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[Book Review] Paper Paradise – Glenn Wheatley

When the book is narrated by the author just months before he left this world it instantly evokes chills from the opening words. The life of Glenn Wheatly is celebrated in Paper Paradise, the ups and downs, a no holds barred very candid look at one of the best in the music biz.

The introduction is penned and read by his son Tim and I was tearing up within minutes. A beautiful dedication to his father and a wonderful insight into the man Glenn was. An amazing addition was the re-recording of Because I Love You by Tim himself, a stunning rendition and one that made me stop and listen for the duration

With a career spanning 40 years, there was certainly a lot to get through in this book and the narration was smooth and sharp. Glenn does an amazing job and puts lots of expression into his words, his emotions and feeling coming through in every chapter. With a few false starts, Glenn’s music career took off as a bass player in The Master’s Apprentices, known to anyone and everyone and they went on to have many top ten hits. There was a massive success with Little River Band, not just in Australia but also hugely triumphant in America with Glenn at the management helm. Then in 1986 everything changed for Glenn Wheatly as his record label Wheatly Records produced his friend John Farnham’s album Whispering Jack, this still remains Australia’s highest-selling album and one that can be found in nearly every home in Australia, mine included. His friendship with John Farnham was one that never wavered, friends, until the very end and is beautifully depicted throughout this book.

This book was so full of information that my head was literally spinning as I listened, how could one person possibly fit so much into his life journey, together with having a wife and family. But as you read you can see the early starts and late nights were just part of how Glenn managed his time. Paper Palace is such an informative book; it is a who’s who insight into not just the music industry but also FM radio and corporate takeovers. EON FM was launched by Glenn and was the first commercial FM station to air in Australia in 1980. If you are as old as I am you will remember EON FM fondly, but for the younger generation you now listen to it as Triple M. What an achievement to be part of, there were so many times I said to myself “I did not know that!” Glenn had so many fingers in so many pies it was exhausting just listening.

Paper Paradise did not shy away from the lows and there were a few throughout the 90’s but it was with grit and determination that Glenn fought his way back up to the top. Resilience to keep his family together, whether it was in a Toorak mansion or on a blow-up mattress on his friend’s floor was always a priority. His love and dedication to Gaynor and his three children Tim, Kara, and Samantha was evident and shone through over all the dark days.

The book was released originally in 1999 with Glenn recording the audio version just months before his death in February 2022. This updated release is out now and the voice we have all grown to know over his 40 years in the industry will live on for future generations. If there was ever a handbook for anyone looking to start out in management this is it, such an informative read and one I would highly recommend.

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THE CHARLATANS Announce ‘Best Of’ Australian Tour

THE CHARLATANS: A Head Full Of Ideas, 30th 32nd Anniversary ‘Best Of’ Australian Tour

A well and truly show-stopping, spectacular montage of brilliant, classic, passionate and innovative songs. It’s no wonder the Charlatans have stood the test of time.” Allmusic Magazine

“We love playing Australia” Tim Burgess.

One of the UK’s most enduring and best-loved bands THE CHARLATANS return to Australia for their 30th 32nd anniversary tour.

Their setlist includes – The Only One I Know, Jesus Hairdo, Sproston Green, Then, Weirdo, Can’t Get Out of Bed, One to Another, North Country Boy, How High, Plastic Machinery, Love is the Key, Just Thinkin’ Things Over, Blackened Blue Eyes, I Never Want an Easy Life + More

In a remarkable and genre-bursting career, indie legends THE CHARLATANS have notched up thirteen Top 40 studio albums. The rollercoaster highs have been accompanied by some shattering lows, any which one of them could have felled a less resilient band, from nervous breakdowns to near bankruptcy and the deaths of two founder members.

Somehow, they have not just carried on but adapted and transformed many times over the years. The classic Charlatans sound – driving Hammond organ, Northern Soul and house-influenced rhythms, swaggering guitars, and Tim Burgess’s sunny yet somehow yearning vocal – is instantly recognizable.

And in spite of everything they have been through their music is now more relevant than ever, The Guardian described their most recent album ‘Different Days’ (2017) as “one of their best ever”.

During the pandemic, Tim Burgess was hosting album listening parties on Twitter which culminated in a best-selling book, The Listening Party.

The concept is simple. At a set time, you press play on the selected album and the band then live tweets along to the record, giving fans an insight into the chosen LP.

Everyone from Oasis to Iron Maiden and Kylie Minogue to Paul McCartney has taken part.

However, it’s back to the ‘day job’ for THE CHARLATANS’ frontman when he returns to Australia with Martin Blunt, Mark Collins, and Tony Rogers to play the indie hits which have defined their astounding 32-year career.

THE CHARLATANS have seen off Madchester and Britpop and made music that’s stood the test of time. That along with their amazing live shows has cemented them a passionate and loyal following that has given them lasting success… ‘simply a quality band with a great back catalogue, great current stuff, and phenomenal live musicians.’

“It’s full capacity in here, it’s rammed, everyone’s jumping, dancing, and feeling the magical vibes this band creates.” Allmusic Magazine

THE CHARLATANS October 2022 Australian Tour Dates

Saturday 8th October SYDNEY, Manning Bar

Tuesday 11th October ADELAIDE, The Gov

Thursday 13th October BRISBANE, The Triffid

Friday 14th October, MELBOURNE, The Croxton

Saturday 15th October PERTH, Rosemount Hotel

Presale: Tuesday 10th May, 12 pm Local
On Sale: Wednesday 11th May, 12 pm Local

Tickets From: https://metropolistouring.com/the-charlatans-2022/

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[Review] Our First Kiss Festival@ Melbourne Pavillion, Melbourne 7/05/2022

As soon as Our First Kiss festival was announced, as bought to us by the incredible team at Destroy All Lines, the needle in my memory record player became permanently stuck on the monster 3Oh!3 track featuring Kesha, leading to a high school time capsule bursting open. 

Reels of moments in time flooded my temporal lobe from spending way too much time becoming an HTML master coder to create the ultimate MySpace profile (full of mirror snaps with puffy hair and smudged thick black eyeliner, ‘raaawr <3’ captions and the best scene bands as your top friends), religiously attending battle of the bands to discover the next big scene gods, and naturally spending all of my spare cash at Dangerfield on band tees, studded belts and Emily the Strange merch. Ahh the good old days…

Like the generations before us – the rockabillies, the hippies, the punks, the grunge gurus – we all still hold onto that defining period of our formative years, and Our First Kiss was an indicator of that knock-white grasp.

Watching the sea of former scene kids swarm upon Melbourne Pavilion this cold May evening offered two thoughts – one of pure youthful excitement for the stacked lineup and one of comfort in the fact that I was home with my people. We’re all still donning the band tees, the black skinny leg jeans, the tartan, the skater skirts, the fishnet stockings, and a variation of vans, converse, and Dr. Martens. The mega side bangs have evolved but the unconventionally coloured hair and piercings a-plenty remain. The wings on our eyeliner have been tamed but the sentiment is strong – we are emo kids, hear us RAWR.

And we did… to the bands that helped shape, and are continuing to shape, our pop-punk and Emo scene in Australia.

Typically a venue for glamorous weddings and functions, Melbourne Pavilion is a stunning setting thanks to the Sia-worthy swinging chandeliers and dome ceiling. The dance floor which has seen many emotional first dances swept across it was filled with feet ready to jump. Propped up in the corner were giant mirrors marked with lipstick encouragement titled ‘Mirror of Expression’ where patrons could scrawl their own words of wisdom along with a must-have photo booth. Back in the foyer was a free hair and makeup station from the glam team at the Academy of Makeup and a merch desk. Taking a right turn to the outside area was the food truck festival with burger and Mexican menus. For a 5 PM indoor festival setting, Our First Kiss paid attention to the emo hearts’ detail.

From newer addition and revivalist local act Terra to the 2008 tiger stripes of Closure In Moscow, Dream On Dreamer, The Getaway Plan, Short Stack and The Veronicas, adding in the nostalgia noose of DJ sets from Bangs finest DJ’s, Our First Kiss musically could not disappoint.

Terra, who have been sweeping the festival slots and have just launched their latest EP Reverie, delivered a stellar opening set full of swirling hooks and larger-than-life vocals – two key ingredients to the emo music makeup and a damn fine way to start the evening.

A personal favourite, Closure In Moscow, offered a faultless set of tracks from their debut baby First Temple and prog product Pink Lemonade. Wearing a vibrant pink co-ord, Mansur Zennelli, started the wheel rolling for top-notch showmanship. With an exaggerated dramatic flare, including gun hands and nail-biting, Zennelli elevated the impeccable musicianship onstage tenfold. Also if you haven’t heard their EP The Penance and The Patience, quit wasting time and stream that album already! 

Our First Kiss got changeover slots spot on by involving Bang DJ’s Rayve Moor, Maddi Nightmare, Tropical Depression, and Rayden Joy. Between the live sets, these tune-fishers curated the most emo-filled playlists imaginable with belters tracks from Emo Gods My Chemical Romance, Paramore, A Day To Remember, Escape The Fate, Pierce The Veil, AFI, and more inducing monumental sing-alongs across the night. 

The singalongs hit full swing as The Getaway Plan took to the stage. With huge hit ‘Shadows’ opening their set, Matthew Wright and co-performed their guts out, proving range does not age. Teasing that they went overtime and breaking each and every punter’s heart before launching into one of Australia’s most recognizable emo anthems, ‘Where The City Meets The Sea’, The Getaway Plan dominated the Our First Kiss stage.

You want showmanship? You want banter? You want crowd interaction? Oh, hey there Short Stack!

There was nothing short about this show, from walking on to ‘It’s Raining Men’ to covering banger ‘All The Small Things’, these lads were on fire, accurately summing up their set with the following comment: ‘you can see their eyes and ears bleeding from the musical amazingness’.

As the disco ball spun overhead and ‘Freak’ by Australia’s best band Silverchair erupted, the stage filled with smoke. An emergency alarm sounded for an intruder alert. There was a breach in festival security – The Veronicas infiltrated Melbourne Pavilion for an adrenaline animalistic experience. Australia’s twin-pack pop-punk princesses turned pop goddesses may be small in stature but they deliver larger-than-life sets. Our First Kiss was no exception. Whilst no wall-of-death erupted this time around, the crushing weight of their talent hit like a tonne of bricks. ‘4Ever’, ‘Everything I’m Not’, ‘When It All Falls Apart’, screamo star ‘Mother Mother’, ‘Hook Me Up’, ‘This Is How It Feels’, ‘You Ruin Me’, ‘Take Me On The Floor’, ‘In My Blood’ and the national anthem ‘Untouched’; there are no words to describe a set of this proportion. The best of the old, the best of the new – simply, the best!

Our First Kiss could have been sloppy and somewhat awkward but so much thought and love went into it that it left us feeling all fuzzy inside, magical, memorable, and thinking about the next kiss.

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THE BRONX add a new Sydney Show!

THE BRONX have today announced a new Sydney show due to overwhelming demand! The American rockers will now play a second show at Sydney’s Crowbar on Sunday May 22. The first Sydney show on Saturday May 21 sold out last year. Tickets go on sale to the general public Wednesday March 16 at 10am.

The band’s return to Australia and New Zealand in 2022 will be their first Australian shows since 2018 and The Bronx fever is at an all time high. The extensive tour will see The Bronx kick things off at Perth’s Amplifier on May 17, before heading to Adelaide, Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, a sold out show in Geelong, wrapping things up in New Zealand in Wellington and Auckland. Supporting them on the Australian leg of the tour will be West Londoners Chubby and the Gang.

Tickets for the second Sydney show go on sale at 10am, Wednesday March 16.

For complete tour and ticket information, visit: livenation.com.au and livenation.co.nz

The Bronx formed in 2002, releasing their self-titled debut album the following year. Over the Los Angeles-based band’s 19 year career, The Bronx have released five original albums under their original namesake, and three albums under their alter ego, Mariachi El Bronx. Both iterations of the now legendary SoCal outfit have been hailed for harnessing the “unleashed cries of youthful blue-collar anguish” (Los Angeles Times), and for writing “hard-hitting and catchy hard rock tracks” (Loudwire). The Bronx is Matt Caughthran (vocals), Joby J. Ford (guitar), Ken Horne (guitar), Brad Magers (bass) and Joey Castillo (drums).

“The Californians have yet to release a subpar album, and that remains true with Bronx VI… THE BRONX continues to creatively wander wherever the hell they want to, and they make it sound so damn good.”


Joining the Bronx for their first shows on Australian soil is the West London five-piece Chubby and the Gang. Made up of musicians from across the consistently thriving and criminally overlooked UK hardcore scene, Chubby, and the Gang marinate its characteristic speed and sick-of-it-all energy in a mixture of 50s pop sounds. The result is a prickly take on the older, more melodic genres that punk derives from, chewing them up and spitting them out into something mangled but revitalized.

Don’t miss The Bronx with the support of Chubby and the Gang in 2022!


AMPLIFIER, PERTH                                                  TUESDAY MAY 17

THE GOV, ADELAIDE                                               THURSDAY MAY 19


CROWBAR, SYDNEY (SOLD OUT)                         SATURDAY MAY 21

CROWBAR, SYDNEY (NEW SHOW)                       SUNDAY MAY 22

THE ZOO, BRISBANE                                              TUESDAY MAY 24


170 RUSSELL, MELBOURNE                                  FRIDAY MAY 27


SAN FRAN, WELLINGTON                                      MONDAY MAY 30


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Simple Plan – Harder than It Looks

Review by Cam Brown

Nearly 20 years after I first heard their debut album “No Pads, No Helmets….Just Balls”, and had it on high rotation in my multi-CD stacker, Simple Plan has returned with their 6th Studio album.

Their first independent release “Harder Than It Looks” produces that well-known Simple Plan sound, but like red wine, has matured in flavor over the years.

The album opens with a piano riff, which makes you wonder what’s in store, but it doesn’t take long before the signature driving guitars kick in, soon after Pierre Bouvier’s distinctive and instantly recognisable voice joins in, and you know you’re in the land of Simple Plan.

Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare’s Over)” has some poignant lyrics about the world’s current situation and the band has used this to raise funds for the UNICEF Ukraine Emergency appeal and has also used a Ukrainian director and actors in the video clip to further push the emotion of this song.

Ruin My Life” is a typical Simple Plan. Great dynamics with the song continuing to build throughout, guitar riffs, harmonized vocals, and of course in true Simple Plan, a collaboration. This time featuring Deryck Whibley from fellow Canadian Rockers Sum-41. However, to me, this feature was a little bit lacking only appearing for a verse and I felt they could have done a little more with it. He may have just been added as some additional promotion to the current blame Canada Tour across America with Sum-41. No detriment to the song as it would stand on its own with or without Deryck.

 “The Antidote” the story of young love as the music video entails, or just a song about someone people can rely on, starts some of the journeys of a modern Simple Plan. Combining their pop-punk with a little bit more of a modern rock spin. The band had this to say about this track.

 “The song is a throwback to our classic Simple Plan sound, but with a modern twist. It has all the elements our fans have come to love and expect from our band: a big, energetic chorus and honest and heartfelt lyrics that deal with life and the struggles we all face. It feels like the perfect starting point and a great preview of what’s to come on the album”

 Million pictures of You” & “Congratulations”, the latest singles off the album continue in the sound direction of “Jetlag” with their upbeat and even happy pop-punk anthems. I would even throw “Slow-Motion” the second last track on the album into this category.

Anxiety” is where the album changes and produces a track that could be by many other modern pop artists. The lyrics are true to form providing something, as Simple Plan lyrics often do, that many fans could relate to and the reason why many of us started and continued to listen to Simple Plan across the last two decades.

Providing riffs that could be used across many action/sports tv shows not forgetting to mention recaps of the season, “Iconic” provides another modern take on the Simple Plan sound. Brass grooves combined with the marching band feel provide an Anthem that drives you on just to prove people wrong and become an “Iconic” legend.

Best Day Of My Life” is just a throwback to old-school Simple Plan. Energetic, fast, heavy showing they can still rock it as they used to.

The final track “Two” gives you all the feels of childhood if you grew up in a split family. If you were writing a musical just using Simple Plan songs this would pair perfectly with their Symbolic hit “Perfect”.

Overall Simple Plan continues to produce great music, keeping plenty of their original sound but further enhancing their sound and developing as an artist.

Harder Than It Looks” doesn’t provide a single stand-out track to me that I would just continue to play on repeat, but on the other hand, it provides a fantastic album that I would be more than happy to listen to the whole thing on repeat. In fact, the more you listen to it the catchier it becomes, and you will be singing along by the second or third time.

If you have been a fan from the start, you won’t be let down.

My only disappointment in the album to me, in my opinion, is it is a couple of songs short, and I would love it to have one like the acoustic ballad “Perfectly Perfect” as they also do the acoustic style so well.

A score of 8/10 for me, but that good easily go up with a few more listens, or maybe some bonus points if they bring their tour Down Under. 

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[Review] Devilskin @ Manning Bar, Sydney – 29/04/2022

Arriving at the Manning Bar early I wasn’t too sure what to expect, it had been two years since I had seen any international live bands perform, as was the case for so many but it was apparent early on that I was going to be in for a great night. All three bands playing on tonight’s bill were greeted with a great and very loud crowd which was awesome to see, many who had arrived before doors had even opened, no doubt in anticipation of a killer show.

Not only the bands; but the entire crowd were in great spirits, with plenty of smiles and laughs on stage and amongst the faces in the crowd which was so cool to see from the moment doors opened until the last sweaty bodies walked outside the venue!

Kicking off proceedings tonight was These Four Walls. Originally from New Zealand, the band that is now based on the Gold Coast came out swinging and swinging fucking hard! The crowd was treated to a killer balls-out hard-rockin’ set and the band certainly rocked! Having released new material during the pandemic fans in Sydney were treated to hearing some of those songs played live finally for the very first time and they were amazing! This was my first time seeing this band live and it will not be my last, they left a great impression on me well before their set came to an end!  

Next up was Shepherds Reign and these guys I was extremely excited to see perform. A friend had introduced me to these bangers from Auckland just before covid really hit and I became a fan the moment I first heard them; so finding out they were on this bill was incredible. The guys took to the stage and did not disappoint. From the moment the lights went out and the intro music started the crowd became more vocal, and the energy in the room was electric! The band kicked off their set with one of my favorite tracks ‘Aiga’ and this gem set the tone for just how amazing the next hour of metal was going to be. It was awesome to see the band perform live finally, visually they are amazing to watch, high energy, plenty of headbanging, plenty of hair! The setlist was killer too, smashing through tracks such as ‘Legend’, ‘The World Bleeds’, and most certainly a crowd favorite ‘Le Manu’. There is no doubt that heavy music fans at the venue who didn’t know too much about this band certainly left highly impressed with the set that Shepherds Reign delivered! Considering this was the band’s first-ever Australian tour, I have no doubt in my mind that it will not be the last time we see them on our shores!

Closing the show was our killer headliners and ever so energetic Kiwi’s Devilskin! It had been too long between shows for me with these guys having seen them perform at the Download Festival, then again supporting Slash, I was overdue to see these guys kick out yet another amazing set! It was also nice to finally see the guys doing a headline show giving us the full Devilskin experience. I’m not too sure there’s a lot I can say about this band that I haven’t said in the past…. What I do love about these guys is that they all hold their own on stage, no one member stands out for me. All four members are so enjoyable to watch perform and at any given time one of them is doing something that has you constantly shifting your focus…. Musically… I love this band live; they are tight, loud, and put together a setlist that simply kicks your ass!

For me tonight’s show had plenty of killer standout tracks including ‘Start a Revolution, ‘Pray’ and ‘Until you Bleed’. From start to finish the crowd was going crazy for Devilskin and whether this was the first time you were seeing them live or you had seen them countless times it was easy to see why this crowd was singing, chanting, and headbanging their way through the bands set. Altogether, the band smashed out a killer sixteen-song setlist which also included ‘Covet’, ‘Never See the Light’, and ‘All Fall down’. There is no doubt in my mind that loud and heavy music is alive and well and after starving for it for the best part of two years it’s clear the fans are thrilled to be back in the venues and the bands are equally as happy to be back on stage performing. If you are wondering if you should get along to any of the shows these guys are currently doing around the country…. Stop thinking about it and go buy tickets, you will not be disappointed, this is one kick-ass bill that’s not to be missed! 

You still have a chance to catch these guys at the venues below:

Adelaide – May 5 @ The Gov

Perth – May 6 @ Amplifier

Melbourne – May 7 @ Max Watts

Tickets still available at Silverback Touring

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THE ANGELS announce Australian National Tour dates

Australian rock royalty, The Angels have announced their rescheduled tour dates for 2022 for both the Darkroom Recharged and Greatest Hits tours. Running from May through to December and commencing with shows in the band’s birthplace of Adelaide, performances have been confirmed across Melbourne, NSW, Queensland and Perth. 

This announcement follows rave reviews for their performances on the Red Hot Summer Tour and their set at Bluesfest, which Guitarist John Brewster described as, “one of the most magic things we’ve done in a long time” and was hailed by Bluesfest director Peter Noble as “one of the great Bluesfest shows”.

Darkroom Recharged is a four to the floor rock show in the great tradition of Aussie pubs and clubs.  The re-recorded classic album of the same name was released in 2020 and gifted fans with a new version of the record featuring founding members John and Rick Brewster, singer Dave Gleeson, drummer Nick Norton, and John’s son, Sam, on bass.  The “recharged” double version also featured the full record as a live album, recorded at the Bridge Hotel in Sydney.  

Upon release, Rick Brewster said, “Darkroom has always been a very special album for us, marking the time when we left Alberts and toured America and Europe. It completes the Face to Face/No Exit/Darkroom Trilogy, recorded both in the Studio and Live, with bonus tracks and the occasional progression from the original recordings”. 

John Brewster also explained, “The Angels have a long history that we can be proud of, as we are every member that’s played in the band over the years. These days we continue to write and record new songs, and with Dave Gleeson, Sam Brewster and Nick Norton it’s great to revisit the Darkroom album, one of my favourites.”

The Greatest Hits dates in August and September will thrill audiences with performances of wall-to-wall hits, ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’, ‘No Secrets’, ‘Take A Long Line’, ‘Shadow Boxer’, ‘Marseilles’, ‘Comin’ Down’, ‘After The Rain’, ‘Face The Day’, ‘Fashion and Fame’, ‘Let The Night Roll On’, ‘We Gotta Get Out Of This Place’, ‘Mr Damage’ … and more.

The Angels have celebrated some major milestones in recent times seeing the 45th  anniversary of their debut single release, ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’, roll around and vocalist Dave Gleeson has also now been performing the band for over 10 years. 

As the book, The 100 Best Australian Albums pointed out, “The Angels can lay claim to being Australia’s longest-lasting band.” They have been on the road consistently since 1974 and it took a global pandemic to slow them down.  Now the band is itching to get back on stage and they’re not mucking around!””

Tickets from the https://theangels.com.au/



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London Grammar Announce Australian 2022 Tour Supports!

Brit Award nominees and Ivor Novello winners London Grammar will return to Australia this month, for the first time since their sold-out 2017 tour.

They are excited to announce that electronic lynchpin George FitzGerald will be joining them for all shows. One of the UK’s most talented electronic creatives, emerging from Britain’s bass house movement, evolving from DJ to rounded musician and lauded producer, George has released two albums ‘Fading Love’(2015) and ‘All That Must Be’ (2018) and his latest single ‘Ultra Violet’ (2021) George emulsifies the worlds of organic and digital electronic music perfectly.

London Grammar fans may also recognise his name from the credits of their most recent album ‘Californian Soil’, as he co-produced singles Baby It’s You’, ‘Lose Your Head’, and album track Lord It’s a Feeling’.

Gold Coast sibling duo Lastlings will join the Melbourne show. They have taken their place as new leaders in the sweet spot between living and electronic. Wistful lyrics, and ethereal vocals, complement their perfect electronic-driven synergy, sweeping synth work, and robust bass lines, resulting in dynamic and emotional dance floor moments.

Danny Harley aka The Kite String Tangle is a prolific producer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and label owner with a reputation as a world-class live act. Gold-certified releases, a plethora of well-known festival performances across the globe and sold-out headline tours, he is joining the lineup in his home city of Brisbane.

London Grammar continues their love affair with Australian fans in 2022, all of their previous tours selling out in record time; we suggest you get in quick!


Sat 21 May Belvoir Amphitheatre Perth WA

Tue 24 May Entertainment Centre Theatre Adelaide SA

Thu 26 May John Cain Arena Melbourne VIC

Sat 28 May Aware Super Theatre Sydney NSW

Tue 31 May Riverstage Brisbane QLD

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