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[Review] Nothing But Thieves @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 30/04/2024

Conor Mason, Joe Langridge-Brown, Dominic Craik, Philip Blake, and James Price, collectively known as Nothing But Thieves, blew the roof off The Hordern Pavilion, kicking off their tour in a rainy Sydney with a performance that was nothing short of spectacular. As the first show of their Welcome to The DCC Pt2 tour and with the entire Dead Club City album under their belt, anticipation ran high, the band delivered an unforgettable evening.

A prerecorded call on the speakers to “Give it up for Nothing but Thieves” set the tone for the night – one of unbridled passion and raw talent. Despite it being less than 12 months since the Essex lads sold out an Aussie run, the atmosphere crackled with energy from the moment the band took the stage, opening with the anthemic Welcome to the DCC that immediately had the crowd on their feet.

The setlist was a carefully curated blend of fan favorites and tracks from Dead Club City, showcasing the band’s evolution over the years. Songs like Is Everybody Going Crazy? and Sorry resonated deeply with the audience, their infectious melodies and powerful lyrics stirring emotions.

One of the highlights of the evening was the performance of Lover Please Stay, a ballad that hadn’t been played live in quite some time. The intimate moment, with Langridge-Brown seated on the drum riser and Mason bathed in spotlight, was a poignant reminder of the band’s versatility and emotional depth.

As the night progressed, the energy only intensified, with tracks like Trip Switch and Futureproof sending the crowd into a frenzy of limbs. The unexpected appearance of a rogue balloon floating above the pit, only to conjure Pop the Balloon added to the excitement, with Blake’s bass reverberating through our chests.

For the encore, Nothing But Thieves treated us to a raucous rendition of Oh No :: He Said What?, exuding Michael Jackson Thriller vibes that had everyone dancing. Mason giggled on the microphone saying “if we enjoyed that, you’ll LOVE the next” as they kicked into gear with crowd favourite Amsterdam.

Throughout the night, Nothing But Thieves demonstrated why they are one of the most captivating live acts in the industry and why Aussies flood to their shows. Their musicianship was impeccable, their stage presence magnetic, and their connection with the audience palpable. Many times throughout the performance I found myself blown away with Mason’s vocal technique and talent.

During the final song, Overcome, I couldn’t help but notice the heartwarming sight of friends, lovers, siblings, and even newfound companions grabbing each other to dance together. In that moment, the music united us all, transcending barriers and differences. It was a fleeting yet profound instance where everything in the world felt perfect, and nothing could dim the brilliance of that moment. Overcome served as a powerful shot of positivity, reminding us all of the transformative power of music and its ability to bring people together in harmony.

With their Dead Club City tour in full swing, Nothing But Thieves have once again proven why they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of alternative rock. Brisbane and Auckland are already sold out! If you have the chance to catch them live, don’t hesitate – it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

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