Mitch recently had a chat with Be'lakor to talk about their upcoming tour in August!

(MC) Hey Guys, it must be a great feeling to be hitting the road again, how long has it been since the last tour? Are there plans to head back overseas?

Yeah, it's an exciting thing to be getting back into playing live again, no doubt. And we're definitely also making plans for some overseas shows following this Aussie tour - beginning with the US (for what will be our first tour there).

With the great reception of Coherence, are there any songs, in particular, you are excited to show off live?

It's been a tough one for us to actually decide on which songs to fit into our setlist! But we'll be playing a few - and I think the one I'm most excited about is probably 'Valence.'

I’m hoping to get to the Melbourne show of your tour, seeing you guys and Orpheus is going to be great, have you toured or gigged with those guys before?

We have - probably at least twice. They're stalwarts of the Aussie melodic death metal scene now, and over the years we've gotten to know them pretty well. It'll be fun - we look forward to them putting on a super energetic show again (and making us look like a bunch of old fogies!)

Are there any Aussie bands you are keen to see get back into the live scene and tour/gig with?

We've never played alongside King Parrot or Psycroptic here, but they're both Aussie bands we really admire. Portal is another. Whilst they potentially wouldn't work with our music stylistically too well, those would be some cool shows, from our perspective. Another Aussie band I've always liked is Voyager - they'd be fun to tour with.

Besides being in lockdown during the creation of Coherence, were there any differences in the writing or creation of Coherence?

I think for us it was just an even more careful, 'attention to detail' sort of process than normal. We managed to get back to some of our older ways of working too, which allowed us to have a longer whole-band rehearsal phase prior to entering the studio. This made a big difference and made the recording process much more enjoyable.

The previous album Vessels had a concept behind it, did Coherence?

It did - but not in a linear or purely narrative way like 'Vessels' did. 'Coherence' explored some key ideas about the human condition, and the role played by our minds as the window through which that experience unfolds - but we generally prefer to let listeners explore the themes and add some of their own meaning from the lyrics.

How did it feel to have Coherence nominated for “Global Metal Release of 2021”?

Was this at We were definitely pretty excited to get an award on that site, as it's such a longstanding, high-quality metal website that we read as fans even before our band was up and running.

What are the essentials for Be’lakor on a tour? Is there anything that you need to have with you?

Just a nice hot cup of Bonnox at the hotel after each show

Lastly, can you give one of your all-time favourite Aussie Tour Memories? Any particular stand-out gigs or towns that you have played?

Our most recent shows in Sydney and Melbourne were probably our favourites ever. The crowds were bigger than we'd had before, and the atmosphere was amazing. We're hoping to top that this August!

Thanks for chatting with us and I cant wait to see you on the road in August!!!

Destroy All Lines Presents
'Coherence' August 2022 Australian Tour
With special guests Orpheus Omega and Andy Gillion

Saturday 6 August - Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide (18+)
Friday 12 August - The Brightside, Brisbane (18+)*
Saturday 20 August - Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)
Friday 26 August - The Basement, Canberra (18+)
Saturday 27 August - Crowbar, Sydney (18+)
*Orpheus Omega & Andy Gillion not appearing

Tickets available via