[GOOD THINGS FESTIVAL] Interview with Frank Palmeri (Emmure)

After the announcement of EMMURE touring Downunder for the Good Things Festival, STM’s Cassandra Hale had a killer chat with FRANK PALMERI about what they might throw at us!

(CH) Good Things Festival is going to be huge in Australia, we can’t wait to see you here, what are you looking forward to when you hit our shores?

(FP) I just can’t wait to get on that stage. Also, some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen are Australian.

Your current line-up has been together for a few years now, do you feel you have meshed well, you sound tight on the latest album Look At Yourself?

This is the greatest group of people I’ve ever had the chance to work with and be around .  We all really vibe off each other, it’s a good feeling .

Have you been doing any writing/recording?  Can we expect a new album in the future, next year perhaps?

We are always in a state of creativity , bug in the upcoming months we are going to piece together another album for the good people of Earth . 2020 tentative release .

I can see from your extensive tour history that you have played with some pretty big bands, do you have a favourite to tour with?And further do you have a favourite tour that stands out to you?

Well, I’m not good at picking favorites , but touring with bands  like KoRn,  and Rob Zombie was pretty surreal . I think our 2012 tour with Five Finger Death Punch sticks out the most , we were performing in arenas for the first time and it totally exposed us to a massive demographic of people .

Seeing many countries over your tours, do you have a hot spot that you have enjoyed playing?

I have a good time everywhere I go, but Tokyo, Japan is definitely my favorite place to be.

Fans can get quite crazy, have you experienced a batshit crazy fan over your time as a band, or do you have a funny fan experience to share?

A lot of people are pretty chill, we are always humbled by fans who are passionate about our music

As of late, there haven’t been any crazy incidents . Funny? No. Not really .

Did you ever imagine you could look on Spotify and see your songs having over six million listens? It is quite an achievement. 

Well, to be honest, the only thing I ever envisioned as a kid was being on stage. Streams and all that stuff, I never look at it. In fact, until you just told me I never knew we had 6 million streams. I guess its it’s some sort of achievement, I hope it means people like it.

Do you have a preference to touring on the festival circuit as opposed to the smaller gigs with only a few bands?

I enjoy both. For me, as long as the people we see are losing their minds and enjoying themselves , no preference at all.

When it’s down time between gigs, and you are relaxing at home, who do you like to listen to?

I spend a lot of time listening to Aphex Twin and Cryptopsy for sure. Of course I’m leaving out the other 100 artists that I jam, bur hopefully that gives a broad enough spectrum .

Hopefully you will have some spare time while you are here in Australia, is there anything you are looking forward to seeing?

Unfortunately, I most likely won’t have any downtime at all, but I hope to at least get enough rest.

With quite a large back catalog now, do you have a favourite song you like to perform live and are you giving many tracks off the latest album a run?

Again, hard to pick a favorite, but I really enjoy the new material live. We always manage to bring it back around with the old jams as well.

Enjoy Australia, we cant wait to see you!

Emmure will be appearing at the Good Things Festival, and while out of this world, is not a hologram. With key launch sites located in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, it would seem Australia’s East Coast is all well within range of Good Things Festivals sonic rays.


The Offspring (Performing ‘Smash’ In Full)
Stone Sour
All Time Low | Dropkick Murphys
Bullet For My Valentine | The Used
BABYMETAL | The Smith Street Band
Dashboard Confessional
 (Performing songs from ‘The Places You
Have Come To Fear The Most’ + Fan Favourites)
Mayday Parade | La Dispute
Northlane | The Wonder Years
Waterparks | Tonight Alive | Scarlxrd | Emmure
Palaye Royale | Make Them Suffer | Waax
Boston Manor | Void Of Vision | Ecca Vandal


Friday 7 December – Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne
Saturday 8 December – Parramatta Park, Sydney
Sunday 9 December – Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane

General Public tickets on sale Thursday 30 August, 9am through www.oztix.com.au

All shows are licensed and all ages 15+ (Please see ticket conditions for age restrictions).
Venues and lineup subject to change

For more information head to www.goodthingsfestival.com.au