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Aaron Frazer Releases New Single/Video “Time Will Tell”

From New Album
Into The Blue
Out June 28th Via Dead Oceans

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Frazer releases a new single/video, “Time Will Tell,” from his sophomore solo album, Into the Blue, out June 28th via Dead Oceans.

On the heels of his double lead single “Payback” b/w “Into the Blue,” “Time Will Tell’” sees Frazer plaintively considering the end of a relationship, “trying to figure out / how love went from sweet to sour.” “There are moments of a breakup where it’s like ‘wow it’s really happening’—when the art comes down off the walls, you know it’s over-over,” says Frazer. “’Time Will Tell’ encapsulates that feeling of being at a crossroad, unsure if you chose the right path. It’s very autobiographical.”

The video was directed by Aaron Frazer and Marielle Co and filmed by three cats, Georgie, Ginger, and Gigi, who capture a cat’s POV of Frazer singing the track around a house while playing around with them, ending with Frazer talking to one, saying “I feel like you get me.”

Photo Credit: Rosie Cohe

Following Frazer’s lauded 2021 Dan Auerbach-produced debut, Into The Blue is expansive—a daring blend of soul, psychedelia, spaghetti western, disco, gospel and hip-hop, representing the impressive range of Frazer’s sonic talents. “It’s the clearest portrait of who I am as an artist,” Frazer says of the album, which sees him maintaining the unmistakable falsetto and classic songwriting he’s known for but with a hip-hop mentality at its core, weaving together genres and production techniques to plant Into The Blue firmly in the now.

Spurred by the end of a long relationship, Frazer moved cross-country from Brooklyn to Los Angeles and embarked on a journey that’s reflected in the album’s themes of grief, loneliness, and searching for healing. Featuring moments of towering arrangements, recalling David Axelrod and Ennio Merricone, Into The Blue is balanced by rawness, incorporating iPhone recordings and one-take vocals. Frazer enlisted Grammy-winner Alex Goose as co-producer for the album, known for his crate-digging samples and collaborations with hip-hop artists like Freddie Gibbs, Madlib and Brockhampton. Frazer also experimented with samples for the first time on a record, drawing from unexpected sources like 90s R&B group Hi-Five.

Though Into The Blue is born out of heartbreak, Frazer hopes it leaves listeners with a sense of optimism. “You know, you can still laugh on a day when you’re grieving,” he says, “there’s no peaks without valleys,” but Into The Blue sees Aaron Frazer at new heights.

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Into The Blue Tracklist
1. Thinking Of You
2. Into The Blue
3. Fly Away
4. Payback
5. Dime feat. Cancamusa
6. Perfect Strangers
7. Time Will Tell
8. I Don’t Wanna Stay
9. Play On
10. Easy To Love
11. The Fool

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