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JORDAN WILSON Shares His Top 10 Songs of 2022 & New Music Video

The sonic equivalent of entering a dream world, the new single Terminals, the latest outing from Sydney singer-songwriter Jordan Wilson, murmurs and charms with otherworldly delights. Inspired by a cultural reset, Leonard Cohen and some well-timed real life absurdity, Terminals is also accompanied by the a captivating and potent music video (Above).

Jordan shared his Top 10 Songs of 2022.

  • 1. Lee Sullivan – Changes In Gravity
“Sounds like a young Ben Lee, cosmic grunge with empathy to boot.”
  • 2. Brightness – Stillness
“Don’t know what trip he’s on, but I like it. I’d love to see him play in a Church in Rome wearing a robe.”
  •  3. Motion Sickness – This Body
“Stark but fun, Motion sickness are such a great live band. When a three piece gets it right, it’s just so right.”
  • 4. Big Thief – Dried Roses
“I listen to this song every Saturday Morning, it makes me think of my Nan, it’s sacred and light.”
  • 5. Laura Jean – Rock’n’Roll Holiday
“She’s a songwriter’s songwriter. There’s a bit of piss take, but it’s deadly serious which makes it all the more devastating. “
  • 6. Kendrick Lamar – Rich Spirit 
“It just makes me feel good, I put it on after work when I’m driving. Especially Friday night. “
  • 7. Angel Olsen – All The Flowers 
“She’s a special artist, this record is so raw and vulnerable. It’s cool to see a master still letting her guard down.”
  • 8. Dope Lemon – Shadows In The Moonlight
“What a tripper man, this song makes me laugh and have a nervous break down at the same time.”
  • 9. Maia Marsh – To See You Through 
“Piercing, haunting with such an incredible release and payoff. Maia Marsh will creep up on ya that’s for sure ;)”
  • 10. Julia Jacklin – End Of A Friendship
“‘Oh my love is spinning round the room, if only it would land, plant and bloom’ boom!”



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