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Make Them Suffer Announce Suffer Forever Australian Tour With Special Guests Bury Tomorrow (UK), Spite (USA) + Bloom

After captivating audiences supporting Bring Me The Horizon and Sleep Token in sold out arenas across Australia in April, Perth metalcore outfit MAKE THEM SUFFER are set to wow audiences on home soil once again in 2024 with their highly anticipated Suffer Forever Australian headline tour this coming August and September, joined by friends BURY TOMORROW (UK), SPITE (USA) & BLOOM.

Opening proceedings on Friday 30 August in Brisbane, MAKE THEM SUFFER will bring their ferocious live performance to Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, before closing out in Fremantle on Saturday 7 September.

Following our European festival circuit, an amazing North American tour and of a life changing Australian tour in support of Bring Me The Horizon, we’ve been aching to follow up all these incredible opportunities with a headliner of our own. We can’t wait to bring our live show back home for all fans, new and old, and we can’t wait to take things to the next level. – Sean Harmanis, Make Them Suffer

Roaring back to life after the pandemic years, MAKE THEM SUFFER emerged in 2022 with their behemoth single Doomswitch, followed by a sold out North American run supporting Bad Omens, as well as their own completely sold out headline tour in Australia in support of the track.

Following on with new material in 2023, MAKE THEM SUFFER unleashed the vibrant and voracious track Ghost Of Me, with the group also appearing the same year supporting fellow Aussie juggernauts Parkway Drive in North America as part of the Monsters Of Oz Tour. And while 2024 has certainly not been quiet for MAKE THEM SUFFER, with a recent almost entirely sold out run supporting Bring Me The Horizon nationally along with Sleep Token and Daine, MAKE THEM SUFFER have also continued their ongoing sonic domination via their potent new 2024 release Epitaph; a single that dazzles in sharp, primal energy and gloss that also celebrates and welds the towering past, present and future in the dynamic MAKE THEM SUFFER legacy.

Set to perform overseas for a run of European and UK festivals this June, including Download Festival, Copenhell, Jera On Air and many more, MAKE THEM SUFFER will return home later this year armed with both new music and their insatiable live show that continues to gain international acclaim.

British metalcore giants BURY TOMORROW return after crushing Australian audiences on their first sold out Australian headline tour in 2023 supporting their seventh album, The Seventh Sun. The Seventh Sun stands as testament to the bonds and belief required to shape themselves a new reality, a new sound, and a new future expanding sonic palette platforms sky-high melodies, layered with textured atmosphere, cloaking an underlying savagery.

BURY TOMORROW‘s 2018 album Black Flame catapulted them into metal’s upper echelons. It was the band’s third consecutive UK Top 40 album, which saw them undertake an imposing tour, which culminated with a huge show at London’s iconic Roundhouse and their follow-up Cannibal, took the band another leap forward and that they can face any circumstances that comes their way.

SPITE, the decibel- and soul-crushing deathcore unit based out of Southern California, return to Australia with their lethal blend of death metal, metalcore, and neo-nu-metal after decimating Australian audiences on their debut shows supporting Thy Art Is Murder in 2022. Their 2017 release Nothing Is Beautiful on Rise Records drew comparisons to contemporaries like Thy Art Is Murder, Acacia Strain, and Suicide Silence. SPITE push against the boundaries of heavy music.

Sydney metalcore outfit BLOOM combine ferocity and impassioned lyricism, with their immersive catalogue centered on grief, love and exile. Releasing their brand new album Maybe In Another Life earlier this year, BLOOM flexed surging rhythms and memorable hooks, unforgettably snapshotting the group’s burgeoning strengths that has also led them to a massive regional tour supporting Polaris and national tours supporting the likes of Thornhill, Holding Absence, While She Sleeps, ERRA and Bad Omens.

Early bird pre-sale tickets on sale: Tuesday 21 May @ 11am AEST time

To Gain Early Ticket Access Register Here -> https://bit.ly/24MTSsignup

General tickets on sale: Thursday 23 May @ 11am local time
Tickets from destroyalllines.com

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[Review] Bring Me The Horizon @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne 18/04/2024

Walking up to Rod Laver Arena on a freezing cold Thursday night, I had to double check my tickets.

“Rod Laver Arena? Surely, they aren’t selling out a venue that big?” I whispered to myself as I triple checked the venue.

They, are Bring Me The Horizon. I remember them as one of the many sculptors of my mid-teens. My memories are me sitting on the bus, sullen because all my friends went to Sydney to see them. I probably gave myself tinnitus on that bus ride. Or sitting in woodwork and a group of girls I desperately wanted to be friends with told me to, “Go and talk to Jess, she likes that emo shit too.” And becoming her partner in home-ec that year. Bring Me The Horizon were an intimate band for me, the cause of friendships falling apart and coming together. They weren’t an arena rock band. They were mine, they were for the kids like me. But, clearly, they were ours. And we were all here tonight.

A swarm of platform black boots, fishnets and black lipstick pour passed me, as the hyper pop anthems of Daine pierce the freezing air. I love Daine. They were one of the artists who defined lockdown bonfires with my housemates for me. Tonight is a night dedicated to making the best out of a bad situation, clearly. SALT, I want the light to swallow me whole and a far-too short list of songs later, the set is finished. I can feel the applause from outside. Daine is an absolute machine, the powerhouse to end all powerhouses.

I finally manage to make my way inside, shoulder to shoulder with the coolest people I’ve ever seen. I love ex-emo kids. I’m now much more of a corduroy-and-American-Traditional-tattoo emo enthusiast, but here I am with the upper echelon of emo kid. And I’m thrilled. As I take my seat, the lights dim again and Make Them Suffer takes to the stage. Going from goth-rock meets hyper pop to Australian metalcore might seem strange, but this crowd is absolutely on board for the weirdness. I watch as a half-filled GA area throws themselves against each other, the smacks of their arms audible from my seat. Opening with Ghost of Me and winding up seven songs later, I wish the Perth band had stayed on earlier, but tonight is about celebrating lots of bands, and so they make their way offstage after a thunderous finish with Doomswitch.

Now, my relationship with Sleep Token, is a little bit…. Strange. The London progressive-metal band are famous for making a TikTok edit song for a hot video game vampire. I didn’t know it was a Sleep Token track, until I was sitting down and as The Summoning started playing, I was surrounded by videos of this pale hottie. Certainly, one for the ol’ bucket list.

Sleep Token have this awesome stage presence. White masks with red and black paint splatters cover the faces of the entire group, their anonymity is their power. The crowd is almost possessed with the slow, melodic drops and the ultra-high screaming peaks. The band plays in a way that makes them seem blank-faced, but their musicianship is evocative, powerful and an absolute feast for the senses. The red lights spray into the crowd as our screams mix with theirs. An outstanding final opening act for the absolute chaos I was about to experience with Bring Me The Horizon.

Bring Me The Horizon are mythic. Formed in 2004 in Sheffield, they’ve released 8 albums and have sold over 5 million records. They sold out 3 shows in Melbourne alone, on this Australian tour. To say they’re popular, would be an understatement. They’re revolutionary. And my God, do they know it.

The show opens with Eve, an AI woman doing “audience analysis” on us. The screens of the arena are filled with her uncanny face movements as she asks us to scream in excitement, only to be met with; “Performance analysis: Weak as fuck”. The antsy crowd on the floor takes that as a challenge, and immediately open up a Circle Pit. Before the band’s even come on. It’s insanity.

Then, the backdrops project the walls and windows of a church, with beautiful sunlight streaming through. The British 4-piece come onstage, taking their own pillars, except front man Oli Sykes, who is on the lowest level in a velvet top and these amazing loafers. All of the band take to their human-spine mic-stands and let it rip for the next nearly 2 hours. “Bang your fucking heads, pussies!” Sykes screams into the crowd as he lets out a vocal-chord tearing scream and his guitarists jump what feels like 20-feet into the air.

I am completely swept up into the story they’re telling. Project angeldust has gone awry, Eve’s systems are corrupted and her fanatic cultists are dying. Project angeldust arrives, and the church windows aren’t filled with snow or rain or sun anymore, they’re torn down by a body-horror baby with wings, and everyone loses it. Matt Nichols on drums is an absolute mad-man, he is incredible. Every song, he’s making the beat and then outperforming himself as the song goes on, legendary. All of the musicians are killing it, they’re note-perfect, and even better than I can describe.

There’s fire, sparklers, smoke, lights – it’s a feast.

As the circle pit continues, and the crowd keeps splitting itself into walls of death, Sykes smirks that smirk we all know, “You guys are fucking mad for it! But can you jump?” And yes they can. He insults us, he lifts us up – anything he barks at us, with that killer smile, we are all too eager to oblige.

At first, I thought he was kidding with the repeated; “I’m a little bit poorly, seeing double. Hot sweats, cold sweats.” Because we launched into Kingslayer, and he smiled up at us before spitting into the mic, “1-2-fuck you!” and let out another spine crunching scream. God, he’s good. But he did need to take a 3 minute break in the middle to get himself feeling better. Even being clearly very unwell, he was the frontman to end all frontmen. Like so spellbinding, his skill is unmatched, his synergy with the band was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. As he returns from break he’s smiling again, “Fuck me you guys are fucking mental!” And we are, it’s true, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. What he considered a 4/10, was most concerts 11/10, and we just kept going. “Peng crowd!” His band coos in agreement to eachother.

Pulling up Sam, a random audience member in a bucket hat, and laden with the most Australian accent ever, was so genius. Performing Antivist together, Sam was throwing in improv lines, screaming and barking orders at us. “Pull the finger out of your fucking asses! Make a wall of death! Let’s go, let’s go!” And we are all too happy to oblige. Sykes grins at his newest prodigee, and they absolutely crush their unplanned duet.

Parasite Eve is, of course, spellbinding. Rave lights illuminate the arena. Spectacular rays of green and yellow and white. Sykes’ voice is unbelievable. His screams are… Better than recorded. His vocal control is criminally underrated, it’s fucking awesome. As their platinum hit rides to a close, the stage turns red, rose petals fall. Sykes lies on the ground. “I have a question, can you… can you…. Can You Feel My Heart?” He jumps to his feet, clearly ready to punch out this last number with everything he has “If you don’t jump to this song, you are a certified dickhead!” And they go into Can You Feel My Heart. A studded sacred heart lights them from behind, the arena is bathed in light, and I am 14 again, in home-ec, on the back of the bus. I feel like I could burst.

The encore goes off without a hit, and I am still lost in nostalgia. Please, treat your inner-teen. I promise they’re desperate to scream along with Bring Me The Horizon and leave arm in arm with other cry-laughing adults as we go from being swallowed by Sykes poetic screams, to being swallowed by the Melbourne cold.

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Make Them Suffer Share New Single ‘Epitaph’ & Down Under Tour Supporting Bring Me The Horizon Kicks Off This Week

A potent fusion of the past, present and future, Perth metalcore outfit Make Them Suffer return today armed with a glossy yet blistering new single, Epitaph out now via Greyscale Records and SharpTone Records.

Continuing the band’s ferocious new sonic chapter, Epitaph swells with a sharp interplay between sharp primal energy and glowing ambience, also accompanied today by a brand new music video.

Of their latest single, the band shares:
“Epitaph is the perfect grafting of new and old in terms of combining elements from our earlier sound with newer ones. Primal yet futuristic, Epitaph comes from a place of contemplation. The lyrics depict a post-doomsday setting and imagine how we as a species might be remembered by other forms of life.”

Following a long break away from music due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Make Them Suffer returned with a blazing bang in 2022, releasing the behemoth single Doomswitch, playing a sold out tour in North America supporting Bad Omens, and performing a completely sold out headline Australian run in support of their new material.

Releasing their first single via the dream team of Greyscale Records and SharpTone Recordsin 2023, the ravenous might of Ghost Of Me, Make Them Suffer toured North America last year as part of Parkway Drive‘s huge Monsters Of Oz Tour, alongside The Amity Affliction and Northlane, as well as ticking off shows closer to home performing 2012’s Neverbloom in full for the first time ever in Australia to resounding acclaim.

Now, Make Them Suffer continue their domination in 2024, embarking this week with an almost entirely sold out Australian run supporting Bring Me The Horizon alongside Sleep Token and Daine, before returning overseas for a run of European and UK festivals this June, including Download Festival, Copenhell, Jera On Air and many more.

“We’re about to settle in for the busiest year of touring in the history of Make Them Suffer and the energy in the band is at an all time high,” the band shares of their huge 2024 ahead. “I’m sure we’ll all be aching for more time at home by November, but for now, we can’t wait to get back on the road and play all these amazing tours and festivals we have lined up.”

“Epitaph is the beginning of a very exciting year for us, and not just in terms of touring. We’re so incredibly thankful for all our supporters, and to be in the position we’re in. Particularly after such an incredible journey. We can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store.

Stream Epitaph HERE






Tickets from https://daltours.cc/BMTH24

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[Review] Make Them Suffer @ 170 Russell, Melbourne 01/06/2023

Review By Mitch Charlton

How good is going out and finding new music? Nothing convinces me more to listen to a new band than seeing them live. Tonight, I found 3 new bands that I will chuck on rotation, Make Them Suffer, Fit For An Autopsy and Ocean Sleeper. This sold-out show at 170 Russell had a packed line before the doors opened and a diverse crowd from the look of the band shirts, it’s great to see people come out to support Aussie bands on their tours and this is a celebration of Make Them Suffer’s 10-year anniversary of Neverbloom.

Opening tonight is Ocean Sleeper who came out hard, straight into a packed venue and had the crowd moving from the opening riff. Utilising the full stage set up, the energetic front man had crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. These guys have a great Metalcore sound with heavy verses and melodic clean choruses that had the everyone singing along. The whole band were appreciating the night, playing to a packed venue, and celebrating with friends on their album, you could just see it in how they were playing, the drummer didn’t stop smiling the whole time. If you are after Melodic and catchy, get out and see these guys, they wont disappoint.

Fit For An Autopsy hit the stage with a force so great that the entire crowd has to start moving to keep up with the riffs being thrown around. The music just got a hell of a lot heavier; we went from heavy Metalcore to straight up Deathcore heaviness. The venue is basically fully packed by this stage, and you can instantly see that the crowd are here to have a good time, circle pits break out, everyone is headbanging and bodies are flying everywhere! These guys had a solid mix, everything was crisp, the dissonant chords used were coming through clear and the drums sounded amazing, such a hard hitter! The track that won me over was Black Mammoth, go and have a listen to this one and you will see why, then go and catch these guys live if you want more convincing. If you are into Thy Art Is Murder, you will want to hear Fit For An Autopsy.

The reason we are all here tonight, Make Them Suffer’s Neverbloom albums 10th anniversary, it’s being played in full. I had only checked out a couple of songs by these guys before tonight’s show, so I didn’t fully know what to expect. Firstly, these guys have an incredible light and sound to their experience, it’s evident that they have thought of most of, if not all aspects of their live performance for tonight. They had light bars and screens on the stage to accompany the music, it was an incredible show. We had the melody of Ocean Sleeper early on, followed by the brutality of Fit For An Autopsy and what better way to have Make Them Suffer come on who combine the two perfectly. As they progress through Neverbloom the crowd are unrelenting, they haven’t stopped all night, if anything they are going harder again for Make Them Suffer and it’s clear the band are feeding off that energy and pushing themselves harder. When Maelstrom and Weeping Wastelands start up the crowd go hard with the moshing and circle pits, the security have had minimal to watch all night, but the bodies start going hard over that front bar at this point. The singer stops at the end of the album to say thank you and that tonight is their biggest selling show in their careers, which is incredible to be apart of and witnessing, they are humbled at the fact they have come this far. They then end the set on their two latest singles, Ghost of Me and Doomswitch, which we hear their female vocals come in strong, a great way to end the night.

It always pays to get out of your routine and comfort zones to check out something fresh, you never know what you might enjoy, get out and go find some new local bands and support the scene, so that more Aussie Bands can get to this incredible Milestone.

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