Tonight, is a night full of incredible melodies, whether it’s from a black, death or just a straight up metal riff, there is melody in the air coming from all these bands. It’s been a little while for me since going to a local Melbourne scene gig, it was a great reminder of how supportive and kind the scene really can be. This is a sold-out show and it’s great to see a line outside at a venue for a local gig, its been years since seeing that kind of thing, the patch vests are out, there are familiar faces around and the Jack Daniels is flowing!

Opening the festivities is Black Lava, bringing on their melodic black sound with killer riffs and an absolutely cracking snare sound, that thing cut through the mix perfectly and the drummer was hard-hitting, perfect combination. Being a Black Metal 4 piece band can be hard, you need to consider how everything gels together live, clearly, these guys know what they are doing because they had a full band sound with just the one guitar, you could hear all the intricacies of the music without it sound thin. While watching though, I realise I’ve seen the beast of a vocalist before and note that it’s the singer of local Black Metallers Blackhelm. Anyone into Watain or Satyricon-style bands should check them out. They played to a half full venue at 7:30 but they got everyone there into their music.

Next out for this night of tightly played melodic music is Andy Gillion and his band, featuring 2 members of Orpheus on bass tonight, Chris and Leon. This is a completely instrumental set and this type of thing can either be really entertaining or drag on, lucky for me it was the first option. Andy and his band are incredible to watch, these guys make playing guitar look easy. Their playing was so fluid, their right hands just seemed to wash over the guitars while their left was all over the fretboard, it felt like I should be taking notes at a masterclass. Andy states that he has been living in Australia for about 5 years now and this is his first Melbourne show played, the appreciation is genuine, and I don’t think he stopped smiling for the entire set.

At the end of Andy Gillion’s set, the curtains close and the crowd starts to move closer to the stage, Orpheus Omega are starting to set up. The curtains open with the band coming out to play Within These Walls, the new single that happens to feature Andy in it, who pops back up on stage to shred his solo. Chris has complete control over the crowd with quick and ground-setting speeches, laying down the law of “no crowd surfing” Yeah.. thanks Captain Buzzkill Jeez! (I’m kidding Chris, if you’re reading this... I promise) but he does make up for it at the end of the set with “I'm not telling you people what to do but IF you know what USUALLY happens in this last song and happen to do those things if you are so inclined.. that’s on you” with a massive grin. Orpheus smashes out a killer set of the hits from over the last couple of albums and dedicate Lighthouse from the latest album, Wear Your Sins to a member of the local scene who has recently passed. As I said earlier, this was just the night for the Melbourne scene to catch up and show its solidarity.

The curtains close once more and Be’lakor are now taking their turn in getting ready to darken the room with their progressive blackened sound. The crowd is now at full capacity, and you can no longer move around the venue, the anticipation is high, and the crowd doesn’t seem to have lost any energy at all. These guys know how to write a song, they remind a bit of Insomnium or something along those lines, epic, big-sounding LONG songs, they had about 90mins to play, and I think that was about 8 – 9 songs. These songs though are jammed packed with killer riffs that had the crowd moving and headbanging from start to finish. There were people singing along to most of the songs and their fans were ranging from old schoolers to the next generation, it’s great to see that their music has that kind of reach. Their live sound was amazing and did not disappoint, the amount of reverb on the drums made it sound like they were playing a massive open hall and just gave the music so much more atmosphere.

It is great to see so many people out and about for local gigs once again, I hope this makes everyone else just as hungry to go out and find more local bands and get the scene back to its former glory. I will be humming or playing these damn songs that are stuck in my head for weeks now, thanks guys!