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FAREWELL TO FEAR release new album!

US rockers FAREWELL TO FEAR have released their new album POLARITY via Crusader Records, available now on all digital platforms.
POLARITY is the 3rd full-length album by FAREWELL TO FEAR and the first album released with Crusader Records. The title says it all. POLARITY pulls roots from a variety of rock genres giving the listener a rollercoaster ride throughout. Heavy, melodic, raw, nostalgic, thrash, gritty, emotional, angst, and even modern could be used to describe this album.

“The gloves came off when we started writing ‘Polarity’, no rules, no formula. We wrote what we felt and what moved us in the moment. Lyrically, the album draws on many emotions and feelings that we all have shared over the last crazy few years, and as true to form, a message of positivity and hope in the darkest of times.” – Farewell to Fear


Played Again
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Weight of the World
Fall in Line
Forgive it All
Crash and Burn
Surprise! You’re Dead! (Faith No More Cover)

Stream/buy ‘POLARITY’ HERE

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HARDCORE SUPERSTAR Announce New Album ABRAKADABRA – Due Out March 25th

Abrakadabra is the upcoming album from Gothenburg’s leading exponents of street metal, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR! The follow up to 2018’s critically acclaimed You Can't Kill My Rock 'N' Roll, Abrakadabrawill be released physically and digitally via Golden Robot Records (for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South America only) on March 25th, and is available to pre-order on digital and CD now.

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR has recently released five alcohol-fuelled, riff-laden singles. ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘Dreams In Red’, ‘Weep When You Die’ and ‘Forever and a Day’, and their latest, ‘Fighter’, now available on all digital platforms. All 5 tracks give a deep insight into the brilliance of Abrakadabra, which may just be HARDCORE SUPERSTAR’s best album to date.

Containing 10 hard-hitting songs exploding with riffs, attitude, intensity, and that magical feeling you get when your work is over and the weekend is here, Abrakadabra is an album for the fans and best shared with great friends, cold beers and very loudspeakers!

Recorded in 2020 and 2021 at both Österlyckan and Bombastik in Musikens Hus – Gothenburg, the decision was made early on to once again work with Johan Reiven, who was responsible for production duties on the bands ‘Black Album’. Adde states, “Working with Johan was like stepping back in time, there’s a shared intensity and commitment to excel that collectively drives us and ultimately brings out the best in us all…I am 100% happy with the result.”

This shared intensity can be heard on every one of the tracks from the defiantly rebellious ‘Dreams in Red’ through to the bar-soaked philosophy of ‘One For All’ and the thundering powerhouse that is ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

Abrakadabra is uncomplicated, rock n’ roll escapism and entertainment at its best…sprinkled with a little bit of magic for good measure.

The success and acclaim of You Can’t Kill My Rock 'N' Roll inspired the band significantly and writing for Abrakadabra enthusiastically started whilst out on tour. Connecting with so many fans, old and new helped to influence the shape and sound of the new record, with drummer Adde commenting that the new album, “feels like the record we should have released after the Black album”.

Pre-order/add/save Abrakadabra on:

Digital HERE

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INFAMOUS STIFFS return with new live single & EP

SoCal punk rockers, Infamous Stiffs, are back with a six song live EP, “Lockdown Live“, their second release on Riot Records/Golden Robot Records, available for pre-order/add/save, with new single Kill for the Sound (Live) out now alongside the music video for the track.

Made in 2021 at the height of the global Covid 19 pandemic at the famous Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, California, “Lockdown Live” is what happens after a year of…well, being locked down.

Rife with pent up energy and aggression, the results of this experiment speak for themselves. Catchy, hard and unforgiving, “Lockdown Live” offers a real-time perspective on the songs and of the current state of affairs. It’s a little something to chew on during these lean times of uncertainty and the doldrums we all face.

Infamous Stiffs - Lockdown Live - EP cover


Shakedown (E)
Get It Straight
Freak Parade (E)
Kill for the Sound
It Ain’t Me (E)

Lockdown Live (EP) follows on from the Infamous Stiffs 2021 album, “Kill for the Sound“, which was released on digital and vinyl. Get a copy of the vinyl album from the GRR Store here.

Formed in 2019 in Southern California, the members of Infamous Stiffs have spent decades playing punk rock ‘n’ roll in various incarnations…all roads leading to the sonic condition that is Infamous Stiffs. A relentless assault of loud infectious hooks and shakes that’ll make you move!

Infamous Stiffs are:

Scott Wilkins (Vocals) – AKA “Snotty Scotty” and the former voice and snarl in front of CD2 (Condemned to Death), Verbal Abuse, Electric Frankenstein and Hollywood Hate.

Jim Perrault (Bass) – Last known for his affiliation with Orange County’s notorious Graceland Mafia as well as doing time with The Legendary Swagger and The County Stars.

Mark Pananides (Guitar) – Also a Hollywood Hate alumni. Other previous bands include, Nardcore’s Rat Pack, The Living End (U.S. band pre-dating the Australian one) as well as a stint in Junkyard as a stand in on a string of dates.

John Gilhooley (Guitar) – Formerly of Huntington Beach Ska-punk faves The Zero Class, John is also a long time and not so infamous So Cal. music photojournalist.

Jaime Reidling (Drums) – Once a teen drumming delinquent hailing from the parking lot of the infamous Cuckoo’s Nest, Jaimie’s musical rap sheet rattles off the likes of the Cadillac Tramps, Shattered Faith, Big Drill Car, U.S. Bombs, Die Hunns, TSOL and Devil’s Brigade (with Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman of Rancid).

For all of your tooth-chipping’ punk rock ‘n’ roll needs, Infamous Stiffs has got you!

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