Girlpool, the Los Angeles duo comprised of Avery Tucker (he/him) and Harmony Tividad (she/her), share a self-directed video for “Dragging My Life Into a Dream,” the new single from their upcoming album Forgiveness, out April 29th via ANTI-.
I wrote ‘Dragging My Life Into a Dream’ after going out to a party. I had spent the last year confronting being on my own in a way I had been avoiding for a long time. Although I knew that I was growing and still needed to heal from past relationships, I missed feeling connected to somebody and inspired,” says Tucker. “This song is about romanticising a past time and also longing for my heart to feel open and innocent again.
Forgiveness, which finds Girlpool embracing weirdo-pop decadence without sacrificing the poetic curiosity that has always made their music so absorbing, is also their slickest and most ambitious album to date. It’s filled with idiosyncratic and provocative gestures that simultaneously support and complicate the emotionally intricate material. With its unique blend of introspective ear worms and surreal party music, Forgiveness reaches beyond the loosely sketched parameters of “indie rock,” challenging any preconceived notions of what a Girlpool album can or should be.
To support their vision of a sound at the intersection of Hollywood futurism and post-grunge sincerity, Girlpool enlisted help from producer Yves Rothman (Yves Tumor, Miya Folick). While they had conversations with other potential collaborators, Rothman’s genuine enthusiasm for crafting music at that crossroads — freaky and fucked-up, but also heartfelt and grounded — helped seal the deal. Rothman’s input on Forgiveness marked the first time Harmony and Avery allowed someone all the way inside their intimate, borderline telepathic approach to song-making — a pure partnership that has remained constant, even as the music has evolved.

The New York Times
“A country guitar twang, Harmony Tividad’s breathy coos and a sense of impressionistic abandon conjure a cinematic intensity on ‘Faultline.’ But Girlpool doesn’t stop there — instead, it returns with the same propensity for piercing, bleeding-heart lyricism that has defined its work.”
“A shimmering music box, spinning round and round and there’s no end in sight. It’s one of the band’s loveliest-sounding songs, but it’s also one of their saddest.”
The Fader
"Swooning and romantic... Despite the heavenly vibe suggested by the track’s soft drums and majestic strings, there’s a darkness bubbling under with Harmony Tividad[‘s] singing."
“Serves as an introduction to a new sound and feel for Girlpool, wherein the gentle harmony and the song’s melody soars.”


1. Nothing Gives Me Pleasure
Lie Love Lullaby
3. Violet
4. Junkie
Dragging My Life Into A Dream
6. Faultline
7. Light Up Later
8. Country Star
9. Butterfly Bulletholes