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[Review] Chase Atlantic @ Festival Hall, Melbourne 8/12/2022

When the LA based Chase Atlantic announced they were heading homebound to Australia for their Cold Nights tour I couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement. I knew I had to be there in Melbourne to capture in person, their unique style of blurring the boundaries of genres. As I made my way to the upgraded venue of Festival Hall, the fans were already flocking in to get the best vantage point, so I joined the stream of people and got ready to immerse myself for the next few hours.

Opening tonight’s show was Queensland’s own Xavier Mayne. If you like The Weeknd then it’s pretty safe to say you might dig what Xavier is throwing down. He is definitely one to watch with his high energy performance jumping around all over the stage entertaining the crowd while being supported by drums and guitar. Long time Chase Atlantic fans may recognise Xavier from another project of his, The Young Art, who opened for Chase Atlantic back in 2016 on their Paradise tour.

Up next, Matthew Victor Kopp, who performs as Running Touch, was a clear favourite of the crowd when he hit the stage. For the fans who knew him as one of the founding members of Melbourne’s own OCEAN GROVE it seemed an extra treat to see him perform as part of his solo project. Starting his set atop a ladder, Matt alternated between various instruments and his microphone during the performance, much to the delight of the crowd, all while being accompanied by a drummer. His musical talent was evident and in full force, with the entire set being marked by his enthusiasm and unusual performance style.

As an intro video flashed on stage, the fully packed venue erupted into screams, the visuals on the screens continued: asteroids circling a smouldering planet, falling leaves and swirling heads.  Everyone could feel the rumble of the bass under foot as the headliner’s show began to unfold; one of the best feelings in the world. I didn’t think it was possible, but the enthusiastic crowd kicked it up a notch as Jesse walked out onto the stage. A fantastic way to begin the show, complete with fire bursting from various parts of the stage to warm up the crowd.

Starting off the night with the title track Beauty In Death from their 3rd studio album released in March last year. They immediately took charge of the crowd at the upgraded venue of Festival Hall. Lead vocalist Mitchel Cave was all over the stage in every position imaginable while maintaining his vocals with the passion the punters were there to see. Security was kept on their toes most of the evening handing out waters and pulling young ladies from the barriers that were a little overcome with the heat and excitement of seeing Chase Atlantic.

Jumping seamlessly from Too Late into Drugs and Money as if on cue, the crowd were almost as loud as the boys, singing every word of every line from their self-titled studio album, released back in 2017. There is no denying Chase Atlantic’s stage presence. Their limitless energy is infectious and makes you feel youthful.  Syncing perfectly with each other, the chemistry between them is flawless, and their smiles and banter on stage show that they are doing exactly what they love.

As each song bled into the next, including Cold Nights, Like A Rockstar & Slow Down, the audience were seen dancing, jumping and having an amazing time. It was impossible to find a single person who was standing still, and the mood in the air never dropped. In fact, as we galloped towards the end of the show, the crowd only grew louder, if that was even possible.

Although the show was over, you could still feel the overwhelming emotion oozing from the crowd as they left the venue, having just experienced a full-on, high energy Chase Atlantic show. This is one show you do not want to miss so if you are sitting on the fence, jump the hell off and buy the damn ticket!

You Can Can Still Catch Them 


For complete tour and ticket information, visit: livenation.com.au or livenation.co.nz

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[Review] Nashville Pussy @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne 8/12/2022

The following content may be inappropriate for minors and people with a stick up their arse. Warning: high level tongue in cheek sexual innuendo.

What the hell did you expect?

Nashville Pussy was in town and I was there to lap it all up. So screw the foreplay and let’s muff-dive on in.

The Black Tides are the dynamic duo of Adam OConnor aka Red & Annette Sa. They have a sound that can be best described as, if Motörhead fucked the White Stripes and gave birth to a four-armed baby. Despite them being a two-piece band consisting of Red on Bass and Vocals and Annette on Drums and backing vocals, they had an incredibly full sound. A large part of this can be credited to Red’s intelligent use of effects and writing riffs and licks that covered the full sonic spectrum usually only heard from a larger band. The brilliant chemistry between the two members also contributed towards their show stopping performance, combined with playful tongue in cheek banter within the band and with audiences. A quote from Red: “Annette’s applause was bigger, like her genitals.” In my opinion poetically sums up the attitude and fun of seeing them live.

Their set even included a Punk Rock cover of Royals by Lorde – a song that I had previously paid no attention to, but now enjoyed it in its new incarnation.

Love, love, love this band and look forward to seeing them again.

Mammoth Mammoth entered the stage with all the intensity and charisma of pro-wrestling. Frontman Mikey Tucker spewed water from his mouth across the stage like an angry geyser whilst drummer, Frank ‘Bones’ Trobbiani was like a force of nature, pummeling and dominating his drum kit. Mammoth Mammoth have a presence that don’t merely request that you pay heed, but instead put you in a headlock and demand your attention. As a frontman, Mikey Tucker certainly has an assertive and compelling aura that surrounds him, whether he’s striding amidst the crowd or laying on the stage as guitarist, Ben ‘Cuz’ Couzens rests a leg on him while shredding out a solo.

Despite their hawkish demeanor, Mammoth Mammoth are a bunch of guys who love what they do and have a hell of a time doing it.

Closing the set with a song about Paul Stanley’s Penis (Love Gun by KISS) was the perfect cherry on the top of this whiskey-drenched cake of a set.

Self described as “Bigger than Jesus, louder than hell.” I’m most certainly inclined to agree.

To be hailed as “America’s last great Rock and Roll band” by the legendary Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, is incredibly high praise to live up to – and Nashville Pussy did not disappoint.

If Nashville Pussy were a meal, they would be Nashville hot chicken. Riffs that had a southern fried crunch, bathed in a voice like the finest hot sauce. Yes, it burns but god damn it tastes so good you keep coming back for more.

Ruyter Suys (pronounced “Rider Sighs”) guitarist of the band absolutely blew me away. She had the wild abandon and tenacity of players like Rory Gallagher and Angus Young, tearing into the fretboard as they opened the set with Struttin’ Cock.

Frontman Blaine Cartwright, sang with the ferocity of a crazed preacher man. Maintaining the intensity throughout their monstrous 17-song set which included songs like, She Keeps Me Coming and I Keep Going Back, Pillbilly Blues, Till the Meat Falls Off the Bone and the very educational, Pussy’s Not a Dirty Word.

Backed by Bonnie Buitrago on Bass and Ben Thomas on Drums, they performed like Energizer bunnies on speed.

Often as bands get older they exhibit signs that age is catching up with them but this could not be further from the truth with Nashville Pussy. They have not only beaten the hands of time, but it appears that they have straight out broken them and have lost none of their mojo.

For an encore, Blaine Cartwright gave us invaluable advice: “Don’t listen to all the people telling you what you should believe, the only thing you need to know, is that everyone just has to Keep on Fucking.

As the band hit the last chords in their epic finale, Ruyter Suys baptized the front row in beer, then proceeded to play her guitar with the empty can and in a jaw-dropping display of pure Rock n’ Roll, she literally ripped the strings right off her guitar!

Nashville Pussy are a band that must be experienced live, and I for one, cannot wait to see them again.

Stadium shows are spectacular but the underground club gigs and bands with a cult following, hold an extra special place in my heart.

All the bands tonight clearly displayed the influence and inspiration that the mighty Motörhead has gifted to the world of Rock n’ Roll. If Lemmy could have seen this show I’m pretty sure he’d raise a glass of Jack and Coke in approval.

You can still catch them at the following shows

Sat 10th Dec – Wollongong – La La La’s

Mon 12th Dec – Sydney – Crowbar

Limited VIP Meet & greet packages available.

 GET YOUR TICKETS HERE >> https://hardlinemedia.net/nashville-pussy

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