Release Brand-New Standalone Single “Total T-Rex Terror”
Latest Album, Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War, Available Now via Napalm Records

[Photo Credits: Steffen Runke]

In advance of German power metal space warriors VICTORIUS hitting the road for a European tour with Warkings in April, the band has unveiled the brand-new standalone single, “Total T-Rex Terror”, out today via Napalm Records! Prepare to return to the realms of epic power metal battles as VICTORIUS continue their sonic odyssey, unleashing the might of the fearsome T-Rex.

Along with the song, VICTORIUS presents an eye-catching lyric video: following the ancient traditions of Greco-Roman epic poetry, the German powerhouse starts the track by summoning the Muse, who in this instance takes the form of the T-Rex Dinogod, also featuring a few resonant verses in Latin.

VICTORIUS on “Total T-Rex Terror”:

“Mighty Dinosaurriors! The beast is unleashed! We are proud to present you our brand new single, ‘Total T-Rex Terror’! We always wanted a story that takes place in the dark medieval century. So, one of our strongest protagonists, the legendary T-Rex-Power-Saurus, travelled back in time to go berserk in a castle and crush some knights. Why? Because we can! VICTORIUS is back, and there is more to come!”

With the triumphant album Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War, featuring their hit single “Super Sonic Samurai” – which has been played over 2 million times and which spawned the headline tour “The Great Dino Tour” of Germany, Japan and UK in 2023 – VICTORIUS are back in action! Tomorrow kicks off their epic European tour alongside label-mates Warkings and Hammer King, bringing ninja and dinosaur battles to stages across the globe.

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