STM’s Cassandra had a candid chat with STEEL PANTHERs Bass Man and official hair flicker, LEXXI FOXX

CH : Let’s talk about this new album, Heavy Metal Rules, you certainly haven’t shied away from the Steel Panther ‘theme’ for this one?

LF : Well no, no not at all, that’s what we stand for, heavy metal rules and we are just trying to keep it alive. We are putting out videos that if people like they like and if they don’t, they don’t! But we have not shied away from it (laughing) that’s for sure.

CH : With still 6 weeks or so until its release, I have been privy to an early listen and I’ve got to say I think you have raised the bar (no pun intended), its crude, its catchy and the fans are going to love it!

LF : I think so too, and I also think that we stand by what we do, we are just going to be who we are, and people who think we are a fucking one trick thing, just go off and listen to whatever you want to. Its 2019 and if you don’t like what we do, just go away and do something else. Fuckin leave us in peace and just go, so I’d rather be on the point of, you just hate us or love us, and if you’re in the middle that would just fucking totally suck!

CH : There is a great selection of songs to choose from on the new album, do you have a favourite?

LF : Well my favourite song on the album is All I Want To Do Is Fuck Myself Tonight cause Satchel wrote that about me, that was about something that we wrote on a tour bus when all these girls wanted to fuck us and I didn’t want to fuck anybody and so all I wanted to do was take my makeup off and look in the mirror-like I do all the time. So that’s pretty much all I have to say about the fucking record. The record is just great. I played on I think a couple of the songs but for the most part, I just showed up there and flicked my hair around.

CH : The new single All I Want To Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight) has been eaten up by the fans, you make quite the impression with your stripper cameo in the film clip. Looks like it was a lot of fun to make. How long did the process take to make the film clip?

LF : Ahhh it did take a bit of time cause they had to spray paint my whole fucking body to make me look skinny and younger so it took a lot of time, that’s for sure.

CH : For all the romantics out there, on the new album we have the beautiful ballad Always Gonna Be A Ho, that is sure to be a hit with the ladies, I mean who doesn’t dream of having a vagina plated in gold.

LF : Yeah, you are exactly right, who doesn’t dream about that, you are exactly right and that is why the song was written.

CH : We know the saucy lyrics are Steel Panther but put them aside and the music is extremely impressive. You are all fabulous musicians in your own right. Are you constantly working on that?

LF : I’m not, I’m not at all, the other guys are, I mean Satchel and Michael and Stix are amazing at what they do, I don’t give a shit what I play, Satchel tells me what to do and if we get away with it in the studio, cool and then we will have somebody else come and play the bass parts and I’m fine. As long as I look good on stage that’s all I give a shit about. CH : Love it!

CH : Now on the back of the new album which is out next month, will we see a tour of Australia?

LF : Oh for sure we have to because whether it is Melbourne, Syd, Adelaide or Perth, all your women are fucking gorgeous there whether it is the South or the fucking East, West of North wherever the fuck it is you guys are treating us well ever since we have been there. Australia is our second home, because we can’t believe that in a big place, we can go anywhere on the street and people understand what we do. They have a great sense of humour and again I have to say probably this a long answer but your women are beautiful.

CH : We love having you guys here, we don’t take ourselves as seriously as some other people and I am sure that’s why your tours sell out again and again.

LF : Well I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and at the same time we are excited to be back there and promote our new record.

CH : I have to say you are a pretty impressive looking fella and I am beyond jealous of your eyebrows

LF : Oh there we go I’ll give you a long answer now (lots of laughing)

CH : You must put a bit of time into looking after yourself. Clearly, it’s not all just sex, drugs and rock and roll?

LF : As you are getting older, it’s very tough to maintain a look, it’ s getting more expensive the older I get to flip my hair around, they can hire anybody to play the bass way better than I do. So I just literally flip my hair around and look in the mirror and hope that people still like me and that’s it. I’m really insincere so that’s why I keep looking in the mirror, because these guys are all great musicians and they hired me to be in the band just to do what I do and flick the four strings, or not even four, just two, okay I’ll be honest, one string I play, that’s it (laughing).

CH : Have you got a favourite mirror, that you like to like to take with you?

LF : Yes! It’s very Prince infused, its sparkly and purple and it’s from Prince’s ex-designer that did it for me, so it’s going to come with me to Australia and you will all get to see it.

CH : Do you ever think, wow we might have pushed things a bit too far with you lyrics or are you comfortable with Steel Panther.

LF : Sometimes it gets pushed a bit far, but at the same time can you really push it too far as in laughing and enjoying life, if you feel like it’s being pushed too far then you are taking life too seriously.

CH : When you are having a bit of down time, what are you listening to?

LF : Dinosaur Pile-Up, The Darkness, Danger Danger, Nickleback, The Cure, INXS and Iron Maiden.

CH : Wow what a great mix!

CH : We will all be holding our breath for the announcement of the Heavy Metal Rules tour, hopefully in 2020, it will be one not to be missed, thank you so much for the chat today it has been very enlightening.

LF : Well, I appreciate your time as well, thank you so much for having me.