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[Review] Thornhill @ Moore Park, Sydney 28/10/2023

I’ve been wanting to see Thornhill for a while now, so last Saturday night, I finally got to tick that one off my list. It was October 28th and at Moore Park, The Entertainment district in Sydney. It was a busy night, with a Halloween dance party at the Hordon Pavilion and Sir Paul McCartney playing next door at Allianz stadium. But at Liberty Hall, Sydney metalheads lined up early and gathered for the final night of the Prom Queen City Tour. Which had the amazing line up that was Bloom (Syd), Thousand Below (USA), Holding Absence (UK) and Thornhill (Melb).

First up were Sydneysiders, Bloom. I wasn’t familiar with them but colour me impressed! They brought the energy and entertained with a 7 song setlist warming up the crowd with Laughing Stock, Bound To Your Whispers, Sink Into The Soil, Daylight, Siren Song, The Service and finished the set off with Cold. At the end of the evening I was chatting with a fellow and he said that Bloom is his new favourite Sydney-based band! Big call considering the bands in Sydney, but I admit, these lads are impressive, so keep an eye out for them on future tours – definitely worth checking out.

Next up were American “homies” Thousand Below, who took to the stage with a powerful 8 song set including, Hell Finds You Everywhere, Venenosa, Tradition, Silent Season, 171 xo, The Love You Let Too Close, No Place Like You and rounding the set out with SabotageThousand Below did a great job of hyping the crowd where Bloom left off. At the conclusion of the set, the singer introduced himself as James and said he was going to be over at the merch stand and wanted to meet everyone. I’d already staked out my favourite spot at this venue, so I wasn’t moving for anyone, not even a friendly American (soz), not even for the line up at the ladies loos, nope, not budging. 

Then it was time for Welsh post-hardcore alt rockers, Holding Absence, who played an energetic 8 song set which had us all singing along to songs like, Like A Shadow, Aching Longing, Gravity, Scissors, A Crooked Melody, Her Wings, Afterlife and ended the set with The Angel In The Marble. The night before, Holding Absence had played a full set in my hometown of Newcastle, but with a “bangover” neck ache from the previous weekend seeing Bury Tomorrow, I’d piked out to save my energy for the trip down to Sydney and this show – but now I’m kicking myself for not mustering up the energy and seeing the full set show cos these guys are fan-bloody-tastic. 

Finally, it was time for the headliners, metalcore / alt rock,  ARIA nominated Melbournites known as Thornhill.  The line up currently consists of guitarist Ethan McCann, Drummer Ben Maida, Bassist Nick Sjogren and Vocalist / guitarist Jacob Charlton. The lads blazed onto the stage with latest single, Viper Room, then led into Heroine favourite, Arkangel,  followed with Views From The Sun, The Haze and Red Summer where Holding Absence vocalist, Lucas Woodland joined them on stage to add some gnarly growls. Next up were Hollywood followed by Casanova, then the band left the stage with no explanation and I still have no idea why, for about a 2 minute interlude, then they returned to the stage to play Something Terrible Came With The Rain. The crowd moshed hard and sang along loudly to The Hellfire Club, and Leather Wings. Next up was the moody All The Light We Don’t See, then the crowd sang along enthusiastically to Lily & The Moon, the audience circle moshed during Coven, and RawThornhill finished the set and the tour with Where We Go When We Die

Frontman, Jacob Charlton’s falsetto vocals are transcendent, taking you on an emotional journey with him, and his dance style and hip movements took me right back to the days where I was on the rail watching a young Michael Hutchence in INXS. The band were tight and played a good mix of songs from both albums. The Sydney audience showed their appreciation as Thornhill put on an impressive performance and definitely lived up to the hype.

All four bands put on a great show and left the crowd happily satisfied and a bit tired from all the moshing and singing. Holding Absence are currently continuing their Noble Art Of Self Destruction tour with Thornhill as their guest support band in Germany and the UK.

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[Review] Architects @ Adelaide Entertainment, Adelaide 17/02/2023

It’s been two albums (For Those That Wish To Exist and the classic symptoms of a broken spirit) and a pandemic since Architect’s graced our shores. Friday night saw them play in Adelaide with Canadian outfit Counterparts and local lads Thornhill.

Outside the venue the vibe was high and judging from the chatter amongst punters this was a post covid gig they had been patiently waiting for. Upon entering there are lots of early punters enjoying a beer in the foyer, but I made a beeline for the stage as to not miss a moment.

It's been a crappy few weeks for Thornhill, and I was happy to see them still on this lineup. For those unaware Thornhill was left devastated recently when close to $100,000 worth of gear was stolen from their rehearsal rooms, leaving the band unsure if they would be able to fulfill their tour commitments. The metal community jumped into action. Fellow musicians offered the use of their gear and music lovers supported a Go-Fund-Me campaign to the tune of 62K.

The talented Melbournians have a huge first half of the year, heading overseas in April so this may be the last time we see them for a while. The opening song pulled the punters in from the bar and the crowd grew considerably. There was no doubt that we were in for a belter of a performance from them. Asking the crowd to step closer we hear the tell-tale riff of Coven; cheers erupt from the crowd. This is a treat because as Jacob tells us, they don’t play this one often and he expects us to move! Prowling the catwalk, getting down low to the crowd Jacob exudes the aura of a superstar. Jacob dedicates Raw to the crowd with a heartfelt thank you “I want to thank every single person that has put any money into saving this band. It’s the only reason that we are here. This song is for you.”

Thornhill never fail to disappoint but tonight, knowing that they are playing with borrowed gear, their musicianship shines.  Drummer Ben Maida moves between hard hits and harder hits! Meticulous in the way he drums I found myself forgetting at times to watch the other guys!!!  Lily and the Moon, Hellfire Club and Where We Go When We Die are loudly welcomed by the fans as bodies sway and heave to guitars that impeccably screech and wail. We get our groove on to the hypnotic trance-like beat of Casanova which is Muse=esque like in its sound. Thornhill’s job is done as not only are we warmed up, we are burning.

Hardcore kids to the front thanks… I think it was 6 years ago I first saw Counterparts play at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne. Looking back, they may well have been my first taste of live hardcore music. If I was impressed back then future me was in for a whole new level of impressed second time around!!! Counterparts have aged like a fine wine.  Slamming us sonically from the get-go I think it took the crowd a few songs to remember to breath and move. Shouting out a thank you to the crowd for being there, vocalist Brendan Murphy stated, “We have a couple more left, hopefully you dig it, if not my fucking bad!’ before the band launched into Monument. I think there was a collective exhale as bodies started to flay around the pit. Down tuned guitars smashing against blasting beats made it impossible for your body to remain still. And the breakdown…. I wish I was young enough that a pit injury didn’t mean bed rest for a week!!! A quick glance around the crowd confirmed I was not the only person feeling this as we were aurally assaulted again and again. Vocally Brendan’s performance was downright mesmerizing, from the lowest of guttural growls to some insanely powerful screams, the man’s voice is an emotional rollercoaster. Having also released a new album (A Eulogy for Those Still Here) we were treated to a good mix of old and new with tunes like Love Me, Flesh to fill your Wounds, Unwavering Vow, No Servant of Mine and Your Own Knife. Counterparts’ fans are in for a massive treat this tour so don’t miss out.

There is a shift in the vibe of the room as faces scan the stage, searching for any sign of movement. Sam Carter bursts onto the stage amid a deafening roar as the band takes their positions. For the next two hours it’s hard to tell where the band stops, and the fans begin. Being at an Architect gig is like wrapping yourself in your favourite blanket. The connection and interaction the band has with their fans is like nothing I have witnessed before. In a room of thousands, they have a way of making it personal.

From the opening note of Black Lungs, Sam and the crowd become one vocally, such is the volume of the crowd they at times drown him out. Using every inch of the stage the crowd lap up every word they hear, so when Sam tells them to drop to their knees during be very afraid they don’t need to be asked twice.

We are Architects it is our pleasure to be here in Adelaide, or should I say fucking Radelaide, we travelled 45 hours to be here.” says Sam. After a few technical issues we are pelted with the opening drum beat of Modern Misery. The first notes of These Colours Don’t Run ring out before the band suddenly stops the show and they leave the stage. Confusion as to what is happening only lasts a minute before security guards come running from all directions. The stage side curtain starts to move violently before collapsing to the ground. By this time someone has told me that a guy has stormed the stage, and we watch as he is ejected by security. Concerned, we wait as we are unsure if anyone has been hurt or if the band will take the stage again. Sam returns to the stage visibly shaken to address the crowd. He is angry and rightly so. “We give our energy and our lives and work so fucking hard to turn around and see someone fucking run on stage and run at Josh. That is fucking insane. This isn’t a game this is our fucking lives.” Sam went on to say, “When the guy was screaming in my face, telling me to respect Tom (Searle) and play some old songs we were playing the oldest song in the set you stupid fuck. We respect Tom every single fucking day of our lives” He went on to say that we need to understand the way people talk to each other is not on and that there is no need for violence. He got us to shake that bad vibe off because he was not going to let a piece of shit ruin our night. This is how Kings handle shit, what could have been our night over seemed to fuel the band to give us a once in a lifetime show.

Dedicating the song to Tom, the band began again, and throw everything they have at it. For the next two hours we are given the very best that Architects can give and then some. Royal Beggars, A Match Made In Heaven, Doomsday and Nihilist played alongside when we were young, tear gas and a new moral low ground. You can’t witness Architects live without becoming emotional and tonight was no exception. The intensity of the kaleidoscope of sounds being sent out into the space that we held for the band was mind blowing.  The night was the release that we all needed, and we are forever grateful to Architects for providing us with the music to do just that.

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The Good Things Festival Reveal Maps & Timetables & The Addition Of More Artists

Only 8 more sleeps until Good Things Festival will be here igniting the mosh pits along the east coast of Australia.

Headlined by one of the world’s most electrifying and successful rock bands BRING ME THE HORIZON, the stacked line-up also includes Australian iconic and gold-selling larrikins TISM performing for the first time in 19 years, American heavyweights DEFTONES, pioneers of SoCal punk NOFX will perform their 1994 iconic album ‘Punk In Drublic’ in full including all your favourites as well as THE AMITY AFFLICTION, GOJIRA and ONE OK ROCK to name a few.

JXDN and 3OH!3 are no longer able to perform due to circumstances beyond our control but in fantastic news we welcome OCEAN GROVE and TEENAGE JOANS to the line up.

Aussie oddballs OCEAN GROVE freely fuse rock, metal, grunge, hip-hop & Brit-pop influences, pioneering what can only be described as Oddworld Music. The eclectic trio hailing from Melbourne recently released their third LP Up In The Air Forever in April 2022 to critical acclaim and have since been on a global assault touring their new brand of Oddworld Music. Having just returned from their debut headline tour across the UK & Europe in October 2022 and off the back of their biggest headline shows in Australia to date, OCEAN GROVE are set to make 2023 a career-defining year with the promise of a lot more new music around the corner…

After taking out the triple j unearthed high crown in 2020, TEENAGE JOANS, the Adelaide two-piece have not slowed down, taking out #87 in the 2021 H100, releasing single ‘Something About Being Sixteen’ and playing two sold out co-headline shows with TOWNS in Brisbane and Melbourne. They have shared the stage with Violent Soho, Ruby Fields, The Hard Aches, Clowns, The Chats, Bugs, Amy Shark and Sly Withers and performed at Summer Sounds, Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, Yours & Owls, Laneway Festival 2019 as part of the Girls Rock! Showcase and were a highlight performance at A Day Of Clarity and Stonecutters Festival’s.

We recently welcomed these additional artists..

YOU AM I are one of the most successful and internationally admired Australian bands. Centered around the prolific songwriting skills of singer/guitarist Tim Rogers, their breakthrough came at the inaugural Lollapalooza-style Big Day Out concert in January 1993. With three number one albums, a handful of ARIA awards and 11 albums under their belts, YOU AM I cement themselves as one of Australia’s most esteemed bands. 

For a lot of bands, chaos & insanity are used as colourfully descriptive words for their character; for Japan’s PALEDUSK, they’re somewhat of an understatement. The electronic-metalcore powerhouse leaves absolutely nothing behind as they carve a path that is truly one of a kind. Word has spread like wildfire about these young kids from the Japanese island of Kyushu and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. See them before they become the next global sensation that everyone is talking about. 

From their immersive sonic aesthetics to their high-octane live shows, there’s nobody quite like Melbourne cinema-core masterminds THE GLOOM IN THE CORNER. Recently adding to The Gloom Cinematic Universe with their blistering sophomore album Trinity, THE GLOOM IN THE CORNER are primed to whisk your breath away onstage with their sharp storytelling, unwavering melodics and nuanced, explosive heaviness. Prepare for a sonic spectacle for the ages this December.

Deathcore flag bearers TO THE GRAVE have been focussed on dominance since their inception and show no signs of slowing down. After their 2019 record Global Warning elevated them to global awareness, they have been set on a warpath across the world to bulldoze audiences with a visceral live experience and a confronting message that demands your attention. They’ll be appearing at the Melbourne and Brisbane events only.

THOSE WHO DREAM, an exciting Australian alternative rock duo are a multifaceted creative project of siblings Josh and Cooper Meyer. Their captivating energy and revealing lyrics has not only earned them the acclaim of NME, Pop Buzz, Rock Sound and Alternative Press; but more importantly, a cult-like following around the world.
Start planning your day as the maps and timetables are here!

December 2nd – Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne

December 3rd – Centennial Park, Sydney

December 4th – Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane

Bring Me The Horizon | Deftones | NOFX (performing ‘Punk In Drublic’ in full + all your favourites) | TISM (Exclusive: First shows in 19 years!) | The Amity Affliction | Gojira 
ONE OK ROCK | Sabaton | Polaris | Millencolin

In Alphabetical Order:
Blood Command | Chasing Ghosts | Cosmic Psychos | Electric Callboy
Jinjer | Kisschasy (Performing ‘United Paper People’ In Full) | Lacuna Coil
Nova Twins | Ocean Grove | Paledusk | RedHook | Regurgitator | Sleeping With Sirens 
Soulfly | Teenage Joans | The Gloom In The Corner | The Story So Far | Thornhill 

*To The Grave not appearing in Sydney
Friday 2nd December – Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne (LIC AA 15+)
Saturday 3 December- Centennial Park, Sydney (18+)
Sunday 4 December – Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane (LIC AA 15+) Tickets on sale now at www.goodthingsfestival.com.au


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GOOD THINGS FESTIVAL Announce Massive Sideshows!!!!

Australia’s biggest alternative travelling music festival, aka Good Things Festival is almost upon us and it’s the biggest one yet!

Good Things come to those who wait and Good Things Festival is thrilled to announce the headline sideshows from some of the artists on the huge festival line up. This is the first and only sideshow announcement and there will be no more sideshows announced. Set your alarm clocks as these tickets won’t last. 

Early bird pre-sale tickets on sale Tuesday 8 November @ 10am local time until Wednesday 9 November, 8am local time

Register here https://bit.ly/GT-Sideshow

General tickets are on sale Wednesday 9 November @ 9am local time 

Without further adieu, we present to you the Good Things Festival 2022 sideshows…




The multi platinum GRAMMY® Award-winning Deftones are an influential alternative presence. The quintet’s career spans three platinum albums with over 10 million records sold worldwide.

They landed their first #1 Aria chart debut with their 2016 release Gore and in 2018 they curated, launched, presented, and headlined their own festival, Dia De Los Deftones. Selling out both installments to date, the eclectic lineups hosted everyone from Future and CHVRCHES to Gojira and Megan Thee Stallion. In 2020, Deftones continued their trailblazing arc as an alternative leader with their ninth full-length album, Ohms which debuted at #3 on the Aria album chart and a thrilling full-album remix of White Pony.



The much loved favourite seminal Swedish skate-punk band Millencolin promise to deliver shows you won’t forget. They’ll be performing all of their hits from across their entire catalogue. 

It’s clear the band members are just as unified as they were when they formed Millencolin, roughly 30 years, nine albums and over 2,000 live shows ago. “We’re a band truly formed from respect and understanding for each other and our passion for rock music,” explains vocalist/bassist Nikola Sarcevic. “If you ask us, this is the best job in the world!”



Since emerging in 2010, Sleeping With Sirens have tested the boundaries of rock by walking a tightrope between pop, punk, metal, hardcore, electronic, acoustic, and even a little R&B. This high-wire balancing act attracted a faithful fan base known as “Strays,” generated global album sales in excess of 1.5 million, ignited over half-a-billion streams, and achieved a trio of gold-selling singles.

They’ve collaborated with MGK on Alone and Pierce the Veil on the gold-certified King For A Day. Beyond selling out shows worldwide and receiving acclaim from The New York Times, Alternative Press crowned them “Artist of the Year” at the Alternative Press Music Awards, proclaimed “Kick Me” the 2015 “Song of the Year”, and featured them as cover stars a whopping seven times. 

Joining Sleeping With Sirens as special guests are Melbourne’s The Beautiful Monument and emotive rock group Bad/Love.



Californian rockers The Story So Far have been on an absolute tear since their 2018 opus Proper Dose, selling out countless headline tours and receiving praises from fans and critics across the globe.

They’ve recently performed at When We Were Young Festival, Four Chord Music Festival, Riot Fest, Furnace Fest and will be joining blink-182 on their UK and European headline tour in 2023.

Joining them at these intimate shows are special guests AWOL.



The dynamic duo Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte aka 3OH!3 have been rocking sold out venues, amphitheaters, and college campuses around the world since 2018.

Your boys have cemented their sound with global hits like Don’t Trust Me, STARSTRUKK (feat. Katy Perry), & My First Kiss (feat. Kesha). Having not released any music as 3OH!3 since 2016, Sean and Nat have written and produced hits for other artists such as Maroon 5’s Love Somebody, MAX’s Lights Down Low, Ariana Grande’s Tattooed Heart, and Kesha’s Blah Blah Blah.

They continued to play in front of thousands of fans while celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their RIAA certified Gold album WANT. in 2020, the itch of wanting to get back in the studio to make music that was fun, inclusive, edgy, weird and – most importantly – their own, proved to be an inevitable reality. And 3OH!3 is back with new music with more to come.



Nova Twins are the zeitgeist-capturing polymath pioneers that our times have been waiting for. Whether pushing the MOBO Awards to create a category for POC alt. acts, to teaming up with No Music On A Dead Planet and Oxfam to play for environmental change, working with Dr. Martens to raise money for The Black Curriculum or aiming to inspire a new wave of young, diverse talent, Amy Love and Georgia South are much more than one of the UK’s most exciting bands – they are changemakers and they have battled through the old guard of rock’s narrow-minded expectations. 

Rage Against The Machine icon Tom Morello dubbed them “an incredible band who deserve to be huge” as well as inviting them on tour with Prophets Of Rage. Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes called them one of his “favourite new bands” before having them collaborate on song ‘1×1’ from 2020’s UK No.1 album ‘POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR’.

There’s no band out there quite like Nova Twins. If more artists blazed a trail like this, we’d be celebrating a lot more difference, rather than craving what’s safe and similar. From being “shunned” when they arrived on the scene, now Nova Twins are leading a game all of their own. Now, there are no rules.

Joining them as special guests are Blood Command. Yngve Andersen and Australia’s Nikki Brumen live every moment in the mantra ‘Blood Command against the world’ which guides Bergen, Norway’s “death pop” quintet spiritually and sonically, and which forms the soul of their fourth full-length record, Praise Armageddonism.



Grammy nominated French heavy metal quartet Gojira have risen from the utmost obscurity during the first half of their career to widespread global recognition in the second. Combining elements of thrash, death, math, groove, progressive, and post-metal with philosophical and environment-themed lyrics. They have made their mark as one of the paramount metal bands of this generation.

Joining them as special guests are Italian alt metal superstars Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil’s spirited and lauded live performances have also earned them a solid reputation for a band that not only delivers night in/night out, but also a band whose stage performance reverberates long after the show is over. Lacuna Coil’s heartfelt, heavy, melodic, and rhythmic metal—a hybrid of gothic, groove, and alternative—has created a rabid worldwide following.



At the dawn of the new millennium, Rolling Stone declared, “Soulfly seem built to last.” More than two decades, countless  worldwide tours, and a dozen albums later, that prophecy rings true. 

Underground icon, extreme metal trailblazer, third world warrior, and leader of a diverse and dedicated tribe, Max Cavalera not only survives but thrives, blasting out riff after killer riff.

Soulfly’s savage anthems of aggression push extreme music to its bludgeoning limits while injecting it with brilliant moments of trippy nuance and dissonance. Like all innovative musical heroes, Max makes anthems for the people. Soulfly is a celebration of family and legacy. Whatever Max Cavalera hammers out on the bridges of his four-string guitars, it always sets souls free.

Their Australian shows will feature Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares as a special guest.



Through their relentless hard work, non-stop touring and critically acclaimed /chart-breaking releases gaining over 250M streams/views across all platforms globally – JINJER are truly one of modern metal’s hottest and most exciting bands around today. The band has become synonymous with doing things their own way and breaking every rule in the Heavy Metal handbook- which they made loudly clear on their hugely successful fourth studio album: WALLFLOWERS.

In less than12 years, the four-piece Progressive Groove metal wrecking machine has carved their very own place in the Metal landscape. Hailing from Donetsk but now based in Kiev, this Ukrainian musical oddity formed in 2009 but consider the official start of the band with the addition of the incredible vocalist and Femme Fatale Tatiana Shmayluk in 2010.

They’ll be supported by Melbourne’s metalcore ground Earth Caller and Melbourne quintet Future Static who create an exhilarating synthesis of alternative, melodic, and progressive to shape a unique brand of emotional heavy music which is unlike any other.



As diverse and as electrifying as their name, Electric Callboy weld modern trap with alt rock, pop punk and beyond into an exhilarating musical experience. Their latest release TEKKNO debuted at #1 on the German album charts. It journeys between comedy, powerful pop, and trancecore, as well as oscillating between synthy pop and hard-hitting circle pit anthems with extreme ease.

Electric Callboy are known for their ecstatic live shows and will be performing in Australia for the very first time.

Supporting them as special guests are Japan’s most exciting heavy acts Paledusk and Melbourne’s DREGG. Clay J Gladstone will be supporting them in Sydney.




Defying the rules with style and substance, jxdn bends and breaks the boundaries as he moves between subcultures in a very genuine way to position himself as a new kind of rockstar.

Generating 15 million streams within a month and becoming the first artist signed to Travis Barker’s DTA Records, the 19-year-old genre breaker presents a signature style on a series of 2020 releases.

In 2018, he took control and developed a presence online through a consistent stream of engaging and clever content. He quietly exploded on Tik Tok, attracting 5.8 million followers and 202.3 million likes. After witnessing an arena show by the late Juice WRLD, he dove headfirst into music and unleashed his independent debut single Comatose. The track has since racked up over 20 million streams across platforms and broken into over 38 Global Viral Charts to date. Upon hearing it, Barker immediately signed him to DTA Records. Now, jxdn takes flight on the single Angels & Demons.

Bring Me The Horizon | Deftones | NOFX (performing ‘Punk In Drublic’ in full + all your favourites) TISM (Exclusive: First shows in 19 years!) | The Amity Affliction | Gojira | ONE OK ROCK
In Alphabetical Order:
3OH!3 | Blood Command | Chasing Ghosts | Cosmic Psychos | Electric Callboy
Fever 333 | Jinjer | JXDN | Kisschasy (Performing ‘United Paper People’ In Full)
Lacuna Coil | Millencolin | Nova Twins | Polaris | RedHook | Regurgitator
Sabaton | Sleeping With Sirens | Soulfly | The Story So Far | Thornhill

Friday 2nd December – Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne (LIC AA 15+)
Saturday 3 December- Centennial Park, Sydney (18+)
Sunday 4 December – Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane (LIC AA 15+)
Tickets on sale now at www.goodthingsfestival.com.au


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[Review] Thornhill @ 170 Russell, Melbourne 15/07/2022

This was my first pub gig since Covid struck and I was ridiculously excited as I descended the stairs to 170 Russell (or Billboards as it will always be to me and those of my era).  As I was arriving just as the first band on the bill, Banks Arcade was starting their set, I expected a thin crowd as you often see for the first band up on a bill of 4. So seeing the place heaving already was a very pleasant surprise and it also meant I had to elbow my way into my favourite spot at this venue.  Either Banks Arcade has a lot of mates, or everyone was as keen as me for a dose of live music and made sure to catch all the supports.

Banks Arcade is difficult to pigeonhole (if you like your music in neat little boxes).  Their 5 song set gave us everything from the dark, heavy electronica of Don’t Start, the Hip Hop/hardcore hybrid of Used, to the very poppy Sick (that had a very liberal nod to Amity Affliction’s pop/metalcore mix IMO).  Describing something as “Poppy” is an insult in my book, but I actually really like this track with its’ many parts, tempo, and mood changes.  These Kiwi transplants to Melbourne are definitely one to catch again.

I’m afraid I do not understand the appeal of full-on metalcore vocals so I could tell straight away, that I was going to have a bit of a hard time with Gravemind. But amongst the demonic vocals, was a bass that rattled the mirrors and made its’ way around the room via the floorboards and some very impressive lead breaks. Soundgarden they are not, but entertaining, musically proficient, and well appreciated by the crowd they were, even obliging with a circle pit on Billboards diminutive dance floor. 

Dayseeker had made the trip out from LA to support Thornhill on this tour and this was definitely appreciated by the enthusiastic crowd. Henceforth, their style of music shall be called ”Popcore” as this was definitely Hansen meets Sepultura.  There must be a “Metalcore 101” course out there somewhere as despite the obvious difference in style, the similarities in guitar and bass with Gravemind were unmistakable at times.  But unlike Gravemind, Dayseeker has one foot firmly in the Pop genre, making it a bit more palatable to this old bag.  I was reminded of Bullet for My Valentine with the liberal use of a double kick drum and metal guitar in The Colour Black and Crooked Soul and this is definitely to be encouraged.  The more I’ve listened to Dayseeker since Friday, the more I like ‘em.  You are welcome back in my city anytime.

I love atmospheric Aussie Pub Rock!  Stick me in a room with Karnivool, Cog, or Sleepmakeswaves and I’m a happy bunny, so I was very excited when I started checking out Thornhill prior to Friday night’s gig and felt the goosebumps breaking out all over.  But listening to a band on Spotify cannot always prepare you for the live experience and the experience of seeing Thornhill for the first time for me was one of having my tiny mind blown.  It is many years since I have seen a front man like Jacob Charlton. His vocals are perfectly suited to Thornhill’s brand of heavy atmospheric rock and he slipped seamlessly into an impressive falsetto on a number of tracks.  Resplendent in white singlet and a lovely pair of red driving gloves, often taking a backseat singing from the drum riser and letting bassist Nick Sjogren take the centre, he nevertheless OWNED it.  At times channeling Michael Hutchence with “stripper hips” moves and other times, Freddy Mercury stalking the stage with half a mike stand, this guy was mesmerizing.

Right, enough gushing.  Musically, Thornhill reminds me very much of a heavier Karnivool only more tightly crafted with less of Karnivool’s weird mucking around with the tempo in a song.  And despite my aforementioned dislike devil summoning, vocal cord destroying screamo vocals, the occasional use of them is acceptable in my opinion and can add a heavy edge (I luuurve me a bit of Bullet for My Valentine and they are masters at this) and I was not perturbed by their use in songs like Views from the Sun.  There was plenty of light and shade in this set with tracks like the near instrumental All the Light We Don’t See (the vocals don’t start until 1:10 on the album version) and Lily and the Moon sitting in contrast to the heavier tracks like Arkangel and Coven

Thornhill looks to have a busy time coming up as they have a dozen US shows supporting Erra immediately followed by a week of headline shows.  AND, they are supporting the wonderful Butterfly Effect on their Australian tour in October.  Jacob said at one point that 170 Russell was a venue they had always dreamed of playing.  I say, dream higher, as you guys are going places and I hope you don’t mind if I come along for the ride.

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