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PHIL JAMIESON Announces First-Ever Solo Album ‘SOMEBODY ELSE ‘ – OUT JULY 29

Phil Jamieson – frontman/singer/songwriter/guitarist for Grinspoon – has today announced the July 29 release of his first-ever solo album Somebody Else and released a single of the same name.

The announcement comes as Phil prepares for rare performances with his old mates at Splendour in The Grass and Springloaded.

“Phil Jamieson had a choice. Come back as the cryogenically frozen rockstar from Grinspoon’s halcyon days or level up with swinging widescreen pop that shows off his acting chops and matured pipes. ‘Somebody Else’ opts for the latter, a bait ‘n’ switch belter that goes from collective introspection to busting out of the cocoon a beautiful butterfly. Sounds like a hit.” – Mikey Cahill


The single “Somebody Else” has already been described by one insider as bearing connections to an early Grinspoon favourite. ‘“My friend Ben Rosen – who happened to record the first demo version of “Somebody Else” – described it as the sequel to “More Than You Are”, explains Phil. ”I hadn’t seen/heard it like that but I kind of get it.”

Whether or not that connection is there, “Somebody Else” – which was co-produced by Phil and Oscar Dawson of Holy Holy – is an immediate and arresting number that shows that Phil has lost none of his songwriting flair and bodes well for the upcoming debut solo album.

Phil has been working on his solo career for some years. Indeed, some of his ‘new’ material pre-dates his role in the Australian stage production of American Idiot. He has, however, up until now been nervous to christen it with an album. The long gestation of the album’s first single shows something of the struggle:

“It was born at Blueys Beach a few moons ago. It started life as a slinky Rolling Stones-type jam – with a bit more strut. Then Oscar Dawson of Holy Holy got his hands on it and changed it around, then I redid it as a dream pop major seventh sort of thing. That didn’t work so I went back to Oscar, and we redid it in July/August last year, in an industrial area of Dandenong situated at the end of a cul de sac surrounded by Boats/Solar/Brothels.”

“The collective fear and loathing which has gone into releasing this has sometimes seemed insurmountable. But it’s a bit like an election, innit? If not now, when? If not me, who? Thanks for listening regardless, I hope you get a kick out of it…”

With Somebody Else the album due out July 29, Phil has not got too much longer to feel the fear. And all who have heard the record say that he’s got nothing to worry about anyway.

As that doyen of the arts, Tim Rogers says of it: “Phil’s puckish performance style is underscored by a voice that can turn choirboy or demon’s spawn in a blinding grin. This has at times overshadowed his humour and empathy but no more. Teasing open his lapels to show heart and scars, but also hope and the lessons learnt from throwing yourself into this art that compels and damns us. Pop music with fire and finesse.”

The release of “Somebody Else” is accompanied by a video directed by Arlo Cook. Filmed in Melbourne, Phil enlisted cast and crew members from his time on American Idiot to lend a hand and the video sees Phil playing many roles from a cinema attendant, lasagne delivery driver & motorbike mechanic. “It was really fun working with Phil, he turned on all the charm and gave us plenty of fun moments to use,” says Arlo.

To celebrate the release, Phil will be hitting the road with bandmates Sam Raines on drums and Rob Muiños on bass. Phil’s tour will begin July 27 in Eltham in Northern NSW. Supporting Phil on tour will be The Pictures – who are back in their original form after 18 years. Led by Davey Lane, they are currently working on a new LP with a single out soon.

Somebody Else the album will be released July 29 on vinyl, CD and digitally through Cheersquad Records & Tapes, the Melbourne-based label run by Wally Kempton from The Meanies and Even.



Phil Jamieson has spent the last quarter-century fronting one of Australia’s popular and successful bands. An accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist, Jamieson’s generation-defining lyrics and vocal melodies first became etched into rock fans’ DNA in 1995, when the Lismore-born quartet he helped form as an 18-year-old rode a new wave of alternative music to become the first act Unearthed by national youth radio station triple j with its debut single “Sickfest”.

So began a love affair that maintained its heat and passion for over one thousand live shows, six consecutive Top 10 debuts and multi-platinum album sales. That initial romance with triple j’s listeners blossomed into full-bloom infatuation: an incredible 17 Grinspoon songs have polled in Hottest 100 countdowns over the years, led by the much-loved ‘Chemical Heart’ (#2 in 2002; #63 in 2013’s Hottest 100 of All-Time).

Jamieson’s live performance talents have continued to diversify and develop as he has explored new stages and formats. Embracing a solo career, Jamieson also made the transition from live music venues to the boards of theatres around the country in 2017, being cast as St. Jimmy in the Australian stage production of American Idiot. The Broadway musical made an impactful debut with its initial Australian premiere in Brisbane, leading to a national tour in 2018 – a performance that earned Jamieson acclaim: “Phil Jamieson carried the role in Perth, and absolutely nailed it. Jamieson has more of a swagger than an in-your-face psychopathic Jimmy, which I enjoyed more than I expected…whenever Jimmy is on stage, it’s difficult to focus on anything else.” – SYN MEDIA

As well as working on his solo career in recent years, Jamieson has also been involved in several philanthropic and industry-specific initiatives.

In 2013, he co-founded the Rock N Ride tour for the National Youth and Mental Health Foundation, headspace. Bringing awareness to mental health issues faced by young people, the initiative saw a group of media figures, musicians and friends of Jamieson’s engage with local communities across a five-day motorcycle road trip, taking in over 5000km on the road. Additionally, profits from Jamieson’s solo touring have been donated to the national initiative Support Act, who continues to assist and uplift those in the music industry who are in need.

Since 2015, Jamieson has also been an industry judge for the Australian Music Prize, arguably the most prestigious award in Australian music.

From fronting a generation-defining band, enjoying success as a solo artist and in the musical theatre world, as well as using his skills behind the scenes across numerous projects; Jamieson remains a multi-faceted creative, 27 years on from his debut.



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Tumbleweed announce Extra Shows and Special Guests FRIDGE

There’s a buzz in the air. Following the release of their sold out 7″ singles boxset and run of five nights of hometown celebrations at La La La’s in Wollongong just before Xmas, Tumbleweed are set to continue the celebrations of their 30th anniversary as a band with a national tour. And with the announcement of an added show in Ballarat, the band has also announced old mates Fridge as their special guest on the tour.

Fridge – who started out in Tasmania in 1991 before moving to Melbourne – shared many a bill with the Weed early on, as well a mutual love of fuzz. Known for popular albums like Space Junk and Cactus, the band also shared bills with the likes of the Cosmic Psychos, Spiderbait, Bored!, Hard-Ons, Celibate Rifles, Meanies and a young You Am I – as well as Iggy Pop and Monster Magnet. Tumbleweed are thrilled to have them on board.

Tumbleweed’s Richie says:
“We had heard rumours about this band of fuzzed out long hairs from Tassie, but the first time I saw them was the Meanies’ Gangrenous launch at the Club in Collingwood in 92. I remember rocking up to the gig and we were hit by an almighty wall of warm fuzz and hair and human bodies heaving. They were certainly drawing from a common well as us. Backstage we hit it off immediately with our shared love of music and we have remained firm friends ever since. Both Al and Phil have played in Tumbleweed at various stages over the years, and Al played in Richie and the Creeps and in my Richie and Friends solo shows a few years back. Phil is now living in Wollongong and is our live mixer these days. Squiz is now famous as the guitarist in King Parrot and he still rocks up to every Melbourne show and sleeps on our couch and Tony was the one that got away to greener pastures, so it’ll be great to drag him out of his Tasmanian hibernation! They are our brothers! Fridge for the first time in 25 years! What a way to celebrate our 30th Birthday!”

Ahead of the tour, Tumbleweed have also just announced the March 11 release of vinyl reissues of two of their classic albums, as well as, for the first time, the digital availability of their complete catalogue, which is now available on streaming services or as high-quality download via Bandcamp.

The vinyl reissues are as follows:

Galactaphonic vinyl reissue out March 11th
Vinyl on limited swirl or standard black vinyl.

Sounds From The Other Side vinyl reissue out March 11th
Double gatefold vinyl on limited swirl or standard black vinyl.

Vinyl pre-orders and streaming details are all here –



Tumbleweed 30th Anniversary Tour

with special guests FRIDGE
(all shows except Adelaide)

Triffid, Brisbane, Thurs 14 April – TIX
The Gov, Adelaide, Fri 15 April – TIX
Volta, Ballarat, Fri 22 April – TIX

Westernport Hotel, Ran Remo, Vic, Sat 23 April – TIX
The Croxton, Melbourne, Sun 24 April – TIX
Crowbar, Sydney, Fri 6 May – TIX

30 Years On

30 years used to be a long time in rock’n’roll. When Tumbleweed began in 1991, if you were to look back 30 years you would happen upon a time prior to Beatlemania, when rock’n’roll was still buzzing from Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Elvis!

A lot can happen in three decades, but paradoxically, sometimes very little changes.

Tumbleweed exploded into the 90s with astounding vigour and vim; from the humble village of Tarrawanna in Wollongong NSW, Tumbleweed were desperate to break the shackles of their steel town and take their sounds to the world. 

They meant business from the get-go and had already built a network of friends in Seattle, just as the fuse was lit before the big grunge explosion. Mark Arm from Mudhoney produced the first single “Captain’s Log”/”Space Friends” (1991) and it was mixed by Jack Endino at Reciprocal in Seattle. Tumbleweed back then were three Curley brothers, Lenny, Jay and Dave with Richie Lewis on drums. The band transformed before the release of the first single with Paul Hausmeister and Steve O’Brien – previously of Wollongong 60s garage punks The Unheard – joining the band and Richie becoming the lead singer.

With this new and invigorating 5-piece line up, the band developed their sound and pioneered a new era in Australian rock’n’roll, with the rapid fire of releases “Stoned”/”Holy Moses” 7” (1991), Theatre of Gnomes EP (1992) and Weedseed EP (1992) all dominating the alternative charts, and a non-stop touring schedule supporting just about every band in the spotlight, from Fugazi to Nirvana to Iggy Pop. The momentum led to the band signing directly to Atlantic Records in America. For a moment it seemed that they were destined to take on the world; they toured England with Mudhoney and played the Astoria in London with the Lemonheads, and on a quick showcase tour in the US they played New York’s legendary CBGBs. 

Back in Australia they were on tour when their debut album was released entering the charts at #12.

By the end of the Australian tour, the band’s original manager quit.

Atlantic records dropped them shortly after and the overseas opportunities inevitably dried up. 

Tumbleweed then concentrated their efforts on Australia, finding a new label in Polydor and released a single “Daddy Long Legs” (1994) and second album Galactaphonic (1995). They toured to sell-out crowds and seemed to be sailing sweetly when they foolishly kicked out guitarist Paul Hausmeister. Steve left out of solidarity.

Lenny, Jay and Richie continued on with various other members through the third album Return to Earth (1996), which spawned the hit single “Silver Lizard”, and then album #4, Mumbo Jumbo (1999) which, funnily, got them the only ARIA nomination they ever received.

But things were not the same.  Richie and Lenny walked away from it in 2000. 

In 2009 the classic line up Richie, Lenny, Jay, Paul and Steve reformed for the 15th anniversary of Homebake, a festival Tumbleweed had helped pioneer with “Weedstock” back in the 90s. 
They released their fifth album Sounds from the Other Side in 2013 to critical acclaim and just wrapped up touring that album when, in August 2014, tragedy struck. Jay Curley, bass player, brother and founding member, died suddenly in his home. The band were devastated.

In 2017, old friends Spiderbait asked Tumbleweed to reform to play a special anniversary show at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. The band recruited old Wollongong mate and Pink Fits bass player Jamie Cleaves to fill in on bass. With Jamie they discovered new life in the band, a new spark that reignited their passion for rock’n’roll. With Jamie now a solid member of the band they recorded a single “Shadowland/ Rebellion” (2021) with Rob Younger.

Tumbleweed are now loving it more than ever. They have found a balance, are writing new music and are playing the best shows of their career!

Tumbleweed are about to embark on a tour to celebrate still being around 30 years on! From the fairy tale beginning full of unbridled potential, to the crushing failure to realise their dreams, Tumbleweed’s story has been one of the highest highs and the lowest lows, but it has always been real.

To be continued…



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