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Hey Guys,

My new concept band ROCK CHICK has a Melbourne date coming up in just over two weeks time!
I’m super excited to be bringing this show to my home town and not only that, playing at the legendary Memo Music Hall….can’t wait 😆😆

ROCK CHICK, is a full tilt epic ROCK SHOW featuring ME and my KICK ASS band, playing ALL the greatest hits from all the greatest ROCK CHICKS throughout music history, plus a few rock classics from the boys too!

Friday May 24th, 2024

Memo Music Hall

88 Acland St, ST KILDA

7PM Doors open



Tickets are selling fast, get in quick so you can be a part of this special Melbourne show.

Can’t wait to see you there!
Nat ❤️

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DIRTY THREE Announce Third and Final Melbourne Show

Dirty Three are back and selling out, today announcing a third and final Melbourne show to share their rumbling, widescreen tour at The Forum on Sunday, 16th June. General on-sale for this cacophony of noise begins today at 2pm AEST.

This news comes on the heels of the announcement of a new album Love Changes Everything which arrives physically on Friday, 14th June and digitally on Friday, 28th June, andexpands on their signature, gritty instrumentals that pull you in like oil-painted landscapes.

The new album comes alongside a national tour with the ARIA award winning trio spreading the noise across the mountains and to the coast. Five years since their last visit, and 12 long years since their last national tour, the group will take in Melbourne’s RISING festival, Sydney, Canberra, Thirroul, Fremantle, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane and Byron Bay to their manifest, bringing the same cathartic, sometimes violent and always spellbinding brand of music that they’ve brought to stages with Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Pavement, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, John Cale, Cat Power, PJ Harvey, The Pogues, and Cat Power. With many dates sold out or selling fast this fresh new tour certainly feels like those of the past.

Of the announcement Warren Ellis shares “What joy to kick off the tour for our new album Love Changes Everything in Melbourne Australia for the RISING Festival. Recorded in 5 days. Mixed in a year. Nothing has changed. Older and meaner, sadder and totally dangerous. Dirty Three are Thirty Two years old. Come blow out the candles and help us stick a knife in the cake.”

The Dirty Three – Warren Ellis, Mick Turner and Jim White – formed in Melbourne in 1992, to play with guitar drums and violin or viola, and within a couple years, they’d broken out – out of Australia, out of anything else they might have been inside of, and got worldwide. Over the next ten years, they toured over and over the planet, ceaseless like, and cut seven albums out along the way. After this, their unique style of play, fitted together like puzzle pieces, was decoupled, more often than not, and pieced together in many other, fruitful collaborations with many other esteemed talents. Over the past 20 years, they’ve gotten together a few times, renewed the vow, revved the engines and played some shows, or made an album. Like now.

For their first album in over a decade – yep, it’s been ten years since 2012’s Toward the Low Sun they flew in, got together and started playing. End of story. What else is there to say or do but that? Music’s their language, their true love; they never stop listening to that. And like the title says, Love Changes Everything.

The sounds of Dirty Three getting up to speed again include piano-plucked melodies ringing sweetly out over an undulating landscape flowing with guitar, drums, violin or viola, and synths, sudden descent from tumult of flights and heights into deep canyons of heart-struck adagio. And when received, and committed to “tape”, or whatever they used, this music has been untethered from its streams of consciousness and reconsidered as a recording; brought to bear through edits, overdubs and mixes, resequenced and made suite-like. Made into this album.

These lot were born to be as weathered as they are today. Time doesn’t matter. They make their gathered wisdom of the ages sing like something new every time. It renews. AndLove Changes Everything.

Dirty Three, ahoy!

Stream / Download ‘Love Changes Everything |’: https://dirtythree.lnk.to/lovechangeseverything-1
Pre-order / Pre-save Love Changes Everything: https://dirtythree.lnk.to/lovechangeseverything-lp

Dirty Three live

Friday, 14th June
RISING @ Hamer Hall, Melbourne SOLD OUT

Saturday, 15th June
RISING @ Hamer Hall, Melbourne SOLD OUT

Sunday, 16th June
The Forum, Melbourne ^

Tuesday, 18th June
Canberra Theatre, Canberra

Wednesday, 19th June
Anita’s Theatre, Thirroul*

Thursday, 20th June

Saturday, 22nd June
Fremantle Passenger Terminal, Fremantle^

Monday, 24th June
Hindley St, Adelaide^

Wednesday, 26th June
Odeon Theatre, Hobart^

Friday, 28th June
Tivoli, Brisbane^

Saturday, 29th June
The Green Room, Byron Bay^

*Support by Laura Jean
^ Support by Eleanor Jawurlngali

All tickets feelpresents.com

Praise for Dirty Three

“Dirty Three are my favourite live band. No contest … I think it’s because they don’t have a singer … There are three musicians working together, one no less important than the other and well, you can get lost in all that. Their music washes over you and you’re away … When I watch them, they ignite something….They’re utterly unique and absolutely world class.” – Nick Cave

“Every time I see the Dirty Three, they make me cry.” – Cat Power

“I remember when I first heard Dirty Three, they were like nothing else around; an instrumental band with a violinist who played like Hendrix, and epic songs that tore at the very fibre of your being.” – Zan Rowe

“Their songs, you know, maybe saved someone’s life. They’re one of the world’s greatest living bands without a shadow of a doubt … it speaks straight to your heart.” – Jen Cloher

“It’s impossible to find flaw with the performance, though its x factor is something collectively felt. A kind of accruing, song by fiery song, of irrefutable proof as to how truly great this band is.” – The Guardian

“For two hours, Dirty Three were the greatest band on any planet in any universe.” – FBi Radio

Dirty Three – Love Changes Everything

1. Love Changes Everything I
2. Love Changes Everything II
3. Love Changes Everything III
4. Love Changes Everything IV
5. Love Changes Everything V
6. Love Changes Everything VI

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Cicadastone – Melbourne Rockers Release New Single, Last In Line. New Album, Future Echoes, Out May 31

Release New Single, Last In Line
New Album, Future Echoes, Out May 31

Melbourne hard hitters, Cicadastone are back with another slab of Seattle infused rock in the shape of Last In Line.

With it’s huge vocal harmonies, driving riffs and emotive guitar fills, Last In Line harks back to a time when songs like this were all over the radio.

Last in line is a song about forms of addiction. “To be last in line of what? The choices we make now dictate the futures we have to come. The song touches on the concept of thinking you’re in control when you’re actually not at all. An outside perspective is important when you don’t have it. Don’t need a reason to deny, only a reason to be last in line.” – Mat Robins, vocals and guitar.

Listen to Last In Line here!

Catch Cicadastone this May!
Friday, May 3: XMusic Live, Workers Club, Melbourne
Saturday, May 4: XMusic Live, Scotties Garage, Seaford
Friday, May 31: Leadbeater Hotel, Melbourne (Album Launch)


Born from the ashes of the grunge rock greats, Cicadastone naturally move within the 90’s rock confines yet still manage to bring a modern fresh edge, developing their own unique sound while staying truly authentic to the genre, a difficult task in a time when it’s all been done before. With two albums under their belt, 2016’s debut, Chance Collide and 2020’s Cold Chamber, the band have been making solid in roads within the ultra competitive rock scene.

2024 sees the band take a huge leap forward creatively and make their biggest statement yet with third album, Future Echoes.

Last In Line is another gritty, grinding song by Cicadastone. It follows first single,
In The Crossfire and is a great indication of what to expect of the new album Future Echoes, due for release on May 31 via XMusic.

Pre Orders are available now

Follow Cicadastone

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Gig ReviewsReviews

[Review] Orange Goblin @ Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne 13/04/2024

It’s Saturday night, I have gig itchy ear parts, and my plus 1 buddy Eoghan. We are cruising through town to get to the Croxton to slam a couple of Jars down and bare witness to Orange Fucking Goblin!! Yes please, make the pleat in my trousers full. Tick!

I love the Croxton and this night I could already tell was going be turned up to eleven.  All my friends were there, Orange, Peavy and Marshall. A couple of Ludwigs set up ready to be pounded.  Enter Astrodeath….

Astrodeath a two piece unit were up and energised. Throw a little QOTSA, pinch of Local H & maybe some Monster Magnet and you have yourself a booming duo that will knock you fucking face off. Right from the get go with Yoshi on the skins slamming into that kit and Tim’s presence and energy had everyone committed.  It was like being in the crowd of the Mupppet show with long hair trying to keep up with the headbanging that was unfolding. To further my point my Amigo Eoghan said its like watching Animal play the drums. We were both hooked and wanted more.

It was one of the night’s where you say to yourself if this is the first outfit then how can you go up from here.  Belting out tunes like Mountain King, Leviathan Rising and Ceremonial Blood, Astrodeath had us on the hook, even knocking out a Sabbath cover which as a two piece was a more than fair effort. Tip my hat to Yoshi & Tim for the sound they deliver, it’s full, it’s mixed right, it’s punchy, go hard or go home and fuckin delicious. Rate em highly. Check em out!

Isn’t it Rich?

Are we a pair?

Me here at last on the ground,

You in mid-air

Send in the clowns…………

Robe cladded doom metal Melbourne band Dr Colossus enters with Krusty the Klown’s Send in the clowns….not having seen them before I wasn’t expecting to see a band that infuses Doom metal with The Simpson’s!! The Croxton is filling up now and the Muppet show is keen to roll into more metal on the doom side with a sense of humour.

Jono,  Mike, Josh & Joel just had the pull of the crowd to get everyone amped not only for the gear they were spilling out but also for the up coming Goblin. The inhouse Dr of the night gave us a solid set featuring Pickabar, Sixt Six & Six Lard Lad & So Long Stinktown. A mixture of 4 string bass, left-handed drummer, lead and rhythm with excellent clean vocals gave us a well rounded tight Simpsons on the dark side of the moon. The Croxton community gathering around Mike to tribute a lost comrade was a nice touch too.

Bizarre moment as I was talking to me mate about Bon Scott and an AC/DC tribute band when It’s A Long Way came on through the PA. Now music had been playing between sets, so I never took much notice until the curtain started to rise. Sploodge!

Now that’s a way to open to a now eager Melbourne crowd. Tip my hat for having the smarts to walk onstage to a local tune like that. I give you Orange Goblin and yep we all were goblin!!!

Mountain sized Ben had us all in the palm of his hand as he swept us up and took us on OG journey starting back in 97’. You have Moses looking Chris centre stage on the kit, Joe on his Gibson (fuck me can that Dude play!), Harry on Bass stage right & Ben the Giant wielding cannon sized arms to grab the crowd, all in front of Marshall stacks teetering of the edge from blowing out.

Solarisphere, Saruman’s Wish, Made of Rats, Aquatic Fanatic ripped through the Muppet Monster race of fans left right, front and centre. A swarm of electric mayhem was a back and forth between crowd & our Orange Goblin. Joe’s guitar playing was outstanding, just a very fucking cool guitar sound, almost Angus like, lots of overdrive pushing his amp to the limit. The whole band dripping with style & energy. The sound mix was bang on and all instruments could be distinguished. Harry had his bass amp so high it was almost at warble but silky good.

More from the OG journey came Sons of Salem, Your World Will Hate This and moving into more of their newer kit Not Rocket Science which is a banger of a tune. Good driving song!! They also played Scorpionica, Time Travelling Blues finishing on Red the Rising.

Ben said he was told earlier on the tour, “Wait until you get to Melbourne.” As a reference to the Melbourne scene, pretty sure we lived up to the hype and even though it was the last Aussie show he vowed to be back and without the 10+ year gap between. So, if you like having your nipples turned up to 11 and your head spun off its shoulders then get yourself to see Orange Goblin, anywhere anytime!!

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