Review by Mitch Charlton

With a new year, comes new music and new artists. Warning Order are coming in strong with their first EP With Me… With You. This 30-minute EP sounds heavily influenced by the melodic death metal scene and reminds me of In Flames, Reroute to Remain or Trivium’s, Shogun. It has a diverse catalogue of sounds and skills that show off what this one-man band is capable of, hopefully this is just the beginning of what we will hear from Warning Order.

This catchy as hell EP comes out of Melbourne and everything you hear has been recorded and engineered by Jordan Moore, which is quite a feat, then sent over to Max Morton, who has worked with the likes of Jinjer, who has brought out all the clarity and melody needed for this type of tightly played music. As previously mentioned, this EP is heavily influenced by the Melo-Death Scene and anyone into this style will love this EP from start to finish, think old school In Flames vocals with some killer riffs from At The Gates and you will get the idea.

These 5 tracks bring you a tasty diverse palette of heavy grooves and melody. The title track With Me.. With You lays it all out to bare and you can hear in Jordans voice the heavy style but he also shows his range in clean singing, which has been used throughout the EP to set the right moods. This track will be great in the live scene with its crunchy riffs that will have the crowd headbanging from end to end and the closing arrangement is perfect for crowd involvement with its massive sound and repeat chorus.

Oceans of despair will provide you that bigger chorus feel, catchy and clean. This was the second single released before the EP, Terminus being the first. Oceans of Despair is probably the most radio-friendly and mainstream off this little number and a good choice to bring in a wider audience. With choosing your first set of singles, you can stick to what is safe, these song formats are a comfort zone from the sounds of things, all though the songs are catchy, they can be a bit predictable in structure at times.

Fortress In Ruins, this song is my favorite from the EP and shows off the darkness to Warning Order’s sound. This is the most diverse track on the EP and it brings out the creativity in Moore’s writing with hints of Black Metal, Melo Death, and straight-up rock n roll, verses switching between heavy and clean but keeping in line with the darker edge ensuring the listener is interested.

Finding new bands and new music is always a joy, you never know what you might find or take from a new listen. Hopefully, with all the lockdowns and everything that has happened to the Australian Music Scene over the last two years, bands will be building and releasing new music to show what they are capable of. I’m hoping that by the time the scene is back in full swing Warning Order will have a live band element to their sound and be ready to hit the stage. These songs will sound great live. For now, he is taking advantage of the digital media, go and have a listen on Youtube and Spotify.