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AENIMUS Release Track Video For ‘Phoenix Rise’

Bay Area natives AENIMUS have released trailblazing progressive death metal since 2011. Today, the band offer fans a farewell in the form of a track video for the single 'Phoenix Rise'.

Seth Stone comments, “To my fans, friends and family… With over a decade of moments shared together and infinite memories that will live with me forever, I have made the difficult decision to put Aenimus on an indefinite hiatus. Thank you all, for the support and love over the years, in making many of my dreams come true. 

“Thank you to all the amazing musicians who performed and wrote these magical songs with me. Never, did I fathom I would perform and write music alongside some of the best and most humble musicians that I now consider family. I could not have accomplished any of this without a single one of you. 

“Thank you to Nuclear Blast Records, Continental Touring, and everyone else within the music industry who guided Aenimus and gave us opportunities of a lifetime. 

“With that, I give you all one last song, 'Phoenix Rise' a farewell to celebrate the time we spent together and a song to inspire hope to whoever needs it.

“Thank you, Brian Gosling (guitars/production), Cody Pulliam (drums), and John Flynn (bass) for sharing your amazing talents and writing 'Phoenix Rise' with me.“

Stream 'Phoenix Rise' on all platforms now at:


'Phoenix Rise' was written by vocalist Seth Stone, guitarist Brian Gosling, bassist John Flynn, and drummer Cody Pulliam. The single was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brian Gosling at Grimzee Studios.

Dreamcatcher is a concept album that draws inspiration from horror novels and movies, such as “It”, “The Shining”, “Hannibal Lecter”, and “The Dead Zone”. The album was recorded by the band while mixing and mastering were handled by Jamie King (BTBAMTHE CONTORTIONIST), and features guest appearances from Mike Semesky (INTERVALSTHE HAARP MACHINE), Jamie Hanks (I DECLARE WAR), Brian James (ex-FALLUJAHSims Cashion and Leonardo Guzman.



'Eternal [feat. Sims Cashion]' OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO:

'Between Iron And Silver' OFFICIAL VIDEO:

More information:

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Album ReviewReviews

Overkill – Scorched

Prepare thyself world for the post ‘shitdemic’ riff ridden savagery of Overkill at their very, very finest…EVER.  

The news of an Overkill album has always been most welcome in my world, but with the coming of the twentieth offering, one feels somewhat justified in expecting something special.  What was not reasonable to expect at this stage of their career and well-established signature sound, was a groundbreaking collection of metal magnificence that sets an entirely new standard for used of the term triumphant.

From the opening solo on the title track, and the sheer brilliance that follows, the hairs elevate on the back of the neck, goosebumps appear on the epidermis, your breath is held for a moment and your heart skips a beat as the excitement of Overkill at their very best becomes apparent.

Every single element of the incredible track is sensational and delivered with all the masterful command one would expect from a four decade partnership and twenty album catalogue, but with such a delightful twist.  A blending of genres and development of the Overkill staple sound that is made manifest in a kaleidoscope of absolute metal appeal.  Goin Home takes that appeal to the next level before the placement of first single The Surgeon in the sequence reveals the true magic of this incredible album.  A beacon of delight to the Overkill faithful and a killer track in its own right but the song takes on an entirely new ‘personality’ when slicing its way in sequence through this this killer collection.  I remarked in a recent interview to Bobby that the constant success and righteous reign of Overkill as kings of thrash is testament to his masterful approach to both music and the inherent nature of the business, but with a riff ridden Overkill archetypal track The Surgeon being released as the assurance to the faithful that Overkill are as, if not more, brilliant than ever was a stroke of genius.  I still think I understated the appeal of the song.

But the same can be said of Wicked Place as the second single released from the album. Magnificent in its own right, complete with huge groove and the tow and raw, massive musical appeal establishing that Overkill is not only creating killer signature offerings, but also exploring and adventuring with diversity and sound development.  This track is brilliantly placed following the malevolent magic or Twist of the Wick it again takes on new appeal in album sequence.

Then Won’t Be Coming Back takes you in a completely new direction but firmly within the ‘feel’ of this epic metal journey, before Fever takes you gently into the realm’s melodic harmony…right up until the one minute mark when Overkill demonstrate that there will be a ebb and flow to this track. Just when you think you are comfortable the song morphs into something different again. What a groove.

Harder They Fall presents exactly as the writhing and thrashing offering you would expect from Bobby and the gang with a track of that title. Relentless and unforgiving. Expect MNS (mosh neck syndrome) from this beauty.

Know Her Name is another reminder of the vast experience and mastery of Overkill staples Bobby Blitz and DD Verni, illustrating their tremendous success in molding every band member to their characteristic sound whilst investing in the skill of each craftsman as contributing to the development of the groups never ending and tremendous appeal.  

It’s about now that you consider that with Colin Richardson mixing Scorched, just as he did for From the Underground and Below, Necroshine, Bloodletting and Killbox 13 there was a special significance to the bond reignited between Colin and Overkill.

Bag O Bones completes the collection to perfection and has one reflecting that with all the bad times that came from COVID lockdowns, the sound of Overkill was certainly not a casualty.  With time to create and recreate, perfect, and sculpt their twentieth offering, Scorched launches triumphantly from the ashes of pandemic destruction and soars gloriously and a true masterpiece, well worth the wait. 

All considered and in reflection of Overkill being the true masters of thrash, this album carries all the hallmarks of what fans of the band hold near and dear, but with so much more that is undeniably magnificent and will appeal to a wider audience than ever before.

The Overkill journey from 1980 – 2023 had culminated into the creation of a true metal masterwork as their 20th offering and a collection that should be represented in every music collection in the world. Let the glorious riffage and thrashing brilliance of Overkill spread like wildfire and scorch all in its path. 

As a parting note on cover art, it must be said that Travis Smith has done this album absolute justice and hit it out of the park yet again.

Bravura all contributors. Scorched is a monumental triumph and a thoroughly rewarding experience in every conceivable way. Ever home should have one as testament that not even COVID could stop the mighty Overkill.

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Interview with Bobby Blitz (Overkill)

For more than forty years, OVERKILL has been leading the way in creating some of the most iconic moments in the world of metal music. On April 14th, the legendary New Jersey thrash band will unleash their twentieth studio album, Scorched, through Nuclear Blast Records, delivering a brutal assault on your senses.

The group recently offering their fans a sneak peek of the upcoming album with the release of their first single, 'The Surgeon'. 'Wicked Place'. The track offers undeniable blues elements that give off old-school Rock N Roll feels.

OVERKILL Bobby Blitz comments, “One of my favourite rides on the record, a big thick groove reminiscent of days gone by, with a modern punch in the snoot! Get Wicked!

The recording of Scorched introduced a fresh recording approach, with each member having the ability to record independently. The mixing of the record was overseen by Colin Richardson and Chris Clancy, while Johnny Rodd provided vocal production and Maor Appelbaum undertook mastering and other final touches. For the album's artwork, the band once again collaborated with artist Travis Smith.

Despite expanding their musical horizons, OVERKILL has not abandoned their trademark sound as gutter thrashers. Fans can rest assured that the band will continue to deliver the same raw and aggressive music that has won their hearts.

Pre-order Scorched in the format of your choice here: https://bfan.link/Overkill-Scorched

Below is the track listing for Scorched: 1. Scorched 2. Goin' Home 3. The Surgeon 4. Twist OF The Wick 5. Wicked Place 6. Won't Be Comin Back 7. Fever 8. Harder They Fall 9. Know Her Name 10. Bag O' Bones

Below is the track listing for Scorched:
1. Scorched
2. Goin' Home
3. The Surgeon
4. Twist OF The Wick
5. Wicked Place
6. Won't Be Comin Back
7. Fever
8. Harder They Fall
9. Know Her Name
10. Bag O' Bones

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In Flames – Forgone

Review by Mitch Charlton

Straight off the bat, this album reminded me of why I put on an In Flames album, it has all the right ingredients, heavy, diverse, bouncy, and catchy as hell, this is In Flames in true fashion. You know when you hear a track and you get that hit of nostalgia, remembering the first time you put them on and the reasons why you liked them in the first place? This is what I felt when I put this on, welcome to Forgone.

In Flames have now been around the scene for 30 odd years, I can only imagine what kind of pressure or strain that can put on creativity. There is nothing new here from them, it’s brilliantly performed riffage just like their previous albums but the biggest stand out is that it has a different energy to it. You know when you hear a track, and it just takes you back to being a teenager or whenever you first heard a band and you get that excitement? That’s what I got when listening to this. This is album number 14 for In Flames and I was just excited for this release as I was back when Come Clarity was released in 2006, and that was only from hearing the singles.

The album opener, The Beginning Of All Things That Will End, is incredible, I’ve always enjoyed their acoustic pieces and melodies, it was something different they used to do on older albums and they still do the dual guitars and melodies so elegantly, and it’ s only going to get better from here on out with Chris Broderick on guitar, damn that guy can play! Word on the street is, that he wasn’t involved too much in the overall album writing process but did sprinkle his flavour on solo’s throughout the album.

One of the singles, State of Slow Decay with its Straight Outta Gothenburg sound, just hit home. It sounds like they wrote it in a jam session with At The Gates, it has that old school melo death vibe. Anders’ vocals are the perfect mix for each scenario as always, laying down that killer melo death growl and then straight into those big chorus cleans. Listening to Pure Light of Mind, this song is an incredible song of light vs dark, it is well written and catchy as hell, a perfect example of how good Anders vocals really are.

Meet your Maker, another one of the singles released before the album drop, sounds like it comes out of Come Clarity era In Flames, I loved it, fast paced, melodic with that classic chorus hook that makes a single great! The single choice for Forgone was brilliantly chosen, I was excited to hear the rest of the album just from the energy of these first couple of tracks released.

With their upcoming shows at Knotfest, I am really keen to see and hear how these tracks go live. I can imagine songs like The Great Deceiver really getting that crowd moving with the opening riff and then into the stomping verse riff. Its been a little while since In Flames were here to bring the goods and with this new album under their belt, it’s gonna be one hell of a show!

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Interview with Björn Gelotte (In Flames)

IN FLAMES represent the best of metal’s past, present, and future. New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal architects and innovative purveyors of groove, hard rock, and melody, the band’s artistry, influence, and stature loom as large as the vibrant style’s horizons. The widely recognized titans boast an impressive and diverse catalog celebrated internationally. IN FLAMES are as vital (and even more energized) today than when they unleashed classics like Come Clarity and Clayman in decades past.

“IN FLAMES are one of the few bands to successfully pull off a radical stylistic shift and not only maintain but actually grow their fan base, while also staying true to the band’s core sense of self,” Revolver Magazine wrote in 2020, saluting their dual status as hooky hard rock heroes and melodeath icons.

The continued popularity of anthems like ‘Only for the Weak’ (72 million streams on Spotify alone), ‘Cloud Connected,’ ‘Alias,’ ‘I Am Above,’ ‘Pinball Map,’ ‘Zombie Inc.,’ ‘Artifacts of the Black Rain,’ and ‘Come Clarity’ demonstrates how much the fans embrace the diversity of In Flames

The songwriting duo of singer Anders Fridén and guitarist Björn Gelotte (both of whom appear on every IN FLAMES release since 1995) persists as one of the most potent creative teams in heavy music.

Foregone, the furious fourteenth studio album, combines the greatest aggressive, metallic, and melodic strengths of their landmark records with the seasoned songwriting of their postmodern era.

“In a way, it sounds stupid to say we wanted to be more ‘metal,’ because we always felt that we were,” Fridén observes. “Over the last couple of years, the world became even more hostile and evil in certain ways. We have a war in Europe. People, in general, are more stressed. All of that energy and anger helped fuel this album. We went in to make something on point, heavier, and yes, ‘more metal.’”

Gelotte concurs. “We made an aggressive album. We kept the dynamics, some big epic choruses, heavy guitars, lots of kick drums, and melodies. That’s who we are and who we’ve always been.”

Foregone is the second IN FLAMES album with bassist Bryce Paul and drummer Tanner Wayne, the first with ex-MEGADETH guitarist Chris Broderick, and the third with Grammy-winning producer Howard Benson (MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, THREE DAYS GRACE). Mike Plotnikoff (ALL THAT REMAINS, WARBRINGER) engineered at Benson’s West Valley Recording Studios. Joe Rickard (10 YEARS, STARSET, DIAMANTE), who played drums for IN FLAMES from 2016 through 2019, handled mixing duties.

“Tanner is the best drummer we’ve ever had,” Fridén says proudly. “I don’t say that to diss anyone that came before. Tanner has so much energy and there is so much stuff going on all of the time. Bryce is an amazing bass player, really, really heavy, with a good feel. Chris comes in with all of his knowledge of the guitar. His solos are way different from Bjorn’s and the combination of those two guys just works perfectly. It’s easy to do what I do on top of it because the foundation is so solid.”

Songs like ‘State of Slow Decay,’ ‘End the Transmission,’ ‘Bleeding Out,’ ‘Meet Your Maker,’ and ‘The Great Deceiver’ pulsate with hypnotizing power and furious anger. There’s desperation, a raw nerve exposed, brought on by the chaotic dystopia of post-pandemic society.

“This album is about lost time. Everything is going in the wrong direction,” Fridén explains. “We can’t make up for the lost time. That’s why the album is called Foregone. We’re destined to end. That realization creates different emotions – panic, frustration, fear. ‘Scary’ isn’t a horror movie or an angry metal guy screaming. The real horror is what’s going on in the news from around the world. We are basically doomed. The album is about the few moments we have left and what we do with them.”

The melodic guitars, crushing riffs, and high-speed tempos that define much of the IN FLAMES catalog first crystalized on their second album, The Jester Race (1996), complete with hints of the catchy choruses to come. Whoracle (1997) is the rawest and arguably heaviest IN FLAMES album from the 90s.

Metal Hammer declared melodeath masterpiece Colony (1999) “an undisputed fireball of an album.” Clayman (2000) introduced synths and more prominent clean vocals, with accessible hooks, without sacrificing the band’s overall intensity, resulting in their first Top 20 album in Sweden. Reroute to Remain (2002) took the groove element even further and broadened the American audience.

Soundtrack to Your Escape (2004) expanded the arena rock bombast. Come Clarity (2006) is a perfect metalcore slab, as majestic as the American bands IN FLAMES inspired. Even as it stepped away from death metal, A Sense of Purpose (2008) delivered some of the band’s best and most eclectic songs.

The gothic groove metal of Sounds of a Playground Fading (2011) paved the way for the unapologetic arena rock of Siren Charms (2014) and Battles (2016), albums full of Active Rock hooks. Fans of the more aggressive side of IN FLAMES heralded I, the Mask (2019) as a return to form. Foregone masterfully, if improbably, manages to serve all sides of the IN FLAMES fanbase, with powerful force.

“We’ve had our fair share of times when we were trying to please others,” Fridén reflects. “‘You should write with other people. You should go after radio.’ We tried it but it wasn’t for us. With this album, we didn’t even think about anyone else or any of that.” The major strength of Foregone, and of IN FLAMES altogether, continues to lie in the long partnership between the singer and guitarist.

“Bjorn and I have 100 percent trust in each other,” Fridén says. “He can give me a piece of music and know that I will give him something back he’ll feel proud about. I know his way of playing and it’s something I love singing on. He’s from that Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page school of soulful, bluesy guitar players. And he has a good melodic sense. I know him inside and out and I love him to death.”

 Both men continue to follow their own compass. “It’s impossible to please everybody. So the most important question to ask is always, ‘Do we like it?’” Gelotte points out. “If I didn’t like the music we play, I couldn’t believe in it. It’s a lot of time away from family. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t love it. That’s why we’ve been able to do it for such a long time; because we actually enjoy what we do.” 

The band built a stunning reputation with devastating, crowd-moving, inspired performances around the world at every major rock and metal festival imaginable, on festival tours like Rockstar Mayhem and Ozzfest, headlining multiple treks, and touring with their heroes, friends, and giants in the genre.

The band regularly headlines some of the biggest stages and festivals in the world. The list of IN FLAMES tourmates boasts SLIPKNOT, MEGADETH, JUDAS PRIEST, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, WITHIN TEMPTATION, and LAMB OF GOD. (Over the years, they even took newer bands like GHOST & GOJIRA as support acts.)

“I’m really proud of what we achieved and that we never went away,” Fridén says reflectively. “Sometimes you’re loved, sometimes you’re not, but we always pushed ourselves and created the music we felt was awesome. I’m so proud and happy with Bryce, Tanner, and Chris, what they’ve brought into the band, on the recordings, and with their energy, and where IN FLAMES is at today.”

A sense of pride, accomplishment, and continued vitality are evident every time the band takes the stage, and all over Foregone. The album itself represents IN FLAMES of the past, present, and future.

“Not caring about anybody’s opinion but ours is a great situation to be in,” Gelotte says. “We’re confident in what we’ve done. We love what we’re doing. And we’re constantly exploring forward.”

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Album ReviewReviews

Meshuggah – Immutable

Review by Mitch Charlton

The lords of the polyrhythm are back with their ninth studio album Immutable and even after 30 years, Meshuggah is still killing it and showing the world they can write some incredible music. Straight off the bat, from the opening track Broken Cog, you know you’ve put on a Meshuggah album, it's their sound, their riff style, you know it’s going to be good, and you know you’ll get what you want out of it.

This album blends amazingly, the song progression from track 1 to track 13, over 60-Minutes of riffing, flows like a river, Immutable is incredibly well written and produced, which you’ve come to expect from this band. This is the kind of album you should have on and listen to in its entirety. Whether the album lyrically is conceptual or not, I am unsure, but the music definitely sounds like it is or at least produced in a way to be cinematic or soundtrack-esque and even has a 9:30 minute instrumental, They Move Below, about halfway through the album. This song breaks up and revitalizes the album, flow, its starts slow and builds all over again to then bring you into Kaleidoscope which brings it straight back into the single string chugginess. On my first play-through of the album, I put it on and just listened without really taking note of a track change and then realised I was halfway through the album, it's just ebbs and flows in the right places.

One thing I have always loved about this band, regardless of what they are playing, you are always able to find the beat and headband along. These songs aren’t riddled with changing riffs, crazy interludes, or bridges, they are generally a couple of different riffs per song and then fleshed out with some lead work here and there. It really gives you time to enjoy the riff and get into the flow of the song, sometimes I find in prog metal that bands try and cram as many riffs into a song as they can and you get “Oh that’s a killer riff….. and it's gone” you don’t find that with Immutable.

The three singles released from this album, The Abysmal Eye, Lighting the Shortening Fuse and I Am The Thirst will give you a slight taster of the album, pretty good choices from Immutable to show off. The Abysmal Eye has a film clip that is visually stimulating as there is a ton of imagery flowing across the screen, vast deserts and of course, eyes everywhere. My favourite track off the album is Ligature Marks, this is ridiculously heavy and ambient. The repeating rhythm just hypnotizes you into head banging, you can’t help it.

Hearing this album, you can hear how Meshuggah have really paved the way for Modern Metal and their influence on the scene, whether the current bands are conscious of it or not. They are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their craft and this album just further cements that in. I hope that by the time they get to tour this and even get to Australia, they are all fit and fighting, the drummer, and goddamn WHAT a drummer, Tomas Haake has been suffering from a skin condition that has caused issues playing but you wouldn’t even notice from listening to this. Meshuggah are unstoppable and Immutable.

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The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain

Review by Mitch Charlton

For me, Watain are the epitome of Black Metal, they are pure aggression, ambient, and moody but above all else, there has always been conviction in their music. You know they believe in what they write about. I enjoy music a lot more if a band can make me as a listener, believe that they believe or stand behind what they are writing about, and with Watain, there is no second-guessing. You know they mean business.

Watain are back with The Agony & Ecstasy of.. their 7th studio album and this is a punch in the face or the petrol on the fire that the Black Metal world needs. This album is aggressive and intense, just as their fans expect, and throughout their endeavor to create brutal and threatening music, there is no clarity lost in their sound. Everything is crystal clear but, on each listen, I find more layering in the music, little guitar or bass melodies like in the doom-laden We Remain, there is always more to find and take from their music. Where the music may slow down in pace, it makes up for in mood or atmosphere, it never feels or sounds less intense regardless of what they are playing.

The two singles released for this album are The Howling and Serimosa, good choices that show off the two moods of the album. The Howling reminds me of Lawless Darkness sort of riffing, a good Black N Roll vibe, whereas Serimosa has a more ambient reverb sound, and the Bassline and Kick pattern really drives home that rhythm at the heart of the song. This album has made incredible use of reverb, the drums sound massive! It is a classic Watain sound, I’ve always enjoyed how their drums sound on an album. The mixing of the guitar and bass is a classic Black Metal sound with the use of tremolo guitars and colder sounding bass holding it all together and providing you ample chance to get into a Black N Roll mood to headbang along from start to finish.

My personal favourites off this album are We Remain and Septentrion. These two stood out just for the epic sounds the tracks provide. We remain is a slower doomier piece featuring guest vocals from Farida Lemouchi, who is the voice of The Devil’s Blood, a band that influences Watain, also another band that practices what they preach, definitely check them out! It reminded me of how They Rode On fit into Wild Hunt, it has a completely different sound to other tracks, a complete darkened affair. Where it lacks the pace and ferocity of other tracks on this album, the intensity and atmosphere are kept evident. Septentrion, the album ender brings it home amazingly, this epic track should be played loud for you to fully immerse yourself in the music. I hope this one makes the live set; it would be incredible on the stage.

Watain live shows are just as dangerous as their music sounds, not in a physical sense but from the gigs that I’ve been to see them, they do incredibly well at proving their conviction and message in their music, it’s animalistic, the feeling they provoke in the audience. The Agony and Ecstasy of.. is quite a fitting name given that these guys most likely went through both of these stages whilst writing this album and they will bring this energy to their live performance and the crowd will have the same feelings. With an already incredible catalogue of material, this album only adds fuel to the fire!

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SABATON Release Their Monumental Tenth Studio Album The War To End All Wars

SABATON Release Their Monumental Tenth Studio Album The War To End All Wars + New Video and Single ‘Race To The Sea’ Out Now

“It’s a work of art…”BRAVE WORDS

“…a masterclass in war history. ‘Soldier of Heaven’ delivers on the musical front on top of the historical one.”

“The War to End All Wars shows the best of both worlds: it is faithful to the classic Sabaton sound, yet it also manages to surprise even an old fan. One of their strongest works to this day!”INFERNO MAGAZINE

“Epic choirs, wonderful guitar soli and excellent drumming make this album to another milestone on the Swedes’ path.”POWERMETAL.DE

Today, the eagerly awaited new studio album from Swedish war chroniclers SABATON finally sees the day of the light: “The War To End All Wars” is out NOW. Highly praised by international media, the tenth masterpiece of the Swedish metal force is determined to shake the world in its foundations, introducing a new era in the band’s remarkable career.

Stream the album: https://music.sabaton.net/TheWarToEndAllWars
Order your physical copy: https://sabat.one/TWTEAWAlbum

Australian Physical: HERE

The band states:
“With our last album, The Great War, we found that we had only scratched the surface in terms of the powerful stories of courage and bravery and also the horrors that took place during the first World War. Fans would contact us and tell us these amazing stories from World War One that none of us had ever heard of before. Incredible, human tales like the British and German soldiers who put down their weapons on Christmas Eve in 1914 to share a moment of peace and reconciliation, right there on the battlefield; or the brave soldiers who fought in the White War, some 12,000 feet up in the Alps, who froze to death and whose bodies remain under the snow to this day. These are magnificent stories about everyday people who were willing to give their lives for something that was bigger than themselves. Marrying these true tales to loud, bruising, bone tingling heavy metal? Adding a second chapter to one the most frightening and liberating times in history? Why wouldn’t we make this album?”

To celebrate the release, SABATON releases a video for their fourth single ‘Race To The Sea’. ‘Race To The Sea’ is a song about the decision from Albert of Belgium during WW1 to flood the last part of Belgium and with the help of water prevent all of Belgium to fall into German hands.

‘Race To The Sea’ is the fourth single of the tenth masterpiece of SABATON, The War To End All Wars, that is released today, March 4th, 2022 via Nuclear Blast Records. Once again, SABATON will dive deep into the atrocities, miracles and happenings around WWI and take the listener to an emotional and exciting ride of 11 tracks. ‘Race To The Sea’ was preceded by the highly praised ‘Christmas Truce’, the massive hit ‘Soldier Of Heaven’ and overly popular ‘The Unkillable Soldier’.

SABATON is a five-piece heavy metal band from Falun, Sweden. Since the band’s formation in 1999, SABATON has achieved quadruple Platinum sales and performed colossal concerts in over fifty countries.

The band’s ninth studio album, The Great War, released on July 19, 2019, is a musically rich concept album capturing the sinister atmosphere of World War I – thus continuing the band’s trademark style of telling unforgettable stories from merciless battlefields all over the planet.

SABATON, signed to the world’s biggest heavy metal label, Nuclear Blast Records, played “The Great Tour” at major European festivals, and throughout North America, and Eastern Europe in support of The Great War.

SABATON has put the “COVID downtime” to good use, writing, recording, and releasing a variety of stand-alone singles and music videos. The band played its first post-pandemic date on July 9, performing in front of 40,000 fans when they headlined the Exit Festival in Serbia.

As you might guess… There’s no end in sight for this unstoppable war machine anytime soon!

More info:

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BLEED FROM WITHIN Announce New Album SHRINE + Drop New Single/Video ‘Levitate’

BLEED FROM WITHIN Announce New Album SHRINE + Drop New Single/Video 'Levitate'

“Rise above oneself and grasp the world…” – Archimedes

Scottish fire-brands BLEED FROM WITHIN is embarking on the most extraordinary year of their career. Ascending above a multitude of challenges that the past few years have spewed up, the band is elated to reveal the foremost details of their new studio album. The record, auspiciously named 'Shrine', will be released on June 3rd, 2022. Available for pre-order now.

Launching proceedings is soaring new track 'Levitate', accompanied by a stunning video. An erudite masterclass in modern metal, 'Levitate' affirms BLEED FROM WITHIN's infinite talent – asserting their importance in modern heavy music, laying the pathway to echelons anew.

“’Shrine’ is the sonic embodiment of the dedication to our craft, representing everything that we’ve been through to stand where we are today. By far our most challenging album to complete, ‘Shrine’ is a testament to our resilience. It is clear recognition of what we’ve been able to accomplish so far, but also a taste of our potential as we continue this journey.

As we fought through the writing process, we were continually fueled by society's darkest moments. The lies. The inequality. The violence. We just couldn’t comprehend it. Ultimately, ‘Shrine’ was our outlet for the anger that we felt as we bore witness to the chaos. It listened as lockdowns tested our resolve, and gave us a reason to get out of our beds in the morning.

We are never finished. We are in a constant state of self-improvement as the band continues, so up until this point, we can honestly say that ‘Shrine’ is truly our finest work. It is everything we’ve ever wanted to accomplish as a band, and it has inspired us beyond belief. We start this campaign knowing that this is our greatest accomplishment, our proudest moment, and soon to be our biggest album. For all those that continue to support us, this is for you. This is ‘Shrine’.”

Watch the video for 'Levitate': https://youtu.be/BGKS3mW2XPM
Pre-order Shrine + stream 'Levitate': https://bfan.link/BleedFromWithin-levitate.ema

Local Physical Pre-order coming soon

Vinyl will be released on October 14th 2022.

Shrine was recorded at Real World Studios and at BLEED FROM WITHIN's HQ, UK. The record was self-produced. Mixing was handled by Adam 'Nolly' Getgood and Sebastian Sendon, with engineering handled by Adam 'Nolly' Getgood and Bleed From Within. The'Shrine'artwork was created by David Provan, with layout by Simon Atkinson.

01 I Am Damnation
02 Sovereign
03 Levitate
04 Flesh And Stone
05 Invisible Enemy
06 Skye
07 Stand Down
08 Death Defined
09 Shapeshifter
10 Temple Of Lunacy
11 Killing Time
12 Paradise

BLEED FROM WITHIN have been to hell and back, but they are no strangers to enduring hardship. When a global pandemic threatened to shut down their plans, the Glaswegians collectively raised five middle fingers and pressed on. It’s no surprise that this unstoppable riff machine continues to crush forward at such a frantic pace – there's no putting the breaks on the heaviest band to ever emerge from Scotland.

The band’s reputation as one of the most formidable forces in modern metal has earned them tour slots with Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Testament and Heaven Shall Burn, to name just a few. 2021 saw them dominate the UK live scene; selling out their largest ever headline tour in November, capturing hearts on Bullet For My Valentine’s arena tour, slay a Lamb Of God Livestream support slot, alongside (literally) blazing performances at Download Festival and Bloodstock Festival.

‘Shrine’ has taken the most graft to put together of any record in their catalogue, challenging their self-perception on both personal and technical levels – the culmination of two years hard work that embodies their artistic might. Armed with the learnings of evolving their sound over the last decade without ever losing sight of their DIY roots, this is BLEED FROM WITHIN at their very best. There’s no denying the band’s inevitable next steps are world domination, with 'Shrine' a turning point moment.

Scott Kennedy – Vocals
Craig Gowans – Guitar
Steven Jones – Guitar
David Provan – Bass
Ali Richardson – Drums

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