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Interview with Tim Gauci (Primitive)

Mitch had a killer chat with Primitives TIM GAUCI regarding their upcoming EP release, WITH RATS AND SNAKES out August 12.

Making their mark on the Australian metal scene since 2016, Melbourne act Primitive are set to strengthen their presence and demand the attention of the unsuspecting, with their aggressive new single ‘With The Rats And Snakes’ – the title track from their upcoming EP, out August 12.

Without limiting themselves to a particular sub-genre, Primitive incorporate their brand of abrasive yet memorable riffs, solos, grooves, and hooks – sounding something reminiscent of the wave of early 2000’s American Heavy Metal & Metalcore styles.

Frontman/guitarist Tim Gauci adds “ ‘With the Rats and Snakes’ is a natural step to a more directed and matured sound. It was a conscious effort to learn from our previous efforts, see what we could expand on, and introduce new elements to draw closer to perfecting ‘our sound’. The title track/first single perfectly encompasses what we’ve done before, and what we’ve recently discovered in the writing room.”

Since their debut and critically acclaimed self-titled EP (2017), and single ‘For the Weak’ (2019), the band have shared the stage nationally and internationally with Max and Iggor Cavalera, Alien Weaponry, Psycroptic, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Crown, Origin and more. The new EP ‘With The Rats And Snakes’, exhibits a further expansion to their relentless sound and solidifies themselves as worthy contenders to reach the heights of some of metal’s biggest and most respected heavy hitters.

Track Listing
I. Curse
II. With the Rats and Snakes
III. Broken Hands
IV. The Last Nail
V. God Is Beneath Us
VI. Rivers

Pre-Order here: https://primitiveaus.lnk.to/wtras





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