German electronicore party monsters Electric Callboy have arrived on our shores, ahead of appearances at 2022’s Good Things Festival. Before the festival cylinders fire up, Electric Callboy are warming up with 2 sold-out headline shows; at Melbourne’s Max Watts, and Sydney’s Factory Theatre. Along for the party are Clay J Gladstone and Paledusk from Japan, the latter also appearing at the Good Things Festival

Tonight’s venue may be half the size of the night priors Melbourne show, but the excitement and smiles sure are doubled! The Factory Theatre has had a facelift since I last attended a show here and it has a fantastic atmosphere with multiple rooms, hosting metal shows and comedy nights simultaneously. Scattered mullets, activewear and outfits are in full swing in hopes tonight’s headliner reciprocates the wardrobes. 

Clay J Gladstone begin the madness with a high-energy set. The Blue Mountains Emo Punk boys, fill the stage in kilts, overalls - sans shirts of course! They get the crowd dancing and singing early on, which isn’t the easiest feat for a local band supporting international acts. I sure hope to see Clay J Gladstone on more line ups, with a longer set. Their personalities pour out of their songs and dance moves, they’re a lot of fun! 

Japan’s Paledusk are up next, the first of 2 international headliners tonight. A Japanese, and a German band on the same night? I love festival season!

It feels as though they only just departed Aussie shores, as they appeared on the Metalcore Snitches tour alongside Alpha Wolf, Fit for a King and Great American Ghost in June. Paledusk’s music is unique and tight. The combination of metalcore, industrial, nu-metal, and EDM is exciting and impossible to look away from. We are even treated to an Eminem cover of Lose Yourself, Paledusk style. The guitarist never stands still, complete with spin kicks and windmills. Vocalist Katio jumps in the crowd for a sing along with their new friends, before closing out the set with Lights.
The pit is well and truly warmed up!

After their appearance at Good Things, they are darting across the east coast for a run of shows with Starve. Head to Destroy All Lines for more details on this tour.

Right at 9:10pm, the lights descend, and pink party ambience covers the stage. Intense dance music and intro, “In a world of desolation and sadness, six ultra-attractive men arose to bring back the joy. So, prepare yourself for the time of your lives. This is Electric Callboy. Are you ready?” Electric Callboy bound onto the stage straight into one of their biggest hits, Pump It. Each member kitted out in matching tracksuits, mullets and sweatbands the crowd erupts. Their mix of party tunes and heavy beats is the perfect combination. Before the crowd can catch their breath, we’re hurled into Arrow of Love as band members and crowd members alike make love hearts with their hands. This really is one of the happiest, most positive shows I’ve been to in a long time.  

The lights darken and members exit the stage, returning in normal stage clothes asking if we know how to ‘Jump the Fuck up’, why yes Electric Callboy, we sure do! The Scene begins with a marching beat and chant before the crowd jumps the fuck up to the ridiculously intoxicating beat. One of two lead singers, Nico points out that the huge headphones he is wearing aren’t just for fashion. He’s been battling an ear infection and can’t wear in ears, so big over-ear headphones are the next best option. While feeling a little vulnerable, the second vocalist Kevin says he looks cute and asks the crowd to join in to make him feel better. Kevin and Nico share a kiss during Supernova, the love is flowing through the venue tonight! 

MC Thunder 2 (Dancing Like a Ninja) shows the full extent of the vocal talent Kevin possesses. He conjures gutturals from the belly of hell, as crowd-goers look to their friends with pure delight in the form of a stank face. While the two singers cover most areas of the stage, the band members are giving just as much. Their music is tight, and they don’t miss a beat. The sound guy needs a raise because tonight is flawless. 

September saw the release of their latest album Tekkno, which holds many gems. One of those gems is Tekkno Train, which begins with a fun dance beat beginning the united clap. Interrupted by a heavy breakdown before a big singalong chorus, it’s impossible to stand still! Drummer, David-Karl Friedrich is beating the drums so hard, I can feel it in my chest. Do you want to know what happiness looks like? Its friends dancing around singing the words ‘choo, choo choo, choo choo choo we’re riding on the Tekkno train’

The band exit the stage once more before the intro of favourite Hypa Hypa seeps through the speakers. We all thought we had to wait until the end of the set to hear this one! Hands are in the air clapping to accompany the vocalists, who have returned in yet another costume change. Its contagious ‘do do do do’ sing along ignites the crowd as the circle pit opens to madness.

The banter on stage is just as entertaining as the performance, the German accent only makes it more wonderful. Kevin speaks of a tradition of dancing with friends to a type of music in Germany called Schlager. It’s overused, dance-pop-infused music that is scoffed at. Luckily, they wrote their own Schlager song which transitions quite abruptly into deathcore. Hurrikan is a major hit of the night, coming in at only 1 minute and 39 seconds the crowd is left in awe at what they’ve just witnessed. 

One fake encore later, we’re treated to the latest single Mindreader, the film clip, not even a fortnight old. An incredible aspect of the evening is not only that it is Electric Callboys very first Australian tour and they’ve sold out 2 shows, but the crowd knows songs so well, even when performed entirely in German! The members are incredibly moved and thankful for the support, interacting with the crowd at every opportunity. Spaceman may receive one of the most enthusiastic receptions.

Another fake encore reveals the German madmen decked out in bowl cuts and matching white vests. This can only mean one thing, it’s time for We Got The Moves. I’m not sure if it’s predominately laughter or cheers, perhaps both but the crowd is pumped! The song kicks off with the signature head bop, as the band and crowd leave nothing in the reserve tanks. 

Tonight, was a fantastic showcase of top tier musicians. We were captivated by our international guests and what a treat it was. Electric Callboy is such a strong band and if you look beyond the funny lyrics and ridiculous film clips for a moment, you will find talent in truckloads. They have unquestionably swept the globe, and I am ready for the takeover! Their recorded music is only going from strength to strength with imaginative film clips and now Australian audiences know how great they are live.  

If you are heading to the Good Things Festival this weekend, do yourself a favour and get in the gates early to catch their set.