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Interview with Scott Kirkland (The Crystal Method)

THE CRYSTAL METHOD (USA) return to Australia for the first time since the Big Day Out in 2007!  Considered to be one of “the” Electronic Dance Music pioneers.

Along with The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy, THE CRYSTAL METHOD are credited with being pioneers of the Big Beat genre and Electronica movement. Together they took electronic music out of warehouses and onto some of the biggest festival fields in the world!

Don’t miss THE CRYSTAL METHOD bringing the energy and excitement with a show stacked with bangers – Name of the Game, Busy Child, Trip Like I Do, Born Too Slow, Keep Hope Alive plus heaps more!

The Crystal Method Tour Dates

Factory Theatre
The Triffid
Lion Arts Factory
170 Russell
Rosemount Hotel

Ticket link here: https://metropolistouring.com/the-crystal-method-2022/

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Enter Shikari @ Forum Theatre, Melbourne 11/11/2022

The Forum in Melbourne would have to be one of my favourite venues, it looks absolutely stunning and I’m yet to hear a bad mix there, it’s magic. It has been a few years since I was last here and it still blows my mind when walking in. For those of you who haven’t been there, think a Greek auditorium inside a venue, an incredibly high ceiling with lights that look like stars, my words won’t do it justice, just go to a show there. It’s the perfect setting for tonight’s upbeat and energetic crowd who are an incredibly mixed bag, there were death metal shirts, the hardcore/punk shirts, the goth chicks, the woo girls and the guys that looked like they just finished work and come straight to the gig! Everyone was keen to be here.

Opening tonight are local up and comers Windwaker, who I found out during the set was the “new” singers first time fronting the band, apparently there was a change of the guard recently. For a first show taking the front, this guy nailed it. There is a reason these guys are getting more and more hype, they deserve it! Straight from the opening notes they came out hard and fast, the energy was high, and they smashed through their set with incredible precision. They had the crowd in the palm of their hands from the start with their catchy as hell riffs and then won over the filling room with an awesome cover of Britney Spears, Toxic. Great choice for opening tonight’s gig!

Creeper, punk, goth, English rockers had a hard time following up Windwakers incredible set but goddamn, they got there, won over and made a room full of fans out of The Forum by the end of their set. Going from energetic electro metal to a mix between Misfits and My Chemical Romance was a massive difference and you could feel it in the crowd, people were unsure but for their first Aussie gig ever, Creeper showed us the reason that they are the main supports for Enter Shikari. Their energy was incredible and regardless of crowd reaction or how little they had at the start, that front man riled them up got them to start a crowd chant and sing along. They have a female keyboard player who stayed to the back most of the time and had backing vocals occasionally but mid set she grabs a mic and comes center stage and sings a duet song with the male lead and they played their parts well, it was incredible to watch. Their set on a grandiose big sounding song that was the perfect ending and switch to the headliners.

Enter Shikari, the reason we all came out tonight, they bring with them a message of human kindness and disgust at the corporate/capitalist ideals, anyone who has listened to them or seen them live know they carry this mantra or outlook in life. Their crowd have the same vibe, the entire night, everyone is friendly and there to experience the ride of the show. Coming out to The Great Unknown, the crowd immediately starts singing and it doesn’t let up until the end of their set. Rou sets the rules, forget the outside world for the time of the show and 2nd rule is dance like nobody is watching, which everyone did. They blast through a great set of classics and latest material like The Pressure’s on, Dreamers Hotel and Juggernauts. When playing Destablise and Anaesthetist, the venue physically shakes when it hits the breakdown sections and the crowd are jumping, a man-made earthquake, there is no other feeling like it. The band take to the crowd towards the end of the set during Mothership, Chris and Rory jump down for a mosh and then Rou goes rogue and runs around the entire venue jumping through the crowd and crowd surfing everywhere. They end their set with a crowd singalong to Live Outside with and amazing coloured light show to match.

As previously mentioned, the Enter Shikari message carries some weight to it these days, it’s a reminder that you should be kind to each other, we are each human individuals that should be looking out for each other instead of having this ideal that we are against each other in all aspects of life. To live in the moment of the show and forget the worries of the outside world for 90mins is a small reprieve that they like to remind people. I don’t tend to get preachy in these things, but these guys live by their message, check them out if you haven’t already, well worth the listen.

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Devin Townsend – Lightwork

Strap yourselves in and get ready for another journey across the soundscapes with your friendly and loveable Canadian, Devin Townsend. You’re about to go down into a wormhole of strange and wondrous creativity coming out in aural form. Prepare for Lightwork, aptly named, this album is dynamic, creative, cinematic and above all, epic, it makes for incredibly easy listening, which is great because when it comes to Devin Townsend’s music, there are so many layers to it and you can never get everything on the first listen.

Straight off the bat, this guy’s voice is just phenomenal, the range, the way he uses it to set the mood and tone of a song, just as much as his guitars or synths, is just unreal. Yes, that might sound obvious to some people but there are bands out there who use the vocals as the filler part of the song, it’s all about a riff, definitely not the case when it comes to this guy’s music! He keeps his voice cleaner and more ethereal throughout this album but does also throw in some of his classic screams to change it up and make great use of his dynamics. The track Heavy Burden creates a strange effect with multiple voices being blended and layered over each other to sing one line, it’s incredibly well done to have it so clean, it took a few listens to grasp the full effect and hear the multiple layers, this is the kind of creativity that I appreciate, out of the normal thinking that makes the music much more interesting.

Devin Townsend is a busy man, Lightwork is the 5th album he has released in the last 2 years. He released the Quarantine Sets he streamed during 2020, then also Snuggles and The Puzzle and now releasing this little gem. Releasing this amount of content or music just goes to show that he is in this for the art and enjoys showing off his creativeness or it could be that he just needs to get all the crazy music out of his head and will just unleash it upon the world, either way, its good fun.  During the creation process there was a drop of Call of the Void that would be named one of the singles for this album, the other being Moonpeople. These two tracks are probably on the lighter sounding side of the album, but they are just as experimental as the rest. They set the tone that the vocals and synth instruments are more the focal point here than the heavier element. It’s all still there and is more the foundation or the gel holding the songs together.

It wouldn’t be a Devin Townsend album without some completely out there sounds and when you get to Dimensions and hear that incredibly in tune guitar solo (he writes in sarcastica font) you will just smile and laugh because, why the hell not!? Dissonant, I think is the term professionals use with these types of things. Heartbreaker shows a bit more of the weirder side of his creativeness with the number of layers to his music, the guitar riff in this song just has a really nice sway to it, you won’t be able to help but get into it. My favourite track on this album is Celestial Signals, this song is epic, it has a massive sound and will make an incredible addition to the live set. I can see a stadium singing and moving to this one.

From start to finish, Lightwork will have you moving and singing along in no time. It is light at times, it is heavy at times, it can also be downright strange at times, but that’s why you come along to the Devin show, something new and different.

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Abreact – Deceivers are Coming

The Bendigo Hardcore legends, Abreact, are back with a brand-new album, Deceivers are coming, and they are just as hard-hitting and dirty as ever. This is the bands’ second full-length album in their 14 years of being together, forming in 2008, Abreact released their debut album Entities in 2012. A couple of singles and The Warehouse Sessions, which was recorded in Vancouver since this time but never a follow-up album, a band with the quality over quantity ideology, and goddamn, this is all killer and no filler!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Abreact, these guys are old-school hardcore, in music and ideology. They have a minimalist approach to their music and sound but don’t get me wrong, they sound massive for a 4 piece. With distorted dissonance coming from the guitar, a punchy as hell bass tone filling it out, and then put that on top of a seriously hard-hitting drummer, people wise that’s not much, instrumentally, well you take a listen for yourself, and lastly adding in the pure aggression and angst of Josh Cahill on vocals, you have an incredible mix for this band.

The work for this album started back in about 2020, Abreact released Paper Planes during the midst of the pandemic, and chatting to these guys during that year, they weren’t sure what exactly was going on, so they released it when they had the chance. This song and the other more recent single Honesty are the gateway songs into Abreacts world, they are easy to get into, chunky as hell and you will break your neck headbanging to these tunes. Paper Planes was also the first song/single to introduce Josh on vocals, this whole album is filled with some intense themes which he screams right into your face.

The previously mentioned songs are only the taster of what you will get on Deceivers…, stacked from start to finish with heavy, dirty riffs that sound like they are scraped off the gravel and then put into audio form with distortion, The Hate Resistance is a perfect example of this, pure dirt and grime! Abreact shows that something doesn’t have to be all fast riffs or technical to be dark and heavy, Occupy has a great mix of dynamics and is probably one of my, if not the favourite off the album, just wait for that song end, chaos ambience, brilliant!

Deceivers Are Coming is a strong and hard-hitting second album, they have taken everything that was done on Entities and just beaten the crap out of it, recorded that, and then sung over it! It takes no prisoners and shows you why they one of the best in business at what they do. These guys are always incredible live, and I can’t wait to see how much heavier these songs get with their own energy at a gig, make sure to get out and catch them when you can, you won’t regret it!

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Munitions – Black Wind

A new band surges forth on Black Winds from Melbourne, Victoria. Meet Munitions, a death metal band that hasn’t been in the scene for that long, but all the members on this EP are gig-hardened veterans from the likes of, Join the Amish, Nemesium, Desecrator, Vulture Culture, Blunt Shovel, and Embodied, just to name a few. Hopefully, you would have heard or seen some of those bands and know the kind of talent you will hear on this 4 Track EP.

With a blackened death metal sound that incorporates a hell of a lot of groove, this 4 track EP is short, sweet and straight to the knifepoint. Black Winds is completely stacked with neck-breaking guitar riffs that will have you headbanging from start to finish and then going for another round, it’s that catchy! There is an overlying darkness to the EP that just seeps from it, that seems to come from the great use of the chord progressions and riffs, it never sticks to the one thing for too long and the drum beats change it up to give the same riff a completely different feel.

Recorded, mixed and masted by Luke Walton at Danger Tones Studios, formerly Goatsound Studios, in Melbourne, I know some of you readers who know the local scene will have heard that name before. Munitions have done well to capture everything that I would imagine they bring to their live sound, the EP is definitely groove orientated above all else and I would be keen to see this being performed and a crowd moshing, going nuts to these songs. All the little intricacies and subtleties are kept in the mix, and you can appreciate the skill that is involved with playing these tracks. After going back and relistening a few times, I find more riffs or sounds that just add an eeriness to their songs, its great!

If you are wanting a new band to sink your teeth into Black Winds is the EP for you, dark, catchy, heavy, it ticks all the boxes when listening to it and it would come out great live, I would imagine from these guys. These guys clearly mean business, already hitting the ground hard with a recording and a string of live shows around the state. Munitions are making sure you know who they are, get out and catch them live.

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[Review] Be’lakor @ Corner Hotel, Melbourne 20/08/2022

Tonight, is a night full of incredible melodies, whether it’s from a black, death or just a straight up metal riff, there is melody in the air coming from all these bands. It’s been a little while for me since going to a local Melbourne scene gig, it was a great reminder of how supportive and kind the scene really can be. This is a sold-out show and it’s great to see a line outside at a venue for a local gig, its been years since seeing that kind of thing, the patch vests are out, there are familiar faces around and the Jack Daniels is flowing!

Opening the festivities is Black Lava, bringing on their melodic black sound with killer riffs and an absolutely cracking snare sound, that thing cut through the mix perfectly and the drummer was hard-hitting, perfect combination. Being a Black Metal 4 piece band can be hard, you need to consider how everything gels together live, clearly, these guys know what they are doing because they had a full band sound with just the one guitar, you could hear all the intricacies of the music without it sound thin. While watching though, I realise I’ve seen the beast of a vocalist before and note that it’s the singer of local Black Metallers Blackhelm. Anyone into Watain or Satyricon-style bands should check them out. They played to a half full venue at 7:30 but they got everyone there into their music.

Next out for this night of tightly played melodic music is Andy Gillion and his band, featuring 2 members of Orpheus on bass tonight, Chris and Leon. This is a completely instrumental set and this type of thing can either be really entertaining or drag on, lucky for me it was the first option. Andy and his band are incredible to watch, these guys make playing guitar look easy. Their playing was so fluid, their right hands just seemed to wash over the guitars while their left was all over the fretboard, it felt like I should be taking notes at a masterclass. Andy states that he has been living in Australia for about 5 years now and this is his first Melbourne show played, the appreciation is genuine, and I don’t think he stopped smiling for the entire set.

At the end of Andy Gillion’s set, the curtains close and the crowd starts to move closer to the stage, Orpheus Omega are starting to set up. The curtains open with the band coming out to play Within These Walls, the new single that happens to feature Andy in it, who pops back up on stage to shred his solo. Chris has complete control over the crowd with quick and ground-setting speeches, laying down the law of “no crowd surfing” Yeah.. thanks Captain Buzzkill Jeez! (I’m kidding Chris, if you’re reading this… I promise) but he does make up for it at the end of the set with “I’m not telling you people what to do but IF you know what USUALLY happens in this last song and happen to do those things if you are so inclined.. that’s on you” with a massive grin. Orpheus smashes out a killer set of the hits from over the last couple of albums and dedicate Lighthouse from the latest album, Wear Your Sins to a member of the local scene who has recently passed. As I said earlier, this was just the night for the Melbourne scene to catch up and show its solidarity.

The curtains close once more and Be’lakor are now taking their turn in getting ready to darken the room with their progressive blackened sound. The crowd is now at full capacity, and you can no longer move around the venue, the anticipation is high, and the crowd doesn’t seem to have lost any energy at all. These guys know how to write a song, they remind a bit of Insomnium or something along those lines, epic, big-sounding LONG songs, they had about 90mins to play, and I think that was about 8 – 9 songs. These songs though are jammed packed with killer riffs that had the crowd moving and headbanging from start to finish. There were people singing along to most of the songs and their fans were ranging from old schoolers to the next generation, it’s great to see that their music has that kind of reach. Their live sound was amazing and did not disappoint, the amount of reverb on the drums made it sound like they were playing a massive open hall and just gave the music so much more atmosphere.

It is great to see so many people out and about for local gigs once again, I hope this makes everyone else just as hungry to go out and find more local bands and get the scene back to its former glory. I will be humming or playing these damn songs that are stuck in my head for weeks now, thanks guys!

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Primitive – With The Rats And Snakes

Melbourne’s Metal Quartet Primitive are back with their second EP With the Rats and Snakes and they are here to show the world just how far they have come since their first back in 2017. Already having strong foundations of solid Heavy Metal songwriting, Primitive bring you 5 killer tracks that will slam a sledgehammer to your chest with chugging riffs and then slice you up with some sharpened and refined melodic leadwork that is strewn throughout all songs which you will be needing to be put back together at the end of the ordeal.

Summoning their own version of Melodic Thrash, there is always a head banging riff, melody in the background and then add in some wicked riff/drum syncopation for good measure and you have a well-balanced EP. Their sound is heavily influenced by the American Metal sounding bands, guys like Lamb of God, Chimaira or Sylosis come to mind chucking on either this or their self-titled EP.

These guys have knuckled down hard over the last couple of years and improved on everything they did in their first EP to produce a stronger sounding recording and overall band. I would be interested to see how they go with a live scene; they have always been a tight playing band, but I can imagine how they have hit that bar, if not raised it for themselves as well from this process.

The EP starts off with an acoustic intro that builds the anticipation to lead into the single off this EP, the title track, With the Rats and Snakes. Smart move by the guys to make this the single, it shows off all their skills they have in their arsenal and a nice taster for things to come as the EP progresses. Tim’s vocals have become a lot harsher and stronger this time around, there are times where the vocal tracks are doubled up and it creates more depth to his style as in The Last Nail. God is Beneath us throws in some great use of overlapping vocal lines and uses them as whispers or panning, it has a wicked effect on the delivery of the verse.

Primitive have really nailed their tone for this recording, everything is audible and crisp, but you don’t lose the harshness that they are portraying. Once again working with Chris Themelco and Monolith Studios to engineer and then sent off to Tom Cadden at Violent Sound for mastering, they have perfectly captured the little intricacies that are in the riffs, like the melody runs in Broken Hands.

Overall, I’m glad to see Primitive back and releasing new tunes, they are good at what they do, they are incredibly tight live and hopefully they get to show off these new songs and work the live scene hard again. Definitely get out to a show to check this out.

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Interview with Tim Gauci (Primitive)

Mitch had a killer chat with Primitives TIM GAUCI regarding their upcoming EP release, WITH RATS AND SNAKES out August 12.

Making their mark on the Australian metal scene since 2016, Melbourne act Primitive are set to strengthen their presence and demand the attention of the unsuspecting, with their aggressive new single ‘With The Rats And Snakes’ – the title track from their upcoming EP, out August 12.

Without limiting themselves to a particular sub-genre, Primitive incorporate their brand of abrasive yet memorable riffs, solos, grooves, and hooks – sounding something reminiscent of the wave of early 2000’s American Heavy Metal & Metalcore styles.

Frontman/guitarist Tim Gauci adds “ ‘With the Rats and Snakes’ is a natural step to a more directed and matured sound. It was a conscious effort to learn from our previous efforts, see what we could expand on, and introduce new elements to draw closer to perfecting ‘our sound’. The title track/first single perfectly encompasses what we’ve done before, and what we’ve recently discovered in the writing room.”

Since their debut and critically acclaimed self-titled EP (2017), and single ‘For the Weak’ (2019), the band have shared the stage nationally and internationally with Max and Iggor Cavalera, Alien Weaponry, Psycroptic, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Crown, Origin and more. The new EP ‘With The Rats And Snakes’, exhibits a further expansion to their relentless sound and solidifies themselves as worthy contenders to reach the heights of some of metal’s biggest and most respected heavy hitters.

Track Listing
I. Curse
II. With the Rats and Snakes
III. Broken Hands
IV. The Last Nail
V. God Is Beneath Us
VI. Rivers

Pre-Order here: https://primitiveaus.lnk.to/wtras





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[Review] The Hu @ 170 Russell, Melbourne 03/08/2022

2 years ago, in the before times, The Hu were here, and were ready to play on the Download line up, then tragedy strikes, the plague times begin, and they get locked in Sydney for a couple of weeks. Now, they are back and hungry as ever to play for Australia and starting off their tour with 2 sold out Melbourne shows!

Rocking up to the line about 45mins early, a little later than normal for me, the line was already around the block and in the alley way behind the venue, people are keen as hell for this show! Doors open and the line moves reasonably quick for people heading straight to merch or the front of the venue for prime viewing, I manage to get my regular spot at 170 Russell, you’ve always got a regular spot for these types of things.

The Blackwater Fever take the stage right on time and straight from the opening chords, I’m hooked. This 3-piece Brisbane rock band sound like Sabbath if they were playing in the deep south instead of London. Think big sounding bluesy style riffs with a ton of reverb, a bassist that also plays keys and then add double that amount of reverb on the drums! Producing a massive sound and holding their own in the thick atmosphere they created, they entranced all watching and the rhythm took over to bring the people in and headbang. The Blackwater Fever prove the point that less is sometimes more, you don’t always need crazy intricate riffs to get people interested, these guys write a damn good tune and a killer opening band.

As The Hu crew set the stage with a drum kit, a percussion kit and then a totem raised in the middle of the stage as well for good measure, the crowd’s anticipation skyrockets. There are cheers, people start pushing to the front and all eyes are on the stage. The lights darken, music starts and The Hu storm the stage in their full leather gear and instruments in hand. What surprised me tonight was how close the music translates from recording to live, with the number of instruments changing on stage with one of the singers wearing a belt of flutes and the percussionist also had things changing every couple of songs as well, everything was audible. One of the main draws to The Hu is the traditional throat singing and vocal harmonies created, they did not disappoint. All members on stage have a microphone and the vocal mix is well done with only one of the main vocals being lower in the mix at some points but watching them sing together is nothing short of amazing.

The sheer happiness and excitement of the band is an energy that is room filling, they didn’t stop smiling or laughing to each other from start to finish. They are incredibly passionate about their music and culture and having that energy come back at them from the crowd, they couldn’t stop jumping and screaming “Thank you” and “Rock On” which were pretty much the only English sentences spoken by them. One of the main vocalists would occasionally have a quick little speech in their native tongue to be met with cheers or people looking around not knowing what was said but there was one girl who made the crowd laugh each time because each time he spoke in Mongolian, we would here “I farkin luv ya” in such a thick Aussie accent. The complete opposites in languages but I’m sure the sentiment was the same.

The crowd involvement for songs like Shoog Shoog, Yuve Yuve Yu and Wolf Totem was electric. The rhythms of this band just sent people dancing and singing. Ending the set on the latest singles Black Thunder and This is Mongo, the crowd and band are relentless, thriving off each other’s energy and getting a circle pit going. They come back for a sweet little encore with a cover of Metallica’s Sad But True and what a cover! What a great way to end the night!

For my first international band in about 18 months, what better way than to get back into it than with The Hu? I had high expectations for these guys, and they blew them out of the park! I hope the rest of the tour is as great as this was.

Black Thunder Australia & NZ Tour 2022

Saturday, August 6: Bridgeway Hotel, Adelaide
(Previously Hindley Street Music Hall)
Sunday, August 7: The Roundhouse, Sydney Sold Out
Thursday, August 11: Powerstation, Auckland NZ Sold Out

For complete tour and ticket and information, visit: 
livenation.com.au, livenation.co.nzthehuofficial.com

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