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Darkthrone Release Video For “The Bird People Of Nordland” New Album, It Beckons Us All, Out Now

Release Video For “The Bird People Of Nordland”
New Album, It Beckons Us All, Out Now

To accompany the release of the eagerly awaited new album, ‘It Beckons Us All’ from Darkthrone, the band release the official lyric video for “The Bird People Of Nordland”.

Watch here

Video created by Matthew Vickerstaff .

Whilst freely admitting the concept for the song “Not a very metal subject, sorry!” Fenriz explains “ it’s about the EIDER bird and Nordland. Many years ago I saw a Norwegian documentary with the symbiotic relationship the coast people of Nordland had with the bird. They watched over the nests and in return could pick the eider for pillows clothing, warmth etc. So that is what the lyrics are about.” But, he continues “again, this is Ted’s song so a bit hard for me to comment on it musically but I will tell you all what I think when I hear it:

First of we have a typical grim Ted riff for the verse, then he surprises with a catchy riff for the refrain AND THEN comes my fave part of the album; the post-refrain riff which sounds like Queensryche 1984 style and you can also hear how much we enjoy to play it! EXACTLY where I want to be! Could have played that riff for 8 minutes straight, haha! This loops again with the refrain again without singing and then back to Queensryche ’84. Then first riff again with my added harmony guitar playing on it, what our studio man Ole Øvstedal called “the Corleone part”.

A break arrives and then things are sped up (not faster than Yardbirds in 64, we are not an extreme metal band, more like MODERAT EPIC) which corresponds with a slower heavy metal riff where we also brought out the mellotrone if I remember correctly.

Then Ted bombs you with a final part, primitive d-beat thrash with a riff that sounds like Tom G Warrior made it and I also ordered Ted to lay on some hellish guitars. Anyway, I LIVE for that queensryche 84 riff, Ted!”

Humble as ever Nocturno Culto states “Well, AGAIN, talking about our music really blows or is very difficult, at least for me. Personally, music is a floating thing, and I am having a hard time to try to break it down. It´s metal, a bit of heavy/doom/black/thrash, that is Darkthrone now, mixing genres has been something we have done since A Blaze, and especially since 2005. And I am just looking forward on new material, new riffs and ideas.”

It Beckons Us All, Darkthrone’s new masterpiece, is unleashed in full .. finally!

It Beckons Us All tracklisting
1. Howling Primitive Colonies [06:30]
2. Eon 3 [05:43]
3. Black Dawn Affiliation [06:11]
4. And In That Moment I Knew The Answer [03:17]
5. The Bird People Of Nordland [07:27]
6. The Heavy Hand [04:18]
7. The Lone Pines Of The Lost Planet [10:03]

It Beckons Us All is available on the following formats via

*Limited Edition Deluxe boxed edition: includes It Beckons Us All on CD, an exclusive corona vinyl LP & cassette and art prints all housed in a heavy duty lift off lid box
*Limited edition ‘Fenriz’ edition LP on blue marble coloured vinyl– exclusively via Peaceville.
*Limited edition ‘Nocturno Culto’ edition LP on grey marble coloured vinyl–available via Peaceville.
Plus other limited edition coloured vinyl LPs are available in stores across the world
cream white, crystal clear, petrol and .. a collectors dream .. if you can find them!

“A cauldron of old and epic metal beckons thee” – Fenriz

Follow Darkthrone:

Facebook | Instagram

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Luca Brasi & Spanish Love Songs Touring May. Supports Announced

with Special Guest Spanish Love Songs
The World Don’t Owe You Anything’ Album Tour, May 2024
Supports Announced

Tasmanian alternative rock band Luca Brasi begin their ‘The World Don’t Owe You Anything’ tour with special guests, LA indie punks, Spanish Love Songs, in two weeks time.

Kicking off at The Baso in Canberra on Wednesday May 15, the band then heads to Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and will wrap things up at Newcastle’s King Street on May 25.

Supports for all shows have just been confirmed.

Wednesday 15 May: The Baso, Canberra
with Sun Run

Thursday 16 May: The Gov, Adelaide
with Blush

Friday 17 May: Northcote Theatre, Melbourne
with Raging Hormones

Saturday 18 May: Rosemount Hotel, Perth
with Ellen May

Wednesday 22 May: The Triffid, Brisbane
with Dänmark

Thursday 23 May: Miami Marketta, Gold Coast
with Dänmark

Friday 24 May: Metro Theatre, Sydney
with Sun Run

Saturday 25 May: King Street, Newcastle
with Jacob

Tickets On Sale Now


Tasmanian best mates Luca Brasi are back with their sixth studio album; one that thrums with renewed energy and verve; a fiery blast from a band refreshed, renewed, and better than ever. It’s often said that there’s something magical about Tasmania. And true, too, is that there’s something magical about Luca Brasi. They’re a marvel of an act – always humble, not an ego among them, as comfortable in amongst the crowd as they are in front of it.

This band of mates, formed in the pristine yet rugged surrounds of Tasmania’s oft unforgiving east coast, has long been on a journey. From 2011’s raucous Extended Family debut that grabbed everyone by the scruff and hauled them into a party that was already well underway, to 2021’s Everything Is Tenuous, that displayed a more matured, slowed down reflection on love, growing up, and getting older.

And now with The World Don’t Owe You Anything, the group’s sixth studio album, Luca Brasi gives us everything they’ve got. The riffs are desperate, fast, and are aching to be heard. The songwriting takes us on a journey of introspection and self-reflection and throws it up against a bombastic, urgent backing track that harkens back to the group’s salad days. The result is a collection of songs that beg the sky-flung fists and beer showers of bandrooms across the country to come with it.

Special guests on the tour are Spanish Love Songs. Despite their name, the LA-formed indie-punk band aren’t known for forays into the uplifting. Since 2013, the quintet have instead made hay on the backs of a string of beloved albums –2015’s Giant Sings The Blues, 2018’s Schmaltz and 2020’s Brave Faces Everyone – lauded by critics and fans alike for their richly personal, no-holds-barred lyricism awash in existential dead, hyper-personal cultural ruminations and attempts to answer life’s big questions. Their most recent album release NO JOY find the band grappling with the messiness of what it means to be alive in the modern age – unsure of the answers themselves but confident that together, we can all come a little closer to the solutions.

Don’t miss Luca Brasi on their national tour with special guest Spanish Love Songs this May!

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Deep Purple To Release New Album ‘=1’ on July 19 via earMUSIC

One of the greatest rock bands of all time to release new album
‘=1’ on July 19 via earMUSIC

‘It all adds up to 1’

One of the greatest and most influential rock bands of all time releases new album ‘=1’,
on July 19 via earMUSIC.

The first single will be unveiled on April 30 at midnight, a taster for the full 13 tracks of pioneering and rip-roaring rock ‘n’ roll. Deep Purple continue their charge of recent years, releasing hit albums and filling arenas around the world, adding yet more layers to their 100 million album selling legacy.

The band are credited as one of the key originators of heavy rock and have constantly progressed their boundaries of music. They are fronted by the legendary Ian Gillan, whose vocals have defined generations, accompanied by the masterful bassist Roger Glover, the powerhouse drummer Ian Paice, and the maestro on keyboards Don Airey. This is the band’s first album with sensational guitarist Simon McBride, who seamlessly slotted in when longtime member Steve Morse left due to personal circumstances. Since 2022, Simon has already played to Deep Purple audiences totaling more than half a million people.

But Deep Purple is more than just their members and ‘=1’ embodies the essence and attitude of their 1970s incarnation possibly more than any other album in recent memory. With the legendary Bob Ezrin once again producing, the record evokes the pioneering band’s classic sound, without relying on nostalgia.

The enigmatic title ‘=1’ symbolises the idea that in a world growing ever more complex, everything eventually simplifies down to a single, unified essence. Everything equals one.

Its full meaning will be revealed in the coming weeks, with the artwork also playing its part. Fans have already been speculating after mysterious equations and depictions of multiverses appeared in London, Paris, and Berlin in recent days.

With three consecutive No.1 albums in their back pocket and a resurgent new energy powering them forward, this is Deep Purple at their pinnacle. ‘Now WHAT?!’ (2013), ‘inFinite’ (2017), and ‘Whoosh!’ (2020) have sold over one million copies worldwide, making Deep Purple one of the most successful rock bands currently active. The latest studio album, “Whoosh!”, reached #1 on the album charts in 7 countries and charted in the top 10 in another 12.

Box Set Content
2LP Gatefold (180g)
Ltd. CD+DVD Digipak
3x exclusive 10” vinyl editions featuring live recordings from Deep Purple’s 2022 tour
Exclusive Collector’s T-shirt (Size XL)
2x exclusive guitar picks
Art print

Tracklisting (CD/2LP):
Side A
1. Show Me
2. A Bit On The Side
3. Sharp Shooter
4. Portable Door

Side B
5. Old-Fangled Thing
6. If I Were You
7. Pictures Of You
8. I’m Saying Nothin’

Side C
9. Lazy Sod
10. Now You’re Talkin’
11. No Money To Burn

Side D
12. I’ll Catch You
13. Bleeding Obvious

Tracklisting (DVD):
Disc 1: Audio Tracks 1 – 13
Disc 2: Documentary ‘Access All Areas’ on DVD.

‘=1’ will be released on July 19 via earMUSIC as Ltd. CD+DVD (Digipak), CD (Jewelcase), 2LP Gatefold (black, 180g), Ltd. Purple 2LP Gatefold (180g), Ltd. Crystal Clear 2LP (180g) and Ltd. Box Set (CD+DVD Digipak, 2LP black Gatefold, 3x exclusive 10” vinyl editions feat. live recordings from Deep Purple’s 2022 tour, exclusive Collector’s T-shirt, 2x exclusive guitar picks, 1x exclusive art print, 1x exclusive lanyard, and the chance to win a Golden Ticket giving access to all shows on the Deep Purple “=1 MORE TIME”-tour).

All LPs include a rich 12-page vinyl sized booklet.

The bonus DVD features the approx. 60min documentary ‘Access All Areas’ joining Deep Purple backstage on tour and providing an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Further exclusive items are available via the official album store.
Ltd. 2LP Picture Disc, Ltd. Cassette, strictly limited canvas signed by all band members – limited to 150 items only and various other merchandise items.

Pre Orders

Official Album Store:


About Deep Purple

There simply aren’t enough superlatives to properly acknowledge the contribution Deep Purple has made to rock music. Having sold more than 100 million albums and filled global arenas for decades, there’s little wonder that the respected British radio station Planet Rock named the group the ‘5th Most Influential Band Ever’. The band were also presented the‘Legend Award’ at the 2008 World Music Awards and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. Deep Purple truly are ‘rock royalty’.

With a body of work spanning seven decades, Deep Purple has helped pioneer and define the hard rock genre while progressively moving into new areas, both keeping their sound fresh and attracting new fans to the legions who have remained loyal since the band’s inception. The celebrated MKII line up of Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore were responsible for creating many of the defining rock albums of the early 70’s, including “Made In Japan”, universally accepted as one of the most important and influential live albums of all time.

Known as one of the hardest working bands ever, Deep Purple has continued to release No.1 albums and tour globally since forming in 1968, with little rest. In 2007 (almost 40 years after being formed), the band performed 40 dates in France to an award-winning audience, and they continue to spend much of their year on the road selling out arenas across the globe.

Deep Purple has stayed true to its musical roots taking from an eclectic mix of styles to create a distinctive sound that defines the band today, but which in turn, has created a legacy that very few bands could ever hope to replicate. The band has written and produced so many “classic,” well-known songs, that its audience range widely in age and background – something the band has readily embraced.

Deep Purple’s recent studio album, “Whoosh!” (2020), followed their worldwide chart-topping albums “inFinite” (2017) and “NOW What?!” (2013). 2024 sees the release of their brand-new album “=1”. On all albums, Deep Purple joined forces with producer Bob Ezrin, who has worked with the likes of KISS, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed and Alice Cooper.

Furthering their collaboration with Ezrin, in 2021 and during the pandemic the band recorded a collection of cover songs from their own homes (normal for most bands nowadays, revolutionary for a band that records everything together in the studio), creating an eclectic and celebratory history of their roots in music, in the shape of ‘Turning To Crime’.

In 2022 came the sad news of Steve Morse’s departure due to personal circumstances, but Deep Purple, never a band to let a set back throw them off course, sought out the masterful skills of guitarist Simon McBride and played the year out in style, exciting crowds with a new energy and excitement.

Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Simon McBride continue with renewed vitality, pushing the boundaries of hard rock to audiences around the globe, proving that Deep Purple are very much here to stay.

Follow Deep Purple
Web | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Just One Fix – New Zealand Thrashers Release Ominous New Track, Thorns

“I’ve learned to appreciate thorns … the thorns taught me the game. – Mark Lawrence, Prince of Thorns

Kiwi thrash titans Just One Fix have unleashed, Thorns, the third single from the forthcoming EP, ‘Submit or Death

After delivering two monstrous tracks, Your Own God Now & Gods & Devils, Thorns is an offering with a darker turn.

With its tribal beats and doom laden opening riff, the idea for the song was born from the pages of Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire trilogy.

“Thorns” deals with the reality that we are all broken, twisted and shaped by our worst experiences and become who we are because or maybe in spite of them. As a result, people tend to mask themselves to who they think the world wants them to be.”

Tracing that idea with a structure of groove laden guitar, pulsing bass and a throbbing beat that hypnotically weaves into the ear captures the imagination.

Listen to it here


With three previous full length albums and a litany of live shows to their credit, the evolution of Just One Fix has seen them grow from their groove/thrash roots to incorporate elements of death and doom metal and has led to the band’s tracks being featured around the world on radio, TV and compilation albums.

Crushing live shows and the ability to drive crowds to the next level has been rewarded with guest appearances on bills with Sepultura, Megadeth, Death Angel, Korn, Hellyeah, Fear Factory, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Label Society, Chimaira, Serj Tankian, Bullet For My Valentine and many more.

The new EP, ‘Submit or Death’, will be released later in 2024

Follow Just One Fix
Facebook | Spotify | Reverb Nation

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The Omnific: Australian Instrumental Prog Virtuosos Return With New Single, Matrices

Instrumental Prog Virtuosos Return With New Single ‘Matrices
New Album, ‘
The Law Of Augmenting Returns‘ To Be Released on June 7
Huge European Tour Happening in July & August

The world’s most prominent bass driven instrumental rock act, Australia’s The Omnific, have unleashed their latest single and music video, the thematic hip-hop-pop infused ‘Matrices’, off their new sophomore album, ‘The Law Of Augmenting Returns’; an audacious and magnificent triumph – to be released on June 7, 2024 via Wild Thing Records.

Pre-Order/Pre-Save ‘The Law Of Augmenting Returns’:

To the contrary, ‘Matrices’ is simplistic in its ideas than the usual thoroughfare of The Omnific, with the majority of the song based off one theme. Influenced by pop and hip hop, the track has many singalong sections, while still incorporating the complexity and technicality that The Omnific are renowned for. The Omnific’s art guru Josh Saunders lends his guitar abilities to the track, but using a Bass VI, sticking true to the fact that The Omnific’s musical realm is yet to feature a guitar. 

Toby Peterson-Stewart (Bass) comments:

Matrices’ weaves modern cascades of thumping and slap, while embracing a futuristic soundscape. This is one of the harder songs to play for all of us respectively, it’s a great example of a song that makes us all better musicians from playing it. Also, many Djent.

Photo Credit: Ekaterina Gorbacheva

The band linked up with long time associate Miki Simankevicius (Director Of Photography – Polaris, They Art Is Murder) to direct the stunning music video. The band’s original wild concept consisted of the group being an MP3 file on a USB stick, with Simankevicius taking things one step further – “We took the whole concept literally by leveraging new Unreal Engine 5 technology. This allowed us to physically have the band performing on a circuit board, and resulted in a completely unique and fun viewing experience.”

The Omnific will be trailblazing their way through Europe & the UK, heading on their first ever summer festival run, alongside their most extensive array of headline shows in Europe to date. They’ll be making highly anticipated debut appearances at festivals; Radar (UK), Vagos (PT), Brutal Assault (CZ), Arctangent (UK), and Fekete Zaj (HU). Led by their two other-worldly intertwining bassists, Matt Fack & Toby Peterson-Stewart, and backed by flamboyant drummer Jerome Lematua, The Bass Boys will be bringing a full tank of charisma, showmanship, and unbelievable technical performances from down under.

The Law Of Augmenting Returns – Europe/UK Tour 2024:
28-Jul – United Kingdom – Manchester – Radar Festival
30-Jul – Germany – Oberhausen – Druckluft
01-Aug – Spain – Barcelona – Razzmatazz 3
02-Aug – Spain – Madrid – Wurlitzer
03-Aug – Portugal – Vagos – Vagos Metal Fest
04-Aug – Spain – Portugalete – Groove
06-Aug – Italy – Milan – Slaughter Club
08-Aug – Slovakia – Bratislava – Pink Whale
09-Aug – Czech Republic – Josefov – Brutal Assault Festival
10-Aug – Poland – Warsaw – Chmury
12-Aug – Germany – Hamburg – Hafenklang
14-Aug – Netherlands – Nijmegen – Merleyn
16-Aug – United Kingdom – Bristol – Arctangent Festival
18-Aug – Hungary – Gyöngyös – Fekete Zaj Festival

Tickets On Sale Now

‘The Law Of Augmenting Returns’ explores the notion that the more effort you invest in your artistry, the greater the rewards you reap. This powerful trinity of bass and drums pushed their creative boundaries to unprecedented heights; a tremendous body of work transpired, traversing the intense, the emotionally charged, and the humorous, appealing to a wide range of musical palates. The production team of critically acclaimed debut record ‘Escapades’ (2021) reassembled for the release, including Adam Bentley (mixing, Arch Echo), Ermin Hamidovic (mastering, Periphery), and Josh Saunders (artwork); with the majority of programming handled by the band’s own Matt Fack.

TRACKLISTING: The Omnific – ‘The Law Of Augmenting Returns’
01.    The Omnific ≈ Bass (Feat. Tim Waurick and Luke Taylor of Heartline)
02.    The Law Of Augmenting Returns (Feat. Kai den Hertog)
03.    Matrices
04.    Base Camp
05.    Will-O’-The-Wisp
06.    Phat Mackerel
07.    Butterfingers
08.    Double Malt Ditty (Feat. Rohan Sharma)

About – The Omnific:
The Omnific is a breathtaking progressive instrumental trio, hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Following the release of three groundbreaking EPs – ‘Sonorous’ (2016), ‘Kismet’ (2017), ‘The Minds Eye’ (2019) – the band attracted interest, and fans from all corners of the globe. Their 2021 debut album ‘Escapades’ achieved international critical acclaim – landing #3 on the Australian AIR Independent Album Charts, and cementing their status as torchbearers of the next generation of progressive rock and metal. Clay Gober of Polyphia featured on the single ‘Antecedent’exceeding a combined 1 million plays on YouTube & Spotify. In 2023, the group went from strength to strength; supporting Polyphia in Australia, and Ne Obliviscaris in Europe and North America, capping off with a landmark 46-date world tour in support of single ‘Phat Mackerel’ – including festivals Euroblast (DE), Reeperbahn (DE), and Bigsound (AU). The group kickstarted 2024 with Mongolia’s The HU in Australia, profiling their outrageous musical versatility – which dives through prog, metal, djent, funk, synth-driven soundscapes, and more. The Omnific have also toured with renowned artists such as Between The Buried And Me, Intervals, Galactic Empire, Twelve Foot Ninja, and Cog.

Follow The Omnific
Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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Alice Cooper & Hollywood Vampires Tommy Henriksen’s Crossbone Skully Releases Video For “I Am The Wolf”

Alice Cooper/Hollywood Vampires Tommy Henriksen’s

Releases Video For “I Am The Wolf”
Touring Australia With Alice Cooper at Pandemonium Festival Now!

To celebrate tonight’s full moon, the rising new rock outfit Crossbone Skully has unleashed the howling and eerie track “I Am The Wolf

When I wrote the lyrics to ‘I Am The Wolf,’ I found my spirit animal,” says Henriksen. “It’s a one-way trip to hell to kill the devil and destroy anything in my way…to find my rebirth and reclaim my worth! For I Am The Wolf!

I Am The Wolf” follows three consecutive track releases—“Evil World Machine,” “The Boom Went The Boom (feat. Phil Collen),” and “I’m Unbreakable”—which have combined amassed over 1.2 million streams to date. The aforementioned tracks will be featured on Crossbone Skully’sdebut album due out this fall via Better Noise Music.

The forthcoming album was executive produced by the legendary Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Def Leppard) and includes features on the animated short film (“Evil World Machine”) from notable musicians, celebrity friends and bandmates of Henriksen’s for its recording sessions including Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Nikki Sixx, Joe Perry, and Kane Roberts. The album features first-class recording musicians including Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe), Jamie Muhoberac (My Chemical Romance, John Mayer, Seal), Chris Wyse (Hollywood Vampires, Ace Frehley, the Cult, Ozzy Osbourne), Tommy Denander, Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires), the late UFO bassist Pete Way, and producer/mixer Mike Plotnikoff (AC/DC, My Chemical Romance, Aerosmith). Stay tuned for further details.

Crossbone Skully is in Australia now on the Pandemonium Festival with Alice Cooper!
Thursday, April 25 (Anzac Day): Cathy Freeman Park, Sydney
Saturday, April 27: Broadwater Parklands, Gold Coast
Sunday, April 28: Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane

(L-R: Sam Bam Koltun, Chris Wyse, Tommy Henriksen, Tuesdai, Anna Cara)
Credit: Jason Mayer


Crossbone Skully is an avenging superhero from outer space, returning to earth to save the world and reconnect with his lost deity love Piper and Kid, the son he never knew he had. Evil World Machine is a rock concept album that echoes similar dystopian visions such as Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars and Diamond Dogs. The project, influenced by larger-than-life bands such as AC/DC, Alice Cooper, KISS, Iron Maiden and even the Sex Pistols, is the work of a collaborative team headed by veteran rock session bassist Tommy Henriksen and Tommy Denander alongside the legendary Mutt Lange, who emerged from retirement to executive produce the project.

With a long history that stretches back to stints in Warlock with Doro Pesch and his own punk-rock band POL (Parade of Losers) as Da Skunk, Henriksen has also had a successful side career as a producer/mixer/arranger and songwriter for the likes of Lady Gaga, Meat Loaf, Lou Reed, Halestorm, Kesha and Daughtry. His metamorphosis into Crossbone Skully and the Alien Nation started when Alice Cooper’s lighting man, who used to work for AC/DC, heard him singing like Bon Scott and successor Brian Johnson during a sound check – and suggested he build a solo project around it.

The sterling group of supporting musicians includes guitarist Tommy Denander (who introduced him to Mutt Lange after collaborating on Alice Cooper’s 2017 album Paranormal with Bob Ezrin), keyboardist Jamie Muhoberac (My Chemical Romance, John Mayer, Seal), bassist Chris Wyse (Hollywood Vampires, Ace Frehley, the Cult, Ozzy Osbourne) and drummer Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires), the late UFO bassist Pete Way and producer/mixer Mike Plotnikoff (AC/DC, Cher, Aerosmith), who helped get him noticed by Allen Kovac’s Better Noise Records. Making spoken-word appearances are Johnny Depp as the voice of “The Evil Sorcerer,” along with Alice Cooper as “The Bringer of Light,” Joe Perry as “The Big Bad Bone Crusher” and Nikki Sixx as “The Crooked Crow,” with Kane Roberts as “The Alpha Watchman” among other guests. Henriksen developed the voice of Crossbone Skully with a vocal app that makes him sound like a disembodied Stephen Hawkins. Iconic creative/art director Mark Wilkinson, who designed for Iron Maiden, Marillion, Judas Priest and The Darkness, created the Crossbone Skully album cover.


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Cicadastone – Melbourne Rockers Release New Single, Last In Line. New Album, Future Echoes, Out May 31

Release New Single, Last In Line
New Album, Future Echoes, Out May 31

Melbourne hard hitters, Cicadastone are back with another slab of Seattle infused rock in the shape of Last In Line.

With it’s huge vocal harmonies, driving riffs and emotive guitar fills, Last In Line harks back to a time when songs like this were all over the radio.

Last in line is a song about forms of addiction. “To be last in line of what? The choices we make now dictate the futures we have to come. The song touches on the concept of thinking you’re in control when you’re actually not at all. An outside perspective is important when you don’t have it. Don’t need a reason to deny, only a reason to be last in line.” – Mat Robins, vocals and guitar.

Listen to Last In Line here!

Catch Cicadastone this May!
Friday, May 3: XMusic Live, Workers Club, Melbourne
Saturday, May 4: XMusic Live, Scotties Garage, Seaford
Friday, May 31: Leadbeater Hotel, Melbourne (Album Launch)


Born from the ashes of the grunge rock greats, Cicadastone naturally move within the 90’s rock confines yet still manage to bring a modern fresh edge, developing their own unique sound while staying truly authentic to the genre, a difficult task in a time when it’s all been done before. With two albums under their belt, 2016’s debut, Chance Collide and 2020’s Cold Chamber, the band have been making solid in roads within the ultra competitive rock scene.

2024 sees the band take a huge leap forward creatively and make their biggest statement yet with third album, Future Echoes.

Last In Line is another gritty, grinding song by Cicadastone. It follows first single,
In The Crossfire and is a great indication of what to expect of the new album Future Echoes, due for release on May 31 via XMusic.

Pre Orders are available now

Follow Cicadastone

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Mono – Veteran Shoegaze Act To Release New Album, Oath, on June 14. Release Soaring, First Single, Oath.

Veteran Shoegaze Act To Release New Album, Oath, on June 14
Release Soaring, First Single, Oath.

Coinciding with their 25th anniversary, Japanese instrumental rock band MONO will release their 12th album ‘OATH’ on June 14, 2024 via Pelagic Records.

More than an eponymous track, ‘Oath’ serves as the album’s theme. Anyone who is a fan of MONO’s unique songwriting and sound construction is bound to have stars in their eyes with this one. The classical instruments greet the listener with comfort and lightness, while the quartet quietly take their time to join in… until they reach a pinnacle of post-rock splendour, spiced up with a hint of shoegaze as only the band can do!

Guitarist and composer of the band, Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto, states –
The album ‘OATH’ is about “time and life”. We wanted to express the “limited time in life” and the “meaning of life”. Our time goes by day by day. What is my goal? What is my purpose? What is the reason I live every day? What can we do? What should we do? We wanted to learn what we were feeling about time and life, what we have lost and found, and the questions and the answers we discovered during both our good and difficult times. We live with a vow that hasn’t changed since we were children.

Photo Credit: MONO

The music video for ‘Oath’ was produced in collaboration with one of the band’s endorsers, EarthQuaker Devices, and was filmed during the recording session of the new album, recorded and mixed by one of their longtime collaborators, Steve Albini, at Electrical Audio.

Music Video Credits:
Video by EarthQuakerDevices
Directed and Edited by Chris Tran
Filmed by Chris Tran, Jeff France and Dannesh Moosa

Oath will be released on June 14
Pre orders available now

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Nothing More Announce New Album ‘Carnal’ Due June 28. First Track “House On Sand (Feat. Eric V Of I Prevai l)” Out Now

Announce New Album ‘Carnal’ Due June 28 via Better Noise Music
Reveal Music Video For New Track “House On Sand (Feat. Eric V Of I Prevail)”

3X Grammy Award-nominated NOTHING MORE return with their fifth album, CARNAL,
on June 28 via BETER NOISE MUSC.

The album features 15 songs with the San Antonio, Texas born quartet’s most focused, adventurous, and intense music to date, including their current radio single “IF IT DOESN’T HURT”. Recorded with Grammy-nominated producer WZRD BLD (Disturbed, Motionless In White, A Day To Remember) with mixing and mastering by Zakk Cervini (Limp Bizkit, MGK, Bring Me The Horizon), CARNAL unites NOTHING MORE’s trademark introspective philosophical lyrics and unapologetically massive anthems with in-your-face rockers designed for an all-encompassing audience.

“‘CARNAL’ feels like a perfect encapsulation of what NOTHING MORE has always been,” says guitarist MARK VOLLELUNGA. “From progressive introspection to steady-state rock ‘n roll, we felt like we’ve achieved the exact balance wanted for this next installment.”

“It’s a beautiful blend of memorable guitar riffs, illustrious chord progressions and heart wrenching lyrical performances all to the beat of a drum that palpitates with syncopated obsession,” states bassist DANIEL OLIVER. “There’s truly something for everyone on this record.”

(Credit: Dante Dellamore)
Pictured, from L-R: Mark Vollelunga, Jonny Hawkins, Ben Anderson, Daniel Oliver

NOTHING MORE have today unveiled a music video for their new compelling and defiant track “HOUSE ON SAND” featuring I Prevail vocalist Eric Vanlerberghe.

Stream/download “HOUSE ON SAND (feat. Eric V of I Prevail)” across all digital platforms

“Sometimes you lose sight of your purpose in life and wander off of the path you were on,” says frontman JONNY HAWKINS on “HOUSE ON SAND”. “Years later you find yourself in a life that does not match the vision you once had for yourself. Trapped, you are left with a choice…betray your inner voice, or trust it; continue on and play it safe, or turn back and start again… I’m starting again.”

In regard to working with VANLERBERGHE, HAWKINS states: “I’m so honored and excited to have Eric screaming his heart out with me on this song!

“Almost a year ago, the boys in NOTHING MORE sent me this demo and asked if I’d consider hopping on it,” shares VANLERBERGHE. “I checked it out and for the next few weeks, I had the chorus engrained in my brain. The song really resonated with me. I think this track, as well as the rest of their record, is NOTHING MORE’S best work and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Since their emergence in 2003, NOTHING MORE have continuously topped the active rock radio charts including nine #1 singles and over a half dozen Top 10 singles including “TIRED OF WINNING” from their 2022 album SPIRITS. To date, the band—Jonny Hawkins (vocals), Mark Vollelunga (guitar), Daniel Oliver (bass), and Ben Anderson (drums)—have amassed a total of 788 million streams and 150 million video views.

NOTHING MORE have won over audiences across the globe with their commanding performances of which Loudwire proclaimed: “it’s their famously vivacious live shows that truly enthrall, especially when they pull out some of bassist Daniel Oliver’s self-made gadgets. For instance, there’s the ‘Scorpion Tale,’ an extremely heavy beast made of metal scraps whose Ableton software permits singer Jonny Hawkins to alter multiple timbres (such as guitar, bass and vocals) while riding it. Then, you have the ‘Drumtron/Bassinator,’ a rotating bass stand connected to drums that allows for three-man bass solos.”

CARNAL Track Listing:
1. Carnal
2. House On Sand (Feat. Eric V Of I Prevail)
3. If It Doesn’t Hurt
4. Angel Song (Feat. David Draiman)
5. Freefall
6. Blame It On The Drugs
7. Head
8. Existential Dread
9. Heart
10. Down The River
11. Give It Time
12. Sight
13. Stuck (Feat. Sinizter)
14. Run For Your Life
15. Sound

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