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BLAZE OF PERDITION Polish Black Metal Outfit Releases “Przez Rany” Video/Single Upharsin Nears April 19th Rele ase On Metal Blade Records

“Przez Rany” is the harrowing new single from long-running outfit BLAZE OF PERDITION. Having existed at the forefront of the Polish black metal movement, the band returns in 2024 with their sixth full-length, Upharsin, set for release on April 19th via Metal Blade Records.

A step back from the somewhat unusual direction the band followed on their previous offering, — 2020’s The Harrowing Of HeartsBLAZE OF PERDITION’s Upharsin takes on a dark and pessimistic tone reflected by its appropriately oppressive music. Haunting and melancholic melodies rooted in traditional black metal meet unforgiving blastbeats and solemn marches, while emotional yet feral vocals aim to bring a proper sense of rage and disgust.

“With Upharsin, we aimed to open the wounds of humanity as a collective,” the band notes. “The album reflects on how humans tend to gravitate towards conflict and strife. How religions and politics as well as other aspects of our everyday life are tainted and driven by our lower instincts as we willingly refuse to learn from our own history, as we choose to ignore and neglect the shadow aspect of our psychic reality, which in turn takes us further and further in the everlasting cycle of violence. It’s probably the most realistic concept we’ve taken on, with noticeably less spiritual leanings and a much more grounded approach.”

Photo by Justyna Kaminska

Following lead single and album-opener, “W Kwiecie Rozłamu,” BLAZE OF PERDITION today delivers “Przez Rany” – English translation: Through The Wounds – for which vocalist S. comments, “… It’s not common for us to keep the songs in a similar mood for their entire duration, but this one is a rare exception. We aimed to create a march-like anthem with a certain ceremonial tone to it. We also included something rather uncommon here, namely a rhythmic, chanted chorus to underline some sort of a twisted sense of elation and rapture.

“Lyrically, the song is about how religions and ideologies nurture our complexes and prejudices and ultimately drive us into the depths of lesser instincts and self-importance; how by repressing the minds they also inspire repressed demons to take over by giving us a sense of self-righteousness and how it eventually becomes the final straw before the eruption.“

Unleash hell with BLAZE OF PERDITION’s “Przez Rany,” now playing at https://youtu.be/Wons1Csah6E

Find preorders at: metalblade.com/blazeofperdition

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Technical death metal troupe COGNITIVE is back with new album Abhorrence

Technical death metal troupe COGNITIVE is back with Abhorrence, set for release on May 17th on Metal Blade Records.

The band’s fifth full-length album and a tremendously worthy successor to 2021’s Malevolent Thoughts Of A Hastened Extinction, Abhorrence finds the New Jersey powerhouse quintet at its brutal best. Unrelenting riffs leave the listener stunned, while a wave of thoughtful, devastating lyrics washes over. The album is a raging, draining, and ultimately fulfilling experience.

COGNITIVE started work on Abhorrence while touring in support of Malevolent Thoughts Of A Hastened Extinction, sending tracks back and forth while trekking from one intense gig to the next. “There were riffs and ideas that didn’t make Malevolent Thoughts…,” notes guitarist Rob Wharton. “We just kept toiling away with it. And then we recorded the ‘Rot Eternal’ single in between touring. So, it’s been just nonstop writing.”

Photo by Chris Hosey

Drummer AJ Viana has his own studio (he’s previously worked with bands as prestigious as Hath) and recorded, tracked, and mixed the album, before Ryan Williams (The Black Dahlia Murder, John Frum) at Metal Blade Records mastered it. To the album’s immense benefit, it was a collaborative process and everyone brought their A game.

Abhorrence is an exercise in aural turbulence, each track taking its listener on a magnificently traumatic journey. “Our lyrics for this record are all over the place,” says Wharton. “There’s some stuff about video games and addiction and mental health. To me, that’s the kind of subject matter that hits home because everyone’s got stuff going on in their lives. It’s relatable.”

Relatable much like the album title itself. Peer at the state of the world in recent years and “abhorrence” seems like an entirely appropriate world. “We were going through all the song titles and wondering which is the strongest song,” Wharton says. “We decided to go with Abhorrence. Everyone’s so mean and cruel to each other and the world is terrible. We just felt like it kind of encompassed everything. We had put a lot of time into that one specifically because there are so many repeating parts, but it was mostly about depression, anxiety attacks and mental health.”

The title track also serves as the record’s opener and first single. Wharton elaborates, “‘Abhorrence’ is a groove-filled song with a melodic chorus. Heavily syncopated drums make every chug hit harder and harder. It’s a song filled with tension and aggressive vocal patterns screaming about anxiety, panic, and depression all at once.”

Watch COGNITIVE’s video for “Abhorrence”


Listen here

Find pre-orders at:


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INGESTED UK Death Metal Trio Releases “Endless Machine” Video; The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams Full-L ength Out Now On Metal Blade Records

The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams, the latest full-length from UK death metal trio INGESTED, is out today on Metal Blade Records!

Since their fifth album, 2020’s Where Only God May Tread, INGESTED has been on a creative tear that has produced almost a full record every year, each displaying the kind of musical growth that only comes from constantly practicing, playing, and writing. The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams is not only as innovative and brutal as their last disc — the bleak, firestorm Ashes Lie Still — it showcases a band willing to expand its creativity without sacrificing the ferocity that made it one of the most impressively destructive, technical death metal bands on the scene. The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams is proof that once INGESTED sniffs out a trail of musical blood, they ravenously follow it until they’ve uncovered a festering feast.

Photo by Eduardo Ruiz

Whether pummeling listeners with double-bass rolls, blast-beats, and grinding rhythm; breaking it all down with jagged, staggered riffs, and piercing harmonics; or flooding the mix with rapid-fire bursts of minor key melodies, INGESTED has injected all of their experience, skill, and artistry into ten trenchant new tracks.

In celebration of the release, today the band unleashes a video for “Endless Machine.”

Comments vocalist Jason Evans, “’ ‘Endless Machine’ is about the day to day grind you get stuck in, when you haven’t found the courage to get up and take charge of your own situation. Take a deep breath, embrace the risk, and don’t get stuck in an endless machine with no way out. So, sink your teeth into the live mayhem of this new video and expect the same carnage on our upcoming tour with Fallujah, Vulvodynia and Melancolia.”

Watch INGESTED’s video for “Endless Machine” at https://youtu.be/dsnnX4UJpNY

The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams was produced by the band with the guidance of recording engineer Nico Beninato. The record includes a guest appearance by Chimaira’s Mark Hunter who provides vocals for the track “In Nothingness” and Sylosis singer Josh Middleton who contributes to “Expect To Fail,” as well as the striking cover art of David Seidman.

INGESTED’s The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams is available on CD, digitally, and LP


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