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Interview with Tony “Nail” Vincent (Devilskin)

Get ready to rock and roll at LAGERFEST 2023, the ultimate fusion of heavy metal and Oktoberfest revelry! Presented by Kegstand Productions, Music Management Inc., and Wall of Sound, this extraordinary music festival is set to take Australia by storm. Prepare yourself for a mind-blowing experience as we bring you world-class bands, delicious beers, and an electrifying community atmosphere like never before.

The lineup is nothing short of legendary, featuring THE HALO EFFECT, a powerhouse composed of past members of In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. This will be their first-ever performance in Australia and New Zealand, making it an absolute must-see event! Their raw yet melodic performance will leave you breathless and craving for more. Joining them are BEYOND THE BLACK, the German symphonic metal shooting stars who have taken the world by storm with their chart-topping albums and awe-inspiring live performances. And let's not forget DEVILSKIN, hailing from New Zealand, and featuring the incredible vocal prowess of Jennie Skulander, whose unerring gift for melody will captivate you from the first note.

But that's just the beginning of the epic lineup! Prepare to be blown away by LAGERSTEIN, the Australian party pirates who have taken their unique and fun stage show to an astounding 22 countries. With a reputation for delivering an explosively energetic and debaucherous live performance, this will be the 6th time they host LAGERSTEIN, and it promises to be the wildest and most unforgettable yet!

Mark your calendars for the following dates:

11/11/2023 – Auckland – The Powerstation

12/11/2023 – Christchurch – The Ngaio Marsh Theatre

15/11/2023 – Brisbane – The Triffid

16/11/2023 – Sydney – the Manning Bar

18/11/2023 – Adelaide – Froth & Fury Festival

19/11/2023 – Melbourne – The Northcote Theatre

Tickets from: https://www.lagerfest.net/

Secure your spot now and be a part of the Lagerfest legacy! Tickets are available exclusively at www.lagerfest.net. And remember, this year's festival will also feature a thrilling competition where fans can compete for 'The Lagerfest Cup.' So don't miss out on the metal mayhem and epic party vibes—grab your tickets today and let the countdown to Lagerfest 2023 begin!

If you want to take your experience to the next level

Introducing Lagerfest 2023 Premium Ticket – 🎟🤘:

🎟️ General Access Ticket: Your pass to the ultimate heavy metal Oktoberfest fusion!

🍻 Captain's Cocktail Hour: VIP access with 1 Hour Early Entry and a refreshing Lagerfest Lager.

🛍️ First Access to Merch Shop: Shop before the crowd during Cocktail Hour.

💰 15% off Official Lagerfest Merch: Enjoy 15% off on a range of Lagerfest merchandise.

Premium Bar Line Access: Skip lines with a separate service area.

🥃 Lagerfest Flask: A limited-edition functional memento.

🍺 4-Pack Lagerfest Lager: Order early and enjoy Lagerfest Lager at home before the big day.

👕 Lagerfest Premium Shirt: Elevate your festival wardrobe with style.

🎗️ Premium Lanyard: Wear your festival pride.

🎸 Set of 2 Lagerfest Stickers: Stick it to the ordinary.

🛍️ Lagerfest Tote Bag: Carry essentials in Lagerfest style.

🎵 Lagerfest Poster: Bring Lagerfest back home.

Or Discover Lagerfest 2023 VIP Tickets 🎟🤘:

🎟️ General Access Ticket: Your gateway to the ultimate heavy metal Oktoberfest fusion!

🤝 Meet & Greet: Get up close with 1 band of your choice.

📸 Professional Photo:with your chosen band—our official photographer captures the moment.

💰 15% off Official Lagerfest Merch: Enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on Lagerfest merchandise.

🎗️ VIP Lanyard: Wear your VIP status with the Lagerfest VIP Lanyard.

🖼️ Signed Poster: Take home a piece of the festival, a poster signed by your chosen band.

Elevate your Lagerfest experience at www.lagerfest.net! 🎸🍻

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Interview with Richard Patrick (Filter)

Platinum-selling alternative-industrial rockers FILTER announces their first headline shows in Australia and New Zealand since 2000 as part of The Algorithm World Tour.

“Australia and New Zealand are two of the most beautiful and welcoming countries I’ve ever been to. Every time we tour, I push our reps to try and get us back there. Unfortunately, due to circumstance beyond our control like a global pandemic, it’s been way too long,” Filter main man Richard Patrick said. “Rock fans there are a very loyal and devoted bunch, and I know we will bring it when get Down Under. I really cannot wait.”

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the band’s birth. In 1993, founder and lead vocalist Patrick placed an ad in Scene Magazine in Cleveland, OH, shortly after leaving Nine Inch Nails as their touring guitarist, looking to form a band that would eventually evolve into Filter.

Patrick has spent three decades pushing the boundaries of musical expression. Filter’s debut album, Short Bus, achieved platinum status, propelled by ‘Hey Man Nice Shot.’ The success continued with Title of Record, also going platinum thanks to crossover hit ‘Take A Picture.’

This year Patrick unleashed the new Filter album The Algorithm, which has delivered a sonic revolution for fans worldwide and has been called the band’s “best record in 20 years.”

Live Patrick hasn’t lost one iota of his in-your-face, punk-meets-rock persona. He still “belts out the lyrics with pure energy and aggression” and his band always deliver an intense, in-your-face performance.

“Richard Patrick had some mega energy and was right in the middle of the crowd…I mean literally. He was crowd-surfing while singing” (Media Mikes)

 “Filter, the great industrial rock that we come to expect is back” (Rock Revolt Magazine)

 “The live energy of Filter cannot be denied” (Rock N Load Magazine)

 “Hell of a show! Great set list, and Richard's voice still burns!”

FILTER April 2024 Australian Tour Dates

Friday 5th April – MELBOURNE, Croxton Bandroom
Saturday 6th April – SYDNEY, Metro Theatre
Sunday 7th April – BRISBANE, The Triffid
Tuesday 9th April – ADELAIDE, The Gov
Wednesday 10th April – PERTH, Magnet House


Pre-sale: Wednesday 13th September, 9am Local

On Sale: Friday 15th September, 9am Local

From: https://metropolistouring.com/filter-2024/

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Overkill – Scorched

Prepare thyself world for the post ‘shitdemic’ riff ridden savagery of Overkill at their very, very finest…EVER.  

The news of an Overkill album has always been most welcome in my world, but with the coming of the twentieth offering, one feels somewhat justified in expecting something special.  What was not reasonable to expect at this stage of their career and well-established signature sound, was a groundbreaking collection of metal magnificence that sets an entirely new standard for used of the term triumphant.

From the opening solo on the title track, and the sheer brilliance that follows, the hairs elevate on the back of the neck, goosebumps appear on the epidermis, your breath is held for a moment and your heart skips a beat as the excitement of Overkill at their very best becomes apparent.

Every single element of the incredible track is sensational and delivered with all the masterful command one would expect from a four decade partnership and twenty album catalogue, but with such a delightful twist.  A blending of genres and development of the Overkill staple sound that is made manifest in a kaleidoscope of absolute metal appeal.  Goin Home takes that appeal to the next level before the placement of first single The Surgeon in the sequence reveals the true magic of this incredible album.  A beacon of delight to the Overkill faithful and a killer track in its own right but the song takes on an entirely new ‘personality’ when slicing its way in sequence through this this killer collection.  I remarked in a recent interview to Bobby that the constant success and righteous reign of Overkill as kings of thrash is testament to his masterful approach to both music and the inherent nature of the business, but with a riff ridden Overkill archetypal track The Surgeon being released as the assurance to the faithful that Overkill are as, if not more, brilliant than ever was a stroke of genius.  I still think I understated the appeal of the song.

But the same can be said of Wicked Place as the second single released from the album. Magnificent in its own right, complete with huge groove and the tow and raw, massive musical appeal establishing that Overkill is not only creating killer signature offerings, but also exploring and adventuring with diversity and sound development.  This track is brilliantly placed following the malevolent magic or Twist of the Wick it again takes on new appeal in album sequence.

Then Won’t Be Coming Back takes you in a completely new direction but firmly within the ‘feel’ of this epic metal journey, before Fever takes you gently into the realm’s melodic harmony…right up until the one minute mark when Overkill demonstrate that there will be a ebb and flow to this track. Just when you think you are comfortable the song morphs into something different again. What a groove.

Harder They Fall presents exactly as the writhing and thrashing offering you would expect from Bobby and the gang with a track of that title. Relentless and unforgiving. Expect MNS (mosh neck syndrome) from this beauty.

Know Her Name is another reminder of the vast experience and mastery of Overkill staples Bobby Blitz and DD Verni, illustrating their tremendous success in molding every band member to their characteristic sound whilst investing in the skill of each craftsman as contributing to the development of the groups never ending and tremendous appeal.  

It’s about now that you consider that with Colin Richardson mixing Scorched, just as he did for From the Underground and Below, Necroshine, Bloodletting and Killbox 13 there was a special significance to the bond reignited between Colin and Overkill.

Bag O Bones completes the collection to perfection and has one reflecting that with all the bad times that came from COVID lockdowns, the sound of Overkill was certainly not a casualty.  With time to create and recreate, perfect, and sculpt their twentieth offering, Scorched launches triumphantly from the ashes of pandemic destruction and soars gloriously and a true masterpiece, well worth the wait. 

All considered and in reflection of Overkill being the true masters of thrash, this album carries all the hallmarks of what fans of the band hold near and dear, but with so much more that is undeniably magnificent and will appeal to a wider audience than ever before.

The Overkill journey from 1980 – 2023 had culminated into the creation of a true metal masterwork as their 20th offering and a collection that should be represented in every music collection in the world. Let the glorious riffage and thrashing brilliance of Overkill spread like wildfire and scorch all in its path. 

As a parting note on cover art, it must be said that Travis Smith has done this album absolute justice and hit it out of the park yet again.

Bravura all contributors. Scorched is a monumental triumph and a thoroughly rewarding experience in every conceivable way. Ever home should have one as testament that not even COVID could stop the mighty Overkill.

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Interview with Bobby Blitz (Overkill)

For more than forty years, OVERKILL has been leading the way in creating some of the most iconic moments in the world of metal music. On April 14th, the legendary New Jersey thrash band will unleash their twentieth studio album, Scorched, through Nuclear Blast Records, delivering a brutal assault on your senses.

The group recently offering their fans a sneak peek of the upcoming album with the release of their first single, 'The Surgeon'. 'Wicked Place'. The track offers undeniable blues elements that give off old-school Rock N Roll feels.

OVERKILL Bobby Blitz comments, “One of my favourite rides on the record, a big thick groove reminiscent of days gone by, with a modern punch in the snoot! Get Wicked!

The recording of Scorched introduced a fresh recording approach, with each member having the ability to record independently. The mixing of the record was overseen by Colin Richardson and Chris Clancy, while Johnny Rodd provided vocal production and Maor Appelbaum undertook mastering and other final touches. For the album's artwork, the band once again collaborated with artist Travis Smith.

Despite expanding their musical horizons, OVERKILL has not abandoned their trademark sound as gutter thrashers. Fans can rest assured that the band will continue to deliver the same raw and aggressive music that has won their hearts.

Pre-order Scorched in the format of your choice here: https://bfan.link/Overkill-Scorched

Below is the track listing for Scorched: 1. Scorched 2. Goin' Home 3. The Surgeon 4. Twist OF The Wick 5. Wicked Place 6. Won't Be Comin Back 7. Fever 8. Harder They Fall 9. Know Her Name 10. Bag O' Bones

Below is the track listing for Scorched:
1. Scorched
2. Goin' Home
3. The Surgeon
4. Twist OF The Wick
5. Wicked Place
6. Won't Be Comin Back
7. Fever
8. Harder They Fall
9. Know Her Name
10. Bag O' Bones

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Interview with Joe Sumner

We’re proud to announce the release of a new LIVE EP from Joe Sumner, Feelin’ The Love, Tastin’ The
Fear. The 5-track affair is an unfiltered chronicle of a performance in France in November 2022, complete with Sumner's undeniable raw energy and French language repartee played to a lively and engaged audience. The tracks will be featured on Sumner’s debut studio album, Sunshine In The Night, due out later this year.

The EP release runs concurrently with a 3-month string of tour dates in support of Sting, and spanning no less than 10 time zones, taking him from Abu Dhabi to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and more.

Now living in Los Angeles, Joe maintains “proud dad” status, while churning out highly listenable indie folk pop masterpieces, including “Hope,” the studio version of which had a hot point during the 2020 Election, co-opted by the Biden campaign and concurrently used as source material for a star studded video clip featuring folks like Gaby Moreno, Ben Folds, Juliana Hatfield and Joe’s dad, in a heartfelt singalong. MSNBC Morning Joe premiered the video, which also featured the show’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

2 more tracks, “You You You” and “Looking For Me, Looking For You,” also to be featured on Sunshine In The Night and performed live in Strasbourg, were ceremoniously rolled out in 2022 with the help of American Songwriter, Rolling Stone and others amid an almost ceaseless touring agenda supporting Sting and playing solo dates in EU, UK and stateside.

Kicking off his musical career in London in the nineties, Sumner has spent far more than the perfunctory 10,000 hours perfecting his craft. There, he formed a band called Santa’s Boyfriend, which subsequently became the beloved trio, Fiction Plane. The band enjoyed a moment, well, several years of moments, a few record labels, a small handful of releases, a well-cultivated fan base and an 18-month tour supporting another trio, The Police before parting ways.

Joe Sumner’s Feelin’ The Love, Tastin’ The Fear is out now…

Joe Sumner will open for his father Gordon Sumner (aka Sting) on all his Australian dates. The tour kicks off tonight in Perth.

Sting dates are:

10 and 11 February, Perth, Kings Park & Botanic Gardens
15 and 16 February, Sydney, Aware Super Theatre
18 February, Hunter Valley, A Day On The Green
19 February, Mount Cotton, A Day On The Green
21 February, Adelaide, Entertainment Centre
23 February, Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena
25 February, Mt Duneed, A Day On The Green
26 February, Bowral, A Day On The Green


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Interview with Josh Todd (Buckcherry)

It has been a two years for Australian rock fans with no new international tour announcements but that changes now. With borders finally open and restrictions lifted Silverback Touring is saying “f**k it” and giving fans a 1,2,3 count of unashamed rock n roll with two of the hottest live bands on the planet, BUCKCHERRY and FOZZY. 


BUCKCHERRY recently dropped their incredible new and possibly best yet, album Hellbound and just this past week a frantic new video and single ‘5,4,3,2,1’. Whilst FOZZY have been tearing up the U.S. Billboard charts with their latest single ‘Sane’ whilst their anthemic track ‘Judas’ continues to amass huge numbers. 

Multi-Platinum selling rockers BUCKCHERRY return to Australia armed with a new album Hellbound. BUCKCHERRY staunchly uphold the commandments of rock music with an arsenal of anthems primed to explode on impact live on stage and teeming with riotous energy, sexy swagger, and primal chops intact.  It’s something that the boys have done since day one, but it’s more necessary now than ever. With an array of classic such ‘Lit Up’, ‘Crazy Bit*h’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Say F*ck It’ and ‘All Night Long’, BUCKCHERRY are ready to once again party down under. 


BUCKCHERRY is unique, complex, simple, passionate, explosive, original, and always a good time. BC has been my love, my pain, my passion and I’m so proud of what we have accomplished. I never knew when I started this that dedicating myself to music would be taking on so much responsibility. For a guy who never thought he was going to live past 30 this has been an incredible journey. Our ninth record Hellbound marks 22 years since our debut self-titled release and what an amazing roller coaster we have been on. From hit songs to platinum and gold records and millions of fans worldwide – all during a time period when traditional sounding hard rock bands didn’t exist – except for BUCKCHERRY. We beat the odds and built our reputation on the live shows, and our “one of a kind” approach to every opportunity. – Josh Todd


After touring the world with the likes of Metallica, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown and building a loyal fanbase for the better part of twenty years, FOZZY is the epitome of what a great rock n roll band should be: catchy, groovy, hooky, sweaty and most importantly, an AWESOME F**KIN TIME! With five consecutive TOP 30 singles, FOZZY is steadily becoming one of the most successful bands on Modern Rock Radio with one of the most electric live shows.


Buckcherry Tour Dates

NOV 30
Max Watts
Manning Bar
Lion Arts Factory

Ticket link here: https://www.silverbacktouring.com.au/buckcherry-fozzy-australia-2022/

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Midnight Oil @ Palais Theatre, Melbourne 14/09/2022

Memories of a strapping young lad with an overabundance of excitement marching through the old brick gates of Friendly Societies Oval in Warrnambool come flooding to the fore as I sit in the august surrounds of the Palais, St Kilda, here is 2022. 

Memories of my very first encounter with the Midnight Oil live are littered with audible echoes from that 80’s crowd chanting Oils, Oils, Oils as I order a beer at the bar, scarcely believing that all these years later, my own adult son serves the frothy to his crusty old dad.  A dad who cannot process into reasonable thought where all those years went between then and now, but oh so privileged to share this moment with my son. 

Then I scan the crowd here assembled, and realise so many are making similar skips down memory lane.  Some fresh and youthful faces venture only so far as the offerings from Resist released in May of this year, while others recall with fondness a Redneck Wonderland, but tonight I share camaraderie with my brothers and sisters who put the black vinyl to the turntable with crackling ushering tracks like Powderworks and Surfing with a Spoon back in 1978, turning it up to eleven before that was a thing.  

We smile knowingly at one another acknowledging that our Aussie staple, the mightily Midnight Oil has literally provided the soundtrack to our lives over thirteen studio albums.  Some here were even at the very beginning when Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie, and Andrew James lured Peter Garrett to Farm in 1973.  Evidently, after burning enough of it, 1976 saw the name change to Midnight Oil and the rest is history.  A rich and rewarding history for band and fan alike, with so many twists and turns, triumphs, and tragedies made manifest in a magnificent and often politically charged plethora of magical musical moments in the unique style of Midnight Oil.  The Hirst signature beat, fronted by the familiar spasm-like celebration from Garrett that will be remembered always as his signature move, the shredding of Rotsey, the 80’s rhythm of Peter “Giffo” Gilford, the years of bass brilliance from the late, great Bones Hillman and the unfaltering brilliance of the multitalented Jim Moginie. Then the young man full of excitement from that first gig in 1986 realises that there will not be one more day of eating and sleeping.  No more will the Oils be there always and every day.  As regular as clockwork with a musical hit to bring current affairs to the ears of the young and old alike. All at an end. Behold Melbourne and commit all the magic to the pages of history. 

Tonight, it was advertised as a three-hour juggernaut of Oils tunes past and present, with no support band in place. How do they match the previous show just 2 nights ago? A show where they belted out a massive 27 song setlist with the energy of a band of 25-year-olds.

How do they do this? Well, in true Midnight Oil fashion, they mix it up a little, add a bit of Oils twist and keep us all on our toes. After all, there was plenty here for both nights at the Palais this week, so it was entirely appropriate.

What wasn’t appropriate was so many backs turned, yabbering loudly, and not giving the Welcome to Country the respect it deserved, I feel compelled to apologize because so many of the songs we were about to hear have helped in some way to bridge the gap that has existed between White Australia and our Indigenous brothers and sisters.  

So, with a tear in the eye because sadly this is one for the road and it all ends for Melbourne tonight.  The last Midnight Oil concert in Victoria and only a handful left for the band. Ever. This is the end.   

It was obvious that previous setlists were not to be followed for tonight’s performance as the welcome opening notes of Read About It blast forth from the stage to the obvious delight of the willing recipients. When Don’t Wanna Be The One followed up as a second offering the crowd again exploded into celebration.

Not knowing what to expect and what they were going to play next, Nobody’s Child, Stars of Warburton, and Under The Overpass were certainly lapped up in the appropriate fashion, but if decibels were any true unit of measure it seemed that the crowd was most ready to applaud loudest for hits of decades gone by.

We were all treated to a surprise addition of Common Ground which the band had dusted off from their ninth studio album Breathe. According to sources, this song has not been played live by the band since 2002.

The stage was amazing in its understated simplicity and certainly smacked of Diesel and Dust for me. Corrugated iron and Rob in the shadow of an old water tank. Perfect.

I feel it is superfluous to include each and every track from the gargantuan setlist. Suffice it to say that it was extensive in anyone’s language. I realise that some might be disappointed, as they may have expected something a little different, but for me, the tracks were certainly an appropriate celebration of the decades of the musical contribution that Midnight Oil has provided.

I guess it is a little like somebody who has loved the music over the course of their life but not necessarily identified with the politics behind some tunes or the political stance of some band members. Each to their own, and each entitled to their opinion especially as the words FUCK CAPITALISM emulated from the crowd in agreement with Pete’s proclamations.

Personally, I loved it and one of the big reasons was my feelings from right back at the start of the show. This genuinely felt to me, like an old-school, open-air regional show. Tracks that people felt were best celebrated with a trip to the bar or a cricket walk to the dunny along with those who realised the merchandise queue might be a little shorter now. It had the authentic feel of those shows of old. I must pause and reflect upon the splendid contribution of Adam Ventoura who I felt honored the contributions of past protagonists. 

Much to the approval of the crowd, Pete donned an “I stand with Ukraine” t-shirt, while they brought the tone down a little to visit some tracks with a common theme. Tracks such as My Country, Wedding Cake Island, and Wind in my Head.

Kosciusko kicked things off again and had the crowd lifting the roof off the newly renovated Palais Theatre. But when we heard the familiar beats of the start of Power and the Passion ring out, those still sitting launched themselves off their butts to sing out loud, it was quite the spectacle. 

All these years, all these hits, and a soundtrack that Midnight Oil has provided to so many lives will help ensure that no one’s years are Forgotten Years nor will the tremendous contribution of Midnight Oil ever be forgotten.

After taking a quick breather off stage, they returned one last time for a 3 song encore. Armistice Day, Beds Are Burning, and Hercules.

The crowd roared in applause for each member of tonight’s performance as everyone who shared the stage, lined up and took their final bows. Then the 5 band members were left to take their bow, and lastly, the original four took their final ever bow to their adoring Melbourne crowd. What a moment!

Unfortunately, most of the crowd appeared to believe that this was all just a fake encore and that surely there were more tracks on the setlist to follow. Those words of the ever familiar chant “Oils, Oils, Oils” rang out into the Melbourne night, however when the lights came on the parting words from the disappointed marred what was otherwise a phenomenally brilliant show. But that’s what this show is all about, the passion and the pain (or power and the passion, whatever you like 😊 ) the bitter-sweet meaning behind it all because … that’s it… no more. Never Again. And for me and so many, it was a thorough privilege to be present and to celebrate ONE FOR THE ROAD with the mighty Oils.

I would not normally make this superfluous addition but I feel compelled to make one humble suggestion. Look below at the MASSIVE setlist, and imagine the moments, pick your favorites and imagine hearing them for the last time ever live. Surrounded by like-minded peers in unbridled celebration and you have got it in one. Fell those goosebumps? Feel that lump in the throat? That was it right there. Thank you for the years, thank you for the tears, thank you for everything Midnight Oil.

Fri 23 Sep, 2022 Barnard Park Busselton, WA – 18+ [Resist]
Wed 28 Sep, 2022 Luna Park Big Top, Sydney – 18+ [One For The Planet]
Sat 01 Oct, 2022 Fellows Oval, ANU Campus, Canberra – 18+* [Resist]
Mon 03 Oct, 2022 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney – Lic. All Ages [One For The Road]

Tickets Available here

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Interview with John Brewster (The Angels)

Australian rock royalty, The Angels announced their rescheduled tour dates for 2022 for both the Darkroom Recharged and Greatest Hits tours.  Rohan had a great chat with John Brewster about what to expect on this long-awaited tour.

Australian rock royalty, The Angels have announced their rescheduled tour dates for 2022 for both the Darkroom Recharged and Greatest Hits tours. Running from May through to December and commencing with shows in the band’s birthplace of Adelaide, performances have been confirmed across Melbourne, NSW, Queensland and Perth. 

This announcement follows rave reviews for their performances on the Red Hot Summer Tour and their set at Bluesfest, which Guitarist John Brewster described as, “one of the most magic things we’ve done in a long time” and was hailed by Bluesfest director Peter Noble as “one of the great Bluesfest shows”.

Darkroom Recharged is a four to the floor rock show in the great tradition of Aussie pubs and clubs.  The re-recorded classic album of the same name was released in 2020 and gifted fans with a new version of the record featuring founding members John and Rick Brewster, singer Dave Gleeson, drummer Nick Norton, and John’s son, Sam, on bass.  The “recharged” double version also featured the full record as a live album, recorded at the Bridge Hotel in Sydney.  

Upon release, Rick Brewster said, “Darkroom has always been a very special album for us, marking the time when we left Alberts and toured America and Europe. It completes the Face to Face/No Exit/Darkroom Trilogy, recorded both in the Studio and Live, with bonus tracks and the occasional progression from the original recordings”. 

John Brewster also explained, “The Angels have a long history that we can be proud of, as we are every member that’s played in the band over the years. These days we continue to write and record new songs, and with Dave Gleeson, Sam Brewster and Nick Norton it’s great to revisit the Darkroom album, one of my favourites.”

The Greatest Hits dates in August and September will thrill audiences with performances of wall-to-wall hits, ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’, ‘No Secrets’, ‘Take A Long Line’, ‘Shadow Boxer’, ‘Marseilles’, ‘Comin’ Down’, ‘After The Rain’, ‘Face The Day’, ‘Fashion and Fame’, ‘Let The Night Roll On’, ‘We Gotta Get Out Of This Place’, ‘Mr Damage’ … and more.

The Angels have celebrated some major milestones in recent times seeing the 45th  anniversary of their debut single release, ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’, roll around and vocalist Dave Gleeson has also now been performing the band for over 10 years. 

As the book, The 100 Best Australian Albums pointed out, “The Angels can lay claim to being Australia’s longest-lasting band.” They have been on the road consistently since 1974 and it took a global pandemic to slow them down.  Now the band is itching to get back on stage and they’re not mucking around!””

Tickets from the https://theangels.com.au/



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YES, THE MEANIES are playing with FOO FIGHTERS!! ~~Interview with Link Meanie~~

Yep, it's all over the news – Melbourne's iconic indie punk band The Meanies are opening for the Foo Fighters on Friday in Geelong. And of course, they're pretty chuffed about it, especially since it's been 30 years (nearly to the day) since they first played with a young Dave Grohl when he was in Nirvana. As Wally Meanie sez, “Thirty years since we opened for Dave’s old band, happy anniversary pal!”

In this time of Foo frenzy, let it be noted also that the Meanies are about to undertake their own tour as well, to belatedly celebrate their most recent album Desperate Measures. Check out the details below.


 ONLY in these crazy times might a band tour its 'new' album two years after it was released, but that's what the Meanies will be doing when they hit the road to finally give Desperate Measures a proper live airing. Desperate Measures was released in July 2020 (on Cheersquad Records & Tapes), by which time the shit had already hit the fan. Their BETTER LATE THAN NEVER DESPERATE MEASURES TOUR was first announced a year ago when things looked like they'd cleared.  It got bumped a couple of times and announced again in November 2021 for this year. Then Omicron came along, blowing out January and causing another reshuffle. So here we go again.  

ABOUT THE MEANIES – Starting out in '88, following on from the late '80s GOD/Bored scene and anticipated the subsequent successes of Spiderbait and Magic Dirt, the Meanies are genuine Melbourne icons and national treasures. Arriving at the same time as grunge, they defied the odds with a pop punk-meets-hardcore sound that pre-empted what was to come out of the US on labels like Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords.  They became Triple J and Big Day Out faves (they did the BDO in 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1999!) and kings of the all-ages circuit, and they toured their arses off, playing with the likes of Nirvana, The Lemonheads, Redd Kross, Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam and Bad Brains along the way. They toured Europe, the US, and Japan and retain an international following. And like their older and uglier brethren The Cosmic Psychos, The Meanies are now enjoying a late-career revival, which began with the release of their first album in 21 years, It's Not Me It's You in late 2015 on Poison City Records. Desperate Measures was released in July 2020. 



Fri 4 – supporting Foo Fighters, GMHBA Stadium, Geelong VIC 

Sat 5 – Ninchfest, St. Andrews Beach, VIC

Thu 10 – The Zoo, Fortitude Valley, QLD  + Some Jerks + Blussh

Fri 11 – Eleven Dive Bar, Maroochydore, QLD  + Some Jerks + Blussh

Sat 12 – Spring Loaded Festival, Bribie Island, QLD

Sun 13 – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast, QLD

Fri 18 – The Tote, Collingwood, VIC + Stiff Richards + Persecution Blues + Maggie Alley

Sat 19 – The Tote, Collingwood, VIC + Ute Root + Sidesplitter + Cheeky Geezers 

Fri 25 – Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC + Poppin’ Mommas + Eyeroll 

Sat 26 – The Eastern, Ballarat, VIC + The Dawdlers + The Shorts 

Wed 30 – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, NSW  + Hellebores + I Hate People

Thu 31 – Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney, NSW  + Chinese Burns Unit + Blitz Babiez 

Fri 1 – Manly Leagues Club, NSW + Chinese Burns Unit + Shitaki 


Sat 2 – Yours & Owls Festival, Wollongong NSW

Sun 3 – The Basement, Canberra, ACT + Sketch Method + Charlotte & The Harlots 

 Sat 9 –  Spring Ditch, Stanley VIC

Easter Thu 14 – Jive, Adelaide, SA + Cull The Band + The Vains 

Sat 23 – Uncaged Festival, Sydney NSW 

Sun 24 – Uncaged Festival, Brisbane QLD 

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