Tess recently had a chat with Matt from an upcoming duo GHOST ORCHID to talk about their new single FIRE LILY

First things first, can you tell us a little bit about the meaning behind the name GHOST ORCHID?

So, the debut album is 10 tracks, each of them named after the 10 rarest plants and flowers on the planets (a little audio bouquet) ... & one of those flowers happens to be called a 'Ghost Orchid'.. which we thought was just stood out, loving the imagery and ideas it evokes. Like a haunted little bloom :)

Tell me a little bit about how you first got into making and performing music.

Well, I think it's a similar story to most musicians - growing up with music in the house like Bowie, the Beatles, Prince, etc - it kinda does something to your soul. And once you get that first taste of performance and a reaction to something you've pulled from thin air. It's pretty special. Got to get as much of that feeling as we can :)

Was there a specific moment or person that made you realize that music is what you wanted to pursue professionally? 

The first time I saw the Beatles anthology as a kid, seeing 4 scruffy-haired lads screaming 'Twist and Shout' to their legions of adoring fans.... that was what started the journey for me.  Phase 2: Get Guitar. Phase 3: Get scruffy hair. Phase 4: Still to come.

I’m always genuinely curious about what artists want to convey with their music. If you had to describe it without using genre names, how would you describe it?

For us, the visceral and tangible experience of being able to put on a record, explore the artwork on the sleeve, get lost in the poetry of the lyrics is something we wanted to expand on. We wanted to use a blend of Nathan Mossop's beautifully played acoustic guitar instrumentation and combine that with some sixties-inspired melodies and harmonies. We wanted to use every element of the music, the song titles and lyrics, along with the artwork itself to create a concept record where the listener is transported into the Ghost Orchid experience. A garden of art. 

Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

Any artist in any medium that pushes boundaries, and is consciously making the effort to evolve and never stay in the same place.  David Bowie is a personal favourite of mine, an artist that crossed genres, boundaries and as soon as you thought you knew what to expect.... you'd get a Goblin King sized curveball thrown your way. 

What's the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you? 

Write the music that you want to hear.  Trust in your own talents and recognize the value of collaboration. It can lift you to places your stumpy little arms could never dream of reaching. 

Let’s talk about your new single, Fire Lily. First off, congratulations, can you give us the story behind this song?

Fire Lily is a song about having a strong resolve. It was written with a good friend specifically in mind whose spirits needed raising after a bit of a rough patch with the ol' heart. The song is designed to encourage them to re-light the fire in their belly before it went out.

I always love hearing about the song writing process so I was wondering if you could give me a glimpse into what it was like specifically for ‘Fire Lily’.

Our process is actually incredibly unique. My incredible guitarist Nathan typically has instrumental acoustic pieces he's been working on or had in his back pocket for a long time. He will bring these ideas over to my little studio setup, we will record his guitar, and he then trusts me implicitly to turn the instrumentals into fully formed songs. I will send over the finished song to see what he thinks and I am proud to say that we have a 100% strike rate! It's a great way to write because it adds pressure that brings the best out of me. The music Nathan comes up with is genuinely remarkable on its own, so it is my job to compliment/elevate them where I can. I certainly doesn't wanna mess them up, that's for sure :)

Were there any major changes made to “Fire Lily” once you got into the recording studio, whether it be in the lyrics or something sonically?

We have a brilliant producer in Jaron Jay who then takes what we do and brings it up another level again in his studio, where we refine the parts, add instruments (Jaron has played some great organ parts in Fire Lily). So each of our tunes goes through 3 phases, each step pivotal too.

A little birdy told us your debut self-titled album is due out in May! Can you give us a little hint as to what to expect?

We have an LP coming out in May, starting with a limited release of 150 yummy see-through pink vinyl. I can reveal the record starts with a tasty little introduction that truly sets the scene... walking through a forest, expect from the moment you hit play, to be transported into the Ghost Orchid garden. ;)

What are some music industry-related goals or benchmarks that you’re aiming to reach in your career the next couple of years?

Getting on some great lineups, playing some festivals now that the music scene here on Earth is starting to bloom again & then starting on our follow-up album.... and grow.

Describe your favorite and least favorite part about being a musician/s

My favorite part about being a musician, is easily, that feeling you get when you create something from nothing. Sitting in a room with your best mates, and filling it with incredible music you're creating.... there is nothing quite like it. The worst part... is when someone stuffs it up by playing a bung note. ;)

Thanks for chatting with us. We will look forward to seeing you on the road soon. 

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