Review By Suze Blacketer

Thursday night saw me heading to The Gov to watch one of my favourite bands, The Beautiful Monument, support a couple of legendary international bands in Escape The Fate and Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (D.R.U.G.S)

Intense and captivating, The Beautiful Monument open up the evening drawing the crowd in. Vocalist Lizi tells the crowd it’s been a while, but they are very glad to be back. Bewitching us with her moves, which flit from sultry goddess to smackdown queen, we are mesmerized at the same time with the raw and emotive lyrics that TBM are known for.  Adam, Amy and Alex provide impressive musicianship and great chemistry for fan favourite tunes. Opening with Deceiver and following it up with songs like Stay and Invisible, the crowd sing along.  We also go to hear their new metal/electro single Hellbound, which absolutely slapped. The Beautiful Monument delivered an amazing performance that left the audience wanting more.

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows prove that live is always better!! This band absolutely slayed. Frontman Craig Owens was an absolute delight to watch, his energy never wavering for the entire set. Hyping up the crowd he demanded that we raise our hands, clap and to get ‘your f$#king feet off the floor’.  The band played a mix of their hits and their newer songs, and every single one was executed flawlessly. Starting with If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably fans quickly worked themselves into a frenzy, amongst a sea of smiles and sweat. Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm, DESTINY, The Longest Road, GOLD and Laminated E.T Animal blasted our ears. The vocals and instruments blended together perfectly, and the energy level and connection between the band and the crowd was off the charts. What an amazing set.

By the time the intro had played out and the band had hit the stage there was a sea of moving bodies in the pit. Escape The Fate had arrived. The first notes of Choose Your Fate ring out and set the tone for the next hour. The energy was palpable, with every person in the room amped up and ready. Craig Mabbitt is a thankful man, telling us how great it is to be touring again. Originally this tour was to celebrate 10 years of their self-titled album but due to circumstances we celebrated 13 years of the album instead!! Passionate in his vocal delivery, balancing the melodic vocals and screams, it is obvious we are here to celebrate. Escape The Fate were on a mission, the mission was to make this the best damn gig ever. Drummer Robert Ortiz played like a man possessed, breaking drumsticks early in the set, while Erik Jensen and Matti Hoffman blew our minds with their guitar prowess. Massacre, Issues, City of Sin, Prepare Your Weapon were played with such fervor, the fans reciprocated with voices and bodies raised. Finishing with Aftermath and then leaving the stage the crowd starts to chant for an encore. Returning to the stage to cheers, the crowd wait to see what the encore will deliver to us. What an encore it was!! Hearing their newest single Low in a live setting was a highlight for me. H8 Myself, Lightning Strike, a mind-blowing guitar solo by Matti and finishing with One For The Money.

Looking around at a sea of grinning faces makes you realise just how powerful music really is. An amazing night, celebrating an amazing album.