A swaggering and powerful ode to the fairer sex, PRAY AT YOUR ALTAR is the new single out today from goodthankyou, aka the solo project from Melbourne cult party-starters The Stiffys’ frontman Jason John Leigh. The formidable lead single taken from goodthankyou’s debut album THE KENNARDS SESSIONS, also out today, PRAY AT YOUR ALTAR showcases Leigh’s enigmatic musical prowess while equally illuminating the broader album steeped in vulnerability, charm and growth.

(STM) Tell us about your new single Pray At Your Altar?
It’s a sweaty lusty song that’s fueled by mild hallucinogens. It comes at the end of an album about growing up, searching for your place and finally finding a home in the arms of another.

What’s the creative process like for you?
Body started as a way for me to excavate a lot of negative thoughts and associations and get clear on the kind of relationship I’d like to have with myself. I’m particularly proud of the dynamics in this one, going from these melty verses to hit-you-in-the-face choruses when the emotion of the song takes over. It’s a very special one to me and I’m super proud to share it.

What’s the creative process like for you?
Every night I ride an electric scooter to a storage unit facility to work while the rest of the world sleeps. I drag an extension cord to a power point down the corridor, shut myself in behind a heavy roller door, open a can of lukewarm beer and pick up an instrument. Sometimes the music doesn’t come and I always think ‘oh man, I suck. I should get some sleep. Ok maybe I’ll just play some guitar or a while. This sucks. This is hard. Oh wait, what if I loop that bit. Cool now I’ll play drums behind it, oh man that sounds great and I am having the best time ever.’

If you could change something about the music industry what would you change?
I’d make it easier for young people to access recording studios. Install them into public libraries or something. It sucks that poor kids start from behind with music gear because they’ve usually got the most interesting things to say.

What do you think life would be like for you if you didn’t have music as an outlet?
I moved to Sydney a few years ago, away from my musical community, and tried to fill the void by taking up standup comedy. It was really fun but not making music made me feel like I was missing a limb. The radio in my head got louder and louder until it was bearable. And I also felt a lot less cool. So here I am getting it all out in a storage unit late at night.

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?
I’d love to be in the studio with Kevin Parker, mainly just to watch how he does it. It’d be less a collaboration and more ‘me watching Kevin Parker in the studio’, ‘me trying not fan out too hard in front of Kevin Parker’ and ‘me giving myself a pep talk in the corner to just calm down a bit around Kevin Parker’.

What’s your advice to young people who want to make a career for themselves in the industry?
Most creative people do not work for money, they just want to make cool stuff and be involved in good projects. So meet as many talented people as you can, learn from them and help them out. Then, when you get good enough to start building cool projects of your own, they’ll want to be part of it and help make it better.

What’s your favourite song to perform?
goodthankyou is purely a recording project for now. There will be a band at some point, and we’ll be able to tell you our favourite song to perform then. But I reckon it’d end being ‘GET FUCKED UP’.

Got any secret hobbies that we might be surprised by?
Sometimes I write jingles and do voice overs for ads. I also like to watch ASMR videos of old guys eating fast food and telling really boring stories.

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