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Among The Restless Release ‘Cheap Adhesive’ – Cementing The Impact They Intend To Have From Start To Finish

Among The Restless have earned their stripes and done the hard yards over the last few years. They have proven they are here to stay and can mix it with the big guns of the music industry. ATR are an Modern Alternative-Rock outfit that blends today’s modern pop sensibilities with emotive, guitar driven music. Cheap Adhesive is their latest offering, and it shows their growth and maturity not just as a band but musically as well. They have regrouped and taken the bull by the horns to reset the narrative and produce some authentic tunes jam packed with grit and determination. Cheap Adhesive is centred around the way people rely on habits and others in hope of finding relief in everyday life. Produced and mixed by Thomas Keating, the song was recorded in Sing Sing Recording Studios Northcote, keeping in tune with the Melbourne music scene, maximising their talent in a local environment. With demand high they are announcing gig after gig, so hit up their socials and get along to take in Cheap Adhesive live, ATR guarantee it will be stuck in your head from the first listen.


Playing alongside some of the biggest in the business ATR have earned slots at Uncaged and Good Things Festivals as well as just completing two regional tours and an East Coast run in support of their previous EP ‘All I Want Is Everything’. They captivate their audiences with their modern alternative rock sound and commanding performances while bringing live music to anyone who will listen. The exceptional film clip for their last single Pixel Junkies was a constant on ABC’s Rage after its release, and it garnered a whole new fanbase and exposure for ATR. There is no rest for the wicked as they work on the next lot of ear tingling delights to keep the restless hoards placated. So jump on board the Among The Restless train and follow the journey so one day you can say ‘I was there when they started!’

About Among The Restless

ATR officially began in 2019 and comprises Rhett James (lead vocals), Lachie Dunn (guitar/vocals), Seamus Glenn (guitar), Jaidyn Hale (drums). Among The Restless create their own personalised take on guitar driven music while still maintaining a modern sensibility. You can find them playing all the Naarm/Melbourne haunts on a regular basis to their ever-growing fanbase, passionate about bringing their songs to the masses and relishing in their adrenaline fuelled live shows.

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Letters Sent Home Release Debut Album ‘Forever Undone’



Photo Credit: Jana Boese

German quartet Letters Sent Home have shared their highly-anticipated debut album Forever Undone via SharpTone Records. The new album – which features previously released tracks Request DeniedElementsi hope i die first., Ignorance (feat. Dead Lakes), and Final Battle – features six new tracks that are ambitious, meaningful, and full of life.

“Forever Undone tells different stories of my life that I’ve never told before, including themes like religious trauma, grooming and the relationship with my mother. It also portrays the hopelessness and helplessness of the younger people,” shares vocalist Emily Paschke.

“This album is deeply personal. Talking about mental health is very important but we have talked about it so much already, we wanted to give other topics a stage now. With this album, we wanted to be as transparent as possible,” continues Paschke. “People always liked the relatability and personality in our songs. We think we have pushed this to an extreme with this album. Musically we knew we needed to add more energy and attitude than before. We think this album perfectly portrays us with all our musical influences and personalities.”

Alongside the album release, Letters Sent Home have shared a new music video for Hysteria. On the track, Pasche shares, “Hysteria shows the struggle to never be good enough in the age and eyes of social media and how even the slightest misstep can make you into a villain. It’s about the impact social media has on our perception of people.”

Across three well-received EPs of “sad, hard music”, German quartet Letters Sent Home have made their name as a band who match infectious melody and huge choruses, with the lyrical depth and heart of people with a lot to say.
Formed while at school in Germany’s northern countryside in 2015, and becoming a serious project a couple of years later following singer Emily Paschke and bassist Lara Ripke’s time studying in North America, Letters Sent Home’s music – an energized mix of pop-punk, alt rock, and emo – has served as a vessel for Emily’s inner turbulence.
“The whole purpose of our music is that I’m talking about my personal trauma, and how you never actually fully heal from stuff that happens to you, but learn to live with it,” says Emily“You may bear scars, but those scars are never going to fade fully. There’s always something you can work on. I feel like you never you’re never fully, completely satisfied or happy.”
All of this is set to music that’s as electrified and youthful as Emily’s lyrics are deep. Having primed themselves with their previous work and spending two years perfecting their craft with long-time producer and friend Julian ‘Polar’ Huisel, Letters Sent Home – completed by guitarist Robin Werner and drummer Louis Schramm – is embracing this opportunity and shooting their shot.

Forever Undone is now available on all major streaming platforms here.

01. Earthquake
02. Request Denied
03. Ignorance (feat. Dead Lakes)
04. Pedestal (feat. Chris Zuehlke)
05. Elements
06. Hysteria
07. Seven
08. Gaslight (feat. ROYALIST)
09. Sadists
10. Final Battle
11. I hope I die first.

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unpeople Release Debut Self-Titled EP



Photo Credit: Zak Pinchin

“It may only be a five track EP however being able to create five tracks of pure pop metal bliss is impressive. Each song has a brutal riff, angelic vocals, big enough hooks to catch a whale and content to provoke thoughts…this EP is wonderfully exhilarating, like a roller coaster at a fairground that you keep going back on.”

 HiFi Way

“That was so unexpected – I loved that! It’s so eclectic and it’s so niche, it took all these parts from other genres and sounds, but it works so well together.”

 The Break Down With Nath & Johnny

Alternative rock outfit unpeople have released their hotly-tipped debut, self titled EP via SharpTone Records. Alongside the new EP, the band are showcasing their new single going numb.

Commenting on the new single, the band say: “This song is relatively self explanatory if you read the lyrics. Try your hardest not to bottle up negative emotions. Let them out. However you see fit. Even if you’re scared of how they might manifest themselves, it is almost always better to let it out. Talk to someone. Talk to yourself, even. Just saying things out loud can be half the battle sometimes but I always find it immediately halves the stress by just simply verbalising the issue and facing up to it. 

“It sure beats going numb.”

unpeople have a number of live shows confirmed for the remainder of 2024, including in the UK for Mayday Mayhem, The Great Escape Festival, Bloodstock, Radar Festival and Dot To Dot Festival, supporting Metallica in June at Racino Rocks, and supporting Better Lovers in the UK in July.

unpeople is now available on all major streaming platforms here.

unpeople: Jake Crawford – Guitar, Lead Vocals | Luke Caley – Guitar, Vocals

Meg Mash – Bass, Vocals | Richard Rayner – Drums, Vocals

01. waste
02. smother
03. overthinking
04. going numb
05. moon baboon

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CROWNSHIFT Release New Single And Video ‘My Prison’

CROWNSHIFT Release New Single And Video
‘My Prison’

A few weeks ago, high-profile modern metal band CROWNSHIFT has announced the release date and details of its eagerly awaited self-titled debut album, which is due out on May 10th, 2024 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Today, the band that’s currently one of Finland’s hottest new music exports is proud to unleash a new single called ‘My Prison‘, which showcases a more atmospheric side of CROWNSHIFT richly adorned with divine guitar leads and – yet again – an absolute ear worm of a chorus!

A studio session music video has been recorded and is being released alongside the single. Check it out below.




CROWNSHIFT – Crownshift
Release Date: 10 May 2024
LP | CD | Digital Album

01. Stellar Halo
02. Rule The Show
03. A World Beyond Reach
04. If You Dare
05. My Prison
06. The Devil’s Drug
07. Mirage
08. To The Other Side

Born as the long-time idea of four friends, CROWNSHIFT are a new high standing crossover metal act from Finland. The members, who come from the ranks of Finland’s finest metal exports, are thrilled to start a new journey together and spread their authentic sonic print across the globe.

Seamlessly covering a diversity of styles, the quartet has a unique signature to their modern sound. Hypnotizing melodies paired with ripping riffs, from moody mid-tempo songs to fierce prog-death-metal opuses, CROWNSHIFT were born to be master of all trades.

Their forthcoming self-titled debut album consists of eight contemporary melodic death metal anthems with a progressive edge and captivating choruses for the ages. CROWNSHIFT‘s members are or have been involved in some of Finlands most renowned and universally beloved metal bands, including NIGHTWISH, CHILDREN OF BODOM, WINTERSUN and MYGRAIN, and it shows. On their first album CROWNSHIFT have managed to combine their collective experiences and have crafted a modern metal masterpiece that sounds distinctively Finnish and offers stellar songwriting and excellent production.

Keep your eyes peeled for teasers and further announcements and make sure to follow CROWNSHIFT on their socials to stay up-to-date.

Photo: Pekka Keränen

Tommy Tuovinen: Vocals
Daniel Freyberg: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jukka Koskinen: Bass
Heikki Saari: Drums


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Boston Manor Share New Single ‘Sliding Doors’


BOSTON MANOR are today sharing new single Sliding Doors, their second new song of 2024 and one that rides waves of spiking distortion and cuts rich grooves as it goes. Sliding Doors portrays the sometimes seismic impact that the seemingly innocuous actions in our day to day lives can have. It’s a song that in many ways leads right back to the start of Boston Manor. Lead singer Henry Cox says:

Sliding Doors is named after that movie of the same name. I called it that because when we were writing it I started thinking about all of the decisions that I’ve made that have led me to the life I have and how circumstantial a lot of it is. It got me thinking about how Boston Manor started. I’d had a few conversations with Dan [Cunniff, bass] and Mike [Cunniff, lead guitar] (who I barely knew at the time) about starting a band. But at that time I was in art school in a different city and I had a bunch of other stuff going on. I was also starting like two other bands with different people so I figured it was just something that you talk about.”

Photo Credit: Megan Doherty

In a world full or disorder and chaos, all we can do sometimes is respond to what’s laid out in front of us. The results may be unpredictable, glorious or devastating, but as possibility and opportunity present themselves one moment, hide themselves the next, it’s how we react at those junctures that leads us on our ultimate pathway. Expanding, Cox says:

“I’d gone home to visit my parents for the weekend and had taken a bus up to north shore to go and visit a friend, I was on my way home and the bus basically crashed. It wasn’t bad, no one was hurt or anything but I had to get off. It was super late and buses basically stop running at that time in parts of Blackpool. I had been texting Mike and it turned out the bus had crashed at the bottom of his street, so I just went round to his. We basically ended up writing the first song from our demo that night. We played our first show a few weeks later.

If that car hadn’t pulled out on that bus, we probably never would’ve started Boston Manor & been all the places we’ve been, I wouldn’t have met my wife & half of my friends. I don’t know if I would even be playing music now.”

Sliding Doors is a way for the band to recognise that as we go through life and make more choices, some versions of ourselves die away, and new versions emerge. Who we become may all be down to the roll of a dice. This is explored in the accompanying video, as Cox comments:

“We tried to reflect this in the music video, the idea being it’s loads of different realities, some of which I’m a musician some of which I’m doing something totally different. The die hard fans might recognise the final location which is where we shot our very first music video, long since scrubbed from the internet. In a way the band we’re in now feels like an alternate reality to the band we started. I look back at old videos and I barely recognise us!”

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FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE Returns With New Single ‘Pendulum’

Sometimes you have to die first to fully understand what life is.” – Francesco Paoli

Death… our inevitable ruin that calls for us sooner or later. Many who are fortunate enough to temporarily escape its fatal clutches experience life altering changes, finding renewed purpose, rejuvenated creative spirit and a reawakening of the soul. Such as the story goes for FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE frontman Francesco Paoli who in 2021 was involved in a tragic mountain climbing accident that left him clinging to life with years of recovery ahead, and ultimately inspiring the band’s first music in years.

Today marks the monumental return of Paoli and Italian symphonic metal giants FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE as the band releases their first new music since the devastating accident. Inspired by horrific event, the new single ‘Pendulum’ swings with intense ferocity and baroque classical movements, seething with anguished pain.

Commenting on the song, Paoli says:

This is the first song we release since my ‘dance’ with death, back in August 2021. It’s obvious that such a life changing event would have affected our music. It took a toll on me, physically and mentally, and sharing my experience is also part of my healing process. Pendulum is just the opening chapter of a bigger story, which is yet to be told…

Photo Credit: Francesco Esposito

Mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Arch Enemy), ‘Pendulum’ encapsulates all the core elements that FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE are known for: sheer violence, majestic orchestrations and soaring operatic melodies. The stunning artwork was created by Italian artist Ludovico Cioffi.

The new single is accompanied by a stunning music video directed by Martina L. McLean (GHOST, OCEANA). Watch here: https://youtu.be/Lkv9v-W5PAY

Paoli adds about the video: “The music video, realized by visionary Italian director Martina L. McLean, turned my unfortunate incident into a monumental visual experience, an awe-inspiring blend of obscure symbolism, surreal architectures and nightmarish mythological creatures. It perfectly portraits the struggle and the desperation of that day, a day of defeat… but also the day of my rebirth.”

‘Pendulum’ Music Video:https://youtu.be/Lkv9v-W5PAY


Born in 2007, Fleshgod Apocalypse quickly established themselves among the leaders of symphonic death metal. With 5 critically acclaimed full-length albums and countless worldwide tours and festival performances.

Fleshgod Apocalypse joined Nuclear Blast Records in 2011 and would go on to release seminal records Agony (2011), King (2016) and their most recent, the highly praised Veleno (2019).

Following the release of their 2020 EP, No, the Covid Pandemic took hold of the world bringing things to a halt. Soon after, the band’s frontman, mastermind Francesco Paoli was involved in a near death climbing accident, resulting in years of recovery and the band’s temporary hiatus.

In 2023, the band emerged back full-force once again commanding audiences on tours throughout Europe, with eyes set on their next, life affirming record to be released later this year.








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