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[Album Review] Munitions – Remote Death

Melbourne Death Metallers, Munitions are back to take heads with their second EP, Remote Death, bringing back their neck breaking riffs and showing us that they have what it takes to back up a solid first EP, Black Winds.

In the two years since Black Winds was released, Munitions have been busy getting in some incredible milestones, already nailing their first international support slots, tearing up the local metal scene, then somehow also finding the time to get a brand-new EP written and recorded.

Second releases can be a tricky thing, you need to be able to back up, improve or at the very least, keep the same level of creativity/intensity as your first. Some bands can’t pull it off but goddamn, Munitions improve on all aspects that Black Wind originally gave us. Building off those already solid foundations, the sound of this EP is probably the biggest change that hits your ears first. Once again using their local recording studio, Dangertones, in Melbourne, they have captured everything perfectly and its incredibly well mixed. Anyone who follows the local Melbourne scene would have heard some of Dangertones previous album works and should investigate working with them.

These new songs are like sharpening a blade, they already have the weapon, the skills to wield it, now they are just making it a more efficient killer and that’s what these songs are, killer! This time around with the release they have filmed a video clip for the song Trapped, check it out on YouTube. The standout track for me was Manufactured Demise, I had it on repeat, I couldn’t stop. This song has dynamics, well written guitar solos, an excellent tremolo riff that then drops into the slower chunk version of the riff and you just get that headbanging feeling with a stank face, you know that face you get when you hear a riff and you just know that you’ve heard something incredible, yeah, THAT face.

If you’re into film clips and visuals, Trapped is the first track here with a film clip of the gents blasting it out. Great track to pick for a film clip and seeing the guys do what they do best. The second single released here before the rest drop is …And This Is How You Die, this is everything you want in an introduction of the band, heavy, groovy, tasty and well played. If you haven’t listened to Munitions before, go and put this track on, listen, then get excited for Remote Death’s release!

This is another incredible effort from a band that has not been around the scene for very long, mind you, if you look at the line up from this band, they are all scene veterans. They know what they are doing and there is no stopping them now that they are on a roll. This is definitely a band to watch out for!

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[Album Review] Claire Anne Taylor – Giving It Away

What do you get when you mix the raw talent & raspiness of Janis Joplin, the melodic sweetness of Eva Cassidy, and the rock grit of Melissa Etheridge? Claire Anne Taylor, that’s what you get. Despite the many musicians that come to mind when listening to Claire, she still has her own uniquely distinct sound. The Tasmanian-born singer/songwriter released her third album Giving It Away on 16th February, and my god what an incredible piece of work it is. 

The opening track Swallowing Stones is a slow ballad with a warm accordion intro and lyrics that really hit hard, which is followed up by the tale of the child forced to grow up too fast in You Were Just a Kid. This particular song is a prime example of Claire’s exceptional storytelling talents. With it’s funky saloon-style piano intro, Dance With Death gets your toes tapping and really showcases Claire’s raw powerful vocals. 

For Old Times Sake picks up the pace and combined with its catchy chorus, you’ll be bopping along with a smile on your face. Stuck Around is a nostalgic tale of what could have been and the subtle organ under the track provides a joyful layer to fill the song. 

Claire’s opening vocals in Before evoke deep emotions, whilst If You Should See Sunshine is a gutsy rock track that packs a huge punch. Its thumping drum intro and meaty guitar sound completely encompass your whole body to move along as the song builds to its crescendo. 

Lay You Down in the Cold Hard Ground is my absolute favourite track on the album. It’s a brilliantly dirty, gritty, blues-rock track that just builds and builds, and transports you to the famous blues bars of the Deep South. I’ve found myself singing and/or humming this tune nearly every day since it first entered my radar. 

Keep On Truckin’ has an upbeat country feel and is the perfect road trip anthem with a dose of wise advice in its chorus for good measure. 

The highly emotive title track Giving It Away has Claire completely baring her soul, and sharing her deeply personal journey of grief. I managed to catch Claire’s Melbourne show recently, and seeing her perform this song live with just her piano was one of the most incredibly moving performances I’ve ever seen. The goosebumps still haven’t disappeared. 

Rounding out this brilliant album is The River Song that floats weightlessly around you before settling comfortably within your space. 

It’s one thing to be a talented singer, songwriter and musician, but Claire has the added superpower of being a gifted storyteller, whose stories have a special way of infiltrating your psyche and opening up every emotion laying dormant within you. If there is one homegrown artist you need to get around RIGHT NOW, it’s Claire Anne Taylor. 

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[Album Review] Nothing But Thieves – Dead Club City Deluxe

The release of their #1 UK charting fourth LP Dead Club City last June not only welcomed in the new financial year but a new era of Nothing But Thieves, marking their ten year anniversary.

Whilst it sits rather far removed from the prog styling of Broken Machine, and their titular debut, the Dead Club City Deluxe release further cements their transition, offering five more pieces to make up the concept album, tail-ended with three new tracks and two stripped back versions of Overcome and Tomorrow Is Closed. Set for release on 15th March via RCA/Sony, the additions extend the 80’s synth, crisp lines and heightened falsetto of Conor Mason that make up the Dead Club City landscape.

Dead Club City is positioned as an exclusive members-only club with each corner of the room a snapshot into a different character’s story as represented by each individual track, played by the fictional band Zzzeros. Each story is laced with a different theme including personal relationships, analysis of the current world climate, a dissection of the media and, naturally, the makeup of the music industry. From the bold Welcome to the DCC start, the Pop The Balloon full stop at the end of the original release felt like more of a comma with more story to tell. They complete it here.

The cinematic edge of the album is continued with the Deluxe versions lead single Oh No He : Said What. A galactic showering, Oh No He : Said What explodes with laser synths, rocketing riffs and a keyboard light show. It’s Mad Max meets Xanadu, Muse’s Drones meets Client Liaison’s Diplomatic Immunity in sonic stature with glimmers of nostalgia but as a fresh take. Mason flexes his falsetto, creating memorable hooks.  

Time : Fate : Karma : God is the biggest nod to the band’s history on the album, still littered with 80’s inspiration with the inclusion of synths, but the rock elements outweigh the disco, particularly notable in the chorus’ steady ascent and refrain. The title lyrics recited in the bridge are impactful, almost anthemic, made for the live setting.

Three new songs and three very different tones; Pure You is climactic, the end that the album originally deserved. A love song dripping with 60’s lust and romance heightened by the simplicity of keys, synths and soaring guitars. Mason’s vocals are electrifying and transcendent in the final crescendo. The final refrain “until my heart explodes” reflects the single title; pure, delicate and piercing. 

Stripped versions of Overcome and Tomorrow Is Closed balance the heightened production of the top of the album to offer a new perspective of the two fan favourite tracks, in a sense continuing and closing out the Pure You love story. 

The five tracks are welcome additions to Dead Club City and offer clarity to the album’s overall concept.  

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[Album Review] 10,000 Volts – Ace Frehley

10,000 Volts is launched into the stratosphere February 23 so mark your calendar you will not want to miss this!

The Spaceman is back, but for many he never left! As a dedicated follower of Ace Frehley I was beyond excited to wrap my listening gear around his latest release and give you my thoughts.

The opening track 10,000 Volts is instantly stuck in your head, that trademark Ace opening is right there from the get-go with riffs galore and a catchy chorus. Of course, Ace never strays far from his outer space roots and this album is not exception, with song two aptly named Walking On The Moon. While this one is a bit slower it still has lots to love, with the Frehley sound stamped heavily on it.

Cosmic Heart sees a mind-bending solo and Ace really showcases his shredding skills. Every song has a memorable moment that makes you instantly know this is Ace’s handiwork at play. Produced by Ace himself along with Steve Brown you can see the 50 plus years’ experience from Ace being poured into each and every song.

Cherry Medicine opens with another heavy riff and one synonymous with Ace, it is raw and rugged and I love it. While the album screams Ace Frehley from every pore, I still believe there has been a little bit of explorative work done to expand and change his sound to keep things interesting. Another stinging solo popped in the middle keeps you bopping along and singing ‘Cherry Medicine’ out loud by the song’s conclusion. Back Into My Arms Again slows down the pace and reminds us that Ace can write a little love ditty if he needs to. Then we are back to the punchier tracks with Fighting For Life. This song holds it place on the album with vigour, it instantly had my foot tapping with its catchy hooks and snappy lyrics.

I know there has been a lot of correlation to Ace’s solo Kiss album, and while I can see it reflected here it has its own feel and I would not be one to set them side by side. Blinded and Constantly Cute lift the second half of this album and keep you engaged to listen to the last few tracks. I know at times the second half of albums can lag but this is not the case with 10,000 Volts.  It seems to pick up the pace as the album comes to its conclusion with Life Of A Stranger pulling on the blues vibe which I really enjoy.  It isn’t often we see Ace experiment with these different genres and I like it.

Up In The Sky gives me instant New York Groove feels and I bloody love it, Kiss fans will eat this one up. Even his vocal tone brings out the nostalgic 70’s Kiss energy. It is placed well on the album sitting close to the finish line and ingraining on your memory as you take in the last song Stratosphere. Another theme fitting song, Stratosphere is an instrumental that ties everything on 10,000 Volts together. With some lovely guitar work it has a relaxed feel and is very easy to listen too. It showcases Ace’s skills and rounds the album out perfectly.

Fans of Ace will gobble this album up with wild abandon and it may even just swing those who are on the fence. All in all 10,000 Volts is a very solid delivery of new material and will recharge the batteries of those waiting for some new tunes.  It is clear that Ace is going nowhere and is still smashing out some cool material that rivals anything else that is flooding the market currently. I will be adding it to my playlist immediately and I recommend you do the same.

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[Album Review] Lord of the Lost – Weapons of Mass Seduction

For the uninitiated, Lord Of The Lost are a German band from Hamburg. Formed by frontman, Chris’s Harms in 2007 and initially meant as a solo project, but later evolved into a group. Their industrial / goth metal sound with fetish-adjacent imagery gets them a lot of attention, particularly in their homeland. They have earned themselves several top ten positions and even a number one chart placement over the years. While having a “cult following” Internationally, they have yet to break out of Europe in a big way, until now.

Barely one year after the release of their album, Blood and Glitter, Lord Of The Lost return with a new album released on December 29th, to close out a successful 2023.  

After representing Germany (and metal music in general) at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, England in May this year, and following that up with touring heavily during the Northern Hemisphere summer, Lord of the Lost surprise us with a new album made up entirely of cover songs.  

Weapons Of Mass Seduction opens with a 1993 Billy Idol rocker, Shock To The System, that powers along at a cracking pace and makes you want to get up and move. I made a mental note to add this to my “housework” playlist.  It’s a cracker of an opener! It’s followed up with the 2016 Sia hit song, Unstoppable, also a single from this album. It’s slightly darker than the original but Harms stays true to it.

Then Bronski Beat’s 1984 hit, Smalltown Boy, gets a darkwave makeover  where we hear Harms open up his harsh vocals for the first time. The next song starts and I am smiling as I recognise it as Judas Priest’s 1997 single,  Turbo Lover, a personal favourite of theirs, I sing along with Harms and by mid-way through I’m up and dancing. Harms honours Midge Ure’s vocal styling in the 1982 Ultravox song, Hymn. Next up is Give In To Me from the 1991 Michael Jackson album, Dangerous, sounding more goth than pop, followed by the 2018 single by Bishop Riggs, River which gets its bluesy roots styling eliminated and down tuned into more of a heavier rock ballad. The Keane 2004 banger Somewhere Only We Know gets a LotL style gothic revamp and then we get another 1980s hit with Cutting Crew’s 1986 number one hit,  (I Just) Died In Your Arms. LotL have made it into a duet with Berlin-based Independant Darkpop / Soft Rock singer Anica Russo. Russo is probably best known for her previous collaboration with Adam Lambert. Her sweet vocals harmonising with Harms’ gothic tones give the song a darkwave pop vibe. Next Lord Of The Lost tackle the 2015 Zella Day song, High, giving it a metal treatment with some harsh vocals. The album is rounded out with the 2014 Pretty Reckless song, House On The Hill with the original’s acoustic guitars being swapped for a piano intro that turns into a heavy rock ballad.

Weapons Of Mass Seduction is an eclectic mix of pop and rock tunes that comes off being surprisingly cohesive. However, I suspect that fans of Lord Of The Lost might find this album on the “lite” side of their usual sound. 

Vocalist, Chris Harms, has an approachable vocal style that has a nice measure of husk and grit.  Harm’s deep baritone gives dark, gothic vibes, especially when coupled with the heavily down-tuned guitars and darkwave-style keyboards. His use of harsh growls and screams are used (very) sparingly on this album, but fits perfectly when applied. I could have actually enjoyed more ‘grit and grunt’ had they been added. Overall, Weapons Of Mass Seduction is an accessible album, loaded with familiar tracks that are obviously aimed at a wider audience and I suspect that this was planned on the heels of their Eurovision appearance. 

A good one to dip your toe into the LotL discography.  

Weapons of Mass Seduction is released on December 29th 2023 and is available on all streaming services and in several different versions of CD and Vinyl through Napalm Records

Track list:— 

Shock To The System – Billy Idol cover

Unstoppable – Sia cover 

Smalltown boy – Bronski Beat cover

Turbo Lover – Judas Priest cover

Hymn – Ultravox cover

Give In To Me – Michael Jackson cover

River – Bishop Briggs cover

Somewhere Only We Know – Keane cover

(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight [ft Anica Russo] – Cutting Crew cover

High – Zella Day cover

House On A Hill – The Pretty Reckless cover

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[Album Review] Helmet – Left

Helmet to me was one of those bands who were always mentioned, songs were played, I got into them but never really deep dived into but after listening to Left, the brand new album, I will be going to change this. It’s clear that Helmets soundscape has influenced a fair amount of music over the years with their brand of alternative Metal, Punk and even aspects of hardcore influence to assist the evolution further still. You’ve got to give credit where it’s due.

Going back to have a listen to some previous albums while writing this review for comparison, Left is nothing new to their already well-established sound but a solid reminder of why Helmet are still relevant and noteworthy. Bringing their classic gritty hardcore DIY sounding production to the table once again, it brings songs like Bigshot, Bombastic and Gun Fluf to the forefront of the album, these 3 tracks were the top ones for me. Gun Fluf has this solid snare beat that just drives that song like a nail in a coffin, its killer but if you are putting on Helmet, then you know what you are wanting and won’t be disappointed in what they are doing.

The opening track Holiday sets the pace for the Left, which is fairly mid – slow tempo with Gun Fluf being the fastest track on here and an incredible moody acoustic, strings attached track titled, Tell Me Again, being the slowest, but don’t let the lack of speed turn you off, that song is worth the listen. The song starts off with some steel guitar work leading into acoustic guitar and strings behind it with melancholy vocals about that lovely narcissistic friend, yeah, you know.. THAT mate!

The album ends on this wicked jazz avantgarde style track named Resolution, completely instrumental with some great guitar work, because you know, why the hell not!? With Resolution, Tell Me Again and another track Reprise, the album inherits a decent contrast of sounds from start to finish. You have everything from open punky chorus’ with catchy vocals that will have songs stuck in your head to a chunky palm muted riff that will get you headbanging as well as the previously mentioned, mellow track Tell Me Again, that will have you reflecting on everything you thought you knew.

Left is a great album to give to someone who has never listened to Helmet, it will definitely gain them fans and surely keep the old ones happy. Go out and try a left field album of your own music tastes and find something new! You never know what you will find and like.

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Filter – The Algorithm

“Everyone has an algorithm. An algorithm is a problem that needs to be solved.”  — Richard Patrick

It’s been seven long years since the last studio album by platinum-selling Post-grunge, Industrial / Alt Rock pioneers, Filter.

A lot has happened in those seven years and my first thought is, how relevant can a band from the nineties that has been on hiatus for seven years, be at this point in time. My second thought is, perhaps they just need the cash, like we all do. It's jaded of me to think this way, and I'll be the first to admit that I was happily surprised and delighted by this album. It feels and sounds relevant and is obviously written by an artist who loves being creative for a living. As the saying goes, ‘do what you love and love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life’. Richard Patrick surely has taken this concept and run with it.  

Filter is primarily the project of American singer, songwriter, musician, producer, Richard Patrick. Formed in 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio, with guitarist / programmer Brian Liesegang after Patrick decided to leave his role as touring guitarist for Nine Inch Nails. Their debut and sophomore albums both  achieved platinum status. Current touring members include Jonathan Radtke, Bobby Miller and Elias Mallin.

The Algorithm is the eighth studio album for Filter.

Patrick stated recently in an interview that The Algorithm is essentially a concept album.  The premise being, that an astronaut comes back to earth to find it is almost completely destroyed, there are only a few people left living on the planet.  The Algorithm is the story of the astronaut trying to find out why this has happened. Song themes include addiction, war, misinformation and climate change. 

The Algorithm starts with a moody yet chaotic track titled The Drowning, with rumbling bass and metallic guitars it is a heavy introduction to the album and is a part of a triptych that plays alongside Up Against The Wall and first single from 2022, For The Beaten, whose heavy riff is almost jarring but is saved by an anthemic style melody and swelling chorus. This trio of songs carries all the angst that fans of singer/songwriter Richard Patrick and Filter, love and have come to expect. The angst meter is dialed up to 11 and I’m feeling the apocalyptic gloominess engulf me. 

Next up is Obliteration, a song about alcoholism. Patrick is quite open about how he realised that he needed to deal with his own alcohol addiction, saying it was his “algorithm” to solve. Celebrating 20 years of sobriety next month, Patrick sees this as his greatest achievement. In Obliteration, he expresses the chaos of addiction with heavy riffs, power chords and a soaring chorus. It’s only three and a half minutes long but I'm feeling emotionally exhausted.

Facedown starts with an electronica style groove and showcases Patrick’s falsetto. The chorus hits with chugging, crunchy guitars. There’s a lightness that juxtaposes the message of misinformation. Patrick says he wrote this “after being inundated with lies, deception and pure vitriol every day”

The next track is Threshing Floor. It has that industrial rock sound that is  synonymous with artists like Marilyn Manson, in fact, I can easily imagine MM performing this track. 

Be Careful What You Wish For is where I can clearly hear the Nine Inch Nails / Trent Reznor influence the strongest. There’s a groove to this track that makes me want to dance. As I’m shaking my tush, the repetitive mantra “be careful what you wish for” feels almost hypnotic by the end of the song.

Burn Out The Sun is a soft melodic guitar-driven track that meanders along gently, giving the listener a reprieve from the heavy moodiness of the previous tracks. Did we just time travel to the 1970s? Maybe, but we quickly return and the album is rounded off with the acoustic sounding, but lyrically bold, Command Z. It’s raw and in your face, but I feel more heard in these lyrics than I have in a very long time. 

“Sometimes the shit just piles up, I wash my hands and then what, Played by the rules and got fucked, Cross my heart swear to god but something died”….. “I gotta find my life on backup, Command Z undo my fuckups, Outside world is theirs and blown up, Fade to black, Open wide, movie screen live love and die”. 

This poetry is real life and I daresay we’ve all felt that way at some point over these past few years. 

Richard Patrick has spent three decades pushing musical and lyrical boundaries. A pioneer who has been applauded and awarded for giving a generation a soundtrack to their lives. At 55 he is still relevant and has plenty of relatable stories to share with us. As a peer, I was vaguely aware of Filter, back in the day, but to be honest, I was more a NIN / Reznor fan during Filter’s heyday but this album has me delving through the Filter back catalogue and wishing I had caught the train at the time. Better late than never, I guess. 

As a whole, the album feels fresh and interesting and I put this down to the fact that Patrick has co-written the songs with several different people, all of whom have injected something different into this sonic landscape.

The Algorithm at first appears to be gloomy, bleak and depressing. It feels dystopian and almost claustrophobic in its heaviness at times, giving me the distinct impression that Patrick struggles to communicate any other way than through his music, with layer upon layer upon layer of angst, but after further listens, I realise it is more a search for understanding and positivity in a rapidly changing world and society divided. 

If you’re a fan of Nineties-Naughties Industrial Rock and Metal such as NIN, Marilyn Manson, Ministry, Stabbing Westward, Blue Stahli, and Static X you might just like to add this to your playlist. 

The Algorithm was released on August 25th and is available on all streaming services and through Australian label, Golden Robot Records. 

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Caskets – Reflections

When creating a new album, you always want to have something to say with the songs you’ve written, and you also want to do better than the previous album. Caskets have come out with their sophomore album, Reflections, which I believe does both. Metalcore is on the rise once again, that’s right you purists, go hide away from the mainstream for a while, big sing along chorus’s, chunky breakdowns and synth backing tracks are coming back in full swing, but what makes Caskets stand out amongst the crowd?

First off, you’ve got to have a wicked hook or melody and the singles released for the album Believe, Better Way Out and More Than Misery were the best choices off this album in this aspect. Believe is bouncy as hell and I had it on repeat, there are killer hooks and melodies throughout this entire album but this one got me good. The artwork for the film clip really ran with the reflections idea, crystals and mirrors everywhere! More Than Misery comes in with a massive sing along chorus and that’s gonna come across well when they hit live scene.

Better Way Out is a brilliant track, because as well as being a well written track musically, lyrically, it deals with those dark thoughts and the film clip perfectly portrays a scenario of someone not coping with that situation. With the “You are not alone, there are people who care” at the end, it really cements what they are trying to get across to their fans and listeners.

The second album is probably more daunting than the first, with the first, you write the best that you know how, you record and engineer to the best you know how. Once that first album is released, you then have a bar to go above and beyond but how do you write better? How do you record better? Caskets released Lost Souls in 2021 and they already have the next one in the barrel ready to go. They have definitely stepped up the game here with Reflections, they are sounding massive, stronger and coming out better song writers. The album will have you bouncing and singing along every time.

Having a message with your music is also what can make you stand out amongst the other bands, and I do love a band with a message. This album deals with the themes of mental health, dealing with your inner demons, ranging from a breakup song (high overview) to struggling with finding the strength to deal with everyday life. Caskets are reminding their fans and listeners that these are real issues and there are appropriate ways to deal with them. Self-care is an important message and more people do need to recognise this as a constant battle.

These guys were recently here, just as I got to do the review for this. I wish I had the chance to see them play live to give another dynamic to the review, I did hear that they dropped a couple of new ones in live though and I’m interested to hear which ones. After giving this a listen I’m hoping they are coming back sometime soon.

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Ghost – Phantomime

Hot off the back of the long-awaited Australian tour announcement, Ghost are throwing us a bone with the latest release EP Phantomime. There is barely a conversation between music lovers of late that does not consist of the word Ghost. Their all-consuming sound and unique take on music is hot property, and we Australians cannot get enough!

The musical genius of Tobias Forge is once again on full display and Phantomime takes us on a journey of classic covers with a diverse collection of songs. Who would have thought that putting Tina Turner and Iron Maiden of the same album would work? Well, Tobias of course, and it works in spades, with refreshing new takes on somewhat unconventional partners.

Opening with Televisions’ See No Evil we are taken back to the seventies with a nostalgic twist on this decades old tune. While losing none of the original feel Ghost have wrangled See No Evil to give it a modern-day spin while still keeping close to its original counterpart. A brilliant way to kick of the album, instantly grabbing your attention, leaving you eager to see what comes next.

The Genesis hit, Jesus He Knows Me is next in line and was released to coincide with Easter Sunday. Which solves the mystery of the “Jesus Is Coming” reference in the Good Friday premiere of the webisode series Chapter 17, Nap Time.  It isn’t the first time we have seen Ghost challenging authority figures via music and this one is an absolute banger.  Their version of the Grammy award winning song is a blinding rendition and let’s just say the accompanying film clip will leave you with a strange awkwardness. Never one to shy from controversial subjects, Jesus He Knows Me is up there with the best and is one of my favourites on the EP.

The Stranglers have been in everyone’s ears for almost fifty years, so it was no surprise they made the cut on this album. The cover of Hanging Around has a fresh aspect that I really enjoyed. Tobias has a way of spinning songs to suit his distinguishable sound but still gives the song its own identity. Hanging Around is this and more and is worth of its spot on Phantomime.

They do not come more synonymous in the metal music scene than Iron Maiden. The Phantom of The Opera is a mammoth song and one that needs to hit the mark if you are going to replicate it.  Fortunately, the Ghost version knocks it out of the park with a punchy sound that resonates instantly in your mind with a song of such gargantuan proportions. It is magical to listen as Ghost intertwine with Iron Maiden in an almost cathartic experience, while this song is a long one you will not be disappointed, and it will have you swept up for the duration.

We Don’t Need Another Hero was made famous after featuring in our very own cult classic movie Mad Max Beyond – Thunderdome. While Tina Turner did an outstanding job with the original, Ghost certainly set the bar high with their own version. It is packed with feeling and sentimentality and is a fitting end to this exquisite EP.

The thought involved in putting together a group of cover versions that will resonate with the listener is a tough ask but as with this eclectic mix, it just works. Once again, this falls to the insightfulness and innovation of Tobias Forge and his extremely gifted ghouls that cement the sound and round out the perfection that is Phantomime.

Phatomime’ will be released on physical and across streaming services from May 18.

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