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[Review] Lizzo @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne 17/07/2023

Review By Terri Nas

I just took a DNA test turns out, I’m 100% THAT obsessed with Lizzo! 

Monday nights usually see me headed home after a long day at work to switch off and relax. But this week I ventured out to see the most brilliant and baddest bitch around, Lizzo! 

When I arrived, Rod Laver Arena was abuzz with glitter, sequins, and palpable excitement as far as the eye could see. 

Whilst we were all settling into position, we were treated to a fun and energetic set from Australian singer/rapper Tkay Maidza, who is supporting Lizzo on the Australian leg of her Special world tour. 

Once Tkay departed the stage, the countdown was on for the arrival of the lady of the hour. I could literally feel the electricity in the arena from the crowd pulsating through my veins and increasing by the minute. By the time the house lights went down, the place could’ve burst into flames with the hot anticipation radiating from the audience. 

It was then that Lizzo made her grand entrance centre stage in all her voluptuous glory, and opened her set with Cuz I Love You and her fun and bouncy hit Juice. We were pre-warned by the lady herself that she’d been on the coffee before the show, so now she was “hyper as shit”. Well the coffee worked, because her energy and stamina didn’t waiver once throughout her 90 minute set. 

By this stage, the audience were “‘bout to have a panic attack” wondering if they were ready 2 Be Loved. We then found our Soulmate and jumped on the Phone to the Grrrls. Lizzo then sung us through all the different types of Boys she likes, and then added a little Tempo. During the next song, Rumours were flying and we got to see a surprise on-screen cameo from Cardi B. Lizzo’s energy and vibrancy was completely contagious, and the whole crowd were beside themselves with excitement for the entirety of the show.

As Lizzo sung her hit Special, it was like being embraced in a big warm hug from your best friend. Between the lyrics and her delivery, the song really is a beautiful reminder that everyone is special and loved no matter what. During one particular moment, Lizzo was visibly emotional and slightly overwhelmed as she looked out into the sea of faces (and phones) and absorbed every ounce of love that was being directed her way. The next few songs led us to an excellent cover of Chaka Khan’s empowering female anthem (and a favourite of mine) I’m Every Woman.  

After Everybody’s Gay & Water Me, we were then treated to another cover, this time of Coldplay’s best-selling single, Yellow – with Lizzo declaring that they are one of her most favourite bands. 

It was then time for the famous Sasha Flute to make an appearance, and my little flautist heart skipped a beat listening to the dulcet tones being projected from the melodious woodwind instrument. (Yes, I was a Flute player. Yes, I went to band camp). I just love how an artist like Lizzo has incorporated her classical flute training into her music, giving her a different edge to most. Thank you Lizzo, for making us band nerds and the flute cool again! 

Sasha led us into the iconic hit Truth Hurts with some bad-ass trills which, due to some technical difficulties, was performed in darkness. Lizzo finished the song by hilariously asking “did we pay the light bill, bitch?” A temporary blackout didn’t stop the superstar from continuing the show like a true professional. Interacting with her fans to kill time until the lights were rectified, turned out to be a heart-warming moment in the show. The genuine and humble way in which she interacts with her fans is a clear indication that they are her priority. This is all for them. To prove this point, she did an encore performance again of Truth Hurts once the lights were back, because as she eloquently yelled out, “these people need to get their motherf**kin’ videos!” 

Lizzo has a literal glow that emanates from her, and as well as being beautiful and downright hilarious, you can tell everything she says comes straight from her soul and she believes every word she preaches. 

Her set was rounded out with I Love You Bitch, and the catchy and super motivating Good As Hell, which if you’re not ready to take on the world after listening to it, then you were listening to the wrong song. With the crowd on an absolute high we wanted more, and more is what we got. Lizzo came back for an encore with About Damn Time, and a final appearance from Sasha Flute before they both wished us goodnight. 

Despite being amazingly talented in many areas, Lizzo’s constant message of self-love and believing in yourself is also what makes her stand out from the rest and makes her so endearing. We need more genuine role models like her in this crazy world. No matter the mood you’re in when you enter a Lizzo gig, the only way you’re coming out of that show is on cloud 9 feeling buzzed and empowered. I’m still riding that Lizzo high and won’t be stopping anytime soon. If there’s one person you need to add to your Concert Bucket List, then Lizzo is it. 

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[Review] The Waifs @ Northcote Theatre, Melbourne 08/06/2023

Review By Terri Nas

Thursday night took me on an adventure to the inner north of Melbourne, to the beautiful and stunningly restored Northcote Theatre. Built over 100 years ago, the building provides a beautiful mood and atmosphere as soon as you enter the doors. With its high ceilings decorated with ornate plaster work and the breathtaking cocktail bar on the mezzanine overlooking the theatre, you feel as if you’ve been transported back to another era. Here, is where I was to have my front row encounter with the talented and melodious Aussie folk rock act, The Waifs

20 years. 20 years can either feel like yesterday or an entire lifetime ago but in terms of music, time is irrelevant and The Waifs and their nostalgia-inducing music are a testament to that. The band are currently touring to celebrate the 20 years since their chart-topping album Up All Night was released back in 2003.

It was standing room only for the sold-out crowd, and the night began with an introduction from Mama Kin Spender who was the support act for the night. With Mama Kin on vocals and drum/rhythm section, and her offsider, Spender, on guitar and vocals, they provided some funky tracks with deep lyrics and a rich sound to get us moving and in the mood. 

The Waifs, consisting of Josh Cunningham, sisters Donna Simpson & Vikki Thorn, and rhythm section Ben Franz & David Ross MacDonald, entered the stage to an excitable audience and got everyone fired up and stomping along with the first song of the night, Fisherman’s Daughter. 

Nothing New was to follow, and then we soon found ourselves in London Still in which Donna recalled an entertaining story of trying to use her street cred of the song’s Triple J Hottest 100 success, on a younger generation that had no idea who she was. 

We were then immersed in Josh’s life dream of living a solitary life with a personal favourite of mine, Lighthouse. I adore this song for many reasons, but it’s the stunning harmonies in the bridge and Vikki’s harmonica solo that really hits the spot for me.

Flesh & Blood slowed the pace with its slow and gritty vibe, and then we took a “12 hour drive” on Highway One. We kept venturing through the Up All Night album in song order, and then once we arrived at Three Down, the lyrics and melody had me back walking the streets of towns that I love in the Deep South of America.

The Waifs have a literal way of storytelling which has the ability to relay their stories straight to your heart, unleashing a wave of nostalgia and memories that may or may not be your own. Since I’ve Been Around is a perfect example of this, and if you’ve ever moved away from your small hometown to the big city, then it’s one that will hit hard. 

To close off the album set was the atmospheric title track, Up All Night. We were then treated to a couple of extra songs from different albums, including a new song written about Donna’s latest love, The Swing

The Waifs bid us farewell and departed the stage, but naturally the crowd were hungry for more so they had no choice but to reappear for an encore. 

The encore was our train ride home from the gig, opening with the fun and upbeat Crazy Train and followed up with the beautiful song written about their grandmother, Bridal Train. After it was requested by many of the punters during the show, we were treated to a final rendition of the much-loved favourite, Gillian

This was the second time I’ve seen The Waifs this year, and it was so wonderful to experience them in a completely different setting this time. Their unique sound, flawless harmonies, and raw & relatable songwriting is what make this group so well-loved. Speaking to fellow fans, their music plays such a pivotal part in people’s lives through the highs and lows that life brings. A brilliant feel-good gig, and I can’t wait to catch them again. 

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INSTYNKT Drop New Single ‘Nepean’ and Announce Debut EP

Hot off the back of a regional tour supporting Melbourne’s Among The Restless, INSTYNKT have come out swinging with their latest offering Nepean. A nostalgic journey back to when life’s decisions were easy ones and we lived each day with reckless abandon. Pulling on memories of raising hell and living life to the fullest, Nepean pinpoints the coming of age and the changes of growing into a life with responsibilities. 

With indelible melodies and rhythm Nepean finds it groove and keeps you invested on the journey for the full duration. While on the more mellow side than previous releases, Nepean still has a killer groove and will grab you hook, line and sinker. With the new EP, Lies, Lovers, Thieves dropping on June 28th there is so much to look forward to, followed closely with the EP launch at The Evelyn Hotel on 30th June 2023. So lock those dates in your calendar now and get ready to tear it up with the boys from INSTYNKT as they do the Melbourne music scene proud. 


Hailing from Melbourne’s South East INSTYNKT formed in 2019 and comprises Charlie Lane (Lead Vox), twins Michael (lead guitar) and Shilo Uberti (bass) and Mac Nicholson (drums). This cohesive unit have been playing to anyone who will listen as they cement their spot in the Melbourne music scene. Their back catalogue of singles is rising fast as they work to get their music to the people and deliver old school rock to the punters. Ride, Flower, Dominatrix and Make Love (like you mean it) have kicked off their journey and earned them a solid fanbase, and these songs are just the beginning.

Bringing an electric live show to the forefront at every gig, INSTYNKT pride themselves on leaving nothing in the tank as they mix it with the best on stage. Their energy filled performances command you attention and keep you coming back time and time again.  They are constantly working to refine their own sound and produce solid rock songs that keep alive the atmospheric nature of live music. You can find them sweating up a storm at all the regular Melbourne music venues every chance they get. 

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