Among the Restless are proud to announce the release of Underground, is the second single off of their upcoming EP. The song was recorded in early 2020 at Red Engine Recording studios in Brisbane, with acclaimed producer Steve James behind the desk. 

Underground is an uplifting anthem that discusses an array of deep emotions and challenges experienced by the band during the time of their formation. ATRput forward topics surrounding moving away from home, and the daunting aspect of starting anew in a place so far from what you know, the uncertainty that you face, and ultimately how you overcome it.

Underground has been a staple in Among the Restless’ live set, and one that their fans are always eager to hear. Musically the song draws on a feeling of euphoria and nostalgia, providing a lighter indie sensibility, whilst still staying true to their rock roots.

To support the release of UndergroundAmong the Restless continue with their very busy gigging schedule, hosting the official single launch at The Leadbeater Hotel, on the 19th of February.

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