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unpeople Release Debut Self-Titled EP



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“It may only be a five track EP however being able to create five tracks of pure pop metal bliss is impressive. Each song has a brutal riff, angelic vocals, big enough hooks to catch a whale and content to provoke thoughts…this EP is wonderfully exhilarating, like a roller coaster at a fairground that you keep going back on.”

 HiFi Way

“That was so unexpected – I loved that! It’s so eclectic and it’s so niche, it took all these parts from other genres and sounds, but it works so well together.”

 The Break Down With Nath & Johnny

Alternative rock outfit unpeople have released their hotly-tipped debut, self titled EP via SharpTone Records. Alongside the new EP, the band are showcasing their new single going numb.

Commenting on the new single, the band say: “This song is relatively self explanatory if you read the lyrics. Try your hardest not to bottle up negative emotions. Let them out. However you see fit. Even if you’re scared of how they might manifest themselves, it is almost always better to let it out. Talk to someone. Talk to yourself, even. Just saying things out loud can be half the battle sometimes but I always find it immediately halves the stress by just simply verbalising the issue and facing up to it. 

“It sure beats going numb.”

unpeople have a number of live shows confirmed for the remainder of 2024, including in the UK for Mayday Mayhem, The Great Escape Festival, Bloodstock, Radar Festival and Dot To Dot Festival, supporting Metallica in June at Racino Rocks, and supporting Better Lovers in the UK in July.

unpeople is now available on all major streaming platforms here.

unpeople: Jake Crawford – Guitar, Lead Vocals | Luke Caley – Guitar, Vocals

Meg Mash – Bass, Vocals | Richard Rayner – Drums, Vocals

01. waste
02. smother
03. overthinking
04. going numb
05. moon baboon

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