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Marianas Trench @ Corner Hotel, Melbourne 17/09/2022

After 10 years and two rescheduled tours due to the “C” word, Marianas Trench finally made it back to Australian shores to perform their sold-out Suspending Gravity Tour.

Preparing the crowd, support band “Reside” opened the show playing their fast-paced Alt-Rock generating more energy for the already excited crowd.

As each song on the preshow playlist finished the silence between songs whipped the crowd into a frenzy only for them to back off once the next song started playing.

Finally, Marianas Trench took to the stage to screams of delight and thunderous applause.

Opening to the full house with the title track from their 2015 album “Astoria”, immediately bringing lead singer Josh Ramseys soaring vocals to the forefront, the next 90 minutes were full of all their fan favourites from across the catalogue.

Featuring songs like “Here’s to the Zeros”, “Shake Tramp”, “Cross My Heart”, “Who do you Love”  the entire set was full of energy from start to finish with many of the songs showcasing their signature trademark vocal harmonies, theatrical compositions, driving beats and the showmanship of Josh Ramsey.

The crowd was given plenty of opportunity to sing along and they knew all the words with the band making them go it alone on “All to Myself” and many of the songs throughout the set.

The band featuring Matt Webb on guitar, Mike Ayley on Bass and Ian Casselman on drums were left to hold the fort while Josh Ramsey went for a crowd walk during “Stutter” and “Haven’t had Enough” with Josh later thanking the audience for being one of the most respectful he has encountered on one of his walks.

Ever so appreciative of the crowd, Josh thanked everyone throughout the night and when the time for the encore came after smashing their popular hit “Fallout” instead of leaving the stage Josh said he was going to continue onstage as he was having such an amazing time.

Going solo for “Good for you” once again has the crowd showcasing their knowledge of the lyrics and singing along to every word.

Wrapping up the set with the operatic like “The Killing kind” which is also the last set off their album “Phantoms” Marianas Trench put on a show that exceeding all expectations and left myself and the crowd wanting more.

Hopefully, they are back on our shores in a much shorter timeframe than last time, playing bigger venues to many more fans which they deserve.

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