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An Exclusive Evening with TLC @ Palais Theatre, Melbourne 8/11/2022

Melbourne had delivered a stunning day as I made my way around the bay and into my beloved Palais Theatre. The picturesque sunset was breath-taking and it made you feel good to be alive. It has been a long time and yet I felt like I was being welcomed back by an old friend as I entered the iconic theatre.  There was a buzz back around live music, and it was so exciting to be part of it again.

The wait has been long, but TLC have made it back to our shores and we are absolutely ecstatic to get a dose of hip-hop and R & B with the one of the most influential female artists of all time. You could feel the crackle of electricity as the fans took their seats and hum across the venue was alive. It is such a testament to how badly we have missed this and how delighted everyone is to get back to life again. With over 65 million albums sold worldwide it is suffice to say that the diehards have flocked out for this standalone show after the Fridayz Live juggernaut has been rolling across the country.

Melbourne hip hop artist KYE opened the nights proceedings after a short DJ set from DJ TJ, KYE warmed up the crowd with vigour and had peeps bobbing in their seats within minutes. It was terrific to see the hometown support and KYE lapped it up, still quite stunned to be opening for her idols. Her last two songs saw the arrival of six dancers join her onstage, the crowd loved the new addition and it lifted her set to a new level.  With only a 30 mins slot, time flew by but it was filled with some very cool tunes and killer moves which I really enjoyed, KYE was engaging and worked the stage like a professional, definitely one to check out.

After a brief interval the hum had doubled and the fans were champing at the bit to get their share of TLC. As the DJ worked the tables and the band took their place the screams were ear piercing, and the theatre erupted as T-Boz and Chilli appeared to hands in the air and exciting gasps from every corner. Not a person was left seated as TLC opening with Ain’t To Proud To Beg to whoops of joy, the girls strutted their stuff and boy can they still strut! The stage was a flurry of dancers and lights and a huge screen added to the atmosphere reeling pictures and dazzling displays throughout the show. While TLC are still going strong after 30 years the girls do not seem to have aged a day, still looking young and fresh and cutting the moves with the best of them. Baby-Baby-Baby was a fan favourite, the crowd raising their voices to sing along. There was no time for breaks as the songs flowed on swiftly with some mind-blowing dancing in between filling the gaps while the girls caught their breath.

Creep had everyone up and about and Unpretty was glorious with a stunning montage of butterflies and the like on the big screen. A song that resonates strongly with the judgement being weighed on people constantly. I think we all need to remember to love yourself for who you are and not what people expect you to look like! The stage glistened red as Red Light Special rang out. Then T-Boz took to the decks for a quick spin while Chilli wowed us with her dance moves, jumping in with the four sensational dancers who did not stop the whole night. Their energy was infectious, and their faces glowed with enjoyment, a true sign of a unified group.  

No Scrubs needed no introduction, but Chilli took the time to tell the younger members of the audience to by-pass the boys that are ‘hanging out the passenger side of their best friend’s ride’, and to dream big. It was refreshing words and hopefully ones that are taken under advisement. The crowd was electric and they enjoyed every word, hands in the air swaying from side to side as Waterfalls rang out, a beautiful song and the perfect closer for the night. The water washed from the on-stage screens and the theatre was alive with love singing every word from heart. Our DJ for the night roused the crowd for applause for each member which included the much loved and forever missed Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez. A fitting way to end the night, and the smiles on the faces of the departing fans showed just how much they needed a little TLC in their life.  It was a night filled with nostalgic brilliance and I urge anyone who can get along to the rest of the tour to not delay. You will relive your youth and forget your worries for just a few hours, and you will love every minute.

You're last chance to catch them is this Saturday in Sydney at Fridayz Live

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[Gallery] Victoria Kirby @ The Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar, Melbourne 09/05/2021

What better way to spend your Mother’s Day than getting along to The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar for an afternoon of live music.  With the bustle of the iconic Victoria Market just across the road it is a busy part of Melbourne and an even better place to park your butt and take in some tunes. There was plenty on offer and Victoria Kirby brought along a few friends to entertain the crowd that turned out. 

Alien was their first song of the day, which started with whoops of delight from the lively audience.  Victoria had a very sunny disposition radiating a warm vibe across the set as she sang Salty and Angry Girl. Guitar duties fell on Kodey Pfieffer who played up a storm accompanying Victoria who also happily strummed away as she sang. Clearly loving every minute, Kynan Arden found his groove on the bass and made certain that his tone down low was the perfect accompaniment to the songs. 

Nelson Otten was behind the kit and kept the band running like clockwork, as they played Red Flags, Wandering and Dinosaur. The soulful tunes and Victoria’s lovely voice had everyone vibing, with heads nodding and punters swaying in their seats. A beautiful way to see out a Sunday afternoon, taking in some live music and sharing a drink or two. It was about now that guest vocalist Genevieve Henninger joined the band for a stripped back cover of The Police megahit Roxanne.  The additional vocals added another level to the song, and I loved their take on this rock classic.  

Finishing out the set with Hearsay the bar was full of smiles as everyone enjoyed all that was on offer from these fine young musicians, a terrific afternoon of laid-back tunes that kept the feel good vibes flowing nearly as quick as the beer! If you are out and about and see Victoria Kirby and her crew please take the time to check them out, I am sure you will be very pleasantly surprised.  

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