[LIVE REVIEW] Red Hot Summer Tour (Series 1) @ Mornington Racecourse, Mornington 19/01/2019

It’s was a perfect Summer’s day in Mornington as the ten thousand strong crowds filed into the Mornington Racecourse loaded up with eskies, deck chairs, and picnic rugs, ready to experience Red Hot Summer Tour and the sensational lineup of artists that series one has to offer.

The late addition to the line up was Reece Mastin to open the show. He started in true Reece form with his powerful vocals getting the crowd pumped for the day ahead and capturing the essence of the Red Hot Summer Tour. Reece’s rocking performance was the perfect opener and he had the crowd truly warmed up by the time he finished his set with none other than Paradise City.

Next up was RHST favourites (you can catch them at all three series of the tour this year), Chocolate Starfish. Adam Thompson is always engaging from the moment he steps on stage. Always keeping us guessing to what his flamboyant attire will be this time. (thanks for the eyeful last year Adam!) This year he looks amazing as ever in his red patterned suit. Playing a good mix of songs from their latest album “Spider” like Farmer Loretta as well as old favourites including “You’re So Vain” and even a cover of the 4 Non-Blondes classic What’s Up, they had the crowd on their feet, arms in the air, singing every word. Closing their set taking a “ten thousand selfie” and challenging the crowd to post the best one online, we were well and truly ready for the remaining acts. 

It was Richard Clapton’s turn to hit the stage. He had the crowd swaying along to each note, looking cool in his black reflective sunnies, soaking up the crowd and vibe equally as much as they were him. A true performer that knows how to take the crowd on a journey through his set.

Bringing the groove-rock back to the crowd, showing off his guitar prowess and why he is one of the best guitarists in Australia, Diesel was next up to entertain the masses.

Never Miss Your Water being an obvious crowd favourite followed by a Neil Young cover, the crowd was back on their feet eating up each and every note, singing his songs back to him with earnest vigor and not to be disappointed, the crowd roared when the familiar bars of Cry In Shame then started.

Another quick set change and it was Melbourne band, The Living Ends turn to hit the stage. Playing a good mix of old and new from their extensive catalog, the set had everything you’d expect in a Living End set, high energy, skilled guitars and double bass twirling and theatrics.

Songs like Second Solution and All Torn Down we’re clearly standouts for the crowd from the screams of joy that could be heard when they started. The crowd was asked to get involved during Wake Up, which they reciprocated with gusto singing “Wake Up, Wake Up” back at the band as required, a quick happy birthday singalong and it was into White Noise and Prisoner Of Society to round out the set.

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts brought the international rock flavor to the Red Hot Summer Tour for series one. She definitely did not disappoint, playing all the hits like Cherry Bomb and Bad Reputation as well as lesser-known hits, like Fake Friends, the crowd bounced along to each and every rocking song that Joan and the band threw at them.

The Blackhearts co-founder (with Joan herself) Kenny Laguna, told us about a show that’s coming to FOXTEL, called Bad Reputation. They then played “Fresh Start” a new track from that show. I Love Rock’n’Roll was next to tantalize the eardrums of the crowd, followed by Crimson and Clover and I Hate Myself For Loving You closing out this epic setlist.

A half-hour break to let the crowd compose themselves after the Joan Jett onslaught and it was on to the rocking headliner for the day, Jimmy Barnes. Jimmy hit the stage and informed the crowd that he woke up in a bad mood…but wasn’t anymore, nice segway into the opening (and new) song “Bad Mood”. Jimmy’s high energy and in your face vocals kept the crowd right where he wanted them, rocking to every song and having a ball with him and his band. A cover John Lennon’s track Working Class Hero, then lead into some Cold Chisel favourites, Flame Trees and Rising Sun, complete with Chris Cheney (The Living End) joining Jimmy on stage to “play a little bit of rockabilly” for the latter. Khe Sahn then hit the right notes with the crowd moving into Working Class Man to close. Much to the crowd’s delight, Jimmy came back for an encore, the first encore of the day, treating the crowd to a guitar solo by Danny Spencer going into Driving Wheels and Do Or Die before leaving the crowd wanting a little bit more, as any good performer does, as he left the stage.

Before we knew it, the day filled to the brim with music, sun and fun was over and it was time for the crowds to leave the racecourse, well and truly rocked to the core by the great line up they had just witnessed.

Red Hot Summer Tour, all three series, are touring the country at the moment, definitely worth checking out if you have the opportunity!

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Red Hot Summer Tour

Review Contributed by Lynda Buchanan

Gallery By Vanessa Jarvis