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INSTYNKT Drop New Single ‘Nepean’ and Announce Debut EP

Hot off the back of a regional tour supporting Melbourne’s Among The Restless, INSTYNKT have come out swinging with their latest offering Nepean. A nostalgic journey back to when life’s decisions were easy ones and we lived each day with reckless abandon. Pulling on memories of raising hell and living life to the fullest, Nepean pinpoints the coming of age and the changes of growing into a life with responsibilities. 

With indelible melodies and rhythm Nepean finds it groove and keeps you invested on the journey for the full duration. While on the more mellow side than previous releases, Nepean still has a killer groove and will grab you hook, line and sinker. With the new EP, Lies, Lovers, Thieves dropping on June 28th there is so much to look forward to, followed closely with the EP launch at The Evelyn Hotel on 30th June 2023. So lock those dates in your calendar now and get ready to tear it up with the boys from INSTYNKT as they do the Melbourne music scene proud. 


Hailing from Melbourne’s South East INSTYNKT formed in 2019 and comprises Charlie Lane (Lead Vox), twins Michael (lead guitar) and Shilo Uberti (bass) and Mac Nicholson (drums). This cohesive unit have been playing to anyone who will listen as they cement their spot in the Melbourne music scene. Their back catalogue of singles is rising fast as they work to get their music to the people and deliver old school rock to the punters. Ride, Flower, Dominatrix and Make Love (like you mean it) have kicked off their journey and earned them a solid fanbase, and these songs are just the beginning.

Bringing an electric live show to the forefront at every gig, INSTYNKT pride themselves on leaving nothing in the tank as they mix it with the best on stage. Their energy filled performances command you attention and keep you coming back time and time again.  They are constantly working to refine their own sound and produce solid rock songs that keep alive the atmospheric nature of live music. You can find them sweating up a storm at all the regular Melbourne music venues every chance they get. 

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Ghost – Phantomime

Hot off the back of the long-awaited Australian tour announcement, Ghost are throwing us a bone with the latest release EP Phantomime. There is barely a conversation between music lovers of late that does not consist of the word Ghost. Their all-consuming sound and unique take on music is hot property, and we Australians cannot get enough!

The musical genius of Tobias Forge is once again on full display and Phantomime takes us on a journey of classic covers with a diverse collection of songs. Who would have thought that putting Tina Turner and Iron Maiden of the same album would work? Well, Tobias of course, and it works in spades, with refreshing new takes on somewhat unconventional partners.

Opening with Televisions’ See No Evil we are taken back to the seventies with a nostalgic twist on this decades old tune. While losing none of the original feel Ghost have wrangled See No Evil to give it a modern-day spin while still keeping close to its original counterpart. A brilliant way to kick of the album, instantly grabbing your attention, leaving you eager to see what comes next.

The Genesis hit, Jesus He Knows Me is next in line and was released to coincide with Easter Sunday. Which solves the mystery of the “Jesus Is Coming” reference in the Good Friday premiere of the webisode series Chapter 17, Nap Time.  It isn’t the first time we have seen Ghost challenging authority figures via music and this one is an absolute banger.  Their version of the Grammy award winning song is a blinding rendition and let’s just say the accompanying film clip will leave you with a strange awkwardness. Never one to shy from controversial subjects, Jesus He Knows Me is up there with the best and is one of my favourites on the EP.

The Stranglers have been in everyone’s ears for almost fifty years, so it was no surprise they made the cut on this album. The cover of Hanging Around has a fresh aspect that I really enjoyed. Tobias has a way of spinning songs to suit his distinguishable sound but still gives the song its own identity. Hanging Around is this and more and is worth of its spot on Phantomime.

They do not come more synonymous in the metal music scene than Iron Maiden. The Phantom of The Opera is a mammoth song and one that needs to hit the mark if you are going to replicate it.  Fortunately, the Ghost version knocks it out of the park with a punchy sound that resonates instantly in your mind with a song of such gargantuan proportions. It is magical to listen as Ghost intertwine with Iron Maiden in an almost cathartic experience, while this song is a long one you will not be disappointed, and it will have you swept up for the duration.

We Don’t Need Another Hero was made famous after featuring in our very own cult classic movie Mad Max Beyond – Thunderdome. While Tina Turner did an outstanding job with the original, Ghost certainly set the bar high with their own version. It is packed with feeling and sentimentality and is a fitting end to this exquisite EP.

The thought involved in putting together a group of cover versions that will resonate with the listener is a tough ask but as with this eclectic mix, it just works. Once again, this falls to the insightfulness and innovation of Tobias Forge and his extremely gifted ghouls that cement the sound and round out the perfection that is Phantomime.

Phatomime’ will be released on physical and across streaming services from May 18.

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Interview with Jaidyn Hale (Among The Restless)

STM:  Hi There Jaidyn, thanks for your time today, firstly congratulations on the new EP Define which is out now.  Clearly, Covid had a huge impact on the recording and timing of the release, how did you find the process? Were there many delays and hurdles you had pop up? 

Always a pleasure and thank you! Covid has most definitely made it hard over the past few years but nonetheless, we have persevered and all made it through. We were lucky enough to have actually already made the venture to Red Engine recording studios in Brisbane and laid down all the tracks last year before that last bad lockdown hit us. In regards to releasing the EP, I think the biggest thing was we wanted to wait and be able to experience it with our fans, friends, and family in person. Without being able to gig and support what we are so proud of it wouldn’t have made sense to us to release.

STM: As a relatively new band forming not long before covid hit you have done extremely well pushing out singles during times when gigs were vetoed, and the music industry was stopped in its tracks. Your determination as a band certainly shines through and has given you the results looking at your Spotify streams. You must be so proud of the band's achievements. 

One hundred percent, not being able to see each other and especially not being able to rehearse wasn’t great and took its toll on us. Considering how much of the early stages of the band were hindered, I think we have really pulled through and shown that nothing can stop us from doing what we love.

STM: You traveled to Brisbane and put yourselves in the safe hands of renowned recording royalty in Steve James (The Sex Pistols, The Jam, The Angels, The Screaming Jets, Airbourne), tell me a bit about working with him and your recording process.  

Without Steve, none of this would have been possible. His guidance and expertise in his craft made recording our first EP a breeze so to speak. Basically, we start by jamming through the songs together and getting a feel in the studio. After this, we all track our parts individually, and then it all gets roughly comped to hear a basic rundown of the mix. Throughout this stage is where a lot of change happens in the songs with new ideas thrown in or parts are taken out. It was such an amazing experience, and we are so looking forward to getting back up there as soon as possible!

STM: Define has a wonderful arc listening to it from start to finish, it has a great flow and concludes with the sublime Growing Pains. The addition of strings lifts this song from bloody great to amazing, was that extra layer always part of the plan?  

When recording that song initially we knew we wanted it to be big. Lachie had this amazing vision from the start and it was just missing something. The addition of the violin really uplifted the whole song and added such a cool atmosphere, and helped to even more encapsulate the sort of direction we were taking the song. 

STM:  Slave Within The Change is like a big slap in the face with its ripping riffs and angsty lyrics, how was the writing process, and who put pen to paper with that one, or was it a joint effort?  

Slave Within the Change was an awesome song to record and personally my favourite off the EP. I remember working on it through a couple of rehearsals with Josh and Lachie a few years ago and laying down a rough foundation for what the song became. Lachie and Rhett wrote the lyrics for this one and then it came back to a rehearsal where we refined and made the song what it is now. 

STM: The EP launch and regional tour are kicking off in just a matter of days, you and the boys must be pumped to be out on the road and performing live gigs?  

It’s amazing. I don’t think we could explain how excited we are if we wanted to! Being back on a stage has been an absolute blessing and it’s going to be so awesome to go to places we haven’t played at yet and bring our music around Victoria.

STM: It’s hard to fit everything on your EP was it difficult to leave some of your original singles off? You have some pretty popular ones to choose from. 

I wouldn’t change anything about the EP. I think the way it plays from start to finish really sets in stone the experiences we went through and how we as a band felt over the last few years. For those of you wanting to get your hands on a physical copy of the EP, you may be surprised with a little extra something on the CD!

STM: Rumour has it that you have been behind a drum kit since you were two years old, is there any truth in that?  

That is completely true! Some say I was born with drumsticks in my hands.

STM: Fun question to close out, you are stuck on a desert island and have three bands on repeat, who are they?  

That’s a hard one, but for me, at the moment Ocean Grove would absolutely take the cake. Two others I would pick would be Warrant and Megadeth, although it’s really not an easy choice! 

All the best on the tour and with the new EP Define, I look forward to getting along to a few of your gigs and enjoying live music again. 

‘Define’ serves as a consolidation of character through recent rough times, pouring our heart and soul into our music, thus ‘Defining’ ourselves. – Among The Restless


Define Tracklist



Slave Within The Change


Growing Pains


Come celebrate with AMONG THE RESTLESS over the next few weeks as they take DEFINE on the road!

June 25th – The Toff in Town, Melbourne

July 1st – Macedon Railway Hotel, Macedon

July 2nd – Golden Vine Hotel, Bendigo

July 7th – On Top Bar, Ormond

July 8th – Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong

July 16th – Pelly Bar, Frankston

July 23rd – Brunswick Ballroom , Brunswick

Tickets on Sale NOW! 

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The Daily Chase share final single, “Light You Up” from forthcoming EP

The Daily Chase are back to offer up one last anthemic single, “Light You Up” before the release of ‘The Colour Of Crisis‘ EP, out next Friday, April 8.

The heavy-hitting drum and bass-inspired tune tell the story of losing a friend to the spiral of depression. This song is about tragedy, forgiveness, and friends looking out for one another. The mainline from the chorus: “A thousand suns won’t light you up” translates to the fact that not even a thousand ‘good’ days can bring this person back from the darkness.

The music video is filmed and produced by Headstrong Films and echoes the sentiments of the track using a beautifully choreographed dance scene with dancers Carter and Rohan Cummins. Videographer and drummer for The Daily Chase, Ben Heidrich, explains: “With the video for ‘Light You Up’ we wanted a story that was a direct narrative to the lyrics, but still made you feel something. All dancing in the video was performed on set to the actual ‘Light You Up’ track, which made the dance scene completely authentic and in line with the song.

Previous singles “Killjoy” and “Lotusland” teased a new sound for the band, influenced by drum and bass that builds on the band’s metal foundations. Both singles have earned plenty of triple j Unearthed love with a number of 4+ star reviews and play across multiple triple j shows. “Lotusland” featured on RAGE and was added to Unearthed rotation and Spotify picked up “Killjoy” for an add to their Homegrown + Heavy playlist.

The Daily Chase is a five-piece metal outfit from Adelaide comprised of vocalist Rory Cuthell, clean vocalist and guitarist Marc Patterson, drummer Ben Heidrich, guitarist Jake McDonald, and bassist Nic Wilks. Since their formation in 2015, the band has played countless shows across the nation and shared the stage with the likes of Escape The Fate, Make Them Suffer, Deez Nuts, Saviour, Confession, Dream On Dreamer and Turnover. The bands music has also been featured in Gold Medal X Games athlete Jackson Strong’s feature film ‘Headstrong 2’.

Having worked tirelessly over the last couple of years, the global pandemic brought time and space to the band in order to bring together their most exciting and innovative work yet. ‘The Colour of Crisis‘ delves into intense sonic landscapes and experiments with genre-bending hooks while still keeping the raw energy and heart of The Daily Chase.

With the brand new six-track EP in their arsenal, The Daily Chase are ready to take 2022 by the horns and hit the stage with a plethora of new sounds and an exciting, modernized performance to boot.

Light You Up“, “Killjoy” and “Lotusland” are available now, streaming on all platforms. ‘The Colour of Crisis‘ will be available next Friday, April 8.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/thedailychase


Artist: The Daily Chase
Hometown: Adelaide, South Australia

Single Title: Light You Up
Release Date: Friday, April 1

EP Title: The Colour of Crisis
EP Release Date: Friday, April 8

Genre: Alternative Metal

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