(STM) What is your process and criteria for selecting and developing new songs to add to your live repertoire?

(TE) With my live repertoire, I'm always trying to add as many of my own songs in there, or choose a cover that I can put my own slant on and make it fun or entertaining and unexpected to the crowd! The importance of starting the show with the right songs cannot be underestimated!

Are there any songs you wish you could have included to your live/studio repertoire, but perhaps they didn’t translate exactly as desired?

Not all songs work as instrumentals, and I have to be really certain of it's integrity and muscle when I put it in my shows! Playing something in a concert situation is THE acid test!

Do you have a favourite collaboration that sticks out in your mind?

I have had so many wonderful Collaborations over my life,, "Burn for You" with John Farnham stands out as a great duet.. Nobody sings like HIM!

Who, past or present would you most like to collaborate with, and why?

I wish my brother Phil was back so we could launch our Duo on the world!!

You’ve recently performed some of Jeff Beck’s music live. Did you have a relationship with the late guitar legend?

I never got to meet Jeff Beck, but I have loved his playing since my brother gave me the "Blow by Blow" Album... He astounds me still.. What a tone!! RIP JB

Is there anything new you were surprised to have taken away and learned from your guitar camps over the years?

I've learned that there's no point in sugar-coating any part of the process of learning / practising / achieving ... when it comes to playing, there IS no easy way, there's work, DEDICATION and a lot of determination to get any good at anything in music. I tell it like it is, life is too short to waste any time ! GET TO WORK!

Hypothetical curveball - you have to play without the use of your middle or index finger - which do you choose?

ooooo Bad situation??? ... Middle finger, because I can make my index finger do things my middle finger can't ! TE

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