Glass Animals have dropped the music video for their single “Agnes”, taken from their 2017 Mercury Prize shortlisted album How To Be A Human Being.

Deeply honest, beautiful and full of depth, Agnes is the most personal song lead singer Dave Bayley has ever written. Dave explains: “There are varying degrees of autobiography and my own life in each song I write… but for the most part, that stuff is buried and clouded in fiction or blended with other peoples’ lives that I’ve heard about in taxis or at parties or on the street. But there is one song that stands apart from the rest. It is the most truthful, honest, and personal story I have ever written. And that song is ‘Agnes’.”

The video, directed by Eoin Glaister, explores the weight of grief in an abstract way, by a Human Centrifuge, a machine used by pilots for g-force training. The subject’s body mass increases as it subjected to increasing amounts of gravitational force, and as the song progresses this is visibly showcased through Dave’s difficulty performing the song.

Eoin explains: “In searching for ways to explore the weight of grief I remembered my grandfather used to perform tests on a human centrifuge, Essentially it’s an extremely large bit of kit that spins around very quickly. As it does so it subjects its occupants to increased levels of g-force. The faster you go, the heavier you become. On the day Dave described this feeling as like having an elephant sat on his chest. It was emotional. Appropriately so.’”

Glass Animals continue to demonstrate why they are one of the true global breakthrough artists of 2016/17. How To Be A Human Being was released at the end of August via Wolf Tone / Caroline Australia to rave album reviews, with single “Life Itself” A-listed at Radio 1 and 6music and a triple j Feature Album. They have now been shortlisted for the 2017 Hyundai Mercury Prize, amassed well over 250 million Spotify streams, nearly 3 million monthly Spotify listeners and sold over 800,000 albums worldwide since their debut, obliterating all expectations created by first album “Zaba”‘s word of mouth buzz.

How To Be A Human Being is a multi-layered, nuanced album that uniquely splices together 40 years of sonic history in a way that’s emphatically forward-sounding. In the characters and themes explored, the record creates a world for fans to inhabit. With every listen comes further insight, not just into Glass Animals’ universe but the human condition itself.

Glass Animals recently played their biggest Australian shows to date while touring for Laneway Festival with sold out headline sideshows at The Enmore Theatre in Sydney and Melbourne’s Town Hall. They continue to dominate the airwaves following a slick Like A Version of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ and three chart entries into this years Hottest 100 with Season 2 Episode 3 #98, Life Itself #63 and Youth #38.

The band have already played a huge selection of international festivals including Primavera, Coachella, Glastonbury (which featured a lot of fans dressing as pineapples), Latitude, and Bonnaroo, as well as headlining a sold out 10,000 capacity Red Rocks (at which there was a huge electrical thunderstorm). For the rest of the year, Glass Animals will continue their anomalous rise. The band are still to play Lollapalooza, Reading and Leeds, before returning to their US headline tour, which will include Radio City in New York (6000 capacity).

How To Be A Human Being
Praise for ‘How To Be A Human Being’

“The great thing about Glass Animals is that in the early days you were getting compared to some other bands […] now you’ve got a sound that is defining what other bands are doing… You hear this record and all of a sudden it’s kind of like a Glass Animals sound, it’s coming to define itself more and more with this record.” – Richard Kingsmill, Triple J

“The music this time is more muscular and grander in scale, and the lyrics more straightforward and expressive. What hasn’t changed, though, is the intoxicating air of mystery that has always marked their work. In fact, the closer you get to Bayley’s new songs the deeper their mystery becomes […] How To Be a Human Being is fantastic pop music made by a group of superbly gifted artists without any compromise. However, if you do choose to go deeper, there’s no telling how far down the rabbit hole you might get.” – David Faulkner, The Saturday Paper

“What is so intriguing about this album. It is not a common sound or beat that ties the tunes together but rather a thematic cause that harks back to the album’s title. While Zaba was raw and animalistic, as though you were escaping into the wild and losing yourself, this album puts the focus back on humanity — instead making it feel as if you’re exploring that wild landscape and finding yourself. It is a dazzling musical guide on how to be a human being (or at least on how to get by as one).” – The Australian (★★★★)

“An inventively produced, impishly executed triumph” The Guardian(★★★★)

“A chest-pumping, hip-hop steered game changer” // “Pop perfection” DIY(★★★★)

“Irresistible” // “A genuine big deal” NME(★★★★)