Enter into the lush and mysterious realm of Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Emily Victoria, with her brand new track Humming Heart making its way into the world today. Also accompanied by an immersive and intriguing music video, Humming Heart murmurs with rich instrumentals and effortless charm like a hazy twilight spell.

Inspired by the likes of Hatchie, Kate Bush, Caroline Polachek and The Sundays, Humming Heart is a layered, bold and dreamlike affair, equally warm and beguiling with a retro undertone amidst Emily’s textured vocals. Recorded to tape at Soundpark Studios with producer Nao Anzai, who has previously worked with Mildlife and The Teskey Brothers, Humming Heart hums along with synthesisers and production by Lewis Moody, additional vocal production provided by Hamish Patrick, guitars by Anthony Farrugia, Jacob Long on drums and Sam Clarke on bass, while also contemplating the unknown and existence in general, as Emily explains, “The lyrics for Humming Heart are quite abstract, like the video. It’s ultimately about having curiosity and intrigue, exploring the unknown and encountering the supernatural. It’s also about considering the cause of our existence and trying to make sense of one’s experience”.

The accompanying music video for Humming Heart seamlessly adheres itself to the absorbing and curious nature of the overall track, with Emily teaming up with Jeff Andersen Jnr on directing and editing duties to bring the luminous yet moody clip to life. Featuring Emily and contemporary dancer and artist Nikki Tarling, the clip ultimately evolved from an eccentric idea revolving around limbs into a full-blown narrative, and painstakingly timed lights, as Emily reveals, “Jeff thought of the idea for this video. In its early stages the concept was close up shots of limbs doing peculiar things at different angles, e.g. a pair of hands tidying with a dustpan and shovel. Then Jeff suggested that I act as a cautious hotel manager who sees unusual limbs in rooms with eerie lighting. We both liked there being unity at the end point of the video. The video was so much fun to make! We were a team of six filming the video at St George’s Inn in Thornbury over two nights. It was all very thoughtfully planned, however there were some last-minute changes with the crew, which gave it a very spontaneous feeling! The lighting setup was extensive, thanks to Mike Ridley. We were able to sync the lighting with the rhythm of the song”.

A lover of busy cities, the creative process, Gustav Klimt and the colour red, Emily’s enchanting flair as an artist ultimately stems from her love for life and a constant pursuit to challenge herself, and Humming Heart is a sublime and elegant addition to her ever-evolving journey.

  1. Charli XCX: I heard Charli XCX’s CRASH and it sounded like an album you felt like you already knew even when listening for the first time! There is a three dimensional-ness to Charli’s production and visuals which feels so engaging and present. Her melodies and lyrics are so unique to her. I am yet to see the film about her connecting and collaborating with her fans throughout Covid. It sounds really interesting!! 
  2. Sofia Portanet: A newer discovery . . however Sofiat has charmed me with her pop melodies and strong female vocals. She has released a selection of material now which shows strong songwriting talent. She is a German based artist who sings in multiple languages including French and English. Her visuals and stage presence is striking. With her music featured in Times Square and touring extensively throughout Europe . . there are exciting things are to come for Sofia!!
  3. Kate Bush: Kate Bush has this capacity to create a world around what she does like no other. Her songwriting, multidimensional arts approach, visions for arranging and visual presentation is incredibly inspiring . . My favourite lyric of hers is the opening verse of Full House from the album Lionheart which describes her seeing herself outside from the interior of a car. I also admire Kate’s determination to work with Lindsey Kemp, a mime artist also renowned for his work with Bowie. 
  4. Caroline Polachek: Caroline first appeared on one of my Instagram stories. I was intrigued and explored her music video for Billions and loved the layers of thought that had gone into the video which to this day, I don’t think I understand!! I am blown away by Caroline’s presence when she performs on stage and the production of her work. She has an impressive soprano voice, studies opera and knows a lot about Greek literature. The breadth of her exploration and curiosity, evident in her art, is what inspires me most about her!
  5. Hatchie: Hatchie is a Brisbane based artist who I fell in love with when I heard her song ‘This Enchanted’ and also noticed that she had collaborated with some of the Cocteau Twins members. She is extraordinarily talented at writing catchy hooks and playing engaging sets that are very dancy!! She released an album, Stop Giving the World Away this year and the response has been very positive! I look forward to hearing her ideas continue to evolve .