[Gallery] Victoria Kirby @ The Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar, Melbourne 09/05/2021

What better way to spend your Mother’s Day than getting along to The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar for an afternoon of live music.  With the bustle of the iconic Victoria Market just across the road it is a busy part of Melbourne and an even better place to park your butt and take in some tunes. There was plenty on offer and Victoria Kirby brought along a few friends to entertain the crowd that turned out. 

Alien was their first song of the day, which started with whoops of delight from the lively audience.  Victoria had a very sunny disposition radiating a warm vibe across the set as she sang Salty and Angry Girl. Guitar duties fell on Kodey Pfieffer who played up a storm accompanying Victoria who also happily strummed away as she sang. Clearly loving every minute, Kynan Arden found his groove on the bass and made certain that his tone down low was the perfect accompaniment to the songs. 

Nelson Otten was behind the kit and kept the band running like clockwork, as they played Red Flags, Wandering and Dinosaur. The soulful tunes and Victoria’s lovely voice had everyone vibing, with heads nodding and punters swaying in their seats. A beautiful way to see out a Sunday afternoon, taking in some live music and sharing a drink or two. It was about now that guest vocalist Genevieve Henninger joined the band for a stripped back cover of The Police megahit Roxanne.  The additional vocals added another level to the song, and I loved their take on this rock classic.  

Finishing out the set with Hearsay the bar was full of smiles as everyone enjoyed all that was on offer from these fine young musicians, a terrific afternoon of laid-back tunes that kept the feel good vibes flowing nearly as quick as the beer! If you are out and about and see Victoria Kirby and her crew please take the time to check them out, I am sure you will be very pleasantly surprised.  

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