motionless, already a very tall guy, stands on a case at the front of the stage towering over the crowd inciting a huge sing-along to the chorus.
I am blown away by how close this sounds to the recorded version.

No time is wasted as they catapult into Necessary Evil in which the album version features Jonathan Davis from Korn. Second guitarist Ryan is missing, and after a quick social media scan, I cannot find any reason as to why. We hope he is ok!

The band’s theatrical make-up and clothing lift the performance, creating a more dramatic and sinister feel. I’m a sucker for a goth get-up.

Even with a member down, they have the excited crowd in the palm of their hand and as the floor bounces to Thoughts and Prayers, my jaw drops to the floor as I turn to my partner and exclaim ‘another band has to follow this!!’. At this point, I am not sure it is possible.

After a long 5 years since we have seen Motionless on our shores, they are humble and thankful at the reception as they blast through Cyberhex, Reincarnate, and Voices.

The intensity in which drummer Vinny Mauro is assaulting the skins is astonishing, more so that they’re still in one piece! It ricochets throughout the venue and every organ. Bass player Justin Morrow is a fantastic singer and compliments Chris perfectly.

A mix of technical difficulties and vocal strains hinder the tail end of the performance as Chris is obviously struggling but doing a terrific job keeping the crowd happy. Earlier seamless transitions between screaming and clean vocals take a bit of a dive.

For the second last show on the tour, in winter and being a road dog, we can only sympathize!

Having released an album on June 10th, it was nice and fresh as we Aussies are some of the first to hear the new material live. Scoring the End of the World is the new track selected, with many in the crowd already knowing the words.
Closing out the set with the beloved song Eternally Yours they morph into the Boyz II Men of metal handing out long stem red roses to lucky punters close enough to reach.

It was a fantastic set of crowd-pleasers; I’m looking forward to a headline tour of theirs hopefully one day soon.
From the reception, Motionless In White received I was unsure if everyone would be sticking around for the headliner. I am promptly proven wrong.

The stage has transformed as the members fill the stage; it looks stunning! Lead singer Eric Vanlerberghe storms to the front of the stage to begin powerhouse track Bow Down. I, Prevail are a newly discovered band of mine, and I was not aware there were two lead singers. You can imagine my excitement when Brian Burkheiser, who mostly takes care of the clean vocal’s leaps from the depths for the chorus.

They waste no time kicking off Gasoline from 2019’s Trauma, an album jam-packed with hits, I’m hopeful we’re in store to hear many of this evening.

The entire band commands the stage like pros as they cruise through tracks such as Scars, DOA, and crowd favourite Hurricane. While Eric takes care of the lows, and Brian the highs, I’m amazed to see them lower their mics and allow guitarist Dylan a chance to sing and he’s just as good as they are!
Rise Above It appeals to the fighter spirit within, I see people hoisted onto shoulders to sing it loud. This song also holds another talent of the singers, they can rap!
Brand new single Body Bag was recently released on June 17th, resulting in Australians being lucky firsts (just as we were for Motionless) to hear the track live. It is heavy, it’s fast, and just what the pit needs. A shout-out is needed to the lighting crew, just spectacular!
At this point, the crowd would do anything they are told, the energy is electric! A few songs earlier, one of the souls on a friend’s shoulders smashed a shoey in true Aussie fashion. Eric seeks out this bloke to join him in another. There is nothing we love more than seeing internationals take part in this disgusting tradition. 

Their songs are connecting on a deeper level tonight. While we have all been missing live performances, we forget how much of an impact the last few years have placed upon artists. After a short drum solo by skinsman Gabe Helguera the lights soften as a solo Eric walks slowly on-stage performing Goodbye, which may only be a short interlude on their album, yet it flows perfectly into Breaking Down.  Brian takes a moment to speak from the soul. Detailing how hard the lockdown was on him and that he almost gave up, and it was his family in the band that pulled him through. Not only did he speak from the soul, but he is also singing from the soul, the lyrics are pouring from an honest and pure place. I am truly moved. 

The energy is restored with Deadweight a heavy track with a fantastic chorus that the entire venue joins in before the band exit the stage. Earlier that day I saw a meme that said, ‘encores are peekaboo for adults’, as I tell my friends around me about it, Eric returns to the stage saying ‘PEEKABOO’. I had no words. 

With six sold-out gigs, the band is grateful to everyone who came out. Even as the pit splits in two, they continue to rile us up by shouting, “You need to give us a reason to return.”
Come and Get It is the evening’s closing track. Eric tosses in a cheeky ‘Oh wah ah ah ah’ from Down With The Sickness, which instantly makes everyone in the venue smile. The band flies around, side to side, even flipping each other off; there’s a real sense of camaraderie among them, and they’re taking in every minute just like we are.

Throughout I, Prevail’s set, I took up my phone to take notes for this review. I could only stand and watch, unable to put my experience in words.

I was absolutely blown away.

Even without knowing many songs, I enjoyed every moment and the journey on which the songs took us was unforgettable.

Do not sleep on I, Prevail. They are a force to the reckoned with and cannot return soon enough. 

Their new album True Power will be released on August 19th through Fearless. 

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George Thorogood & The Destroyers announce second Melbourne show.

GEORGE THOROGOOD & THE DESTROYERS are excited to announce the first Melbourne show on their Good To Be Bad Tour is now sold out, adding a second show on Saturday 29 October at The Forum. 

Tickets for the new show go on sale 12pm, Friday July 1.

My Live Nation members can secure tickets first during the exclusive pre-sale which commences at 12pm, Thursday June 30, and concludes at 11am, Friday July 1.

For complete tour, ticket and VIP Experience information, visit: livenation.com.au.

Celebrating 40 years of ‘Bad To The Bone’ this September, iconic rock legends George Thorogood & The Destroyers make their very welcome return to Australian shores this October and November for shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, with regional shows in New South Wales and Queensland.  

For the past 45 years, it’s been very good to be George Thorogood & The Destroyers. And in 2022, their Good To Be Bad Tour: 45 Years Of Rock will prove why like never before. 

Since 1976, they’ve sold over 15 million albums, built a catalogue of classic hits, played more than 8,000 ferocious live shows, and become mainstays of radio, TV, and stages worldwide for more than two generations. Through it all, they’ve remained one of the most consistent – and consistently passionate – progenitors of blues-based rock in pop culture history. 

For Thorogood and his longtime band – Jeff Simon (drums, percussion), Bill Blough (bass guitar), Jim Suhler (rhythm guitar) and Buddy Leach (saxophone) – the power to rock audiences has been both battle cry and creed from the beginning. ‘Since I was 17,’ George says, ‘All I wanted to do was see how far I could go with my guitar, putting my own spin on music I loved.’

But it’s live on tour that George Thorogood & The Destroyers continue to flip the switch nightly. Delivering a gut-bustin’, guitar-wailin’, face-meltin’, fiery-tempoed, take-no-prisoners, good old-fashioned lunch-bucket rock & roll show that includes their signature hits ‘Get A Haircut’, ‘I Drink Alone’, ‘One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer’, ‘Move It On Over’, ‘Who Do You Love’ and the definitive badass anthem ‘Bad To The Bone’, along with several surprises. 

To co-incide with the tour Universal Music will be releasing the Australasian-Exclusive souvenir edition of The Original George Thorogood, which brings together the best from the rock and roll heart and fevered brain of George Thorogood and his unstoppable, long-time band, The DestroyersThe Original George Thorogood will be released on CD (including Australian exclusive tour slipcase) and digitally.

Built around Thorogood’s fiery guitar skills, explosive performance style and a blistering take on blues rarities, George Thorogood & The Destroyers indeed remain unstoppable in 2022. Is it still good to be bad? George says ‘You bet it is! We’ll always be the baddest band in the land. Expect our best on this tour because that’s what you’re gonna get.’











Live Nation pre-sale: 12pm, Thursday June 30 – 11am, Friday July 1

For complete tour and ticket information, visit:
georgethorogood.com & livenation.com.au

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CHASE ATLANTIC Announce December Tour!

It’s a huge day for CHASE ATLANTIC fans who today announce they’re homeward bound for their Cold Nights Australia and New Zealand Tour in December.

The Australian-born and Los Angeles-based trio of astronomical proportions will kick-off their tour in Melbourne (December 9) followed by stops in Sydney (December 15), Brisbane (December 16) and Auckland (December 21).

Tickets go on sale to the public Thursday 30 June at 12pm local.  My Live Nation members can secure tickets first during the My Live Nation presale beginning 11am, Tuesday June 28 until 11am Thursday June 30.  For complete tour and ticket information, visit: livenation.com.au or livenation.co.nz.

Representing the missing link between anesthetized woozy trap, nocturnal R&B, and psychedelically-spun alternative, Chase Atlantic blur boundaries between genres through fearless experimentation and innate melodic inclinations. Amassing over 200 million streams and receiving acclaim from Billboard, OnesToWatch, mxdwn, PopCrush, Alternative Press, Substream Magazine and Rock Sound of which they graced the cover, the trio boldly push forward again on their forthcoming debut for Fearless Records. 

A prolific creative journey brought Chase Atlantic to this point. The band unleashed a string of EPs—Dalliance (2014), Nostalgia (2015), and Paradise (2017)—before their self-titled full-length debut, Chase Atlantic. They put up serious numbers on the likes of “Friends” (55.9 million Spotify streams), “Swim” (41.8 million Spotify streams), “Into It” (37.3 million Spotify streams), and “Okay” (21.7 million Spotify streams), to name a few. 

In 2019, their sophomore album, PHASES, attracted widespread praise. OnesToWatch predicted, “while we would say the sky is the limit for Chase Atlantic with a showing this strong, chances are they would just break out of the stratosphere in the year to come.” Along the way, they canvased multiple continents, headlined across the US, UK, and Europe, and sold-out venues such as Webster Hall in New York, Kentish Town Forum in the UK, and The Regent Theatre in Los Angeles in addition to gracing the stages of Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Reading and Leeds. Now, they charge up their next chapter with the single “Out The Roof” and more to come.

This is certainly going to be one homecoming not to be missed! 




My Live Nation presale 11am Tuesday June 28 – 11am Thursday June 30
For complete tour and ticket information, visit: livenation.com.au or livenation.co.nz

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[Review] Northlane @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney 23/06/2022

While standing in the crowd of Northlane’s sold-out show at Enmore Theatre, you can see how many people's ears’ around Australia pricked up when Northlane announced they would be touring the country again, as brought to us with many thanks to the remarkable team at Destroy All Lines.

You can see how much Northlane has grown as a band over the years, having become a universal band across many different groups of people across all of Sydney with an extremely diverse fanbase, possibly the most diverse fanbase we’ve seen at any metal gig.

The anticipation was building while Plini played as the supporting act right before Northlane came on. Northlane showed their support for Plini in return by bringing out a birthday cake onto the stage for Plini, to blow out his candles as the entire venue sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to both the bands on stage together.

Plini performed a dreamy melodic sound with heavy jent tones building into strong metal riffs and back again into the melodic softness. You could see the crowd really appreciated them with hands in the air and cheers of support throughout their set and ending with a huge cheer from the entire crowd.

As Plini finished up their set you could feel the eagerness growing in the crowd for what was to come next. The venue was buzzing with energy. Fans who didn’t know each other began asking each other about what they hoped would be played as part of the set and you can’t help but sense how sorely missed Northlane has been in the Sydney crowd for the past few years.

The first song played on the night can sum up the vibe of the entire show with the first 89 seconds of the opening song ‘Clarity’ from their new album Obsidian sounding off with building techno music with dreamy melodic vocals before erupting into heavy metal at 90 seconds in; opening the first pit of the night with the pent up energy of every Northlane fan who had been waiting years to see them live since the pandemic and what came through, was wall to wall explosive energy.

As the futuristic light show illuminated the entire venue with coloured lasers flying over heads into the back wall of the venue with coloured smoke floating in the purple lights with flame cannons launching into the air, Northlane led the show forward with their next song ‘Plenty’ and it was exactly just that, plenty. Within the first 30 seconds of the song, the crowd exploded again, feeling into the music as much as the band was.

Northlane gave their all to the crowd for the entire duration of the show and the crowd gave it right back, with Marcus Bridges sounding even better live than he does on the record, with the crispest cleans and deepest growls we’ve heard from him yet.

Echo Chamber” was the third song of the night and it fully delivered on the techno-neon show expectations Northlane shared with fans as their intentions for the tour with impeccable production value delivered throughout the show.

Nic Pettersen was playing the drums tighter than a bank safe even per the new drumming style that their new album, Obsidian, called for him to adopt.

Our favourite Northlane hits such as Bloodline from ‘Alien’ and Quantum Flux from album ‘Singularity’ played into the night and as they did, every fan there lived their old-time favourites that made Northlane the deeply loved band they are today. The crowd also followed the charge into the techno-metal future that Northlane is leading with their latest album Obsidian as they explore and pioneer a new space in the metal genre.

The show finished up with everyone in the venue calling Northlane back out to the stage for an encore and the final song played was ‘Clockwork’.

The entire show consisted of techno elements that were supported by the mind-blowing futuristic neon light show that all seamlessly tied in perfectly with the notes of Jon Deiley and Josh Smith on the jent guitars, rocking the entire venue wall-to-wall.

Each song surpassed the quality of the recordings that made us all love them, making this gig something unmissable for every Northlane fan out there.

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Interview with Jaidyn Hale (Among The Restless)

STM:  Hi There Jaidyn, thanks for your time today, firstly congratulations on the new EP Define which is out now.  Clearly, Covid had a huge impact on the recording and timing of the release, how did you find the process? Were there many delays and hurdles you had pop up? 

Always a pleasure and thank you! Covid has most definitely made it hard over the past few years but nonetheless, we have persevered and all made it through. We were lucky enough to have actually already made the venture to Red Engine recording studios in Brisbane and laid down all the tracks last year before that last bad lockdown hit us. In regards to releasing the EP, I think the biggest thing was we wanted to wait and be able to experience it with our fans, friends, and family in person. Without being able to gig and support what we are so proud of it wouldn’t have made sense to us to release.

STM: As a relatively new band forming not long before covid hit you have done extremely well pushing out singles during times when gigs were vetoed, and the music industry was stopped in its tracks. Your determination as a band certainly shines through and has given you the results looking at your Spotify streams. You must be so proud of the band's achievements. 

One hundred percent, not being able to see each other and especially not being able to rehearse wasn’t great and took its toll on us. Considering how much of the early stages of the band were hindered, I think we have really pulled through and shown that nothing can stop us from doing what we love.

STM: You traveled to Brisbane and put yourselves in the safe hands of renowned recording royalty in Steve James (The Sex Pistols, The Jam, The Angels, The Screaming Jets, Airbourne), tell me a bit about working with him and your recording process.  

Without Steve, none of this would have been possible. His guidance and expertise in his craft made recording our first EP a breeze so to speak. Basically, we start by jamming through the songs together and getting a feel in the studio. After this, we all track our parts individually, and then it all gets roughly comped to hear a basic rundown of the mix. Throughout this stage is where a lot of change happens in the songs with new ideas thrown in or parts are taken out. It was such an amazing experience, and we are so looking forward to getting back up there as soon as possible!

STM: Define has a wonderful arc listening to it from start to finish, it has a great flow and concludes with the sublime Growing Pains. The addition of strings lifts this song from bloody great to amazing, was that extra layer always part of the plan?  

When recording that song initially we knew we wanted it to be big. Lachie had this amazing vision from the start and it was just missing something. The addition of the violin really uplifted the whole song and added such a cool atmosphere, and helped to even more encapsulate the sort of direction we were taking the song. 

STM:  Slave Within The Change is like a big slap in the face with its ripping riffs and angsty lyrics, how was the writing process, and who put pen to paper with that one, or was it a joint effort?  

Slave Within the Change was an awesome song to record and personally my favourite off the EP. I remember working on it through a couple of rehearsals with Josh and Lachie a few years ago and laying down a rough foundation for what the song became. Lachie and Rhett wrote the lyrics for this one and then it came back to a rehearsal where we refined and made the song what it is now. 

STM: The EP launch and regional tour are kicking off in just a matter of days, you and the boys must be pumped to be out on the road and performing live gigs?  

It’s amazing. I don’t think we could explain how excited we are if we wanted to! Being back on a stage has been an absolute blessing and it’s going to be so awesome to go to places we haven’t played at yet and bring our music around Victoria.

STM: It’s hard to fit everything on your EP was it difficult to leave some of your original singles off? You have some pretty popular ones to choose from. 

I wouldn’t change anything about the EP. I think the way it plays from start to finish really sets in stone the experiences we went through and how we as a band felt over the last few years. For those of you wanting to get your hands on a physical copy of the EP, you may be surprised with a little extra something on the CD!

STM: Rumour has it that you have been behind a drum kit since you were two years old, is there any truth in that?  

That is completely true! Some say I was born with drumsticks in my hands.

STM: Fun question to close out, you are stuck on a desert island and have three bands on repeat, who are they?  

That’s a hard one, but for me, at the moment Ocean Grove would absolutely take the cake. Two others I would pick would be Warrant and Megadeth, although it’s really not an easy choice! 

All the best on the tour and with the new EP Define, I look forward to getting along to a few of your gigs and enjoying live music again. 

‘Define’ serves as a consolidation of character through recent rough times, pouring our heart and soul into our music, thus ‘Defining’ ourselves. – Among The Restless


Define Tracklist



Slave Within The Change


Growing Pains


Come celebrate with AMONG THE RESTLESS over the next few weeks as they take DEFINE on the road!

June 25th – The Toff in Town, Melbourne

July 1st – Macedon Railway Hotel, Macedon

July 2nd – Golden Vine Hotel, Bendigo

July 7th – On Top Bar, Ormond

July 8th – Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong

July 16th – Pelly Bar, Frankston

July 23rd – Brunswick Ballroom , Brunswick

Tickets on Sale NOW! 

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AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS Extend National Album Tour

Ahead of hitting the stage at Glastonbury Festival this weekend, homecoming heroes Amyl and The Sniffers extend their national Comfort To Me Tour to meet demand. Shows in Brisbane, Castlemaine, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne are now *sold out*, with a second date added at Melbourne's Forum on July 19 and a strictly under 18's show announced at Colour on August 14. Fans in Frankston can catch the band at Pier Bandroom on August 4. All tickets on sale now.

The Sniffers also welcome four piece hard rock & roll band Children of Finland Fighting in Norway (C.O.F.F.I.N) to the bill. Hailing from Sydney's Northern Beaches, C.O.F.F.I.N have gained a passionate following for their unique take on punk and rock music, gathering widespread acclaim for their energetic and addictive live shows combined with their lyrical activism and howling guitars. It's not the first time the bands have buddied up, with C.O.F.F.I.N having also joined Amyl and The Sniffers on their six-week US Tour that wrapped up last month. 

Amyl and The Sniffers return triumphant from sold-out shows across the USA, the UK and Europe in support of their critically-acclaimed sophomore effort Comfort To Me, which debuted at #2 on the ARIA Charts and hit the Top 25 album charts in the UK, Germany, Spain and the US. Following their 2019 ARIA Award win for Best Rock AlbumComfort To Me signalled a major gear shift for the Sniffers, where love and hate, spit and sweat, beer and politics collide in 45 propulsive and iconic minutes. 

By the time they head home to AUS, the band will have played prime time slots at Coachella, Primavera and Glastonbury, alongside high profile supports for Foo Fighters, Liam Gallagher and Green Day. Australian festival routing includes Splendour in the Grass (NSW), Blacken Festival (NT) and Winterwild (VIC).

with support C.O.F.F.I.N*

Friday 15 July | The Triffid, Brisbane* SOLD OUT
Tickets: moshtix.com.au/v2/event/amyl-the-sniffers-w-c-o-f-f-i-n-local-opener/140707
Saturday, 16 July | Miami Marketta, Gold Coast* 
Tickets: tickets.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/1d331f58-711e-430c-a4b4-c11c0511e2b4
Sunday, 17 July | The Theatre Royal, Castlemaine* SOLD OUT
Tickets: theatreroyalcastlemaine.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/e4c572aa-8bfd-4ff6-b262-3906a2cea17f
Tuesday, 19 July | The Forum, Melbourne* JUST ADDED
Tickets: premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=AMYLSNIF22

Sunday, 24 July | Splendour In The Grass, Yelgun
Tickets: splendourinthegrass.com
Friday, 29 July | Blacken Festival, Alice Springs
Tickets: blackenfestival.com
Saturday, 30 July | Uni Bar, Adelaide* SOLD OUT
Tickets: moshtix.com.au/v2/event/amyl-the-sniffers/140653 
Sunday, 31 July | The Forum, Melbourne* SOLD OUT
Tickets: premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=AMYLSNIF22
Thursday, 4 August | Pier Bandroom, Frankston* JUST ADDED
Tickets: bit.ly/3xWqbiq

Saturday, 6 August | The Charles, Perth* SOLD OUT
Tickets: tickets.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/1e31a33e-a624-4851-97cf-ad9979312bc7
Sunday, 7 August | Freo Social, Fremantle*
Tickets: moshtix.com.au/v2/event/amyl-and-the-sniffers/140431?skin=FREO
Thursday, 11 August | UOW UniBar, Wollongong*
Tickets: moshtix.com.au/v2/event/amyl-the-sniffers-wollongong-w-coffin-special-guests/140655
Friday, 12 August | Enmore Theatre, Sydney*
Tickets: premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=AMYLSNIF22
Saturday, 13 August | Winterwild Festival, Apollo Bay
Tickets: winterwild.com.au

Sunday, 14 August | Colour, Melbourne (U18's) JUST ADDED
Tickets: eventbrite.com.au/notavailable

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Grinspoons Phil Jamieson Announces New Album and National Tour

Having toured relentlessly for a decade with no new music in sight, 2022 is shining a spotlight on one of Australia’s most esteemed frontmen, with the legendary Grinspoon vocalist and guitarist Phil Jamieson today sharing his new single Lights On and accompanying music video directed by Arlo Cook (Bob Evans, Gretta Zilla). The third single off his impending first-ever solo full-length album Somebody Else, due out on Friday July 29 via Cheersquad Records & Tapes, Lights On is an affable aural gem that’ll certainly shake the crowds into a shimmering frenzy when Phil and his band hit the road this July and August.

With a horde of 2022 appearances onstage at various Aussie festivals helming Grinspoon, including Spring Loaded, Wallapalooza and, imminently, Splendour In The Grass, Phil’s upcoming solo album celebratory launch tour will see Phil, along with band mates Davey Lane on guitar, Sam Raines on drums and Rob Muiños on bass, kicking off at Gaol After Dark in New South Wales on July 2, followed by Eltham Hotel NSW, before traipsing to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Central Coast, Adelaide, Albury and closing out at The Big Bonanza in Coffs Harbour on November 4.

Tickets for all album launch shows are available now from https://linktr.ee/philjamieson.

 Boasting more hooks than a tackle box, Lights On launches with a crunchy spring in its step, with deep grooves, airy guitars and Phil’s creamy vocals ever-present throughout the tune. With Jackson McRae stepping in to bust out the driving beats on Lights On, Phil and co-producer Oscar Dawson, aka guitarist for Aussie indie rockers Holy Holy, deliver a dreamy and jangly delight that went through multiple variations before its final end result; and the single also may or may not be inspired by bank heists and memories, as Phil elaborates, It’s been a journey for Lights On, going through many iterations and arrangements and what not. It’s a fun song to move shoulders and hips to – and its release also means I’m closer to releasing the album! The track might be about a bank heist? At its core, it’s about always keeping your heart in place for the person that you love. But it’s also about memories that might have betrayed you in some ways, and maybe about stealing money and maybe about hiding it. Maybe it’s about a bank heist, Oceans 13, Oceans 8. And it also could be about saying: no matter what, I’m gonna kind of hang in there, I’m gonna be there. So sentimental!”

The themes behind Phil’s forthcoming album Somebody Else span time, space and the human experience, traversing everything from time travel to trouble, loneliness, desire, escapism and love. Starting to grow sonic legs a decade ago, Phil initially presented what would eventually become Somebody Else to his team in 2019. Phil explains, “Initially I presented something to my management the weekend before Bob Hawke died, I was working on a few projects and presented the album, to Wonderlick; and they said it was close but to keep working. So I went away with Oscar, Davey, Jordan, Ben and we polished it up, this was all pre-pandemic, back in 2019”.

A face and voice that would help shape and define the new wave of Australian alternative music back in the mid 90s, Phil’s tenure for over a quarter of a century fronting Lismore’s favourite sons Grinspoon, Phil’s distinctive lyrics and vocal stylings piloted the group’s instantaneous meteoric rise, with Grinspoon becoming the first act ‘Unearthed’ by triple j courtesy of their debut track Sickfest. Going on to command over one thousand live shows, 13 ARIA nominations, six consecutive Top 10 chart debuts and multi-platinum album sales, Grinspoon also continued to be triple j darlings over the years, with a whopping 17 tracks polling in multiple Hottest 100 countdowns, including the iconic anthem Chemical Heart which took out the #2 spot in 2002 as well as #63 in 2013’s Hottest 100 of All Time edition. An accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist, Phil’s live prowess hasn’t been strictly limited to a band setting, debuting his theatre chops in the 2017 Australian stage production of the Broadway musical American Idiot. Phil’s starring role in the Green Day-penned musical was extremely well received, as has been his more recent solo ventures, including the recently released singles Trouble and the title track from his impending debut solo album Somebody Else.

From his staggering impact on the Australian musical landscape to his continued work as a solo artist, performer and philanthropist extraordinare, merely labelling Phil a jack-of-all-trades would be entirely a disservice to this accomplished creative, who also shares an affinity for watching Judge Judy, coffee and “playing tennis badly”. But undeniably with Somebody Else, Phil yet again cements his rockstar status, with something for everybody on his maiden solo full-length album, and the album’s live tour celebrations will also feature everything you’d hope for, as Phil concludes, “Keep your expectations low and I will supercede them! I never go to concerts expecting much, I always find that if I go in with low expectations, I come away feeling relatively positive. I know it sounds a bit facetious to say, but you can guarantee that I will be there and also accompanied by a band, which is very exciting to really flesh out these songs. And of course, there will be Grinners songs played too, it would be rude not to. I might even throw in a Powderfinger, Jebediah or Spiderbait song too, just to even out my alt 90s cover set?!”

Lights On is out today.

Somebody Else will release on Friday July 29 via Cheersquad Records & Tapes, available to presave here.


with special guests The Pictures
Tickets from


Tickets available from: https://artsmidnorthcoast.com/events/gaol-after-dark-opening-night/ 
Tickets available from: https://moshtix.com.au/v2/event/phil-jamieson-and-band-w-special-guests-the-pictures/138336

Tickets available from https://tickets.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/22e449a8-cb91-47b3-88d4-04214fd0e729

Tickets available from https://tickets.solbar.com.au/outlet/event/4c5f3d6a-263a-44c2-9c7d-07d008ec0e69

Tickets available from https://tickets.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/26f68699-f674-4479-b19f-47d4c6d0982d
Tickets available from https://tickets.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/81eb0c08-3f44-49d4-9ca7-982db9d8da3c
Tickets available from https://moshtix.com.au/v2/event/phil-jamieson/141252
Tickets available from https://moshtix.com.au/v2/event/phil-jamieson-and-band/138066?skin=OAF

Tickets available from https://tickets.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/b2065c9f-83c0-424e-8059-4f5b137921e9
Tickets available from https://moshtix.com.au/v2/event/phil-jamieson-band/138072?skin=LAF20


Tickets available from https://www.eventopia.co/event/Phil-Jamieson-On-Tour/488674


Tickets available from https://bit.ly/TBBearlybird


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