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Mono – Veteran Shoegaze Act To Release New Album, Oath, on June 14. Release Soaring, First Single, Oath.

Veteran Shoegaze Act To Release New Album, Oath, on June 14
Release Soaring, First Single, Oath.

Coinciding with their 25th anniversary, Japanese instrumental rock band MONO will release their 12th album ‘OATH’ on June 14, 2024 via Pelagic Records.

More than an eponymous track, ‘Oath’ serves as the album’s theme. Anyone who is a fan of MONO’s unique songwriting and sound construction is bound to have stars in their eyes with this one. The classical instruments greet the listener with comfort and lightness, while the quartet quietly take their time to join in… until they reach a pinnacle of post-rock splendour, spiced up with a hint of shoegaze as only the band can do!

Guitarist and composer of the band, Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto, states –
The album ‘OATH’ is about “time and life”. We wanted to express the “limited time in life” and the “meaning of life”. Our time goes by day by day. What is my goal? What is my purpose? What is the reason I live every day? What can we do? What should we do? We wanted to learn what we were feeling about time and life, what we have lost and found, and the questions and the answers we discovered during both our good and difficult times. We live with a vow that hasn’t changed since we were children.

Photo Credit: MONO

The music video for ‘Oath’ was produced in collaboration with one of the band’s endorsers, EarthQuaker Devices, and was filmed during the recording session of the new album, recorded and mixed by one of their longtime collaborators, Steve Albini, at Electrical Audio.

Music Video Credits:
Video by EarthQuakerDevices
Directed and Edited by Chris Tran
Filmed by Chris Tran, Jeff France and Dannesh Moosa

Oath will be released on June 14
Pre orders available now

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