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Dropkick Murphys Announce First Australian Headline Tour In Over A Decade With Alkaline Trio.

Attention Australian punk rockers! We have a huge announcement for you. Two of the most influential and enduring American punk rock bands are heading down under together this November. Boston’s rock ‘n’ roll underdogs turned champions DROPKICK MURPHYS announce their first Australian headline tour in over a decade with Chicago’s rock canons ALKALINE TRIO.

The tour will kick off at AEC Theatre in Adelaide on Friday 15 November before it makes it way to The Forum in Melbourne, Sydney’s Roundhouse before closing their Australian run at Fortitude Music Hall in Brisbane on Friday 22 November.

This marks DROPKICK MURPHYS’ return to Australia since last appearing at Good Things Festival in 2018 and ALKALINE TRIO‘s first Australian shows in 10 years!

Since 1996, DROPKICK MURPHYS have created the kind of music that’s meant to be chanted at last call, in packed arenas, and during the fourth quarter, third period, or ninth inning of a comeback rally. Their celebrated discography includes four consecutive Billboard top 10 album debuts (Turn Up That Dial, 11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory, Signed and Sealed in Blood, Going Out In Style), along with 2005’s Certified-Gold album The Warrior’s Code featuring the double platinum classic I’m Shipping Up To Boston. DROPKICK MURPHYS’ music has generated half-a-billion streams, they’ve quietly moved 8 million-plus units worldwide and the band has sold out gigs on multiple continents.

In more than 25 years together, ALKALINE TRIO have delivered urgent punk blasts with a dark, driving edge that helped them remain commercially viable without sacrificing their raucous spirit and created their own little universe in their songs with a few short steps away from armageddon. Their music has been a reliable black mirror of reality. Slowly ascending through the Warped Tour ranks into the early 2000s, they reached the Billboard Top 20 with 2003’s mainstream breakthrough Good Mourning. They hit a peak with their seventh set This Addiction, which topped the US rock, alternative, and indie charts in 2010.

They kicked off the year with the release of their monumental tenth album, Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs. It’s been five years since the beloved punk stalwarts have released an album and to commemorate hitting the big ten milestone, they went back to basics stripping their sound down to the bare essentials of the sonic identity that endeared them to a generation of punk fans. They enlisted Grammy-winning producer Cameron Webb and spent several weeks holed up at Studio 606 in Northridge, California, the private recording space owned by Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters. With more than two decades and ten records under their belts, ALKALINE TRIO’s legacy in the rock canon, as well as their influence on their genre, is undeniable.

2024 will undeniably declare punk rock is not dead – be sure to see DROPKICK MURPHYS and ALKALINE TRIO this Novemberwhen they bring their explosive, high energy live shows down under. Tickets won’t last long.

Early bird pre-sale tickets on sale: Tuesday 2 July @ 9am local time

To Gain Early Ticket Access Register Here -> https://daltours.cc/DKM2024

General tickets on sale: Thursday 4 July @ 9am local time
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General tickets on sale: Thursday 4 July @ 9am local time
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HANABIE. Announce Debut Australian Headline Tour This November

Tokyo-based all-girl rockers HANABIE. are proud to announce their debut headline Australian tour in 2024, with the quartet set to stupefy down under this November.

Following their incredible appearances in Australia late last year as part of Good Things Festival, HANABIE. will return this year wielding their Harajuku-core prowess, headlining stages in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

With their kaleidoscopic fusion of upbeat metalcore, EDM, nu metal, hyper-pop and hardcore, HANABIE. are renowned for contrasting their heavy tones with Harajuku aesthetics, injecting a fresh and extremely fun breath of fresh air into the heavy scene. Forming in high school, the quartet rose to fame via their single Pardon Me, I Have To Go Now, with the accompanying video now in command of over 7 million views on YouTube, and 5 million views and counting on TikTok.

Solidifying their current lineup in 2023, HANABIE. unleashed their most recent album Reborn Superstar! that same year, snagging international acclaim for their innovative take on modern metalcore as well as taking out #24 on the Billboard Japan weekly album charts. Channeling a sparkly disposition along with synths and plenty of heavy moments, Reborn Superstar! joined the group’s debut album, 2021’s Girl’s Reform Manifest, in cementing HANABIE. as bonafide global sensations.

Brandishing a live show as colourful as their sonic output, HANABIE. bring a charming ferocity to every performance, whether touring alongside Limp Bizkit and Galactic Empire, or at high-profile festivals including Aftershock, Louder Than Life Festival and Blue Ridge Rock Fest. And with appearances locked in at Lollapalooza and Mayhem Festival, as well as a North America tour alongside Jinjer later this year, HANABIE. will close out 2024 in sensational fashion with their headline Australian run.

For a guaranteed night of electrifying fun, definitely don’t miss HANABIE.‘s first ever headline shows down under this November.

Early bird pre-sale tickets on sale: Wednesday 26 June @ 9am AEST time

To Gain Early Ticket Access Register Here -> https://daltours.cc/HAN2024

General tickets on sale: Friday 28 June @ 9am local time
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General tickets on sale: Friday 28 June @ 9am local time
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Cancer Bats @ Stay Gold, Melbourne 19/06/2024

It’s a cold night in Melbourne, there is a chill in the air, but that is soon to disappear because tonight Cancer Bats are heating things up at Stay Gold, a relatively small venue, which means things will be up close and personal, hot and sweaty, chaotic… fun!

I love a good underground punk/hardcore gig, no bands hiding, everyone interacting, everyone setting up, how often are you seeing the headlining bands out and hanging at the merch desk just chatting away and watching the openers? How often are you seeing that international headliner setting up and sound checking their own gear? Straight off the bat tonight had a great feeling to it, just from these simple sightings.

Starting off with a “Thanks for coming out early, we have an anxious start cause of a gear muck up before the show, but the guitarist got back in here in 20mins!” Melbourne’s opening band Sidesplitter said they started with angst, but you can’t tell there aren’t any nerves at all with their tight, upbeat punked outset. Stay Gold starts off slow, but luckily in a venue like this it doesn’t take many people to make it look full. These guys smash through their set, which only goes for about 20 – 25 mins but it’s completely stacked full of songs, I guess that’s the perks of being a punk band. Sidesplitter pack plenty of melody and killer riffs played by one hell of a guitarist, most riffs and I’m talking like 95% of them were played all down picking, now any guitarist having a read of this will and should be impressed, especially for single note up-tempo punk riffs!  That’s a fair effort by any standard! They have great stage banter, ending their set with a bit of a laugh with a crowd member with the last line of conversation being “The sound guy said one, maybe he doesn’t like us Gaz, I don’t know”. These guys were a great opener for tonight and would go out of my way to see them play again.

Threats, straight outta Frankston. These guys looked and sounded exactly as the name suggests, threatening. Their brand of hardcore was a hell of lot rougher around the edges than Sidesplitter before them, straight from the streets. These guys had a mid-2000’s two step sound to them and they played it well, even covering an old 50 Lions track, that’s a name I haven’t heard of in a very long time! They kept the energy of the room high and getting people to come up closer to the stage with each song. They utilized their full band well, bringing out tons of gang vocals and guitar riff trade-offs, it had a great effect! Yet again, 25 – 30 min set but goddamn! These guys jammed a lot of tightly played chugging two stepping in. This was their singers first show with them and he put in 110% effort! He nailed it! If you’re into that style of Aussie hardcore, go and check them out!

Next up was Sydney’s Fangz, I didn’t know what to think when they were setting up, each band has looked and played different so far, the only thing I did know was that these guys had to bring the same energy that the 2 bands before them had. Queue the intro music, which sounded like some 80’s style rock riff and the band walk on stage in black overalls waving and the singers wearing this hot pink bucket hat, yeah ok, I think we are gonna be fine here. Fangz absolutely smashed their set! They had the energy, they had the banter, their frontman was part Canadian, it was probably criteria for getting main support, they had it all! Straight off the bat, the frontman had the crowd charmed, he scored some sunnies off a punter and was sporting those whilst jumping straight into the pit and joining the mosh. Fangz had the banter to match their energy, they were funny, witty and entertaining as hell. The singer sounded a little like a Wednesday 13 kind of style at times and the music was catchy riff after catchy riff, it was melodic, they kept the gang vocals going, their drummer was unreal, such a good snare sound, it would cut straight thru the mix every time. They had all the right things in all the right places.

All the supports tonight were exactly what was needed for tonight, all energy, all 0 – 10 attitude and all about having a good time.

As I said at the start of the review, how often do you see an international headlining act out and about? Especially doing their own set up and sound check? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it, or doing it during a show? Like a support band? Like the rest of us!? It’s mad! It’s incredibly humble to see, that’s what it is! Cancer Bats are there on stage setting up their gear, they shake a few hands along the way of people up the front then they go to the side for their pre-show huddle and chuck on Metallica’s Whom the Bell Tolls, what a killer track! They stand there, headbang, sing, stretch and get ready to come out.

Cancer Bats kick straight into Gatekeeper and the entire venue erupts, all the energy built up from the last 3 bands just explodes into a mass of bodies jumping and moshing. I was standing at the side of the venue, with a great view of the stage and of the crowd and I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire gig, it was an incredible sight! Somehow the drummer has the sunnies from the Fangz singer and he is grinning ear to ear while smashing the kit, 1 minute into their set and they are already having a blast. Liam gives the safety speech and then looks to the camera guys to the side of stage “I’m sorry, I was meant to catch up with you guys before the show, we won’t be having professional shoots tonight, just phone footage with terrible voiceovers please. Everyone have fun. I WANT CHAOS!” Then they kick into Lucifer’s Rocking Chair, well he got what he asked for, it was chaos! I have been waiting to see these guys play for some time now and they did not disappoint! They were tight, they were all energy and they were down to earth. Liam stopped for a chat and said that they have been coming to Australia for 17 years now and that they had Deez Nuts support way back when, he then thanked the supports but not only just saying thank you “Insert Band Name” like every usual headline act on these shows, he brought up things that they did and said during their sets, showing that he actually watched and took notice! That to me says a lot! I would be so stoked to support a band where they actually watched your set. They smash out some killer tracks throughout the night, Radiate, Lonely Bong and Trust No One, to name a couple. We get to Bricks and Mortar, and not that the energy was lacking at any point, it steps up another notch, people know what’s coming up next, Cancer Bats killer cover of Sabotage, it’s absolutely unreal! Getting to hear this live the crowd goes nuts, and the singer from Sidesplitter jumps up on stage and screams along with them, how he must have been feeling to get up and do that! And then I finally get to hear their set closer, Hail Destroyer! My night was complete, screaming this along with them and everyone else in the venue! What a time! Ever since first coming across that album, I have been hanging to catch these guys live!

If you get a chance to catch them, go do it, you will not regret that choice. If you haven’t listened to their music yet, go and have a listen, it is heavy, groovy, it’s catchy as hell and just wait till you get to see them live!

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[Review] Cancer Bats @ Crowbar, Sydney 16/06/2024

Last night, Cancer Bats tore up Crowbar Sydney with their epic Bat Sabbath set, blasting Black Sabbath covers that had the whole place partying. They didn’t stop there, they kept the vibe alive with a DJ set afterward, keeping everyone hyped. Tonight, they’re back to deliver their original Cancer Bats tunes, promising another night of hardcore mayhem. Kicking off the evening are local legends Irken Armada, Bare Bones, and FANGZ.

The air outside may be crisp, but Irken Armada didn’t take long to heat things up inside, setting the stage with their hungry energy, this reviewer will be checking much more of their material thanks to tonight’s show. Following them, Bare Bones, a band with twelve years under their belt, brought their homegrown metalcore to life. Their set, filled with metal riffs and a tight-knit camaraderie, had the crowd buzzing, even catching the attention of Liam from Cancer Bats who was seen headbanging at the sound booth. So far the calibre of supports is seriously impressive.

As FANGZ took the stage in matching dungarees, the rooms energy stepped up a notch. Tracks like Self Medicate and chants of “F*ck What You Say” had the crowd singing along, and the band’s infectious enthusiasm made it feel like a wild Friday night. Bass player Jameel chugged on the Cancer Bats cold brew coffee, (available at all shows in collaboration with Aussie brewsters, Bellmott). All four members on stage joining in on backup vocals added to the unified sound as they were all smiles throughout their set.

With the stage bathed in red lighting and Metallica’s for Whom The Bell Tolls seeping through the speakers, Cancer Bats stormed in, opening with Gatekeeper, and wasting no time jumping into fan favourites like Trust No One and Lonely Bong, the latter featuring a guest appearance by Drew Gardner from local madmen Totally Unicorn. The setlist was a relentless barrage of hits, with Pneumonia Hawk, and The Hoof, Lucifer’s Rocking Chair, which was no doubt a crowd favourite. Each of the four band members never standing still all had their own personality, the energy on stage was contagious! Liam took a moment to thank the crowd and the venue for the last two nights, reminiscing about their 17 years of touring Australia. He mentioned that the last time they played here five years ago, they were joined by the same supporting acts, Bare Bones and FANGZ, making this reunion feel even more special.

Midway through the set, the crowd was treated to the anthemic R.A.T.S followed by the killer riffs of Hammering On, touching on the doom/stoner/sludge style of Cancer Bats. The intensity never wavered as the band launched into Harem of Scorpions and Sorceress, each track delivered with more energy and gusto than the last. True Zero’s powerful lyrics “May I remind myself who I really am” resonated deeply as Liam pointed and sung along with many members of the crowd.

As the night drew to a close, the batty Canadians didn’t let up. They tore through the heavy bass intro of Winterpeg, masterfully led by master of the low end, bassist Jaye Schwarzer, followed by Bricks & Mortar, and an intense cover of the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage before closing with the fan-favorite Hail Destroyer. I was devastated when their sound was cut at Download Festival UK last year during Hail Destroyer, now my thirst finally quenched.

Cancer Bats left the stage, leaving the crowd sweaty, exhilarated, and eagerly anticipating their next visit already. Drummer Mike Peters jumped down to the barrier to shake hands and exchange sweaty hugs to top off an already amazing night. Tonight’s show was a testament to the band’s enduring appeal and their ability to deliver an energetic, unforgettable live show.
The tour stops into Canberra, then Melbourne for two shows, before wrapping up on Adelaide on June 21st. Do not miss this tour!

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Lorna Shore Announce 2025 Australian Tour With Special Guests Bodysnatcher + To The Grave

Australia, the wait is officially over; today, deathcore icons LORNA SHORE announce their first ever Australian tour in 2025, set to be joined by special guests BODYSNATCHER and TO THE GRAVE.

Good things happen to those who wait or that Patience is a virtue but enough overused cliches to acknowledge it’s been long overdue that we finally tour the land down under. With all that being said we are excited to announce we are finally touring Australia. We hope to see all of you there. – Adam De Micco, Lorna Shore

Launching proceedings and bringing the deathcore love to Fremantle on February 14 next year, the tour will also hit Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, before finishing on February 22 in Brisbane.

A band truly like no other, LORNA SHORE have survived and thrived against insurmountable odds over the years. Hailing from New Jersey, the group forged their present lineup and sound in 2020 against the backdrop of a pandemic, a singer change, and cancelled tours. Emerging with staggering new vigour via their 2021 EP …And I Return To Nothingness and their 2022 full length album Pain Remains, the LORNA SHORE rebirth rose like a guttural phoenix in a blazing display of raw emotion, technical prowess, and unforgettable twists and turns that garnered chart and critical success on a global scale.

Solidified with the insatiable vocal stylings of Will Ramosjoining the fold, debuting officially on …And I Return To Nothingness, LORNA SHORE have since catapulted onto the cover of Britain’s Rock Sound, supported Australian metalcore juggernauts Parkway Drive, snagged viral status on TikTok, generated millions of streams, and ticked off a sold out UK headline run, with their live energy also hammering home the group’s boundless stranglehold on the realms of modern and innovative extreme metal.

Finally set to tick off their first ever Australian tour in 2025, LORNA SHORE will arrive armed with their towering riffs, complex arrangements and visceral bombasity; come and venture To the Hellfire in 2025.

Forming in Melbourne, Florida, BODYSNATCHER deal in all things dark, furious and sonically threatening. Proudly and loudly putting the “core” back in deathcore, BODYSNATCHER have graced stages supporting the likes of Chelsea Grin and Slaughter To Prevail, with the band also in command of multiple albums and EPs, including 2017’s Death of Me, 2020’s This Heavy Void and 2022’s Bleed-Abide.

Australia’s TO THE GRAVE have emerged as “one of Australia’s heaviest exports” (Revolver), with the militant vegan deathcore crew ticking off sold out national headline runs in 2022 and 2023, as well as support slots alongside Cattle Decapitation, Thy Art Is Murder and Carnifex. A band anchored by ambition and conscience, TO THE GRAVE recently released their gripping new album Director’s Cuts in 2023.

Early bird pre-sale tickets on sale: Thursday 13 June @ 10am AEST time

To Gain Early Ticket Access Register Here -> https://bit.ly/25LRSsignup

General tickets on sale: Friday 14 June @ 10am local time
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General tickets on sale: Friday 14 June @ 10am local time
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Disentomb is the epitome of Australian brutal death metal. Hailing from Brisbane since 2009, the four piece first truly claimed their throne in 2004 with the second of their three full-length albums, the breakout underground sensation ‘Misery’. Having joined such icons of extremity as Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, Thy Art Is Murder and many more on stages all across the world, Disentomb steadily became a formidable force in their own right. 2024 has seen the band bludgeon their way back into the forefront with a highly successful co-headline Australian tour alongside Sanguisugabogg and a forthcoming new EP release ‘Nothing Above’ through Unique Leader Records. Joining them on this celebration of both their most iconic and newest works will be old school New York slamming death metal kings Internal Bleeding on their first ever visit down under since forming in 1991. Providing maximum carnage in the support slots will be the return of Hellsworth’s heaviest Honest Crooks and Melbourne brutalists Deliquesce on all dates, with the metallic hardcore bands Threshold, Trenchknife, and Crave Death kicking things off in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane respectively.


Friday October 18 – Stay Gold, Melbourne

Saturday October 19 – Crowbar, Sydney

Sunday October 20 – The Brightside, Brisbane


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Make Them Suffer Announce Suffer Forever Australian Tour With Special Guests Bury Tomorrow (UK), Spite (USA) + Bloom

After captivating audiences supporting Bring Me The Horizon and Sleep Token in sold out arenas across Australia in April, Perth metalcore outfit MAKE THEM SUFFER are set to wow audiences on home soil once again in 2024 with their highly anticipated Suffer Forever Australian headline tour this coming August and September, joined by friends BURY TOMORROW (UK), SPITE (USA) & BLOOM.

Opening proceedings on Friday 30 August in Brisbane, MAKE THEM SUFFER will bring their ferocious live performance to Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, before closing out in Fremantle on Saturday 7 September.

Following our European festival circuit, an amazing North American tour and of a life changing Australian tour in support of Bring Me The Horizon, we’ve been aching to follow up all these incredible opportunities with a headliner of our own. We can’t wait to bring our live show back home for all fans, new and old, and we can’t wait to take things to the next level. – Sean Harmanis, Make Them Suffer

Roaring back to life after the pandemic years, MAKE THEM SUFFER emerged in 2022 with their behemoth single Doomswitch, followed by a sold out North American run supporting Bad Omens, as well as their own completely sold out headline tour in Australia in support of the track.

Following on with new material in 2023, MAKE THEM SUFFER unleashed the vibrant and voracious track Ghost Of Me, with the group also appearing the same year supporting fellow Aussie juggernauts Parkway Drive in North America as part of the Monsters Of Oz Tour. And while 2024 has certainly not been quiet for MAKE THEM SUFFER, with a recent almost entirely sold out run supporting Bring Me The Horizon nationally along with Sleep Token and Daine, MAKE THEM SUFFER have also continued their ongoing sonic domination via their potent new 2024 release Epitaph; a single that dazzles in sharp, primal energy and gloss that also celebrates and welds the towering past, present and future in the dynamic MAKE THEM SUFFER legacy.

Set to perform overseas for a run of European and UK festivals this June, including Download Festival, Copenhell, Jera On Air and many more, MAKE THEM SUFFER will return home later this year armed with both new music and their insatiable live show that continues to gain international acclaim.

British metalcore giants BURY TOMORROW return after crushing Australian audiences on their first sold out Australian headline tour in 2023 supporting their seventh album, The Seventh Sun. The Seventh Sun stands as testament to the bonds and belief required to shape themselves a new reality, a new sound, and a new future expanding sonic palette platforms sky-high melodies, layered with textured atmosphere, cloaking an underlying savagery.

BURY TOMORROW‘s 2018 album Black Flame catapulted them into metal’s upper echelons. It was the band’s third consecutive UK Top 40 album, which saw them undertake an imposing tour, which culminated with a huge show at London’s iconic Roundhouse and their follow-up Cannibal, took the band another leap forward and that they can face any circumstances that comes their way.

SPITE, the decibel- and soul-crushing deathcore unit based out of Southern California, return to Australia with their lethal blend of death metal, metalcore, and neo-nu-metal after decimating Australian audiences on their debut shows supporting Thy Art Is Murder in 2022. Their 2017 release Nothing Is Beautiful on Rise Records drew comparisons to contemporaries like Thy Art Is Murder, Acacia Strain, and Suicide Silence. SPITE push against the boundaries of heavy music.

Sydney metalcore outfit BLOOM combine ferocity and impassioned lyricism, with their immersive catalogue centered on grief, love and exile. Releasing their brand new album Maybe In Another Life earlier this year, BLOOM flexed surging rhythms and memorable hooks, unforgettably snapshotting the group’s burgeoning strengths that has also led them to a massive regional tour supporting Polaris and national tours supporting the likes of Thornhill, Holding Absence, While She Sleeps, ERRA and Bad Omens.

Early bird pre-sale tickets on sale: Tuesday 21 May @ 11am AEST time

To Gain Early Ticket Access Register Here -> https://bit.ly/24MTSsignup

General tickets on sale: Thursday 23 May @ 11am local time
Tickets from destroyalllines.com

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[Review] Everything Everything / The Vaccines @ Forum Theatre, Melbourne 09/05/2024

Braving Melbourne’s rain-drenched streets this Thursday evening, a sold-out crowd packed their way into the Forum in anticipation of a cosier occasion, brimming with nostalgic British Rock royalty. Making their first return to Australian shores since 2018 and 2019 respectively, co-headliners Everything Everything and The Vaccines are the unexpected combination of uniquely daring, and familiarly sentimental, blurring the lines of what is recognised within the classic rock genre.

In a Melbourne-exclusive, crowds were blessed to witness Kitschen Boy, awakening the iconic venue and setting the tone for the night. The four exquisitely suited local lads absolutely astounded audiences with their high-energy, 80s sound, packed with captivating basslines and contemplative lyricism. Immediately placing the audience into the crescendo of a coming-of-age film, the band exudes an aura of youth and vulnerability, whilst remaining infectiously danceable.

The indie band’s front man Dylan Baddeley is the epitome of confidence. His on-stage persona flaunts a kind of smugness, paramount to the British trad rock genre. Through their heavy thumping set, I couldn’t help but wonder whether this really was the ‘supporting’ act for the night. Powering through their short-but-sweet discography, and barely stopping for air, the band landed on their recent 2024 single, The Perfect Excuse. The introspective lyricism paired with trademark dreamy, muffled vocals makes for a standout hit, and the theatrical peak of their freshly released EP, Now Arriving At Panic Station.

Adorned with golden Hollywood lighting, perfectly placed synth, and ingenious bass lines, the band’s all-consuming blanket of vintage rock ‘n roll truly bought the Forum to life. Closing with 2019 single Charlie Don’t Party, the audience was left on an absolute high; a final clashing instrumental paired with blinding strobe cementing Kitschen Boy as some of Melbourne’s finest talent.

Waltzing onstage as nonchalant as ever, English Art-Rock band Everything Everything were set to make their Aussie return, touring their 2024 LP Mountainhead. Veterans of the genre, Everything Everything are best known for their complex and abstract tracks, drawing heavy inspiration from Radiohead, Nirvana, and The Beatles. With such legendary foundations, the band construct incredibly high expectations – which were most certainly met in their hour-long set.

The most colourful act of the night, Everything Everything’s unbelievably intricate, perfectly mismatched instrumentalism was clear from the outset. Maintaining an upbeat and energetic tone with their music, whilst under such heavy physical composure, the band exudes an unmatched level of professionalism. Taking their fans through a captivating journey of their expansive discography, they made sure to touch upon all the hits; the flawless harmonies of The End of The Contender, hypnotic lyricism of Arch Enemy, and infectious groove of Pizza Boy, to name a few.  By the half-way point of the set, the band entirely stripped back their fourth wall, inviting the audience to sing along. The movement of frontman Jonathan Higgs becoming increasingly fluid and captivating.

Jonathan’s vocals, most impressively his signature falsetto, are a standout feature of Everything Everything’s music. The band’s intricate song writing is also credited to the multi-talented frontman, who shares the intention of “avoid[ing] cliche, or the cliches expected of white men with guitars from Manchester”. However, the band’s spotlight is not solely contained to the centre stage, with each individual musician shining independently of each other. Another standout of their live set is touring keyboardist and percussionist Peter Sené. Travelling with the band since 2012, Peter has cemented himself as an honorary member of the band, bringing infectious energy to every song with his power stance and enthusiastic headbanging.

Nearing their grand finale, Everything Everything still had so much ground to cover. Hits including Kemosabe, Enter the Mirror, and Night of the Long Knives keeping the crowd on their toes, and introducing new musical elements with every verse. With a set so incredibly full of life and energy, and each song fresher than the last, it is clear to see how Everything Everything has amassed such a cult-like following. Distant Past, a standout of the set, is a culmination of the band’s catalogue of genres. Meshing rap vocals, a dance beat, rock guitar, jazz horns, and electronic glitches, the band proves there is nothing out of their grasp in today’s musical landscape – making them undoubtedly some of the best in the business.

Introducing a band with a hit from one of the greatest rock artists of all time is quite the statement. But West London’s, The Vaccines, entrance to the McCartney classic, Live and Let Die, was a perfect fit. The eccentric Indie-Rock heavyweights, fronted by affectionately cocky singer-songwriter Justin Young, bring a modern edge to the British glam rock genre. Flaunting flared trousers, a blazer, and a pair of Windsor-style sunglasses, The Vaccines ooze coolness, before even a single note is played. Kicking the set off, the single Love To Walk Away from their 2024 album Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations had the room in a trance. Playing every song as if it were the finale, The Vaccines have a mesmerising way of personally involving every audience member in their high-voltage spectacle.  Making tactical eye contact with fans pressed against the barrier, it is clear the band have a following similarly ecstatic to that of early rock icons.

Waltzing though their impressive fourteen-year discography, the band barely paused for breath. Hits like I Can’t Quit flaunts their signature carefree feel, whilst clearly having the time of their lives revisiting Melbourne for the first time in six years. Hinting to their cheeky, unhinged side, the band transitioned into their ‘one for the animals’, Post Break-Up Sex. Dancing around the stage with fancy footwork, and pointing into the distance aimlessly, Justin makes the whole performer gig look easy. This is what diversifies The Vaccines from other rock bands, they are performing simply to have a fun and carefree time, with no hidden agendas or messages to push; and man, was the audience having fun!

Moving into a dreamier soundscape, Discount de Kooning (Last One Standing), bought with it a nostalgic energy, almost as if pulled from a teen romance film. Ringing guitars paired with continuous dazzling synth, and incredibly smooth flowing vocals gives the track a particular warmth. Lines like ‘Baby we should keep on dancing, I feel that something good is going to happen’ are uniform with the way The Vaccines consistently refresh audiences with happy positive music, yet not void of emotion.

Flying through hit after hit, The Vaccines reminded us of what flawless musicians they are, playing consistently dynamic tracks one after the other. After captivating thousands of minds for the last hour, the marathon of an evening closed out with the 2018 pop anthem All My Friends Are Falling In Love. Leaving the stage with the audience still dancing the night away, naturally, fans refused to leave, desperate for an encore. Once the house lights flickered on, and the glitz and glam faded, all we were left with was the memories of an incredibly fun night of rock music (and maybe a hangover or two!)

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PSYCROPTIC Announce August Tour Dates

Tasmania’s Psycroptic has joined forces with Destroy All Lines Agency for all Australian bookings and to celebrate, this August they will take a break from the studio to get back out on the road to play their only remaining shows of 2024! The legendary metal pioneers are currently hard at work ensuring their ninth full-length album, the follow up to 2022’s brilliant Divine Council, will be their most refined and fierce work yet. Catch them headlining the Necrosonic and Electric Eye Heavy Fests in Brisbane and Perth, and Perth, and stay tuned for stacked line-ups of killer all-Australian supports on their own headline shows.

Formed in Hobart in 1999, Psycroptic is indisputable in their legendary status as leaders of forward-thinking extreme metal. Rooted in technical death metal, recent records have seen the band explore many avenues of adjacent sounds to carry their unique identity to absolutely mind-melting heights. With brothers Dave and Joe Haley the creative core of the band since its inception, vocalist Jason Peppiat and bassist Todd Stern round out their most formidable form, and an endless devotion to technical wizardry and clever songwriting has seen the unit become a staple of the global circuit, having torn it up all around the world with acts such as Carcass, Whitechapel, Obituary, Aborted, Archspire, Thy Art Is Murder, and countless other iconic names, while releasing records through heavy metal institutions Willowtip, Nuclear Blast, and Prosthetic Records. With 2022’s spellbinding Divine Council album now firmly behind them, the band is presently hard at work on ensuring their ninth full-length leaves all that have come before in the dust.











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