[ALBUM REVIEW] Papa Roach – Who Do You Trust?

Who Do You Trust Tracklist:

The Ending
Renegade Music
Not The Only One
Who Do You Trust?
Come Around
Feel Like Home
Top Of The World
I Suffer Well
Better Than Life

Reviewed by Sam Sciacca

There’s a reason that Papa Roach hasn’t been toppled, even three whole decades after their formation, and their newest LP Who Do You Trust? is a reminder of that reason…

‘This is one of the most eclectic records we’ve ever done,’ exclaimed drummer Tony Palermo to radio station Lazer 103.3 prior to the record’s release, and even while regarding that statements like that are thrown around with almost every new album release from every new artist, Palermo’s absolutely right. Where 2017’s Crooked Teeth was an admirable effort to balance old and new, Who Do You Trust? is its younger toddler brother; more unashamedly self-expressed, melodious and daring, and you need not look past the two tracks to begin to see it.

Opening the album is The Ending, a triumphant stadium rock banger that’s followed by the rap-tinged Renegade Music, the two songs immediately setting the album’s tone as one of, again, different extremes. We are to expect the Papa Roach of old, the Papa Roach of new and everything in-between, and we’re to expect an even portioning of it all. But with such a bold offering, as we found out with 2017’s Crooked Teeth, it’s not without a few flaws.

Not included as one of the flaws – the lyrics, as Who Do You Trust? and (especially) Elevate shows the lyrical muscle flexing without constraint, the hip-hop influenced lyricism on full display.

Twenty years in the game and still hungry to reinvent themselves and continue musically moving forward, there’s a reason Papa Roach have outlived most others in the many genres they bend towards; they are continuing to gain more fans by being bold in their intentions and execution, and by being just as catchy while doing so (see; Feel Like Home and Problems). To put that another way, they continue to write and perform music that keeps the listeners completely gripped and on-board, no matter how it’s written or performed. This album’s the most extreme case yet.

But as touched on before, an album that tries to go almost everywhere can run into a few problems. The obvious inconsistency of the record can listen more like a playlist than an album, the glaring example being the rocket-fast, punchy and punky I Suffer Well feeling so out of place on first listen that I had to check to see if I was accidently listening to something else all of a sudden. This being bookended by the two squeaky-clean (albeit typically vulnerable and authentic) tracks Top Of The World and Maniac was, again on first listen, confusing and somewhat distracting.

Album closer Better Than Life is the best ode to the purists on the record and an emphatic reminder that knowing how to appease their long-time listeners to them is as second nature as riding a bike.

Papa Roach has done it again. They have tried and they have succeeded, and their boldest statement yet came not even two years after their last album. If they continue to be this driven, this hungry and this daring, one has to wonder if they’re ever going to be matched, let alone toppled.

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