Perth melodic metallers Icarus Lives just announced their brand new EP ‘Scorched Reprise’ due for release on April 22nd, 2022. Accompanying this exciting news, the group also unleashed their blistering new single ‘Secret Keeper’; an eruption of mesmerizing vocals, melodic leads, and crushing riffs in a high-impact dynamic package.

Representing a bold and assertive new direction, Icarus Lives is taking no prisoners with ‘Secret Keeper’. Showcasing a tantalizing blend of traditional metal and melodic rock elements, the band is unafraid to explore drama, angst, and vulnerability amongst the flurry of ferocious riffs, monstrous solos, catchy melodies, and a pummeling rhythm section.

‘Secret Keeper’ also unveils the group's new vocalist Aria Scarlett whose multi-octave vocals shine through the crushing heaviness like shards of explosive power; juxtaposed by Bassist Chris Aylings’ magnificent rapid-fire gutturals to create an emotive call and response dynamic. Exploring the stages of grief and the insidious isolation that comes with the territory, the group bares it all in hopes to connect with others who may feel the same hopelessness.

Vocalist Aria Scarlett speaks on the new single: “Lyrically and vocally, Secret Keeper exists somewhere in the nine stages of grief. Quickly traversing denial and anger before settling in guilt and bargaining. There is no neat conclusion because a fact of life unfortunately is that there so often isn't. We have to learn to live with unanswered questions.”

Following a successful release of the band's debut album 'Vantablack' (2017), singles 'Collision of Counterparts' (2019) and ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler (2021), Icarus Lives have performed alongside heavy metal royalty PAIN, toured Japan with The Agonist and Cellar Darling, and delivered their unique Melodic Metal flavor to hungry audiences on their Australian tour. With the addition of their electrifying new Frontwoman Aria Scarlett and a new EP on the horizon, Icarus Lives are ready to cement their name in the Heavy Music Realm.

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1. Secret Keeper
2. Linear
3. Decomposure