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The Daily Chase share final single, “Light You Up” from forthcoming EP

The Daily Chase are back to offer up one last anthemic single, “Light You Up” before the release of ‘The Colour Of Crisis‘ EP, out next Friday, April 8.

The heavy-hitting drum and bass-inspired tune tell the story of losing a friend to the spiral of depression. This song is about tragedy, forgiveness, and friends looking out for one another. The mainline from the chorus: “A thousand suns won’t light you up” translates to the fact that not even a thousand ‘good’ days can bring this person back from the darkness.

The music video is filmed and produced by Headstrong Films and echoes the sentiments of the track using a beautifully choreographed dance scene with dancers Carter and Rohan Cummins. Videographer and drummer for The Daily Chase, Ben Heidrich, explains: “With the video for ‘Light You Up’ we wanted a story that was a direct narrative to the lyrics, but still made you feel something. All dancing in the video was performed on set to the actual ‘Light You Up’ track, which made the dance scene completely authentic and in line with the song.

Previous singles “Killjoy” and “Lotusland” teased a new sound for the band, influenced by drum and bass that builds on the band’s metal foundations. Both singles have earned plenty of triple j Unearthed love with a number of 4+ star reviews and play across multiple triple j shows. “Lotusland” featured on RAGE and was added to Unearthed rotation and Spotify picked up “Killjoy” for an add to their Homegrown + Heavy playlist.

The Daily Chase is a five-piece metal outfit from Adelaide comprised of vocalist Rory Cuthell, clean vocalist and guitarist Marc Patterson, drummer Ben Heidrich, guitarist Jake McDonald, and bassist Nic Wilks. Since their formation in 2015, the band has played countless shows across the nation and shared the stage with the likes of Escape The Fate, Make Them Suffer, Deez Nuts, Saviour, Confession, Dream On Dreamer and Turnover. The bands music has also been featured in Gold Medal X Games athlete Jackson Strong’s feature film ‘Headstrong 2’.

Having worked tirelessly over the last couple of years, the global pandemic brought time and space to the band in order to bring together their most exciting and innovative work yet. ‘The Colour of Crisis‘ delves into intense sonic landscapes and experiments with genre-bending hooks while still keeping the raw energy and heart of The Daily Chase.

With the brand new six-track EP in their arsenal, The Daily Chase are ready to take 2022 by the horns and hit the stage with a plethora of new sounds and an exciting, modernized performance to boot.

Light You Up“, “Killjoy” and “Lotusland” are available now, streaming on all platforms. ‘The Colour of Crisis‘ will be available next Friday, April 8.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/thedailychase


Artist: The Daily Chase
Hometown: Adelaide, South Australia

Single Title: Light You Up
Release Date: Friday, April 1

EP Title: The Colour of Crisis
EP Release Date: Friday, April 8

Genre: Alternative Metal

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